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Secrets of Rapid




By Dr. Robert Anthony

Copyright 2004


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The Secrets of Rapid Manifestation

By Dr. Robert Anthony
A few years ago I discovered a formula that allowed me to bring
whatever I desired into my life almost instantly. I call it RAPID

RAPID MANIFESTATION is based on the premise that we attract

what we vibrate in the PRESENT MOMENT. In other words, what
we have in our life is a vibrational match to our present moment

Everything comes to us through the most elemental law of physics

- LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE! Like Attracts Like is nothing more than
the Law of Attraction. It is absolute and has nothing to do with
your personality, your religious beliefs, being a "good" or a "bad"
person or anything else. No one lives beyond this Law. It is an
irrefutable law of the universe.

You may not have realized until now that this Law applies to your
life and every other person's life on the planet. The Law of
Attraction, like all laws, is impartial and impersonal, which means
it works when you want it to and when you don't want it to.

It is important to understand that you are a CREATOR. In fact,

you have no choice about whether you are creating because you









However, you do have a choice about WHAT you create.

Unfortunately, most creations in people's lives are by default. This
is why most people feel their lives are out of control or that things
are "happening" to them. The reason we feel that things are
"happening" to us is because we do not understand how the Law
of Attraction works. This causes us to reap results, benefits and
disadvantages that we do not understand.

The Law of Attraction is irresistible. All natural laws are

irresistible. This includes the law of gravity, electricity or any other
law that operates with mathematical exactitude. There is no
variation. The law works perfectly EVERY time. Only the channel
of distribution may be imperfect.

In order to understand how the Law of Attraction and RAPID

MANIFESTATION works and how it affects our lives, we need to
take a few moments and talk about our creative thought process.











energetic vibrational frequency. That thought is impressed into

your subconscious mind. Then, through the Law of Attraction it will
energetically attract another person, place, thing, or circumstance
that has a vibrational match or is vibrating at the same frequency.

Every thought is a vibratory pattern. Vibratory patterns tend to

resonate with similar vibrations and this resonance initiates the
creative process.

Quantum physics has shown that all matter is simply a certain

vibratory rate of energy. Matter is attracted to other matter. We
call this the Law of Gravity. All energies will gravitate to other
energies of the same or similar vibratory rates. All beliefs and
thoughts, especially when attached to or accompanied by a strong
emotional current, vibrate at a certain frequency or energy. And
things, events, people and ideas that vibrate harmoniously with
these thoughts will gravitate to them. Everything is created
through energetic vibration. Sound is vibration. Light is vibration.
Matter is vibration. Thought is vibration. Emotion is vibration.
Everything is vibration. Anything that vibrates at a specific pattern
will attract like vibrations. This works on the chemical, physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual level. Once you understand this
principle you will realize why you do NOT have the things you
desire in your life.

Whenever you think about something you do NOT want,

you set into motion the vibratory pattern that attracts the very thing
you are trying to avoid. The same thing happens if you reach into
your past experience and project the negativity into your present
or future. You will attract more of the same thoughts from other
people; more conversation, more evidence, more circumstances
and more events that perpetuate this negative thought. Like
attracts like. It cannot be avoided. It works the same way for
positive or creative thought. Whatever you focus your intention on
you attract.

In this inclusion based Universe, you attract what you think about,
whether you want it or not. And so, if you're saying "yes" to what

you desire, or if you are saying "no" to it - you are still including it
in your thoughts. The end result is that which you really WANT,
you get - and that which you really DON'T want you get. The Law








The important point is this: The more you struggle against

something that you do NOT want, the more you attract it to
yourself because you set up RESISTANCE to what you want.
t can be summed up in this statement - Whatever you resist will
continue to persist.

We have been programmed with the mistaken belief that we can

get what we want by resisting or defeating what we don't want.
However, that defies the Law of Attraction. Here is what you must
know. That which you defend against will become your
experience, that which you fear or worry about will become your
experience, and that which you prepare against will become your

What we fail to understand is that the defense against sickness is

the cause of it. The defense against poverty is the cause of it. The
defense against evil is the cause of it. The defense of being hurt in
a relationship is the cause of not having the relationship we

As you prepare yourself and guard yourself, and are frightened

and worried about anything you do not want, by focusing your
attention on it and adding emotion to your thought, you are
attracting the very thing you are trying to guard against. The more

you try to defend, resist and guard against it, the more you fear it
and the more powerful the attraction becomes.

