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How many different kinds of holiday can
you think of? Work with a partner and compare
your lists.
Put the words (1-7) denoting types of
holiday into the appropriate spaces of sentences
1 safari
5 weekend break
2 cruise
6 winter sports
3 adventure
7 self-catering
4 package tour
a a two-week in the Baltic Sea aboard the luxury
liner Argentina
b a months holiday lost in the Amazon rain forest
c a(n) holiday skiing on the slopes of the Pyrenees
d a fortnights holiday for the family in a rented
Swiss chalet
e a ten-day to Thailand, including flights, deluxe
hotels and sightseeing
f a(n) in Amsterdam to visit the Rijksmuseum and
be back in time for work on Monday
g a stay in Mombasa combined with a(n) in the
famous Tsavo game park

Join the phrases in sections a-f and 1-6 to make complete holiday descriptions.

a A city break in Moscow

b A three-week expedition to Greenland
c A five-day stay in a purpose-built
d Two weeks on an ocean liner
e A bed-and-breakfast stay
f A trip to Disney World

1 to study the geology, flora and fauna

2 at one of the Centre Parcs holiday villages in
Britain, France or Holland
3 with two nights at the Metropol hotel and
tickets for the Bolshoi
4 including a three-day stopover in Tahti
5 with three accommodation in a condo in
6 in a comfortable guest house near The Black

How would you describe the holidays in activity 3? Choose from the list in the box below and
justify your choice.
entertaining relaxing cultural
for the family
adventurous exciting


How many of these questions do you answer with 'Yes'?
Are you interested in wildlife and beautiful scenery?
Do you enjoy camping?
Do you prefer to go on holiday with a large group of people?
Would you like to travel in foreign countries?
If you've answered 'Yes' four times, then you'd probably like the kind of holiday shown below.
Do you agree? Why or why not?

Before you read, fill the gaps using the key words from the text.
truck campsites camper facilities first-aid kit scenery safari rough supply

1 Its someone who is staying in a tent or shelter.

2 Its a special box containing bandages and medicines to treat people who are injured or become ill
3 These are rooms, equipment or service that are provided for a particular purpose.
4 Its a trip through wild country, especially in east or central Africa. They went on searching for the
rare black rhinoceros.
5 Its natural surrounding, especially in beautiful and open country.
6 Its an amount for use.
7 The meaning of it is having uneven surface, not smooth.
8 Its a place, such as a field, used for camping in.
9 Its a large road vehicle used for travelling for long distances.

Read the text to decide if each statement (1-10) is TRUE or FALSE.

1 In a safari truck, passengers take it in turns to sit next to a window.
2 Safari trucks are able to travel over all types of roads.
3 Safari team leaders have a minimum of 12 months' touring experience.
4 The second driver is as experienced as the team leader.
5 Each truck comes supplied with all the food needed for the trip.
6 Everyone is expected to help get meals ready.
7 What people pay for their food depends on how much they eat.
8 There is always enough clean drinking water.
9 Campers have plenty of space in their tents.
10 Hot showers are provided for campers wherever they stop for the
If you want to get really close to the Wildlife and
scenery of Africa, then a Safari Holiday offers the
most e x c i t e m e n t a n d b e s t v a l u e f o r m o n e y.
The Right Trucks for Africa
Each of our safari trucks is a safe, reliable vehicle,
which is suited to African travel conditions and allows
you to fully enjoy the areas visited.

Every seat is a window seat and the sides of the truck can be rolled up to provide a wide space for
looking out. We use four-wheel-drive vehicles because roads can be rough or get washed away, and we
don't want to be prevented from visiting interesting areas.
The Safari Team
Three of our employees go on each safari trip, one of whom is the team leader. All safari team
leaders are fully trained and have worked for at least a year on a wide variety of trips in Africa before they
lead their first safari. The team leader is a driver, mechanic, guide, diplomat and general expert on Africa.
He is helped by a second driver, usually a team leader in training. The third member of the team, the cook,
is as important as the leader. He or she sees that all cooking and camp tasks are completed as smoothly as
Good Food
Safari Holidays are famous for their open-fire cooking. We stop regularly to buy fresh fruit,
vegetables and meat in local markets and we also have a good supply of things like tea, coffee, dried milk
and tinned food in the truck. All the members of the tour lend a hand with the food preparation and
washing-up, under the experienced eye of the team cook. At the beginning of each trip, everyone,
including the safari team members, pays the same amount of money into the safari purse and this covers
food expenses. All water carried on the truck is safe to drink and we make sure it never runs out.
Quality Camping Equipment
Each truck carries everything needed for the trip. This includes four-person tents, used for only two
people, air beds, mosquito nets, camp chairs, a fire grill for campfire cooking and all necessary cooking
equipment, a cool box for storing fresh food, binoculars, books on Africa and a first-aid kit.
On Safari Holidays, we sometimes camp in an official campsite and sometimes we put up our tents
in wild areas. Some campsites have very basic or no facilities, while at others hot showers and cold drinks
are available. At the start or finish of tours, we usually have a night in a hotel. These are clean,
comfortable and reasonably priced

