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vol. XXIV, NO.

Bicol, the philippines

september 18-24, 2016 P5.00

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Chief PNP cites police-civilian

support vs illegal drugs

By Julius B. Embile
LEGAZPI CITY Chief PNP Director General Ronald
Bato Dela Rosa has cited, expressing his utmost gratitude alike, to officers and personnel of the Police Regional
Office in Bicol and Bicolano civilian groups who joined in
the government's drive of quelling illegal drug abuse.

During the chief PNPs

visit in Albay, September 16
in celebration of the 115th
Police Service Anniversary,
Dela Rosa was also met by
member organizations of the
Kasurog Kontra Droga (K2D,

Bicolano for allies against

drugs) who showed a strong
and unified support on the police forces drive against illegal drugs.
Carrying banners and
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Dir. Gen. dela rosa

Low Agri-Fishery 2015

performance tackled

Peafrancia Devotees

Brian Reondanga

Thousands of Marian devotees and pilgrims gathered at the Basilica Minore to bring Nuestra Seora De Peafrancia's image
back from the Metropolitan Cathderal to her home.

Under reporting or inaccurate reporting of the volume of fish catch in the sea
waters of Bicol could be one
of the underlying reasons
for the 9.4 percent contraction in the fishing sub-industry performance last year
(2015) which pulled down
the three other sub industries namely; Agriculture,
Hunting, and Forestry sector to a 2.3 slump in its performance.
This is what surfaced as
the probable reason during the
round-table discussion called
by the Department of Agriculture thru OIC-Regional

Executive Director, Elena B.

De los Santos who immediately convened the Regional
Management Council (RMC)
composed of heads of attached and partner agencies
of the DA to trace the reasons
for the low performance of
the sector as reported by the
Philippine Statistics Authority
Per report by the PSA,
Bicols economy in 2015 accelerated from 4.3 to 8.4 and
continues to be the fastest
growing region among the 17
regions of the country. The
service sector remained the
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bikol reporter

De Limas Dilemma
Bicolana Senator Leila M. de Lima
should have seen it coming.
She should have remembered that
President Duterte, even before he
became one and when she was still Chair
of the Commission on Human Rights,
had vowed to get back at her when she
dipped her fingers on the so-called DDS
or Davao Death Squad. So, she should
have not deluded herself into thinking
that when he shook her hand during his
inauguration, he had forgotten his vow.
Apparently, she realized it too late.
The President is behind it, she said
after her ouster as Chair of the Senate
Committee on Justice.
The question from hereon for her and
for the many who had been watching her
is quo vadis? Will she stop doing what
she had started, that is, waver and turn
It is certainly a crossroad. Will she or
wont she? Will it be a damn if I do and
damn if I dont dilemma for her?
De Limas dilemma of course, is not
hers alone.
It is also ours who believe in the rule
of law, in ferreting out truth no matter
how it hurts.
As it was, 16 of her colleagues hastened
and led her and us to this point.
This is, of course, no surprise.
The present Senate is not the Senate
of its glory and honorable days when
on its hallowed halls walked the likes of
Jose W. Diokno, Lorenzo Tanada, Jovito
Salonga and Claro M. Recto.
It is up to us if we allow this state of
things to continue or not.
Or to quote Hamlet: To be or not to be.


Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

ed g. yu


Lee G. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


september 18-24, 2016

Rice Import Restrictions Out

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan &
Co., CPAs-DFK International is
past chair of ASEAN Federation
of CPAs, PICPA past president
and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP
Lifetime Achievement Awardee).
LIFTING: Filipinos are seen benefitting from planned lifting of the
restrictions on rice importation. The
expected benefits to the populace
are lower rice prices, reduction in
hunger, and lower inflation. Experts advocating market-oriented
reforms, well-defined and secure
proper rights, consumer welfare,
and good governance, hailed the
decision of NEDA not to seek extension of the quantitative restriction (QR) on rice when it expires
next year.
QR allowed the government
to limit the annual volume of imported rice. It protects local farmers as influx of cheap rice imports
are prevented, so selling prices of
local harvests are preserved. In
2014, the previous
administration obtained a favorable response
from the World Trade Organization
(WTO) to extend use of QR up to
2017. Recently, consumer groups
has urged the Duterte administration to liberalize rice imports by legislation to abolish the virtual legal
rice monopoly of the NFA.
steady rise of the dollar (now more
than P47), local investors now
look at dollar-denominated investments to help offset local volatility and achieve good returns. With
the market uncertainty associated
with election year, the peso itself
has been underperforming since
mid-April. At present the domestic
currency has lost 1.9% in FX value
- the third highest in Asia after the
Chinese yuans 2.3% and Malay-

sian ringgits 4% losses.
The US dollar has been steadily
strengthening since 2013 accumulating rise in value of 19%. FX
experts noted that the high quality
dollar-denominated sovereign and
corporate bonds have performed
well and remain attractive investments, compared with the decline
in US government bond yields.
Typically, lower US Treasury yields
drive up bond prices and fund returns so investors must diversify
their portfolios to take advantage of
the currently strong US dollar and
bond market.
The statistical
count on drug war-related deaths
is now nearing 3,000. Of this, per
PNP report last week 1,466 drug
offenders were killed in the governments double barrel drive against
illegal drugs since Pres. Duterte
assumed office in July this year.
Another 1,490 are deaths under
investigation or those allegedly
killed by vigilante groups. There
have been 17,389 police operations
under the DB drive with 16,025 arrested (and still alive!).
The enormity and breadth of
the nationwide drug menace can
be estimated by the thousands of
drug personalities who have sur-

rendered to the police. Unfortunately, many of those killed in

buy-bust operations have earlier
surrendered and committed to
shun away from the drug business. Either they needed the
easy money or the drug problem
has already invaded their mind.
Others had to return to the trade
due to lack of source of income
to support their families! Wow na
Rody Duterte fresh from his colorful sojourn in the ASEAN annual conference in Laos and working visit in Jakarta declared the
Phl independent foreign policy
which is anchored on our sovereign equality with other nations, friend and foe alike! Many
expressed fear that while he had
unkind words for the UN and the
US - even harping on the American atrocities against the Muslims at the turn of the 19th century, he had endearing comments
for China!
Our president also expressed
admiration for Russian president
Putin, who at the same instance
said his country will support China in the South China Sea controversy. Foreign policy experts
urged our maverick chief executive to take caution in his public
pronouncements. While we are
truly free and sovereign, there
are traditional alignments among
nations. Unless of course, we
have decided to let go of our existing ties and align with the opposing block! Hinay-hinay lang
po, Pangulo!
WISDOM: Much are expected
from those who received much.
The first shall be last; the last
shall be first!