However, the good news is if you put yourself in a clear,

unrestrained non-resistance state of mind even for just a
few minutes with RAPID MANIFESTATION - allowing what
you desire, you only need to relax, and it will come to you.

Rather than struggling against illness, relax and allow wellness.

Rather than fighting against poverty or not having enough, just
relax and allow more to come into your life. This means no more
struggle and strain. No more discouragement, doubt, worry and
defeat, but a sure and happy process of creating the life you

As you look into your own life experience and see the lack of







understand that lack exists for only one reason. You have
chosen thoughts that are not in harmony with your desire
and so you are literally vibrating or attracting what you are

When you understand precisely how everything comes to you,

you are also free forever from worry and fear about what others
may do to you. You no longer have to worry about the economic
conditions, the government, your parents, and all the influences
that you fear. The only reason you worry and feel threatened is
because you have accepted the belief that if someone else does
something that is not in harmony with what you desire it will

somehow affect your life. But it cannot come into your life if you do
not invite it through the energy of your thoughts, fears and worry.

Nothing is more important than focusing on what you want. That is

the mindset that you have to have to be at. In other words, you
must stop trying to get rid of things that you don't want or don't
make you feel good, because you can't. You can't make people
go away or make them stop thinking or talking about you. You
can't rid the world of terrorists. You can't rid the world of disease.
You can't get rid of the things that you don't want. This is an
illusion. It has never worked since recorded history and will never
work because it violates the Law of Attraction.

What RAPID MANIFESTATION does is it helps you to create the

Path of Least Resistance. When using RAPID MANIFESTATION
you are taking the Path of Least Resistance relative to what you
desire. It leaves you with two choices. You either think about what
you want in a positive way, or you find a way of not thinking about

But having what you DON'T WANT is no longer going to be an

issue that keeps you from allowing what you WANT to come into
your life.

The human tendency is to try to "fix" what is not working or to

focus on what we don't want to happen. We are trained to think
that we have all of this work that needs to be done and all of these
issues that we have to overcome, understand, or conquer. And
so, it becomes a habit to tenaciously just keep focusing on things

that we don't want so that we can fix them. When you find
something that does not please you and you focus upon it, it can't
be fixed because you are out of sync. Your energy is out of
alignment with Source Energy. RAPID MANIFESTATION trains
your mind to avoid trying to diffuse or fix things in your life.
Instead, it turns your attention toward things you desire. RAPID
MANIFESTATION helps you to find the Path of Least Resistance
to what you desire. As you are reaching, in a determined way, for
the Path of Least Resistance, anything that is resistant within you
will present itself for you to take a look at. All your fears, doubts,
and insecurities will pop up. This is your subconscious resistance
based on your past experiences. All you have to do when this
happens is to turn your focus in the other direction toward what
you want.

As you start focusing on your desire, you become the owner of it,
so to speak, without the complication of the details of
manifestation. The Universe knows the essence of what you are
reaching for and is yielding to you what you really want in the
moment that you are able to relax and let go.

If you plant a seed in your garden I am sure you have enough

common sense to know that your creation is well underway before
you see any physical evidence. It is highly unlikely you will go out
to your garden and stomp on the seed you planted and demand
that you see results right now! You don't worry about it, instead,
you allow the natural laws of the universe to do their work and the
small seed you planted matures into what you desire.

If you look at your life you will see you have planted many
wonderful seeds of creation. However, in your impatience, worry
or lack of understanding concerning the principles of the creative
process you have focused on what you don't have or don't want
and therefore have destroyed or sabotaged the seeds of your

Your desires will come to you at the very best time. You can
influence the very best time by releasing your desire and saying,
"The Universe knows the bigger picture. I'm going to let it deal
with the timing of this. Meanwhile, I'll just do everything I can to
keep focused on what I desire or open myself to SOMETHING

Sometimes you may think there is a shortage of what you desire.