Discuss in pairs the following questions.

Would you like to get close to the Wildlife and scenery of Africa? Why?
Have you ever travelled by a safari truck? If not, would you like to? Why? Why not?
Have you ever tested open-fire cooked food? Did you like it? Why? Why not?
Is food and accommodation important for you while travelling?

You are going to read the text which informs the people about different places to stay at while
on holidays. Before reading, discuss the following.
Where do you like to stay if you are on holiday?
- in a hotel which is in the center of the city
- in a hotel which is near the railway station
- in a hotel which has a car park
- in a hotel which provides all meals
Do you prefer luxurious hotels or cheaper, more friendly ones?

10 Now read the text. The people below all want to find somewhere to stay. There are descriptions
of eight hotels. Decide which hotel would be the most suitable for the following people. For questions
1-5, choose the correct letter (A-H). There are three letters which are not needed.
1 Felipe and Gabriela want to spend the weekend in the
city centre near the railway station with their one-year-old
son. They want to be able to walk everywhere. They plan
to eat in restaurants.
2 Giorgos wants to be able to swim, but is not interested in
other sports. He'd like to spend the weekend somewhere
quiet in the country. The hotel must have a car park.

3 Monica would like to stay somewhere in the countryside

where there are organised activities so that she can meet
other people. As she has some work to do, e-mail facilities
must be available.

4 Adam and Barbara need to stay somewhere in the city

which provides lunch and dinner and has a car park. Their
three children all enjoy sport.

5 Julia and Robert are travelling by car and want to park at

heir hotel. They don't want to b further than ten
kilometres from the city. They want to swim every day and
have dinner at the hotel.

A The Star Hotel is a five minute drive from the city centre, and all rooms have their own
television and telephone. Guests can eat all their meals here breakfast, lunch and
dinner. The hotel has its own large car park. There is a gym and two tennis courts.
Entertainment is available at weekends.
B York House is between two farms. The hotel arranges dances and other events which
you can attend if you wish, or you can walk in the gardens and enjoy the scenery. It is
especially popular with people travelling alone and also has a fully equipped business
room and internet caf. All meals are available on request.
C The Grange Hotel is outside the city, but hotel staff can collect you from the station
and arrange trips in the area by coach. It is close to all the main roads and has a large car
park. Although only breakfast is served, there are two good restaurants nearby. Fax, email and photocopying are available.

D Rosewood Guesthouse is about one kilometre from the city centre. It is easy to reach
the citys shopping and entertainment areas or drive into the surrounding countryside.
There is a swimming pool in the next street. Dinner is available if booked in advance, and
there is a large car park.
E The Blue Lion Hotel is on the south side of the city and is just a short taxi ride from the
railway station and places of interest. Breakfast only is provided. Events such as talks and
shows are organised every evening and are popular both with local people as well as the
hotels guests. Free parking is available in nearby streets.
F Twenty kilometres from the city, in the middle of the hills, Blantyre Manor was
previously a family home. It is a peaceful place to spend a few days, with very good
sports facilities including golf, tennis and a swimming pool. There is a restaurant serving
breakfast, lunch and dinner, and plenty of car-parking space.
G Victoria House is a family hotel five minutes walk from the railway and tram station
and close to all the citys facilities. It is in the city centre near the shopping mall, where a
range of restaurants is available. No car parking or meals except breakfast. Bicycles can
be hired from reception.
H Just five kilometres from the city centre, the Spring Park Motel is very near the
motorway with plenty of parking space, so it is convenient for drivers, although it is in
the countryside. Meals are not available, but only two kilometres along the motorway
there is an excellent caf where breakfast, lunch and dinner are available.
Read the advertisements. Compare and contrast the hotels using the information given then
and say which hotel you would stay in and why.

