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How does one become the architect of anything? He

must first take an idea, draw up his blue prints and then
supervise the project to fruition. Kuroshi-do is my idea.
Kuroshi-do, literally translated means The Way of The Black
Warrior in Kuroshinese. This is the language devised by the 3
Kuroshi-do co-founders, which is
instructors and students. It is a
combination of a multitude of
Kiswahili and Spanish. Kuroshi-do
is the system of martial arts which
combines the arts of Shotokan,
and Kyokushin Kai Karates, Moo
Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do as well as
Aiki Jiu-jitsu and Judo.
means founder or builder and is
usually the head of a style or
system. However, in Kuroshi-do,
there are three co-founders. They
are Sokes S. Papasan Canty,
Haisan Kaleak and Lusayne S.
Alston. Kuroshi-do came out of
a meeting held in1972 in the old
Kwanducks Dojo, located at 90
Watkins Street, Brooklyn, NY. This
was the boxing gym located in the
Howard Houses P.A.L. The move
was facilitated by the fact that the
school had outgrown its first
location at the perambulator room
located on Pitkin and Stone Aves.
It was at this time, that Papasan
changed the dojo name from Kwan
Ducks to the current spelling of
Kwanduks Dojo. This was in line
with the Korean spelling of Moo
Duk Kwan. At that first meeting,
there were seven young men; S.
Papasan Canty, Haisan Kaleak,
Lusayne S. Alston, John Keenan,
Ken Cooper, Salim Al Rashid and
Rickey Washington. It was decided
that each of the seven, would
return to their respective instructors and after a year, come
back and contribute as much as they could to the creation of
the new system of martial arts. This was a monumental
undertaking as they still had to continue to teach at their
respective dojos. It should be noted that when I first suggested
that we do this, everyone had a long laugh at my expense. To
make a long story short, only three instructors returned and we
formed the nucleus of the Kuroshi-do co-founders. I, S.
Papasan Canty was trained in; Aiki Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Shotokan
and Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do which I taught to Lusayne &
Haisan. They also studied Shotokan as well as Kyokushin Kai.
The first few years were trying, as Haisan and Lusayne entered
the Navy and Army respectively, and the dojo was recovering
from a scandal of their Sensei Hilani Chans, misappropriating
of dojo funds. Rebuilding the community trust was the order of
the day. During this time, I was assisted by Hanshi Kumosan
Spider Turner, who later became my first Black Belt. We now
have over 50 black belts and to date have never lost any. I
believe this to be the case because I treat our black belts as
men and women first, and then as martial artist.
During the absence of my partners, my mentor in Aki-

Elmore-Ryu Jiu-jitsu, Hanshi Charles Sparrow and I, went to

Manhattan to meet with Grand Patriarch Peter Urban, Founder
of American Goju (Urban Goju) in an attempt to find out how to
create a new system or style. After a lengthy game of chess
between Hanshi and Grand Patriarch Urban, we left with the
accomplish our mission. I chose
the name Kuroshi-do, in light of
the fact that all three cofounders were Viet Nam era
Veterans. I had just recently
returned from a 4 year stint in
the United States Air Force.
After a 7 year hiatus from the Air
Force, I joined the New York
Army National Guard. While in
the Army, I graduated from
Officer Candidate School and
received my commission as an
officer in the United States
Army. Over the next 18 1/2
years, I received the training to
become a platoon leader,
company commander and a T.I.
(Training Instructor). During
Desert Storm, my martial arts
training became a value as I was
assigned to train the troops
going over to Kuwait in the art of
close quarters fighting (Jiujitsu). I eventually retired as a
Major. I also retired from the
Yonkers Police Department,
after 21 years.
Over the next few
years, we began creating the
movements. I developed 6 of the
11 empty hand kata, and was
also responsible for creating
numerous kata more than 16
weapons. I also reunited with a
childhood friend Soke Robert
introduced me, to Soke Don
Jacob. These two men helped
me improve my finesse in the
Art of Aiki Jiu-jitsu while I continued to study Aki-Elmore Ryu
under Professor Charles Elmore and Hanshi Charles Sparrow.
Sugar also taught me the art of making weapons and uniforms.
Sugar and Don were also very instrumental in helping in the
implementation of the spinning and turning movements used in
our brand of self defense. In turn, I helped them in the
cataloging of their systems. I also cataloged the numerous
techniques used in Kuroshi-do. I learned this art from Hanshi
Sparrow while serving as his Uchi Deshi (inner student).
Next, I along with Haisan went to work on developing
the curriculum, to include the written and practical
examinations for promotions and the promotion ceremony.
First we instituted a grading system. The reading of Peter
Urbans book, The Karate Dojo, which was given to me and
autographed by the author, was our model for success. Then
we created a time frame for achieving the different grades. I
then placed this information into a small booklet which I called,
The Hip Pocket Trainer. This I borrowed from my military
training. As laid out in this document, the minimum amount of
time it would take a student to make black belt in Kuroshi-do is
three years. The student can also tell at a glance where he is in
relation to his training. I designed the