Viva la Virgen & Viva el Divino Rostro! Rep. LRay Villafuerte

Suspended by Sandigan Bayan and Dutertes Apology
The procession of Ina Our Lady of
Peafrancia and Sr. Divino Rostro was
again a sea of humanity.Thousands
of devotees joined this religious event
because they venerate Her as the
Mother of Christ who lovingly intercedes
for us to her Son. El Divino Rostro also
listened to our prayers. Viva La Virgen!
Viva El Divino Rostro!
I wish to thank Mrs. Hariette Openia,
the BIR Examiner assigned in the
Bureau of Internal Revenue in Iriga
City, Region V who examined and
guided us what to do when I filed the
estate tax of my late husband, Andres
B. Peones. She did not ask anything
from me. I salute her for her integrity
and competence.
The Philippine Daily Inquirer dated
Sept. 10, 2016 reported the following
excerpts: The Sandigan Bayan
has suspended Rep. Luis Raymond
Villafuerte, Jr. pending litigation of his
graft case involving the procurement
of twenty million worth of fuel without
public bidding in 2010 when he was
governor of Camarines Sur.
In a September 7 resolution
written by Associate Justice Rodolfo
Ponferrada the anti-grat courts Sixth
Division, directed Villafuerte to cease
and desist from exercising his function
as congressman for 90 days.
In arguing against his suspension,

nenita fuentebella-peones
Villafuerte who was arraigned in
October 2013 said his suspension
would serve no purpose considering
the court case was already at an
advanced stage of criminal proceeding.
But the court said that the stage
of the criminal investigation was
immaterial to suspension. The other
representative and former governor
suspended is Governor Espino of
When President Rodrigo Duterte
said during the campaign that he will
eradicate drugs and corruption in the
government in three to six months,
I thought he almost do it. Now, I see
Duterte is serious and means business
by doing it. This shows also that no
one is above the law in Dutertes

It was right and proper for

President Duterte to immediately
apologize to US President Barack
Obama one day before going to Laos
to attend ASEAN Summit. The fact
that he did this means he had no bad
intention to malign or insult Obama
when he use his usual expression
putang ina. He uses these words
to almost everybody even to the
Pope. That is why he should get
rid of it because it can cause bad
consequences to the country now
that he is already President. The US
is our ally and friend. It is the biggest
superpower in the world.
President Duterte explained that
the press reports that President
Obama would lecture him on
extrajudicial killings led to his strong
comments which in turn elicited
concern. The Department of Foreign
Affairs said citing that he regrets that
his remarks to the press caused
much controversy. Naturally, Duterte
would not like also to be lectured
on extrajudicial killings because
the Philippines is also a sovereign
President Duterte is fighting the
enormous trades: illegal drugs,
criminality, corruption and terrorism
in the country. The best we can do
is support him for the sake of the

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september 18-24, 2016

bikol reporter

A dream come true for Naga River

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay
NAGA CITY Pilgrims
who regularly witnessed the
river procession will surely
notice the development and
changes along the Naga
River banks. These changes were made possible by
the Naga River Revetment

and Flood Control Project

which was inaugurated on
September 9 and personally
graced by Vice President
Leni G. Robredo. City officials led by Mayor John G.
Bongat, Vice Mayor Nelson
Legacion, City Councilors,

Punong Barangays and officials, the media and other

stakeholders joined her during the historic occasion.
What used to be just a
dream for the revitalization of
Naga River is now a reality.
The project worth P375Million was funded and implemented by the Department of
Public Works and Highways
(DPWH) where P300-Million
of which was funded by Camarines Sur 2nd Engineering
District. The P75-Million was
through the DPWH Regional
Office thru the representation
of VP Robredo while she was
still the representative of the
3rd District of Camarines Sur.
It covers 5,670 linear meters
of revetment that spans from
Barangay Sabang to Barangay
San Felipe, here.
This Naga River Revetment was a dream of the late
Jesse M. Robredo when he
was still Mayor of Naga City.
Due to difficulty in requesting fund from the National
Government, for decades this
project was all but a dream.

This is an achievement for

everyone, in the sense that it is
not only because of one person, not only because the City
Government who worked hard
for it, but of so many people
who helped and cooperated for
this dream to be realized. With
the past administration, our
dream was heard as we were
given P375-Million to clean
the Naga River and maximize
its utilization for the benefit of
the people, Robredo stated.
Naga City Mayor John G.
Bongat, in his message said
that the completion of the
project is a meaningful and
historic occasion since this
has been a long dream here
in Bicol and Naga City with
the Naga River being used
as the primary setting for the
Fluvial Procession during the
Peafrancia Fiesta.
We now have a river that
is clean and convenient for
the devotees and pilgrims
who pay homage to Our Lady
of Peafrancia, Patroness
of Bicolandia every year in
September. Second, this will

not materialize if the best did

not conspire with then Congresswoman Leni Robredo
who solicited the fund from
the National Government and

the District Engineering Office for their unwavering sacrifice to fund and implement
the project, and for that we are
most thankful.

US vows continued mutual cooperation with RP

By Connie B. Destura

DOT Secretary in Naga


Sec. Wanda Corazon Tulfo-Teo of the Department of Tourism

joined Mayor John G. Bongat during the Regional Military
Parade at the Plaza Quezon where the Mayor handed her a
gift. Also present were DOT RD5 Nini Ravanilla (left) and Vice
Mayor Nelson Legacion (right).

