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Learning difficulties in English: Diagnosis and pedagogy in Saudi Arabia

By Dr Intakhab Alam Khan, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah-KSA

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Practices and prospects of learner autonomy: Teachers' perceptions

AR Al Asmari - English Language Teaching, 2013 -

Abstract Language learning process works through the learners' own reflection on how they
learn and it makes learners active in the sense that they learn to analyze their learning
strategies. So they start making decisions, eg, whether to improve them or not, and in ...
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A model of foreign language anxiety in the Saudi EFL context

F Alrabai - English language teaching, 2014 -

Abstract Feelings of anxiety are commonly expressed by Saudi learners in their English as a
foreign language (EFL) classes. These feelings typically exert detrimental effects on these
learners' foreign language attainment. This paper reports on the findings of a large-scale ...
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Kumaravadivelu's framework as a basis for improving English language teaching in Saudi Arabia: Opportunities
and challenges

AM Ahmad - English Language Teaching, 2014 -

Abstract This paper discusses the issues with EFL teaching in Saudi Arabia, including the
reliance on traditional teaching methodologies and banning use of first languages in
classrooms. As a result, these traditional teaching practices produce less proficient ...
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Education context and English teaching and learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An overview

O Alrashidi, H Phan - English Language Teaching, 2015 -

Abstract This paper discusses the education context and English teaching and learning in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The paper is organised into five main sections. The first
section offers a brief glance at the social, religious, economic, and political context in KSA. ...
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[PDF] Importance of English language in corporate world

MS Menon, MN Patel - International Journal, 2012 -

ABSTRACT: In today's era of cut throat competition, people face several challenges to
survive and excel in their respective fields. Amongst all the challenges communicating in
English language is majorly faced by various individuals in the organizations. English is ...
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Saudi English-Major Undergraduates' Academic Writing Problems: A Taif University Perspective

MA Al-Khairy - English Language Teaching, 2013 -

Abstract This study attempted to investigate Saudi English-major undergraduates studying at
Taif University to identify a) the types of academic writing Saudi English-major
undergraduates carry out at English departments, b) Saudi English-major undergraduates' ...
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Exploring the nature of the Saudi English teachers' beliefs and attitudes towards EFL and its effects on
their teaching practice

S Alrasheed - Saudi Scientific International Conference, London, , 2012

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Attitude of students towards e-learning: a study of English language learners at Taif University English Language

MU Farooq, CZ Javid - NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry, 2012 -

Abstract E-learning has become a widely accepted method of learning and teaching in
educational institutions and organizations all over the world. E-learning is playing its
effective role in learning a language by providing activities in each language skill in an ...
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[PDF] Effects of learner autonomy on teaching practices and outcomes in an ELT classroom

MU Farooq - Eur. J. Sci. Res, 2013 -

Abstract An English language teacher introduces a variety of learning activities in the
classroom with an aim to expand students language skills and to test their competence. At
the same time, it is important for the teacher to provide the students with appropriate tools ...
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Problems of English language acquisition in Saudi Arabia: An exploratory-cum-remedial study

AS Al-Nasser - Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 2015 -

Abstract'An international language belongs to its users, not to the countries whose national
languages have become internationalized'(Edge 1992). With an ever increasing number of
L2 users it is time we rewrote the description of the place of English among world ...
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An Investigation of Saudi EFL Learners Writing problems: A Case

Study along Gender-lines

CZ Javid, MU Farooq, M Umer - Kashmir Journal of Language , 2013 -

Abstract The study in is a comprehensive investigation to identify the important writing tasks,
major areas of difficulty in academic writing, the factors causing these difficulties and the
corrective measures in the Saudi EFL academic context. It attempted to identify gender- ...
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An investigation of anxiety among elementary school students towards
foreign language learning
M Alshahrani, A Alandal - Studies in Literature and Language, 2015 -
Abstract Foreign language anxiety (FLA) plays a crucial role in language learning. This
study aims to investigate the level of FLA and the impact of gender differences among EFL
elementary school students. The sample of the study was 146 males and 114 female 6th. ...
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An investigation of the factors which contribute to low English
achievement in secondary schools, as perceived by Kuwaiti and nonKuwaiti English teachers
AM Alotaibi, HA Aldaihani - European Scientific , 2014 -
Purpose. This study investigates why secondary school Kuwaiti students are weak in
English language. In 2012/2013, 78% of students joining the Public Authority of Applied
Education and Training from secondary school failed to achieve 60% in their English ...
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14-Application of hybrid e-learning and web 2.0 for pedagogical