written exams for each rank and the corresponding practical

exams, as well as the review sheets. After completing our work
on the Dojo Kun and Code of Conduct, I introduced the tying of
the belt. I also designed the different promotion certificates
and hand wrote the Japanese Kanji, which I learned as a
member of the Air Force while
stationed in Kyushu, Japan. The
black belt ceremony which I created
is one of the most unique
ceremonies of its kind today,
organizations the world over.
Finally, the designs for both logos
were completed by Shodan-ho Ron
Lucas from a design of a medallion
which I purchased from Kinjisan
Martial Arts Supplies.
Then I needed to figure out
a way to get the name Kuroshi-do
out to the martial arts community. I
developed a demonstration team
and competition team that traveled
the world revealing the art of
Kuroshi-do. Our first trip was to Fort
Ord, California. This was the U.S.
Army post that Kyoshi R. Nikwan
Murphy was stationed at and
teaching Kuroshi-do on. Only
Hanshi Kumosan Spider Turner
and Sensei Francisco Kwansai
Basnight made the trip. The next trip
was to Sarasota, Florida, where a
team of seven went. Those trips
were followed by outings to Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico,
and Canada. I also traveled to Venezuela, Spain, Germany and
England. As the trips grew so did the teams and notoriety of
Kuroshi-do. The students of Kuroshi-do competed at
tournaments given by men the likes
of Preston Carter, Fred Hamilton,
Nick Addler, Tommy May, Gregg
Tierney, and George Crayton. Under
my tutelage, the name Kuroshi-do
became a household word. I
produced champion after champion.
I also promoted Papasans Martial
Arts Classic and the Kuroshi-do
Annual Tournaments.
Around 1976, I wrote the
first Kuroshi-do Newsletter, where,
masters like Jimmy Jones of
Chicago, Maynard Miner of the JKA,
George Young of Tong Dojo and
Professor Charles Elmore were
interviewed and written about. My
series of tapes on the Kuroshi-do
System is still in great demand
today. As one of the founding
members of M.A.G.I.C. (Martial Arts
Council), I added another dimension
to my repertoire. I presently host the
Kuroshi-do Hall of Fame here in
Atlanta, GA in May of each year, as
well as the promoting of the
Kuroshi-do Anniversary each year.
As a member of Sugar &
Company the international demonstration team (Sugar, Shon
Baskin, Liz Jackson, and Enoch Williams), I have performed in
Great Grand Master Aaron Banks Oriental World of Self
Defense 7 times and also appeared on the Mike Douglas Show
in Philadelphia, all during prime time. I also traveled to
Venezuela with GGM Banks, GM George Cofield, and Kaicho
Tadashi Nakamura to perform before the President of that
country. It was the Jiu-jitsu demonstrations of this group of
martial artist that inspired the self defense divisions of today. I