MANILA -- The United

States will continue to work
together with the Philippines in the many areas of
mutual interest to the two
countries, said US Press At-

tache Molly Koscina.

Koscina, in an interview
with PNA Tuesday, cited the
two-day seminar for regional
media held at the US Embassy in Manila that ends today
as an area of mutual concern
to both the US and the Philip-

The seminar, which has
media representatives from
across the country as participants, is on the Role of
Media in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management.

Koscina cited other areas

of shared interest between the
two countries such as counter
terrorism, improvement of life
of the Filipino people and the
upholding of shared democratic values.
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bikol reporter

Dev't Initiatives
in DepEd CamSur
Senior High School Teacher III
Doroteo Federis Sr. National High School,
Magarao District
The emergence of the conservation of the environment along with the developmental activities
poses a serious challenge to the policy makers as
well as to the common man. It is now generally
recognized that knowledge is the first step towards
protection of the environment, and so attempts are
to explore ways to sensitize our young citizens
about our environment.
Several programs to develop a sense of responsibility and solidarity which will guarantee the
conservation and improvement of the environment
were undertaken especially in different schools. In
the developing and third world countries, such programs are comparatively limited for want of sufficient environment-related research studies
The complex and dynamic nature of environmental problems require flexible and transparent decision-making that embraces a diversity of
knowledge and values. For this reason, stakeholders participation in environmental decision-making
has been increasingly sought and embedded into
national and international policy .Although many
benefits have been claimed for participation, disillusionment has grown amongst practitioners and
stakeholders who were disappointed when these
claims are not realized. We have to agree that to
overcome many of its limitations, stakeholder participation must be institutionalized to create organizational cultures that can facilitate processes,
where goals are negotiated and outcomes are
necessarily uncertain. In this light, participatory
processes may seem very risky, but there is growing evidence that if well designed, these perceived
risks may be well worth taking.
The Department of Education, through its different environmental development initiatives, enables
schools to become participative in promoting ecological balance and sustainable environment for
efficient and effective implementation of the National Greening Program (NGP) pursuant to Section 5.2 Executive Order No. 26 series of 2011 and
DepEd Memorandum No. 58 series of 2011 entitled Creating Task Force on the National Greening
Program.The program integrates implementing
guidelines especially on the integration of Gulayan Sa Paaralan, Solid Waste Management, Tree
Planting,Clean and Green, War on Wastes and
School Inside the Garden (SIGA) in all public elementary and secondary schools nationwide.
Some community programs on development
in several aspects simply come and go. The adequacy of implementation comes later. There are
cases where, due to the complexity of government
bureaucracy, fragmentized development could not
be avoided. Although success is seen in some aspects of education, politics, sports, technology and
others, failure is observed in others.
To solve the given situation, the government itself designed a program to promote participatory
activities. Thus, some of the government thrust
programs are implemented not only by elementary schools but by the secondary schools which
may be found even in remote or underdeveloped
barangays to give the youth the so-called quality
education. It aims to make the secondary schools


september 18-24, 2016

Modelo nin Kauswagan

Hali pa lang ako sa Sur na parte
kan nasyon asin nahiling ko na
may katotoohan an sabi kan mga
ekonomista na yaon na kita sa punto
nin pag-uswag. Sa halabang highway
magpoon Cagayan de Oro City abot
sa Valencia City, may traffic. Bako
lang ini ta lakop an pagpapahiwas kan
mga tinampo, kundi talagang kadakul
dakul na ang mga nagbibiyaheng
lunadan, magpoon sa mga pribadong
kotse abot sa mga 12-wheeler truck.
Retrato ini nin kasiribotan. Siring na
siring kan eksena na mahihiling mo
kun magdrive ka haling Sorsogon City
pasiring sa Daet.
Sa macroeconomics, senyales
asin ebidensya ini nin kauswagan.
Alagad, boot kong hapoton, an
kauswagan daw ini, namamati kan
kadaklan na mga kinapobrehan?
Magpoon Ermita sa Manila abot

frank peones jr.
sa Colon sa Cebu, dakul pa man
giraray an yaon sa pinakagurang na
propesyon. Magpoon sa Paracale
asin sa Sumilao sa Bukidnon, may
nahiling pa man akong mga kaakian
na garo kulang nin kinakakan asin
mayo sa eskwelahan.
ining senyales sa microeconomics
na nagsasabi na iyo, igwa kitang

namamating kauswagan kundi

pipira sana an nabebenepisyohan
Sa hiling ko, saro kan problema
iyo an modelo ta nin kauswagan.
Sa isip kan satong mga paraplano
sa ekonomiya, an kauswagan
urban, an kapagtiosan, rural.
Pagyaon na an mga simbolo kaini
arog kan mga malls asin mga
fastfood chains, mauswag na iyan.
Malinaw na sala asin kulang an
siring na modelo ta an mangyayari
kaini gabos na mga inprastaktura
matitipon sa mga syudad na
magigin batobalani man sa mga
migranteng trabahador ta mayo
sindang makuang trabaho sa
Panahon na garo na hilingon
giraray asin bagohon an siring na

Bishop Gainza Trade Fair

features Bicolano ingenuity
By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay
NAGA CITY --- Handicrafts, tokens, home accessories, furniture, including
fresh and processed foods
took anew the center stage in
this year's Francisco Gainza
Agro-Industrial Fair (BFGAIF) 2016, providing tourists and locales alike a wide
array of souvenir items to
choose from in time for the
celebration of Peafrancia
The agro-industrial fair
which commenced September
8 until 19 endeavors to serve as
avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovativeness and transform their
ideas into wonderful work of
For the past six years since
its resumption in 2010, the
trade fair has become synony-

mous with the Penafrancia festivity, uplifting the lives of Bicolanos in honor of the legacy
of Bishop Francisco Gainza.
This added more colors to the
visiting pilgrims and both the
local and foreign tourists who
made it a habit to bring special
souvenir items when they return to their own places.
The Archdiocese of Caceres, the event's organizers
through the CARITAS-CACERES, considered the event
in a positive light and note its
alignment to their intent to
promote Bicolanos novelty as
one of the salient elements of
business and marketing while
highlighting their various lines
of expertise.
This year's theme "Experience tradition; Showcase
Ingenuity; celebrate cul-

ture", speaks of Bicolanos

high regard for creativity and
uniqueness in producing globally competitive products and
crafts at par with the other international quality. This also
promotes responsibility in
business as part of empowering the people's deep sense of
In a press statement, the
organizers also accentuated
the trade fair's role in providing and broadening the possibilities where Bicolano people
and other entrepreneurs across
the country and those who are
into micro, small and medium
enterprises coming from the
various dioceses of. Bicol can
showcase a variety of products
that promote our very own resources.
One of the most active
participants of the annual BFGAIF this year is the Consuelo