innovations in Higher Education institutions
Y Ansari, A Shabbir, AH Kazim - Education and e-Learning , 2012 -
Abstract-The emerging trends of hybrid e-learning and web 2.0 technologies are a
byproduct of the unprecedented advancements of information technology. Understanding
and experimenting on how technology fits into the complex realities of classrooms has ...
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Effectiveness of the remedial courses on improving EFL/ESL students'
performance at university level in the Arab world
FHM Al Othman, KM Shuqair - International Journal of Higher Education, 2013 -
Abstract Many hypotheses have been passed by professors in the language teaching
profession concerning the effects of remedial courses in enhancing the skills of students in
the English language. Most people share the sentiment that remedial courses are quests ...
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[PDF] Improving English Pronunciation Among Arabic EFL School-age
Students Using Minimal Pairs
AK Altamimi - 2015 -
Abstract This study investigated whether the use of the minimal pairs' strategy improves
English pronunciation of unfamiliar consonant sounds for native Arab student in a 2nd
intermediate grade in Saudi Arabia. The minimal pair defines as patterns of words which ...
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[PDF] Arab World English Journal
NS Alahmadi, R Kesseiri - 2013 -
Abstract The English language has certainly become the most prominent international
language in the world. Various initiatives in non-English speaking countries have sprung out
to promote the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language and the Arab world ...
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[PDF] Translating Arabic Perfect Verbs into English by Jordanian

M Abu-Joudeh, S Assasfeh, Y Al-Shaboul - Journal of Language , 2013 -

ABSTRACT There are various translation problems, not all of which have received much
attention. Whereas much research has been conducted on vocabulary equivalence, there is
little research to date that addresses the problems of achieving equivalence in grammar. ...
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Communicative Language Teaching in EFL University Context:
Challenges for Teachers
ARA Al Asmari - Journal of Language Teaching and , 2015 -
Abstract The tenet of this study was to investigate the challenges hindering a proper
implementation of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in EFL university context.
There have been opposing views on feasibility of implementing CLT in EFL context. Some ...
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The Inadequacy of academic environment contributes to inadequate
teaching and learning phenomena
S Qasim, MS Arif - Educational Research and Reviews, 2014 -
Abstract This study aims at the inadequacy of academic environment as an indicator
contributing to the inadequate teaching and learning situation in Pakistan. The main focus is
to look into the low proficiency of students in the subject of English at secondary school ...
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21-The academic writing challenges faced by Saudi students studying in New Zealand

A Ankawi - 2015 -

This study investigated the academic writing challenges facing Saudi Arabian students
when they enrol on mainstream programmes at one New Zealand university. This research
adopted a qualitative method approach. Approximately 65 Saudi Arabian students were ...
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[PDF] Cross-linguistic Issues and Compatible Strategies for Teaching English

IA Khan - Journal of Foreign Languages, 2014 -

Abstract Cross linguistic approach of teaching English as a foreign language occupies an
essential place in a bilingual context. The present paper is an attempt towards exploring
some crucially significant pedagogic issues that a pedagogue or an instructor is supposed ...
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[PDF] The impact of output communication on EFL learners' metaphor second language acquisition

M Arif, IH Abdullah, HY Beng - Social Sciences (Pakistan), 2016 -

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of output communication on
EFL second language metaphor acquisition by preparatory school students. In which, they
encounter barriers understanding English texts and lectures when metaphor is involved ...
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Self-directed Learning in Preparatory-year University Students: Comparing Successful and Less-successful
English Language Learners

FMA Alghamdi - English Language Teaching, 2016 -

Abstract There is consensus among those involved in teaching English as a foreign

language (EFL) in the Saudi educational context that students' achievement in language
learning is below expectations. Much research has been directed towards finding the ...
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25-The effects of second language on ethical judgement in accounting

SM Saadullah, Z Abushawish - Afro-Asian Journal of , 2014 -

The number of participants in accounting practices and academia who use English as their
second language is significant and growing. Many of them are involved in making ethical
judgements based on information provided in English, which is their second language. It ...
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[PDF] Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Learning English Among Saudi Students in Globe Institute in Exeter (UK)

SMA Almalki -

Considering the vital role that the English language plays in contemporary society and the
changing needs of institutions around the world, gaining a thorough knowledge of English
can help people in a number of ways. The primary aim of this research is therefore to ...
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[PDF] Motivation for learning English in the Saudi Arabian context: Perceptions of learners, teachers and parents.

WA Holbah - 2015 -

Motivation has an important role in education for both learning and teaching, leading
learners to be engaged in their learning process and teachers to be enthusiastic in their
teaching careers. Researchers (Al-Bassam, 1987; Brophy, 2010; Brown, 2007b; Dornyei, ...
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28-Effect of Age on the Learner's Ultimate Attainment of English Vocabulary and Grammar

JA Rizg-Allah - 2014 -

This study investigates the relationship between the age of onset of learning English and the
ultimate attainment in that language. To this end, it tests the lexical and morphosyntactic
competence of intermediate school students (n= 62), who have different points of onset. ...
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[PDF] A Gender-based Analysis of Saudi EFL Learners Writing Problems: A Move towards Solution

