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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Batangas
SY 2016 -2017
Name: ________________________________________ Section: _______________ Score:

Understanding: _________


A. Directions: Listen carefully while the teacher reads the sentences with correct intonation pattern, then
identify whether the sentence observes rising or falling intonation. Draw (arrow down) if it is falling intonation; and
(arrow up) if it is rising intonation.
1. Did you understand our lesson today?
2. I lived in West Africa last two years.
3. Did you see Mrs. Dimailig, our school principal?
4. Filipinos are born industrious.


B. Directions: Listen carefully while the teacher reads the sentences, focus on the bold-faced words. And then identify
the correct stress of the bold-faced by choosing the syllable inside each parenthesis.
5. May you bring this permit (PER, MIT) to his adviser?
6. Brazil (BRA, ZIL) is the place where I was born.
7. You see, there is an international (IN, TER, NA, TIO, NAL) university near the city.
8. I can't decide (DE, CIDE) which book to borrow.
A. Word Stress
Directions: Which of paired heteronyms (lettered A & B) on the right best fits the stressed syllable written in capital
letters. Choose the appropriate word to complete the line of a dialogue. Write the letter of the correct answer.
9. Jay - Ver:
10. Kim:
11. Jay - Ver:
12. Kim:

The school has this Zero Dropout _____.

Oh, that is nice! Let us help them _____ a campaign.
Ok then. Let us go to the office now and get an _____.
We can also _____ them our ideas on how others can help.

(A. PROject
(A. CONduct
(A. UPdate
(A. PREsent

B. proJECT)
B. conDUCT)
B. upDATE)
B. preSENT)


A. Directions: Read the terms or expressions taken from the Soul of the Great Bell, then figure out the meaning of
each italicized and bold faced word using context clues. Shade the circle of your chosen answer.
All the green-and-gold tiles of the temple are vibrating; the wooden goldfish above them are (13) writhing against the sky.
writhing means _____
Therefore, the worthy mandarin Kouan-Yu assembled the master-molders and the renowned bell smiths of the empire, and all
men of great repute and (14) cunning in (15) foundry work.
cunning means _______
foundry means _______
act, process, art of making plastic
act, process, art of casting metals
act, process, art of painting metals
(16) Gold and brass will never meet in wedlock, silver and iron never will embrace, until the flesh of a maiden be
melted in the crucible; until the blood of a virgin be mixed with the metals in their fusion.
What does this mean?
Gold, brass, silver and iron will never be fused together by a virgin maiden
The blood of a virgin maiden mixed with gold, brass, silver and iron
Gold, brass, silver and iron will fuse when mixed with the blood of a virgin
And even as she cried, she (17) leaped into the white flood of metal.
Leaped means to _____


B. Directions: Give the synonym and antonym for each bold-faced word. Encircle the word if it is synonym
and cross-out if it is antonym. Dont forget to have two answers for each sentence. An example is given to you.
The daimio listened to the farmer and then meditated in silence.



_______ 18. The entire province was given strict orders to immediately put to death all aged
_______ 19. During the Middle Ages, barbarous tribes destroyed the city and killed many inhabitants.
_______ 20. The governor was pleased at the wit of the youth and praised greatly, but he demanded to know where he had
obtained his wisdom.
_______ 21. The poor farmer obeyed the mandate of the governor, though his heart was filled with deep sorrow.
_______ 22. Lifting his old mother to his back, the youth started on his painful journey to the summit of Obatsuyama.

Directions: Read the following selections then answer the questions that follow. Write your answer on the
blank before the number.
Selection A
(1) A crow flew to a high branch in a tree to eat a piece of cheese. (2) A fox saw the crow and said, Hey! I havent heard your
lovely voice for so long (3) could you sing for me? (4) Flattered the crow opened her bill. (5) The cheese fell and fox got it.