Chito Madrigal Foundation

(CCMF). Bicol office, a nonstock, non-profit organization
that seeks to create productivity, promote charity that
enables capability and fight
poverty through responsible
Headed by Fr. Wilmer Tria,
CCMF Bicol Chief Executive Officer, CCMF Bicol as
envisioned by the late Dona
Consuelo, will continue to
serve the less privileged by
empowering more and more
indigent Bicolanos through the
countless opportunities that the
foundation offers.
For CCMF-Bikol, an active participant since 2010, the
BGAIF is an excellent opportunity to mainstream microenterprises. The fair serves as
platform for the products of the
beneficiaries of the Foundation's pro-poor programs.

CARD MRI launches plastic bottle drive

CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institution (CARD
MRI) recently launched a
Plastic Bottle Drive Project
to further advance its advocacy on poverty eradication by taking care of the
environment and helping
childrens education at the
same time.
Every day we produce
different kinds of wastes
that are harmful to the environment, including water
bottles. In order to minimize
its impact, we need to recycle
these water bottles as it takes
years to break down the materials in a plastic bottle,

said Mharra Sarmiento, community development special

project officer of CARD
The project aims to develop staff and clients care
for their community, the environment, and the next generation.
The cash collected from
selling plastic bottles will be
donated to support thousands
of students in the country
through the CARD MRI Zero
Dropout Program.
The Zero Dropout Program
The 2012 data from Philippine Statistics Authority re-

relevant to the needs of the people and society

The schools, in particular, tapped the students,
general PTA officers, barangay officials and administrators in the implementation of environmental
development initiatives of the Department of Education especially in DepEd Camarines Sur.

vealed that there are still more

than 80,000 poor families
in the country. Through the
grants and donations given
by CARD MRIs supporters,
the Zero Dropout Program
was conceptualized in 2011.
To date, the program has supported at least 250,000 children in their journey towards
a better future.
The program also has a
website (
zerodropout) that can accommodate donations online.
This requires potential donor
to have an online bank account for fast and easy donation. If none, the donor can
deposit through bank or directly contact the key person
found at the contact us page
to discuss the donors most
convenient way of contributing.
The minimum donation amount is PhP 1,000.00
and the maximum is PhP
50,000.00. Amount lower
than the minimum and high-

er than the maximum are

possible provided that the
donor directly contacts the
Resource Mobilization Unit
through Deputy Director
Pauline Landicho.
Donors also have the options to include their names
on the programs site or not
and to choose a preferred
province to allot the donation.
The Zero Dropout Program is also part of the CARD
MRI One Family, One Graduate Program. It is an effort
of CARD MRI to ensure one
college graduate for every
family it serves, leading to an
enhanced economic situation
for the whole family.
CARD is a group of Mutually Reinforcing Institutions with a common goal of
eradicating poverty and improving the quality of lives of
socially-economically challenged women and families
towards nation building.

september 18-24, 2016

bikol reporter

Salcedas disaster
proposal gains support
By Johnny C. Nunez
MANILA -- Albay Rep.
Joey Sarte Salcedas proposed measure in Congress
that seeks to create an independent national authority
to handle and strengthen the
countrys disaster risk reduction (DRR) management
system has gained wide and
popular support among community-based and globally
known DRR advocates and
Salcedas measure, House
Bill No. 1648 filed last July,
seeks to create the National Disaster Risk Reduction
and Management Authority
(NDRRMA) that will radicalize the countrys disaster response and management system and make it the worlds
best approach to DRR.

Cong. salceda
HB 1648 is titled An Act
Further Strengthening the Philippines Disaster Reduction and
Management System by Institutionalizing the Framework
and Plan and Establishing the
NDRRMA, an independent
body under the Office of the
President dedicated to pre(Turn to page 8)

peafrancia civic parade

nfa's "loss" is Social Cost

The National Food Authoritys losses are actually the cost of governments
social responsibility to make
rice-- the basic staple of Filipinos -- available, affordable
and accessible especially to
the victims of calamities,
the poor, the low-income
families, and those living in
remote areas of the country.
This was the sentiment of
the NFA Management and
employees in reaction to the
proposal to abolish or reduce
the agency to a regulatory
body due to its accumulated
NFA finance managers
clarified that the reported P165
billion debt has actually been
trimmed down to P158.9 billion as of August 31, 2016.
Nevertheless, this debt, accumulated over the years, represents the costs that the agency
incurred in fulfilling its mandate of stabilizing the price
and supply of rice at both the
farm-gate and consumer level.

