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Historical Society Incorporated

November—December 2016

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

No. 84

Some photos from the Society’s visit to
the Avondale Hollywood cinema during
the October meeting.
Our sincere thanks and appreciation to
Robin Gee for taking time to show us
around the cinema, which is currently

under restoration as a proposed events centre. The
days of being a commercial cinema are gone, but
they do intend to show films there from time to time.
Next year marks the 150th anniversary of the building of the old wooden hall next door, one many still
remember as Avondale’s library from the 1930s to
the early 1970s.

Guest Speakers
Contact Alison Turner, 825-0300, if you have any
suggestions for our Guest Speakers schedule for the new
Upcoming speakers:
December meeting —
Charlie Smith on his work regarding properties in
Avondale and the horticultural contamination scare for a
few years ago.

Next meeting of the
Avondale-Waterview Historical Society:
at St Ninians, St Georges Road, Avondale
SATURDAY, 3 December 2016, 2.00 pm