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1.0 Workshop Overview

The goal of this training workshop in project proposal development is to
give participants a comprehensive and practical guide to developing
funding proposals for development projects within the area of sustainable
energy. This course will explore the dynamics of reactive and proactive
project proposals and develop competencies and skills for developing high
quality project proposals. It is designed for professionals seeking
excellence in project development and proposal writing.
2.0 Objectives
Participants undertaking this training workshop will gain specific and
pragmatic insights into the fundamentals of project design and project
proposal writing. Upon completion of this workshop participants will be
able to:


Respond to call circulars/request for proposals

Develop a winning funding proposal inclusive of all the relevant
Evaluate project proposals

The key outcomes of the workshop will be:

For participants to acquire the skills and competencies of preparing

a proposal to an appropriate local and international development
partner (eg. IRENA, IADB, Green Fund, CRDI and CITI ) for funding a

Renewable Energy Project

For participants to develop a comprehensive proposal for a
Renewable Energy Project

3.0 Topics
Using an Action Learning process and a Project Based Learning approach,
participants will be covering the following topics in the development of
project proposals.
1. Problem identification and needs assessment
2. Project identification and selection
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3. Establishing the justification for your project

4. Project design and planning
5. Defining the project goals and objectives
6. Project workplan and timeframe (including Gantt charts)
7. Budget development
8. Monitoring and evaluation plan
9. Management Plan and Institutional Capability
4.0 Workshop Duration
This training workshop will be conducted over three consecutive days.
The proposed workshop agenda is highlighted in the table below.
Day 1: Project Proposal development 101

Foundation Principles of Project Cycle Management and the context

of RE projects.
Project Identification and its relationship with project design and

proposal development
Exploring reactive and proactive project proposals
Examining project proposal requirements and formats
Constructing a project proposal for a RE Project

Day 2: Action Learning and Project Based Assignment

Case study - Project Proposal Assignment

Day 3: Putting it all together

Review of key proposal development topics

Finalization of individual project proposals
Proposal presentations to panel
Workshop wrap-up

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