Hotel Arkadia is located right in

the historical centre of Northern capital.
The hotel building is located between
architectural monuments of the city. Just in
five minutes walking from the hotel you
can see St. Isaak Cathedral, a famous
Bronze Horseman Monument, splendid
ensemble of Admiralty with a ship on its
Our comfortable hotel provides a
whole complex of inside service. We offer
to our guests cosy rooms to everyones
taste. Decorated in light warm colours the
rooms and the equipment of the hotel
answer all European standards. All rooms
are equipped with a safe box, a TV and a

The Euro Hostel Hotel Glasgow

provides budget en-suite accommodation in
the heart of Glasgow. Just 2 minutes walk
from Central Euro Hostel Hotel Station, the
Euro Hostel Hotel Glasgow has all of the
amenities, facilities and levels of comfort
you would expect from a hotel of this class
and maintains the meticulous standards
required by travel and Euro Hostel Hotel
Glasgow tour operators worldwide. The
Euro Hostel Hotel Glasgow perfectly
combines the traditional elements of
Scotland's rich and vibrant culture with the
latest Glasgow in hotel accommodation
At the Euro Hostel Hotel Glasgow,

mini-bar, an air-conditioner. On the ground

floor of the hotel there is a small restaurant
designed in classical style. It offers
delicious dishes of European cuisine. Our
banquet hall is a perfect place for
celebrations, romantic date and business
To make your stay more pleasant
there is a 24 hour sauna with a swimming
pool and a comfortable room for rest. Our
friendly professional staff will heartily
welcome you and provide you with
excellent service at any time. the hotel
parking is under 24 hour video-control.
Only in our hotel a just-married
couple will spend an unforgettable marriage
night. Well please them with a special
discount, gifts and surprises.

guests will find a graceful fusion of

hospitality. Suitable for business and leisure
travelers alike the Euro Hostel Hotel
Glasgow successfully blends Euro Hostel
Hotel Glasgow old-world service with 21st
century conveniences to make your stay
truly comfortable and memorable. For your
reservation at the Euro Hostel Hotel
Glasgow, please select the dates of your
stay and complete our secure online
booking form.

Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions.

What kind of accommodation do you personally prefer when you are on holiday? Why?
Which hotel from the above described would you choose and why?
Next weekend
Camping with Sue! From Friday p.m. till Monday a.m.
Campsite near (1) in Wales.
Transport: (2) .... and then (3)
Remember to bring (4) .and (5) .
Meet Sue in bus station at (6) .. on Friday.

Discuss the following questions.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel? Which do you expect from a good hotel?
Which of these do you consider the most important about a hotel?
price facilities service location
What is the best hotel you have ever stayed in? Where was it? What facilities did it have?



Decide which word is the odd word out. Explain why it is an odd one.
1 tour voyage
2 traveller tourist passenger inhabitant
3 vehicle coach helicopter steamboat
4 suitcase handbag bag luggage
5 departure arrival transit gangway
6 pilot driver cyclist receptionist
7 guard steward agent passenger

8 label register declare inform

9 ferry quay harbour runway
10 safari camping cruise cathedral

Complete the sentences with a suitable word from the box.




instructor campsites

1 Im a guide. I show people round the city and tell them about the buildings.
2 Maria works in a large office in London. Most of her are business people who book short trips
3 Im responsible for advertising in the company, so I with the catalogues and the publicity.
4 In the Seychelies there is a marvelous scuba .
5 Part of my job is to people who arrive at the hotel.
6 I meet a of interesting people in my job.
7 Im not sure where to go for a holiday. Could you give me some ?
8 The from London to Paris takes less then an hour.
9 We can everything for you: flights, hotels, and excursions.
10 We took a tent to France and we stayed in some excellent .
12 On a package everything is arranged for you.
16 Read about Rosy Simmonds experience and complete the sentences. Use each word from the
box once.
finally and