More than twenty (20) colorful floats participated in the Civic Parade and Float Competition
held September 15, 2016 at Plaza Quezon, Naga City in celebration of the Penafrancia

The NFA, on behalf of

the national government, has
to buy high from the farmers
for them to get a fair return on
their palay production investment, and sell low to consumers to ensure that those who
are short on funds will have
a chance to buy good quality
rice at an affordable price, the
NFA said.
Buy high, sell low is a policy of the government in fulfilling its social responsibility of
ensuring food security for the
people and stabilizing supply
and price of rice, which are
the mandates of the NFA. Although NFA is a government
corporation, this policy makes
it impossible for the agency to
profit from its mandated activities, the NFA said.
The NFA Management also
clarified that the agency does
not perform commercial activities: Buying palay at a high
support price and distributing
rice at a low, uniform price
across the country are not in-

tended for profit but to operationalize the governments

basic social responsibility of
food security and stabilization. Local procurement and
importation of the local shortfall are done to maintain the
Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) mandated Strategic Rice
Reserve of 15 days national
consumption at any given time
(now 32,000 metric tons daily)
and a National Buffer Stock of
30 days consumption during
the lean months of July to September. In fact, the low selling
price of NFA rice has been a
hinge against inflation in the
food sector, with rice comprising about 30 percent of the
Filipinos food basket.
Government subsidy for
these NFA functions had been
very low, averaging P4.250
billion per year. There were
even years when the agency
had zero subsidy (1984, 1986,
1987) and it had to resort to
bank borrowings to finance

its operations. Over the years,

the NFA had been instituting
operational and financial reforms to cut down its losses
and increase efficiencies. The
agencys annual losses have
consistently been decreasing
from P32.2 billion in 2008 to
P871.88 million in 2015.
The proposal to abolish or
reduce NFA to merely regulatory functions hinges on the
question of whether or not government is ready to let go of its
responsibility to ensure national food security. Through the
years, in times of calamities
where there is immediate need
for food among the victims, or
in remote places where there
are no reliable transport systems or storage facilities, only
the NFA and its people braved
bad weather, bad roads and unstable peace and order conditions to deliver and ensure the
availability of rice for the poor
and underprivileged segment
of Philippine society, the NFA
said. -rco/rey magnaye

JRM, PIA5/Camarines Sur

Festivity. The three (3) competing floats were International Pharmaceutical, SM City
Naga, and Naga College Foundation, that won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place, respectively.

september 18-24, 2016

bikol reporter

Temson Aboy Chua
General Hardware

Minapaabot nin maogmang fiesta sa gabos na debotos, bisitas


Mr. & Mrs.

ILI, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Panganiban Drive cor Misericordia Sts., Naga City

An samuyang pakisumaro sa pagcelebrar sa kafiestahan kan Mahal na INA Nuestra Seora de Peafrancia!


Fiesta Greetings from:


Sta. Justina West, Buhi, Camarines Sur

Happy Fiesta to all devotees, pilgrims and guests

Mabuhay si INA an patrona kan Bikolandia



Bobby & Nani Guevarra
Jimenez Subd., Naga City

Irokyaw niato and Diosnon na pagtubod ki INA Nuestra Seora de Peafrancia!




DPWH 3rd District Engineering Office
Caraycayon, Tigaon, Camarines Sur

Mabuhay si INA an patrona kan Bikolandia



Engr. JERRY LUZ - Manager
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Welcome devotees, visitors & guests to the Pilgrim City of Naga!


Engr. & Mrs. CAESAR A. MORAL JR.

Children: Jon, Jay, Mae & Akira

Naga City
Lugod mapasatuya an bendisyon kan Kagurangnan Hesukristo sa paagui
ni INA Nuestra Seora de Peafrancia!


Fiesta Greetings from:

Administrative Officer IV

DPWH 3rd District Engineering Office

Caraycayon, Tigaon, Camairnes Sur

Maogmang fiesta sa gabos na debotos ni INA Nuestra Seora de Peafrancia!



Sons: Zeth, Zedric, Zecariah
Buhi, Camarines Sur

september 18-24, 2016

bikol reporter

september 18-24, 2016

bikol reporter

First CARD SME Bank Mindanao branch opened

CARD SME Bank, the
thrift bank of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions
(CARD MRI), opened its
doors to Mindanaoans on
Tuesday as part of its thrust
of growing the Philippines
to be a country that is more
financially inclusive.
branch, located in Upper
Acharon, Brgy. Calumpang,
General Santos City, is the
17th branch of the bank. Our
concentration this year is to
open more branches in Mindanao, Visayas, and Northern
Luzon, said Aristeo Dequito,
president and CEO.
The bank is focused on
reaching the micro, small,
and medium enterprises in
the country. Reaching and
focusing on this market will
enable us to significantly realize our goal of eradicating
poverty in the Philippines,
Dequito added.
The banks initial clients
will be at least 2,300. These
initial clients are the matured,
good and prime clients of

CARD, Inc. that are ready

for formal banking. CARD,
Inc. is one of the member institutions of CARD MRI that
offers financial and nonfinancial services to low income
households, and eventually
prepares its clients for formal
banking system.
Other than these transitioned clients, according to
Dequito, CARD SME Bank
is open to all who want to
avail its products and service.
Dequito emphasized that
CARD MRI envisions to establish a bank that is owned
by its clients. We have transitioned millions of our clients to formal banking. Yes,
we already realized what we
envisioned thirty years ago
but we have to keep going,
we still have to reach more
challenged families in the country, added Dequito.
According to Dequito,
when CARD MRI acquired
the Rural Bank of Sto. Tomas (RBST), now the CARD
SME Bank, in 2007, its few

years of operations concentrated in the Calabarzon areas. Armed with our thrust
and the experiences we have
championed, in 2015, we
opened branches outside our
comfort zone, Dequito added.
To date, CARD SME
Banks operations reached
the areas of Dagupan, Bulacan, Subic, Bataan, Naga,
and recently in Lapu-Lapu,
Cebu, which is the first in the
Visayas region, serving more
than 320,000 clients.
Dequito disclosed that the
bank will open other branches
in Mindanao next year in
Sarangani and Cagayan de
Dequito said that they are
ready to release bigger loan
amounts especially for its clients needing more loans that
cannot be addressed by other
commercial banks.
We have reviewed and to
some extent streamlined our
process to best fit the needs
of our clients, said Dequito

adding that the tedious process of availing loan is one

of the common issues among
micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.
CARD MRI has four financial institutions that vary
according to the services it
offers but not on the thrust
it upholds. For CARD SME
Bank, one client can avail of
a loan as low as thousands
and as high as millions with a
competitive interest rate.
Car loan, house and lot
loan, and business loan for as
high as millions were among
the services that enticed the
clients at the opening.
Other than the financial
services it offers, CARD
SME Bank, through the subsidiaries of CARD MRI, also
extends services such as microinsurance, health and education programs, trainings,
and other capacity-building
services for its clients.
CARD MRI management,
staff, and clients were present during the opening. Some
representatives from the local
government of General Santos City also graced the ceremony and extended their congratulations and gratitude for

Ribbon cutting lead by Ms. Mary Jane Perreras, CARD SME

Bank Senior Adviser, and representative of CARD member in

The faade of CARD SME Bank.

considering the city to be the

home of CARD SME Bank.
After the opening, at least

Salcedas disaster proposal...