That you will not get what you want because someone else will
get there first. What you must realize is there is no shortage. If
you miss one opportunity, another will open up, then another, then
another. Your stream of opportunity never runs out. You don't
have to tire yourself by trying to force things to happen just
enjoy what you have and create more of what you desire.

RAPID MANIFESTATION is about aligning your Energies, not

because you're trying to "fix" something that is broken, or avoid
what you don't want, but because you genuinely, with all of your
heart, want your desire so much that you are not willing to
tolerate, for very long, any thoughts that keep you from it.
You must know that the Universe supports you in everything that
you desire, and that there is nothing that you can identify, whether

you articulate it or not, that the Universe withholds from you. All
things are given in the moment that you ask and accept. When
you are specific about what you want, and you accept the Path of
Least Resistance, the Energy flows through you toward your
inspired idea - and you will manifest what you desire.

However, if you want more than you believe you can achieve,
you're out of balance. And if what you are accepting is less than
what you want, you're out of balance. And so, you have to find
your balance. You must know, believe and understand that you
are creating what you call your future in this moment. What you
are looking for is balance in your thinking. In other words, living in
the present moment while giving thought to something you desire
and expecting it. If you desire and expect it, it will be yours.

If there is anything that I want you to take away from

this it is that you do not have to struggle to have what you want.
Let the Universe that links everything together (and allows the
seed to grow) to take care of the process or the details. When you
focus on the end result, you will be guided to the specific people,
circumstances, conditions, techniques or strategies in HOW to go
about bringing forth your desire. Furthermore, you will KNOW that
these people, circumstances, conditions, techniques or strategies
are the "right" ones by the way you feel because you will feel
positive emotion.

RAPID MANIFESTATION is about accepting that whatever you

desire is already yours NOW. Everything is created NOW. If you
visualize or think about the future, you will wait longer than

necessary to manifest what you desire. What this technique does

is allow you to create in the NOW. It forces your mind to stay in
the present while you create what you want. It is an ACTIVE








MANIFESTATION process. It is short, simple, but extremely


Since I have learned this technique I have rapidly attracted

everything I have ever desired. If you are ready to accept what
you desire NOW RAPID MANIFESTATION can help you to
attract it in the shortest possible time. RAPID MANIFESTATION

You will find RAPID MANIFESTATION very different from the

standard relax, almost-fall-asleep type of meditation. It will push
you physically, mentally and spiritually. This process is powerful. It
can be incredibly intense, but the results are enormous.

The first time you play the audio you will discover it is quite
different than any other type of meditation or mind conditioning
exercise. In order to help increase your concentration there is no
background music. I did this for a very good reason. It is designed
to keep you focused in the NOW. The tone of the tape is designed
to help you to accomplish this.

RAPID MANIFESTATION is designed to get RESULTS. I am very

results oriented, so my goals are very high. I o not use any
process that does not produce measurable results. Over time I


have adjusted and improved this process in order to achieve my

goals and to push the limits of what is possible.

I have absolutely no interest in what others generally accept as

possible. I have created this program for myself to push beyond
what I could do each day. You will achieve excellent results if you
follow these instructions and the instructions on the tape.
RAPID MANIFESTATION is designed to keep you focused in the
NOW. You will hear me repeat this over and over on the
recording. The only time you can create anything is in the NOW.
Many people make the mistake of creating future events while
focusing on the future. This just pushes the outcome further away.
So the first thing you need to know is that you will constantly be
directed to focus on the NOW. This audio is also designed to open
your energy centers and increase the flow of positive energy and
guidance from your Higher Self. You will get in touch with your

Higher Self so that it can assist you in ways you never thought
possible. Normally our Higher Self guides us by pushing us into
certain directions, or by closing doors so that only one is left open.
Many times in painful ways, if necessary. This is not necessary










MANIFESTATION is designed to get your ego out of the way and

allow you to put your Higher Self in control. When this happens,
you will find there will be times that you will do things that you
would probably not do if left up to your ego or conditioned self. It is
not until after you have done this that you will realize that your
Higher Self has taken over. You will be in the right place at the


right time! This will allow you to focus on what you want to create
in the NOW.