Many years ago my husband, our two sons and I stayed in an awful hotel. The boys and I got into
the lift to go up to our rooms (1) _______ suddenly it stopped (2) _______ the lights went out. (3)
_______ we smelt smoke (4) _______ a fire had started at the bottom below us. We couldnt get out.
Unfortunately, (5) _______ a kindly German took off his shoe and broke the glass, more smoke came in.
(6) _______ the power came back on (7) _______ the lift did not go up. In fact< it shot down towards the
flames. Luckily the doors opened in time (8) _______ we got out safety.
17 Complete the following text with the correct derivatives of the word in bold.
Finding a top class hotel is not difficult. One of the
Best is the Manchester Hotel, a (0) point for celebrities
and business people. It is (1) known not only for its (2)
furnishings, but also for its superb
(3) . Being a top-class hotel, of course it is fairy
(4) , but since the hotel offers so many
(5) it easy to understand why. At certain times of the
year its difficult to get a (6) , but if you are lucky, the
(7) , will be able to find you a room. Taking into
(8) beautiful view, you could not
(9) wish for more. It is situated across the road from
Hyde Park and near Buckingham Palace in (10) London
ideal for those who can afford it!


Fill in the correct word(s) from the list below. Use the words only once. Choose any three
collocations and make sentences.


vehicle travel

1 safari ..
2 a reliable ..
3 .conditions
4 a window ..
5 ..vehicle
6 reasonably ..
7 open-fire .


four-drive priced
put up



8 tinned
9 food ...
10 a four-person .
11 mosquito .
12 a first-aid .
13 the tents
14 ..facilities

Fill in the sentences with the appropriate word(s) associated with hotels. The first letter is
given for you.
1 The Hilton is a high-class hotel where the
rich and famous stay.
2 A c. is employed to clean rooms and
make beds in a hotel.
3 Guests are asked to leave their keys at the
reception desk in the l. .
4 The p.. carried our suitcases up to our
5 When you c. i, the receptionist
asks for your name and passport number.
6 The bill came to 9.20, so we left a 10 note
and 80 p. t.. for the waiter.
7 In summer, it is best to make a r. Otherwise all the rooms may be booked.
8 Im not very hungry so Ill just have a c. b..; coffee and a croissant.
9 Lets call r.-s. And have coffee brought to our room.
10 When visiting a hot country it is essential to stay in a(n) a.c.. hotel.

Complete each sentence with a word from the box. Use each word once only.
photos fee hiring


forward package guided

1 The tourist were enjoying their to the Hilton Hotel.

2 A trip to Snomdonia is not a part of your .
3 If you want to visit Aorundel Castle, there is an entrance of 7.00.
4 Brighton is very pretty, with pleasant walks along the seaside.
5 On the to Brampton, well drive through some beautiful countryside.
6 There was a lovely of the lake from the top.
7 The tourists stopped there for a few minutes to take some .
8 Well start by taking a tour of the university.
9 The park can obviously be dangerous.
10 We can a bus into Newtown.
11 Im really looking to camping.
12 The tour company provides accommodation and a van to carry .
13 Trying a canal boat is another way to see beautiful countryside and escape the..
14 a boat is not cheap.
15 The tourist office makes the over the phone.

Read through the text and think of the word which best fits in each space. Write only one
word in each space.

Whether you prefer sleeping 0) under the stars or spending the
night in a luxurious hotel, Kenya is the ideal holiday destination for you.
This beautiful country, located 1) the east coast of Africa, offers
holiday-makers a 2) variety of activities to choose 3) .
If youre the adventurous type, Kenya has 4) of the best safari holidays
in 5) world. Observe lions, elephants, buffaloes, zebras and rhinos in
their natural habitat. 6) your meals cooked on an open fire 7) wild animals roam nearby. Better 8)
get a birds eye view from a hot-air balloon, of hippos, crocodiles and red elephants (so nicknamed 9)
of the mud they roll themselves in).
10) you prefer a less adventurous holiday, Kenya has some of the 11) beautiful resorts in Africa.
Sunbathe on long stretches of deserted white beaches, scuba-dive among the magnificent coral reefs or
take a glass-bottomed boat ride out to the Watamu Marine Park. Wander around busy markets 12) you
can purchase anything 13) semi-precious stones to hand-made baskets.
To put it in a nutshell, 14) your idea of a perfect holiday, Kenya is guaranteed to have it and 15)

Fill in the gaps below with one of the words from the list below.
rough sea limited
dangerous animals
lively nightlife

Package holiday on the
Costa Brava
Cruise in the
Camping in Scotland

Skiing in the Pyrenees

Tours of famous


cheap flight and
accommodation, modern
hotels, safe bathing
fresh air, organised activities.
., easily
organised, close to nature
active and .
Attractive surroundings, good
social life
convenient public transport,


little historical or cultural
interest, noisy and
expensive, possibility of
risk of bad weather, need
to buy/hire equipment,

Basic facilities
risk of ..,
Winter season only
noise and pollution,

monuments in Paris


Safari in Kenia

., exotic


tiring, vaccinations

Which type of holiday would you choose and why?