Andrew Villaflor

As in the past, millions of devotees and pilgrims all over the country joined this year's Fluvial
Procession for our Inang Penafrancia and Divino Rostro. Viva La Virgen! Viva El Divino Rostro!

disaster risk reduction and

post-disaster reconstruction.
It aims to amend Republic Act
No. 10121, the countrys DRR
law, and further strengthen
calamity response by institutionalizing the framework and
plan, with NDRRMA.
Salceda said HB 1648 is a
result of action research, sharing of experiences and dynamic discussions among various
stakeholders from national and
local government agencies, organizations and communities.
He describes the bill as a product of comparable international
experiences and is timed with
the review of the performance
and organizational structure of
R.A. 10121 enacted in 2010.
The NDRRMA will moni-

tor and ensure implementation

of DRRRM objectives in all
localities in the country, and
perform oversight functions
as well. The agency, Salceda
added, will be equipped with
the necessary competency and
resources to engage new actors, particularly in the field
of risk transfer and insurance,
and built with the necessary
structure to manage broader
governance arrangements and
oversee DRRM efforts towards sustainable development
Among those that have
vowed to support HB 1648
is the Disaster Risk Reduction Network Philippines
(DRRNetPhils), a broad group
of known DRR practitioners

a hundred of clients flocked

in the bank and started opening accounts.
and advocates who recently
held a consultation meeting
with Salceda at his office in the
House of Representatives in
Quezon City last Sept. 7.
DRRNetPhils is a national
coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs), peoples organizations, and practitioners
and advocates of communitybased disaster risk reduction
and management (CBDRRM)
which include the Center for
Disaster Preparedness; Philippine Rural Reconstruction
Movement; Oxfam; Coastal
Core; Assistance and Cooperation for Community Resilience
and Development; Damayan
ng Maralitang Pilipinong Api
Inc.; Plan International; UP
College of Social Welfare and
Community Development; and
the World Vision Development
Foundation Inc.
In a letter to Salceda prior
to their consultation meeting,
DRRNetPhils Lead Convenor Maria Felizar-Cagay has
pledged support to the bill and
commended the lawmaker for
being a champion and for continuously seeking ways to improve the disaster risk reduction
and management system in the
In line with CBDRRMs
advocacy of building resilient
communities, Cagay said they
have among others undertaken legislative advocacies
in both houses of the Philippine Congress and supported
the passage of R.A. 10121, the
Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act
of 2010
Salceda was former governor of Albay, a province acknowledged internationally for
its best practices in achieving
zero casualty during disasters.
He was elected as co-chair
of the United Nations Green
Climate Fund Board in Paris,
France in 2013, the first Asian
and Filipino to lead the Funds
24-member Board.

septemBer 18-24, 2016

BIKol reporter

Viva La Virgen!
Viva El Divino Rustro!

Kaya Mo Ba'to

The naga City's Salvar-Buhay Program welcomes Vice President leni robredo and Pdg
ronald "Bato" M. de la rosa who led the mass oath-taking for a renewed life of the drug users
who submitted themselves to the city authority. VP leni offered to help in their rehabilitation
as well as the assistance for so long as the community also help themselves.

agri-water projects set vs el nio

help Bicol farmers produce
and maintain their crops
amidst impact of El Nio on
availability of water supply,
the Bicol Agri-Water Project
(BAWP) has initially set up
supplemental irrigation water sources in the region.
Department of Agrarian
(DA) Bicol Director Abelardo
Bragas said the small scale
irrigation systems installed
in Camarines Sur and Albay are climate risk management technologies serving as
supplemental irrigation water
sources for forty-one BAWP
With these systems, farm-

ers can produce crops even

during the onslaught of El
For Buhi and Nabua in
Camarines Sur, shallow tube
wells (STWs) were Small
Farm Reservoirs (SFR) were
put up in Polangui Albay.
Based on BAWP monitoring date, the STWs installed in
barangay Iraya in Buhi irrigated 15.5 hectares of land producing an average of 11.61%
increase in yield of 12 farmer
beneficiaries recorded during
the wet season in 2015 as compared to the same season of the
previous year.
Likewise, the STWs in
Nabua irrigated 6.5 hectares of

land in barangay San Esteban

with eight farmer-beneficiaries
and 5.45 hectares in barangay
San Roque-Madawon with 16
Bragas said Increase in
yield in both baran- gays were
similarly observed at 9.67%
and 9.23%, respectively.
Meanwhile, the collected
and stored water from the
Small Farm Reservoirs (SFRs)
at barangays La Medalla and
Kinuartelan, Polangui, Albay
were used to irrigate 4.3 hectares of rice fields.
The average yield of five
farmers benefitting from it increased by two cavans of pa(Turn to page 11)

Fiesta Greetings from:

F. Simeon, Ragay, Camarines Sur

deParTMenT oF TouriSM
Regional Center Site, Rawis, Legazpi City 4500
Tel. No.: (052) 482 -0715 482 - 5593
Fax No.: 482-0712
Email Adress:


Regional Derictor


10 bikol reporter

september 18-24, 2016

Republic of the Philippines
Province: Camarines Sur
City of Naga


In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048,
a Notice is hereby served to the public that JULIANA J.
ABAD has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change of
First Name from JOHN HAROLD to CARL JASON in
the birth certificate of JOHN HAROLD ABAD, who was
born on 08 February 2003 at Naga City, Camarines Sur
and whose parents are ________________ and CIELO
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
September 25, 2016.


