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Gehman Mennonite Church

Physical Address: 127 Witmer Road Reinholds, PA 17569
Mailing Address: PO Box 842, Adamstown, PA 19501
Ministry Team
Phil Horning – Lead Pastor – (church: 717-484-4548) (Home: 717-208-4424)
Glen Martin – Associate Pastor – 717-484-262
Steve McCosby – Deacon – 717-336-8275
Let's walk with Jesus...personally, locally, and globally.
November 13, 2016
Sunday School
Worship Service

8:15 AM
9:00 AM
10:00 AM

Hymn of Praise
Darlene McCosby
Marlene Martin
Bible Presentation
Worship in Song
Worship Team
Message: Matthew 6:5-7:29 "Sermon on the Mount - Part 2"
Glen Martin
Hymn of Response
Darlene McCosby
Sharing Time/Pastoral Prayer
Sunday School Nursery
Church Nursery
Next Week:
Song Leader
Sunday School Nursery
Church Nursery

Phil & Kelly Horning
Michelle & Cindy
Carolyn & Travis
Darrell & Loretta Gockley
James Martin
Katie Swatski
Phil Horning
Chrystle & Shelby
Darla & Cheyanne

The offering for November is for Friendship Community, Landis Homes, Philhaven and
budgeted items.
Last weeks Offering: $
Last weeks Attendance:
Nov. 14, Mon- Ministry Team Meeting, 6 p.m., Board of Elders Meeting at 7 p.m. Thanks
for your prayers for these meetings. If you have questions, encouragement, suggestions,
etc. for our church, or if you have something you'd like to discuss or present at one of these

meetings, please share that with the ministry team. Your input is welcomed.
Nov. 16, Wed.-District Sewing Circle will be held at Bowmansville Menno. Church in
the basement for the morning and afternoon. Plan to join the busy hands in this work
for MCC. The special project this month will be Infant Care Kits- help mothers give
their infants a good start. These kits are given to families displaced by war or disasters
and are used in a number of other settings to help support mothers who lack supplies
they need for a new baby. Contents consist of the following new items; donate all or
partial items for kits- 2 gowns/sleepers (flannel or similar, soft material)
2 undershirts/ onesies (short or long sleeves), 4 cloth diapers (flat-fold preferred), 1
receiving blanket (light weight fleece or flannel; min. 36 in.), 4 safety pins (2 in.), 1
large bar mild soap (leave in wrapper), 1 pair socks, 1 cap. Items may be bought or
sewn. Contact MRC for a pattern for hand-sewn gowns. To pack, remove packaging
material (except from soap) and fold into the receiving blanket. Fasten together with
the safety pins. Thank you for limiting your generosity to the items listed
Dec. 9, 10, 16, 17 -"Journey to Bethlehem" will be held at Woodcrest Retreat weekend
nights. The Christmas story comes alive, in six unique scenes, as you walk by
candlelight along quiet wooded trails with the Biblical characters. Dramatic actors,
live nativity and real animals. Visit for more details.
Groups may call the office for guaranteed admission details at 717-738-2233.
-Bible Presentations to 12-year olds: Our church is privileged to bless our 12 year
olds with the presentation of a Bible. Here is a reminder of the process. Because of
different preferences for types and versions of Bibles, we invite the parents of the
child to make the selection and purchase of the Bible they'd like for their son or
daughter, and give the receipt to our church bookkeeper (Shelby) for reimbursement.
When you have the Bible, please contact Pastor Phil to make arrangements for a date
for the Bible presentation.
-The 2017 Bible Quizzing season is quickly approaching. If you are between 7th grade
and age 20 and are interested in Bible Quizzing, please pick up an information packet
on the table in the narthex.
-If you know of a person or family that has come upon hard times that the church
could bless this Christmas let Darrell or someone on the outreach committee know.
Thanks Outreach Committee
-On the Associate Pastor Affirmation ballot their was a typo that might be
confusing. Under "Do you affirm Todd Carvell as an associate pastor?", Travis' name
was mistakenly listed ... it should be Todd's name.
-Thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement, cards and gifts during
Pastor Appreciation Month. We are blessed by your thoughtfulness and generosity! We
ask that you would continue to keep us in your prayers in the coming year. Thank you!
Phil & Kelly, Glen & Mary and Steve & Darlene
Happy Birthday! Janae Sauder on Tues. and Mary Martin on Wed.
Find more church and ministry related info at under the "Resources"
tab and labeled "Online Church Bulletin Board"