Create Your Intention No force or power is of any use if it has no

purpose or direction. Once the positive energy you send out has
direction, all you have to do is to allow it to come back in
the best way and in the best form. Before you listen to the RAPID
MANIFESTATION audio, you should have a clear idea of your
intention of what you want to create. Take a moment to picture it
in your mind before you begin the process. You are NOT
creating what you want at that point. You are only being
clear on your intention. Intention sets the universe in motion. If
you don't know what you WANT, then the easiest way to find out
is to make a list of what you DON'T WANT. Most people
have no trouble with this since we are trained to focus on what we
don't want.

In order to find out what you want, just reverse the list. For
example, "I don't want to be broke ." Okay, reverse that. "I desire
to have money-making opportunities flow into my life ." You can
create as many things as you want, but try to work with one thing
at a time. Once you see how rapidly you can manifest what you
desire, you will have the confidence to use the RAPID
MANIFESTATION for anything you choose to create.










MANIFESTATION it will help to keep you totally focused in the

moment. During the process, while listening to the audio, you will
send your energy out into the world, the universe and time and


space, into all probabilities and possibilities. Remember that when

you are creating, only focus on the way you want it, never as it is.
Experience it in this moment, not sometime in the future, but in
this moment. This is the key to RAPID MANIFESTATION. Since
there is no such thing as time, it is actually created NOW. This
closes the gap of what we call the "future" and brings it to us
faster because we have already accepted it as being created in
the NOW. It is done.

How Long Will It Take? When you do this process each time,
you are closing the gap. It comes faster and faster. At first things
will come a little faster than normal, but in time they will come
MUCH faster because you have trained your mind that
there is no future - only NOW - and you create and accept
everything NOW. You will be quite amazed how fast it will work.










proportion to your ability to let go and let it happen. For some

people it will be a few days. For others it will be a week and for
some a month or more, but usually less than that.

How To Guarantee Your Success Let me give you some

interesting statistics. We have several thousand people who have
used this program. In fact, our customer satisfaction rate is
approximately 98.5%. That makes us happy and our customers
happy as well. Let's face it, this is a real bargain. For just a few
dollars you have received a huge package of material that you
can use to make a dramatic difference in your life. You have the
Rapid Manifestation audio, 8 of my most popular selling personal

development books with over 1,100 pages, and the Intention

Activator software program. I know we could charge a lot more
and get it, but I would rather have this reach as many people as

Now let's talk about the 1.5%. Out of the 1.5% we have about .5%
who just want something for nothing so they order and then ask
for a refund even before using the program. In essence, they want
it for free. There is nothing we can do about people like that. The
Law of Cause and Effect will catch up to them so it is not our

The reason I am telling you all of this is because I want

you to put the power of this program into perspective. Let's talk
about the final 1%. That's still only about 3 people out of every
200. These are honest people who write and say something like,
"I tried it and it didn't work for me ." Note that the operative word is
"try. These same people have tried everything else and it didn't
work either. So what is the common denominator? That's right! It
is the person using the program. The program cannot change
from person to person. If it works for 98.5% it proves without a
shadow of a doubt that the program works. You will end up in that
1% if you "try" to use Rapid Manifestation. Remember that "trying"
guarantees that you will fail. So forget about trying it and just DO it
RESULT. Read it again!

You CAN and WILL get the result you desire if you will follow
through with the intent of only succeeding. Failure is not an option


any more in your life. We are dealing with a universal principle

here that CANNOT FAIL. So get that into your head right now.
You are not defective, you are not different, there is nothing
worrying with you, and you can have what everyone else has.
Nothing is kept from you unless you keep it from yourself.

Saying that the RAPID MANIFESTATION process does not work

is like saying that you can jump out of the tenth story of a building
and gravity won't work. Don't even consider it! You are using a
universal principle here that will ALWAYS work if you follow
through. With that in mind here are three tips that will help to
guarantee your success.

1. Start with something small. If you have never had $50,000 in

your life at one time, don't try to manifest $50,000. Your
subconscious will set up too much resistance. If you never made
more than $30,000, don't go after $60,000. If you haven't had a
date in 3 years, don't try to attract your "ideal mate." You may
have to go through a few "ideal mates" before you are ready to
receive the one that is "ideal" for you. So start small.