City Civil Registrar

Published: September 11 and 18, 2016



Peafrancia around the world

The Peafrancia devotion is now observed in other parts of the world like Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and in
Dublin, Ireland.

Chief PNP cites police . . .

plaque cards showing support
on the polices efforts and declaring their detestation of illegal drugs, K2D members in
attendance included members
of the academe, non-government and community based
organizations, and volunteers
that acts as anti-illegal drugs
watch groups and advocates
in their respective localities.
Di ko mapigilan, gusto kong umiyak sa saya sa
pinapakita nyong pakikiisa
sa aming kampanya laban
sa droga. Ang dating parang

impossible dream, ngayon

possible na (I cant help myself, I want to cry for joy for
the support in our campaign
againt illegal drugs. What
seemed to be an impossible
dream now seems possible),
said the chief PNP.
According to the general,
the civilian communities
help and cooperation now
provides a whole of mission
approach to the so-called
war against illegal drugs.
As of the moment, with
the two months that already

lapsed in the 6-month deadline set by President Rodrigo

Roa Duterte, the General dela
Rosa confirms that 40% of
the target accomplishment
had been achieved with more
than 7 thousand names in the
drug watch list either surrendered or neutralized.
Even if w are left with
four more months, what is the
60% remaining if we all work
together? Yes, I admit it is
difficult but we are doing our
best stated the chief PNP.
Dela Rosa also stated that
the PNP still eyes winning

viva la virgen!

the war against drugs before

January of 2017, the deadline
of the 6 month timeline.
The chief PNP also confirmed that the administration
is set to channel its resources
in eliminating illegal gambling, after completing the
anti-illegal drug campaign.
He explained that the government just opted to focus on illegal drugs first as it presents
a greater challenge.
Police operations against
illegal gambling are already
on-going. Its just that we
chose to focus first on illegal
drugs. If a person involved in
illegal gambling is ordered to
stop, I assure you they will
stop. Unlike a drug personality, who wouldnt just stop because of their mental dependency, explained dela Rosa.
If PNP is to initiate an
all-out drive against illegal
gambling, dela Rosa said that
the administration wants it to
be as impacting as their antiillegal drugs campaign. For
the chief PNP, failure is not
an option, which is also the
challenge he set forth all the
members of the PNP in Bicol.
The expectation is high, but
we cannot afford to fail the

Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the

legitimate heirs of the late ROMEO C. LASTICA, who died
on December 31 1996 in Naga City without any will left
a parcel of land located at Barangay Peafrancia, Naga
City; that pursuant to Section 1, Rule 74 of the Revised
Rules of Court of the Philippines, the heirs all of legal
ages and with full capacity to contract agree to divide
and adjudicate among themselves said lot in pro indiviso
equal shares; that said Heirs hereby waive their rights,
interest and participation on said lot in favor of FRANCES
L. AGUILAR, her heirs, and successors-in-interest on the
mentioned lot; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty.
Allain B. Gomez, Doc. No.372, Page No. 7, Book No. II,
Series of 2016.
Published: September 11, 18 and 25, 2016


Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the only
surviving heirs of the late ROGELIO N. TORMES, who died
in Naga City on April 17, 2003, without any will or testament
and no known debts left parcels of land covered by TCT No.
08-2015000113 that pursuant to Section 1, Rule 74 of the
Revised Rules of Court of the Philippines, the heirs all of legal
ages and with full capacity to contract agree to adjudicate
among themselves the land described pro indiviso; that
for and consideraion of the sum of FIVE HUNDRED
THOUSAND (P500,000.00) Philippine currency, the Heirs
do hereby SELL, CEDE, TRANSFER and CONVEY unto
PEAFRANCIA SUGAR MILLS represented by its President
WILLIAM T. ENRILE, its heirs assigns and successors in
interest, all our rights,, interest and participation on the
described parcels of land, as acknowledged before Notary
Public Atty. Florencio R. Rosales, Doc. No.526, Page No.
39, Book No. 106, Series of 2015.
Published: September 11, 18 and 25, 2016

president and the people,

said dela Rosa.
However, General dela
Rosa also expressed his confidence with the PNP of the
Bicol region, based on what
was it has already contributed

and achieved on the anti-illegal drug drive. This is Bicol,

the home of the uragons
(tough guys). I am confident
that you will remain strong
and not bog-down, said the

for august
Name of Deceased

Date of Interment


August 6, 2016


August 7, 2016


August 13, 2016


August 13, 2016


August 20, 2016


August 19, 2016


August 21, 2016


August 26, 2016


August 28, 2016


August 29, 2016


August 30, 2016


August 29, 2016

september 18-24, 2016

bikol reporter

Longest Military Parade


JRM, PIA5/Camarines Sur

Hundreds of public and private schools in the Bicol Region participated in the military parade competition that lasts for almost 8 hours caps the 3-day parades in
celebration of the Peafrancia Fiesta.

Low Agri-Fishery 2015 performance . . .

largest contributor to the regions economy at 56.1 per cent
followed by the industry sector
at 22.5 percent.
However, the same report
reveals that the combined subsectors of Agriculture, Hunting,
Fishery and Forestry (AHFF) ,
showed a declining trend from
a high of 8.7 percent in 2012,
slowed down to 4.3 percent in
2013, then declined to 1.1 percent in 2014 and sank deeper
contracting to -2.3 percent in
2015. This 2.3 percent slump in
the performance of the AHFF
according to NEDA was due to
9.4 percent contraction in the
Fishing sub-industry . Agriculture and Forestry managed to
stay afloat growing by 0.4 percent, a slow down from its 1.9
percent expansion in 2014.
Presiding over the meeting,
Dir. De los Santos underscored
the need for all the agencies
directly or indirectly supporting the agriculture, fishery and
forestry sectors to get together
and find out the root cause of
the problem, identify the gaps
and deterrents and come up
with new approaches, strategies
and action plans for the sector
to bounce back and improve its
performance. Also invited dur-