CZ Javid, MU Farooq -

Abstract The study in hand is a comprehensive investigation to identify the important writing
tasks, major areas of difficulty in academic writing, the factors causing these difficulties and
the corrective measures in Saudi EFL academic context. It also attempted to identify ...
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An empirical investigation to examine the usability issues of using adaptive, adaptable, and mixed-initiative
approaches in in-teractive systems

M Alshumari - 2015 -

The combination of graphical user interface (GUI) and usability evaluation presents an
advantage to mastering every piece of software and ensuring perfect quality of work. The
increasing demand for online learning is becoming more important, both individually and ...
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31-Factors Underlying Low Achievement of Saudi EFL Learners

F Alrabai - International Journal of English Linguistics, 2016 -

Abstract This paper is devoted to examining the factors responsible for the low achievement
in English as a foreign language (EFL) among Saudi students. While some of these factors
are demographic variables that pertain specifically to the learners themselves, such as ...
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Integrating Computer-Assisted Language Learning in Saudi Schools: A Change Model.

S Alresheed, M Leask, A Raiker - Turkish Online Journal of Educational , 2015 - ERIC

ABSTRACT Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) technology and pedagogy have
gained recognition globally for their success in supporting second language acquisition
(SLA). In Saudi Arabia, the government aims to provide most educational institutions with ...
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[HTML] The Impact of Social Networks on EFL Medical Students' Academic Performance at Jazan University

AA Alhaj, NH Banafi - Conference Proceedings. The Future of , 2015 -

Abstract Social networks such as Twitter, Blackboard and Instagram are the most feasible
tools to enhance EFL medical students' academic performance through collaboration. This
study aims at investigating the impact of social networks in increasing the students' ...
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Implementing Communicative Language Teaching Method in Saudi Arabia: Challenges Faced by Formative Year
Teachers in State Schools

MO Abahussain - 2016 -

Abstract The demand for using the English language as a means of communication has
increased substantially around the world because of its status as the language of
globalisation, international communication, trade, media, and research (Flowerdew and ...
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Interpersonal competence in the learning of the English language

R Schmidt-Fajlik - 2013 -

Current practice in language teaching based on communicative approaches emphasizes
the development of language skills. Opportunities are created for students to develop their
language skills through social interaction based on pair and group work. Such interaction ...
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M Alzahrani - 2016 -

This qualitative study aims at examining a number of challenges faced by Saudi students in
the process of learning English while studying in an anglophone country. Through the lens
of gatekeeping scholarship, progressive educational theory and formal, non-formal and ...
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37-Teaching and Learning EFL Writing at Yemeni Universities: A Review of Current Practices

A Muthanna - Teaching EFL Writing in the 21st Century Arab World, 2016 - Springer
Abstract As a form of self-expression, writing has intricate connections with individuals'
knowledge development and communication For educators, writing is a particularly
important domain, since students often seek models as they strive to develop their ...
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Saudi Students' Experiences of Learning English in English as a Foreign and Second Language Settings

NA Alzaharani - 2016 -

This study aims to shed light on the reasons that influence Saudi students' learning
experiences, self-esteem, and attitudes in English language education in the EFL context as
linked to their language proficiency. However, Saudi students' experiences differed in the ...
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A cross-cultural comparison of how students in Japan, China, Russia, Ghana and Saudi Arabia feel about their
interpersonal skills and the impact this may have on

R Schmidt-Fajlik - . , 2016

(Abstract): This cross-cultural study explores student con dence in interpersonal skills
and the role that this may play in English language teaching. The research was conducted at
a Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Ghanian university as well as at an international ...
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Illuminating Teachers' Voice and Perspectives on English Language Teaching in Secondary Schools in Northern
City of Jordan

SFA Alshirah - 2012 -

The purpose of this qualitative case study was to shed light on teachers' perceptions and
experiences on the challenges and problems that they encounter in teaching English as a
foreign language in Jordan. The respondents of the study were purposefully selected to ...
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Harnessing the Barriers That Impact on Students' English Language Learning (ELL).

HA Liton - International Journal of Instruction, 2016 -

This study strives to single out the barriers and obstacles in terms of academic, course
curriculum system and socio-cultural issues that impact on students learning English
language adversely in the prep year level at Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. This paper ...
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[PDF] Challenges in Teaching Language and Literature: An EFL Perspective

BVN Lakshmi -

Abstract: Language and Literature are not just a part of human expression but also of life,
culture and history. No wonder then the teaching methods proposed by academic scientists
are only catalysts that can supplement teaching-learning process, which is independent to ...
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Academic writing in English: challenges experienced by Bachelor of Education primary level students at the
University of Namibia, Katima Mulilo campus

MM Mutimani - 2016 -

This study investigated the academic writing challenges experienced by Bachelor of
Education undergraduate students in using English at the University of Namibia, Katima
Mulilo Campus. The study focused on the following research questions: what challenges ...
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