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Bless me, for I have sinned

Chapter One
Nancy hated insincerity, but would always engage in light conversation if light
conversation was what was needed to stoke a faade of normalcy and calmness.
Introduce to female protagonist and her father and how they fit in to society;
female character is insecure and when her father dies she will have no one. She
does have a few close friends. They are by no means hermits, they stoke of
faade and engage in light conversation where light conversation is needed but
struggle to feel truly connected with the world around them, and all its colourful
inhabitants. Examples of this. Failed marriages? What makes them so
despondent? Being knocked around by fate.
Chapter Two
Trying new cancer cures. People telling them to pray away his illness this makes
them outcasts
Chapter Three
He dies. Funeral more people than she expected loads about god GOD
-Chapter Four
Magic starts