ing the meeting were the PSA

represented by Danilo Lucea
who presented the 2015 Performance of the Bicol Economy
and the NEDA represented by
Maria Teresa T. Chong , who
discussed the analysis and interpretation of the data presented by the PSA. DAs Planning
Officer Aloha Gigi I. Baaria
also presented the 15 point
agenda in agriculture under the
new administration. The DENR
was also invited to the meeting
but no representative came.
After the presentations, the
BFAR regional planning officer, Joel Benavidez asked the
PSA where and how they get
their data as to the volume of
fish catch in the region. Lucea
answered that their enumerators
get their data from the fish landings in Bicol. Benavidez then
pointed out that not all the fish
catch in the Bicol waters are unloaded or brought to the designated fish landings in the region
but some of these are brought
outside the region such as Lucena, Batangas, Mindoro and Visayas provinces and these fish
catch are now recorded in those
regions. This observation was
also seconded by DA regional
Technical Director for research

and regulations , Dr. Edgar R.

Madrid. He said Bicol has a
long coastline but the fish catch
data is small as the actual fish
catch of the region are not properly recorded or documented.
Philippine Fisheries Development Authority regional
manager of the Fish landing in
Camaligan in Camarines Sur ,
Carlos E. Hagosojos also made
his rejoinder saying that Bicol
is a fish exporting region , supplying big volume of fish to
different provinces outside the
region. He bared that Bicol supplies daily big volume of semi
processed crabs to Cebu where
they are processed then brought
to Metro Manila, Bacolod and
other major cities. He added
that other marine species such
as squid and octopus abound in
Bulan, Sorsogon, and Ticao in
Masbate but these are brought
to Iolilo and Roxas City. Other
marine products from Aroroy
and Milagros and Balatan and
other Camarines Sur waters
are also brought to Lucena, the
NCR and other parts of Luzon.
As an additional information, Hagosojos announced that
the PFDA regional fish landing
complex in Camaligan will be
transferred to Bulan, Sorsogon

as soon as the on going construction of the new complex

will be completed. But the
Camaligan fish landing will be
retained as a satellite office.
Hagosojos added that Bulan is
a more strategic location for the
regional Fish landing as it is a
rich fishing ground and more
accessible to fishing vessels
unlike Camaligan fish landing
which is along the Bicol river
not accessible big fishing vessels.
Dr. de los Santos thus, requested BFAR and the PSA
to have a special meeting and
work closely in finding a better method or approach in
gathering and reporting data

on fisheries. De los Santos also

expressed a parallel view that
agricultural crops and even
livestock and other agricultural
commodities produced in the
region but are being transported
outside the region are not being properly attributed to Bicol.
Moreso, once these agri commodities are processed they are
considered outputs of the industry or manufacturing sector.
The round-table discussion
held in Legazpi City sometime
last August was also participated in by National Irrigation
Administration, (NIA) regional
manager, Vicente R. Vicmudo ;
National Meat Inspection Service , acting regional Technical

Director, Dr. Fernando N. Lontoc; Philippine Crop Insurance

regional ,manager, Corazon
Sm. Realubit; Philippine Fibers
Development Authority , OIC
regional director, Mary Ann
R. Molina; Agricultural Training Institute , training division,
chief, Cirlo Nuyles; CDA Officer in-charge, Grace P. Layosa; Regional Agriculture and
Fisheries Council, chairperson,
Jimmy Cordero; Eng. Wilfredo
Papaya of NIA; Theresa B.
Aonuevo of NEDA; Dr. Alex
Templonuevo of NMIS, Benjie
Santiago and division chiefs,
program coordinators and staff
of the DA regional office. -EMILY B. BORDADO

Agri-water projects set vs El Nio . . .

lay per hectare equivalent to a
P1,300.00 monetary increase
per hectare.
Bragas bared that the project applied 50 kilograms of
chicken dung to the SFR to
reduce the amount of water
seepage. The organic material
covers the bottom of the SFR
by sealing it with manure, thus
blocking soil pores and pro-

ducing secondary biological

clogging later on due to slimeforming organisms.
To maintain the SFRs
working conditions and to
minimize soil erosion along
the reservoir, the Municipal
Agricultural Services Office
of Polangui, Albay facilitated
the construction of slope protection facility on February 3

US vows continued mutual. . .

Our relationship is very
broad and our alliance is one
of the most enduring and
important relationship in the
Asia Pacific, she said.
According to her, the Philippines and the US relationship has been the cornerstone
of stability for more than 70
years, and is an important relationship in the Asia Pacific.
"It is built on shared sacrifice for democracy, human
rights and built on strong people ties," she added.
When asked how many
US troops are in Mindanao,
Koscina said she will refer
the question to the defense department.
In a speech on Monday,
President Rodrigo Duterte
said he wants US forces to
pull out of Mindanao as he
pushes for an independent
foreign policy.
"Yung mga (Those) special forces, they have to go.
They have to go. In Mindanao, maraming mga puti doon
(there are many whites there).
They have to go," he said during the oath-taking of 43 new
appointees in Malacaang.
I do not want a rift with
America, but they have to go.
The Americans, they (Abu
Sayyaf bandits) will really kill
them. They will get ransom
and they will kill (them), he
President Duterte also
mentioned the Bud Dajo incident, a counter-insurgency

action fought by the United

States against the Moro,
where hundreds of Muslims
were killed. With many still
remembering such historical
injustices, he said, many Mindanaoans are still angry when
they see Americans in Mindanao. -PNA

- 15, 2016.
BAWP is a grant project
funded by the U.S. Embassy's
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the
UP Los Banos Foundation,
Inc. (UPLBFI) in partnership
with the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office
BAWP is further supported
by the International Research
Institute for Climate and
University (IRI-CU), the Philippine
and Astronomical Services
Administration (PAGASA),
Central Bicol State University
of Agriculture and Bicol University College of Agriculture
and Forestry. -MAL/SAA/


CALL TONY ACYATAN (CP 0917 852 7391)


september 18-24, 2016

Bicol, the philippines
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Happy Fiesta!

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