24 Read the text. Some lines are correct and some have a word which should not be there. If a line
is correct, put a tick () next to it. If a line has a word which should not be there, cross the word out.
Last summer I spent ten of days at a fantastic
(00) hotel on the island of Jamaica.

The Jamaica is an exotic island in
the Carribean. The name of the
hotel was called Island Fun. It certainly
was fun. I met a lot of young people. We
went for swimming every day and dancing
every night. My room was as large and
decorated in a typical island style.
The walls were painted with white, the window
and door frames were been painted a magnificent
blue and all the furniture was made up
of hand-carved wood. The hotel also had
a lovely dining room, delicious food on,
and a bar on the roof. It
was the most best holiday I ever had and Im
planning to go to Jamaica again the next summer too.

Work in pairs. You can use the words below when youre talking about holidays. Divide

them into the six groups. Theres an example for you in each group.
mosquito nets
taking photos

guest house
suntan lotion
open-fire cooking









first-aid kit
put up the tents
go sightseeing

to pack



Think of words which describe the kind of holiday you like most. Use a dictionary to help you. Add the
words to the table.
To report the meaning of a speakers words we can use various introductory verbs.
Introductory Verb
promise+to infinitive
or promise + that clause

Direct Speech
Ill give you a lift.
No, I wont call Tom.

refuse + to infinitive
warn/remind+ sb + to
apologise (for)/insist
(on)/complain (to sb
of)/admit (to) + gerund
suggest + gerund

Reported Speech
He promised to give me a
lift. He promised that he
would give me a lift.
He refused to call Tom.

You should catch a taxi.

Im sorry I was late.

He advised me to catch a

Lets have a picnic.

You should follow my

suggest + that + sb
(should) + infinitive without

He apologised for
being/having been late.
He suggested having a
He suggested that I (should)
follow his advice.

Read the following reported sentences and underline the special introductory verbs, then
rewrite them in direct speech. There is an example at the beginning.
1 He advised them to drive to Turkey in a Volkswagen van.
You should drive to Turkey in a Volkswagen van.
2 They asked me to go with them.
3 He accused Tom of throwing the litter out of the window.
4 She complained that they hadnt paid her money back.
5 He refused to help me.
6 Tom agreed to meet Mary at the railway station.
7 The guard warned us not to lean back.
8 Dave suggested going for a drive.
9 Jenny offered to open the windows.
10 He promised to come back to see me again.

Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech using specific introductory words.

1 You lied to me, Steve! Mary said.
Mary accused Steve of lying/having lied to her.
2 Im sorry I caused the accident, he said to them.
3 Please, dont tell anybody what happened, Ann said to me.
4 You must open your bag, the customs officer said to me.


5 Wed better meet tomorrow, Tom said to her.

6 Dont forget to switch off electrical appliances, dad said.
7 Dont leave your car here, the policeman said.
8 I wont fly, she said to him.
9 I promise I wont leave you alone, he said.
10 You can have this type of accommodation only in this hotel, the clerk said to us.

Turn from direct into reported speech or vice versa.

1 Let me help you with the guidebook, she said.
She offered to help me with the guidebook.
2 He insisted on me/my learning about French history.
You must learn about French history, he said.
3 Dont carry much currency in your pockets, the guide said.
4 She apologised for losing/having lost the key to the front door.
5 Youd better convert your money in your country, the clerk said.
6 The governor promised to restore that castle by 2007.
7 Yes, Im a culture seeker visiting ancient castles, she said.
8 She explained that the Hilton is/was a high-class hotel.
9 Yes, I am planning to go to Jamaica, Ian said.
10 She suggested decorating the room in a typical island style.

Complete each sentence with two to five words, including the word in bold.