For instance, if you have a lot of bills that add up to $10,000, don't
go after $10,000. Start by manifesting an amount that is just a little
beyond your comfort zone. If right now $1,000 seems like a lot to
you, then go for $500. When you manifest $500 go for $1,000,
etc. until you manifest the $10,000 What you want more than
anything else is to have a SUCCESS EXPERIENCE. Once you
have this, the next thing, and then the next thing, etc. gets easier
and easier. So, start off with something that is just a little out of

your comfort










When that happens, CELEBRATE! Do something to celebrate

your success! That will impress your subconscious even deeper
that you just had a positive, successful manifestation experience.
It makes the next thing you wish to manifest much easier.
In regard to money, I find with many of my clients that it is a lot
easier for them to manifest what the money will buy rather than
the money itself. The reason is we have so many money issues
that oftentimes they keep us from manifesting because we have
not resolved them yet. In most cases you will find it easier to
manifest what you want to buy with the money. There is usually
less resistance when you focus on an object, event or experience
rather than "money" itself. So if you are struggling with money this
is often an easier way to start.

2. Stop focusing on - "It's not here yet!" I probably should put this
at #1. A lot of people start out enthusiastically using the Rapid
Manifestation program and then after a week or two, or more in
some cases, they get into the mindset - "It's not here yet" or
"Nothing is happening ." What I want to tell you is that it IS
happening and it IS here but you will push it away if you keep
looking for it. The problem is the more you look for it to appear,
the more you are subconsciously acknowledging you don't have it
yet. And guess what? You keep manifesting "not having it yet!"

Just let go. Forget about HOW or WHEN it has to come to you. If
you focus on the "how" and "when" you close off all the channels


that you cannot logically think of, so you are limited to only a few
open channels. Just know that whatever you desire is working its
way into your physical reality. It will appear as soon as you
TRULY let go. Not just intellectually, but EMOTIONALLY. Keep in
mind, if you are desperate you can only attract more desperation.
That's the LAW. So let go and have fun. In fact, one of the key
secrets to manifesting anything is to have fun. The more fun you
have with this the more power you will have. You will amaze
yourself that less effort creates more results. Less effort means
having more fun.

3. Look for opportunities to take action. You will notice on the

audio I talk about "The next thing I need to do ." You do not want
to take action out of fear, or just because you think you NEED to
do something to "make it happen ." On the other hand, you can't
just sit there and hope your money, your car, the relationship you
desire, or anything else will fall out of the sky. Something or
someone will have to be the channel for your desire to come to

That's the way every manifestation works. There is always a

channel. So look for opportunities. For example, if you want more
money in your life, look for ways to earn more money. Look for
money-making opportunities that may be presented to you along
the way. This is probably how it will come to you. Don't force it,
just be open to the signs that there may be an opportunity for
more money to come into your life. If you are not in a relationship
and want to meet the "ideal" person, then get off your butt and go


where they congregate. Go to places where you have the

opportunity to meet the ideal person.

Help the universe out a little and make it easier on yourself. Take
a little step forward and watch all the doors begin to fly open.
If you will follow what you have learned in this book and pay
special attention to the last 3 steps, you can virtually guarantee
your success.

I suggest that you play the recording at least once or twice a day.
Use your intuition and you will know what is best for you. More is
not necessarily better. The idea is to take 12 minutes and focus
on what you desire. When I first used this with my clients the
audio was 25 minutes. The results were not that great and I could
not understand it. Then I asked questions and found out people
were not using it. How can it work if they do not use it?

The problem is that people think they are too busy to take 25
minutes to have everything they desire. Well, you can't fight
human nature. You can, but it won't get you anywhere. I worked
on the audio so I could get everything in there that was necessary,
but only do it in a shorter time. There was a dramatic improvement
in results after that only because people actually USED it.

So the message is clear - USE it and you will reap the results.




learned about how we create. It will take you from theory (reading
books) to actually creating what you want. Begin using it NOW
and start creating your heart's desire!


Please read this book at least two or three times to make sure you
really "get it." Thanks again for taking this journey with me. All the
best, Dr. Robert Anthony

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