________ 23. Why did the crow fly to a high branch tree? The answer to this question is found in ____.
a. Sentence No. 1
b. Sentence No. 2
c. Sentence No. 3
d. Sentence No. 4
Selection B
(1) Water, which is one of the most abundant natural resources, is also one of the prime necessities of life. (2) We make use for the
maintenance of health. (3) We need to drink water daily for it is the main solvent of materials inside our bodies. (4) We also need water for

________ 24. Which sentence gives the main topic of the selection?
a. Sentence 2
b. Sentence 4
c. Sentence 3

d. Sentence 1

________ 25. What is the authors purpose in writing the paragraph?

a. To convince others to drink plenty of water
b. To inform about the abundance of water as a natural resources
c. To explain why water is a basic necessity of life
d. To prove that water is the main solvent of materials inside our bodies
Selection C
June 12 is a regular holiday in Philippines. It is the day when the Philippines set up the first Philippine Republic free from Spanish
rule. On this day the president gives an address to the nation, then along parade follows. Students, workers, a movie artist and civic groups
participate in the parade. Different floats make the parade colorful. They show highlights in our history as a nation. We call this holiday
Independence Day.

________ 26. What is the appropriate title of the selection?

a. A Wonderful Holiday
b. Independence Day

c. A Colorful Parade

________ 27. Based from the selection what word best describes the Filipinos?
a. Civic-minded
b. Law Abiding
c. Freedom-loving

d. The First Holiday

d. Holiday-conscious


A. Adjectives

Directions: Underline the adjectives in each of the following sentences. Draw a line pointing to the
noun or pronoun modified by the adjective.
28. His success is a great secret.
29. The delicious meal was served by the hospitable hosts.

30. The angry crowd shouted at the confused referee.

B. Conjunctions

Directions: Encircle the correct conjunction to complete the sentences below.

31. (If , Before) Asians find a common bond in their oriental traditions, they can set examples of a close-knit
family life.
32. (While , Although) the Chinese value contentment in life, the Filipinos show devotion to their elders.
33. We had planned to go to Thailand (or , yet) Malaysia but we didnt have time.
C. Types of Sentences According to Structure

Directions: Write sentences using the pictures. You may use any of the following pictures given in
constructing sentences.

34. Write a simple sentence. __________________________________________ ____________________________________

35. Write a compound sentence. You may use and or while.
36. Write a complex sentence. Dont forget your subordinating conjunction or relative pronoun.

A. Directions: Choose the letter that you think best answers the question by enclosing the letter. Remember to
answer all items.
37. Your Japanese friend messaged you in Facebook. He said he will be having a vacation here in the Philippines for a week.
You offered him to stay in your house. Your mother was having a hard time already thinking of the menu you will have
during your friends visit. Since you have learned their customs in your history subject, what is the best food you can offer
to him?
a. Rice, unleavened bread, fried chicken, black tea, fresh fruits
b. Ramen, su-shi, shimp tempura, black tea
c. Bread, fresh fruits, black tea
d. Rice, fried pork, unleavened bread, coffee
38. You are the feature editor of Philippine Daily Inquirer. You are tasked to make a write up about the Muslims. You want the
public especially the Christians to be familiar with their customs because it will guide them to understand Muslims better.
You will focus on their:
a. history.
b. culture
c. problems of the people.
d. leaders.
39. Youre a columnist in your school paper and in your column you give advice on appropriate acts to be done based on ones
traditions and values. What tip should you give your reader who wrote
Dear Ask Me,
Hi, My Chinese friend whose birthday falls on the same day as mine has given me a gift. I learned in my
English 8 class that reciprocating is one of the Chinese values, so I have bought a gift for her too. How should
I give my gift? I understand Chinese has a rich culture and tradition. I want my friend to be happy. Thanks!
Hi Thelma, like the Filipinos, Chinese would appreciate gifts that are given wholeheartedly. However, youd
show how much you care for them more by considering their culture. One way of doing that is by
a. Wrapping your gift with white paper.
b. Wrapping your gift in colorful wrappers.
c. Wrapping your gift in transparent plastic.

d. Wrapping your gift in red and gold.