1 Shall I help you carry the box? asked Tom.

the box.
2 Could you go to the bank? he said to me.
He .. the bank.
3 Why dont we go to Paris for our holiday this year? she said.
suggested She Paris for their holiday that year.
4 No, I wont drive to the countryside in such rainy weather she said.
refused She the countryside in such rainy weather.
5 Ill give you a lift, my brother said.
promised My brother .. a lift.
6 Im sorry I was late, he said.
apologised He late.
7 I wont let you go until you show your identity card, he said to me.
He I show my identity card.
8 Shall I look after your pets while you are away? asked my neighbour.
My neighbourI am away.
9 You should make the reservation in advance the travel agent said to me.
advised The travel agent in advance.
10 I really send you a card when I reach the destination, Michael said.
promised Michael when he reaches the destination.

Fill in the gaps with one of the introductory verbs from the list below in the past simple.
invite, warn, complain, refuse, insist,
advise, offer, apologise, ask, suggest


1 Could you do something for me? she asked.
She asked him to do something for her.
2 You should visit this marvelous place, she said.
3 Shall I buy a brochure for you? he said.
4 Will you come with me? he said.
5 Dont be late, the guide said to the tourists.
6 I am sorry I shouted at you, my friend said.
7 No, I wont tell him about my departure, she said.
8 You must go to bed earlier to catch the 10 oclock train. Mum said.
9 Im too busy to visit the countryside, he said to me.
10 Lets visit Jane, she said.

Tell a partner about an interesting journey. It can be a real journey youve made, or you can
invent one. Use these questions and the language in the box below to help you.
Who did you go with?
Where did you go? (to an island? to the mountains? to a foreign city? etc.)
How did you get there? (by train? by plane? by car? by boat?)
What was good and bad about your journey?
Useful language
I went by myself/with
I/We went to because I wanted
We travelled by
The most interesting thing was
was very exciting.
I was very surprised by
was a little boring.

Work in pairs.

Student A: You are going to book into the

Swan Hotel for two weeks. Its very
important that this holiday goes well and
everything is right for you. What
information do you want about the hotel?
Student B is the receptionist. Ask him/her
questions about:


park / car?
how far / city centre?
TV ?
rooms with private bathrooms?
central heating?
bring / dog?
Student B: You are the receptionist at the Swan Hotel. Use the information below to answer
Student As questions. (Remember: to welcome the guest;
to ask to see the passport; to ask him/her to sign the registration form; to wish the guest a
pleasant stay at the end of the conversation)
Large house two miles from city centre in quiet
Residential area.
Friendly family atmosphere
Some bedrooms with private bathroom or shower.
An-suite toilets in many rooms.
Central heating six months of the year.
Comfortable restaurant overlooking the garden.
Small cocktail bar.
Street parking nearby.
TV room.
No pets or children.
Price per person per night 75

Role Play. Half the students are tourists. Half are travel agents.

Tourists: You are going on a photo safari in Africa. You must choose your tour package. Talk to
the agents. Make notes about the information. Fill in the chart.
Travel agent 1 works for Adventure Tours, travel agent 2 works for Travel in Style Tours and
travel agent 3 works for You-drive-it Tours. Tell customers about your companys photo safari
tour. You want them to buy your tour. Say about : Main animals, Transportation,
Accommodation, Meals, Price.
Travel agencies
Main Animals

Adventure tours



Style You-drive-it Tours

Special feature





Change parts. Travel agents become tourists. Tourists become agents. Imagine a tour to a
famous place in your country. Where will customers stay? What will people do? How much
will the tour cost? Agents, try to sell your tour.
a Work in groups of three.


Write a formal letter (about 100-120 words) to a holiday company. You want to go
on a safari holiday with your friends. You saw an advert referring to such kind of holiday.
Write a letter to them explaining why you are writing and what other details you would like
to know. Ask them about
travel conditions / truck / specious enough for (number) of people
team / their experience
meals / way of cooking / food and its expenses
camping equipment
accommodation facilities
Formal letters usually contain set phrases. Look at phrases a-f. Match them to
their functions 1-6. (Teachers)


I am writing with reference to your advert...

I am writing to inquire (about)...
I would be grateful if you could ...
I am enclosing ...
Yours sincerely
Yours faithfully
You are writing because you saw an advert.
You want to ask about something.
You have put something else in the envelope
You are finishing your letter and you know the person's name.
You are finishing your letter and you used Dear Sir or Madam.
You want somebody to do something.