I hope your friendship will remain strong. Take care!
40. What is the major language of Philippines?
a. Filipino
b. Japanese
c. Tagalog
d. Bahasa
41. In your literature class, your performance task is to make an adaptation of Mahabharata. For you to be able to show the
adaptation clearly and effectively, what is the possible output you could have for this project?
a. Make your own version of the story
b. Have a photocopy of the story
c. Prepare a drama presentation of Mahabharata
d. Write a slogan about the story
42. In most Chinese and Japanese folktales, there would oftentimes be the presence of a loving mother or father and a dutiful
son or daughter. What does it say about the Chinese or Japanese values?
a. Family is always right
b. Chinese and Japanese children are dependent on their parents
c. Family is important.
d. Chinese and Japanese parents are protective of their children
43. The Japanese Tea ceremony is a cultural tradition that originated in China. Before the ceremony begins, the host cleans the
serving bowls, boils water, prepares a sweet treat for the guests, and then mixes the tea in front of the guests. What
characteristics of the Japanese may be reflected on this ceremony?
a. They consider their guests as very important people.
b. They are service oriented people.
c. They drink their tea only in the company of friends.
d. They want to impress their guests.
44. Anyone who can read either the Chinese or Japanese language can usually see the similarities between the characters and
interpret the text. The Japanese written language is derived from the Chinese language. This style of Japanese writing is
referred to as Kanji. We can now assume that:
a. Chinese and Japanese understand the spoken and written language.
b. Chinese and Japanese understand the written language but not the spoken language.
c. Chinese and Japanese understand the spoken but not the written language.
d. Chinese and Japanese do not understand the spoken and written language.
45. You are a researcher from the Department of Tourism. You are tasked to gather information about Asians ways of living,
style of dressing up, eating, expressing their faith, courtship and beliefs. You want the public especially the non-Asians to
be familiar with those things so that they could understand them better. What will be the focus of your research?
a. history
b. customs
c. economics
d. politics

B. Directions: Guess the speaker or the character who said the following lines or is described in the
statement. Write the letter of the correct answer from the choices below.
A. The Teacher

B. Dona Estifania
D. Francisco Benitez

C. Mother
E. African Child

_____ 46. The educated Filipino is one who is deep-rooted in ones speech and conduct. One must put into practice those
elements recognized as concomitant to culture and morality. Hence, one makes use of such elements for ones growth as an
individual and for a nations development as a whole.
_____ 47. Shining like the stars we are; we are the children of Africa
_____ 48. According to her, it was only because their hands became bleached with all that washing.
_____ 49. God made Blacks because they had to be.
_____ 50. Africans, few years ago walked around on all fours, like wild animals, so their palms werent exposed to the sun.

C. Directions: Arrange the following by using alphabets, start from A.

a. The Soul of the Great Bell
________ 51. Ko Ngai sacrificed her life and leaped to the furnace. After that, the casting of the great bell was accomplished.
________ 52. Yong Lo commanded Kouan Yu to cast a great bell of an enormous size that the sound could be heard for one
hundred li.
________ 53. The mighty emperor heard of it and he was angry. He gave one final order that if the bell wouldnt be done. Kouan
Yu had to die.
________ 54. This worried his beautiful daughter, Ko Ngai who asked for a fortune tellers advice to help his father. The advice
was for the bell to be casted perfectly of a virgin blood must be mixed with the metals.
________ 55. Additional, the bell should be made of brass, gold and silver and its lips should be engraved with blessed saying.
________ 56. Though all the master molders were tasked to cast the great bell, all metals would not mix well. The bell, they
casted, was cracked, fissured and split. There was even no uniformity in the sound.

Directions: Complete the article below using transitional devices. Choose your answers in the pool.





When you're served a plate of sushi or sashimi, a Japanese food how will you go about eating it. Heres how:
___________ (57), pour soy sauce on the small individual plate.__ ________ (58), hold one piece of sushi
(including the ball of rice on the bottom) and dip the fish side into the sauce. Avoid dipping the rice into the
sauce. Place the whole piece of sushi in your mouth. ___________ (59), refresh your mouth with a slice of
ginger.___ ________ (60), eat sashimi sushi (individual slices of raw fish) by dipping the fish slices into soy
sauce. If desired, order a side dish of rice and take a few bites after each slice of fish.






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