have since added writing to my resume. I wrote the book, Help

the Bear, A Road Map to Grand Mastery. I am presently
working on my second book to be released in in a few weels.
Both books can be purchased from
When Im asked what inspired me to build a 1500
square foot dojo in the basement of my Lithonia, GA home, I
repeat the story of being a guest in
Grand Master Thomas LaPuppets
home on Eastern Parkway when I
lived in Brooklyn. Upon entering
his home, I was amazed to find
myself standing in his dojo. I made
myself a promise that if I ever
reached the level of Grand Master,
I would do the same thing. My
relationship with GM LaPuppet
stemmed from my training with
one of his students, GM Bill Green.
Grand Master Green encouraged
me to obtain an education. Ive
since earned a Masters Degree in
Public Administration from Marist
College in Poughkeepsie, NY, and
have completed post graduate
work at New York Medical College
in family counseling. I also worked
with Grand Masters LaPuppet and
Alex Sternberg on formulating the
New York chapter of the Amateur
Athletic Union.
With everything that I
have accomplished, I believe that I
have set a great example for our
students to follow. My original goal
was to teach that Kuroshi-do is a family, and that our students
should strive to get a good education and one day move from
the inner city into a home of their own, not just kicking and
punching. Most of our senior students live in their own homes.
This impresses me more then their
winning of any tournaments.
To date, I have been
inducted into or nominated for no
less than 100 halls of fame.
However the one that makes me
the proudest is my latest. This
past July, I was inducted into the
Brownsville Recreation Centers
Sports Hall of Fame, in my home
town of Brooklyn, N.Y. This was a
case of Chickens coming home
to roost, as this was home where
my martial arts journey began in
1955 under my Uncle Marion
Wallace, and the 73rd Pct. Gym
accomplished pugilist.
I have proven over my
more than 53 years in the martial
arts that I not only talk the talk, but
I walk the walk. As the architect
of Kuroshi-do, I continue to lead
by example and that example has
been the driving force in leading
our students of Kuroshi-do in
The Way of The Black Warrior. I
believe that in order to become a
legend, a person must build or
create a legacy. Kuroshi-do is my legacy.
I can be reached on our web site at, by e-mail at or by phone at 678-6991787. The photo credits for this article go to one of my students
in Atlanta and New York, Mr. Milton Signman Walters 917-4077622.

By R.J. Bishop

Spencer, NC
If you have followed my column over the years you will have
noticed that 7 out of 10 tournaments I write about seem to
happen in the beautiful state of North Carolina. North
Carolina is a Martial Arts Hot Bed for talent, schools and
tournaments. I always enjoy my drive through the state

because of its beauty and the hospitality of the people there.

The is one of the more pleasurable tournaments on the
DOJO Sport Karate Circuit. Larry and Sandy Dillingham are
the Promoters for this wonderful Old School tournament.
Many different disciplines were in attendance including a
couple of local Kung Fu schools. The 14
FOOTHILLS KARATE CLASSIC was actually larger than I
expected. I dont know the exact numbers but I estimated
maybe 300-350 competitors.
Before the start of the
tournament yours truly and Ricky Taylor were given
certificates for the completion of the DOJO Certified Judges
Championships. I am honored to become a DOJO
organization certified Judge.

In the Mens 18-34 Sparring Grand Championship Jeremy

Mule Moulton edged out Chandler Bolig for the cash and
the Grand Championship title. Also congratulations to
Kenny Morrison on winning the Mens 35+ Sparring Grand

On a sad note DOJO competitor Angelo Sciulli was admitted

to the hospital several days before the tournament.. Several
months back I wrote a small piece in my article about this
amazing man. For those who did not see the article Sciulli
suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease). Despite being
wheelchair bound Sciulli still manages to compete in the
Physically Challenged division. We were told he was in and

Also prior to the start of the tournament a huge plaque was

presented to the DOJO Promoters for their outstanding
service over the years for Joe Corleys BATTLE OF
Congratulations to Ronnie Isenhour and Ricky Taylor for
their induction into the FOOTHILLS KARATE CLASSIC Hall
of Fame, and congratulations to Tola Rose on winning the
Best Supporting School Award. The Judging was
exceptional, and they did a great job moving the divisions
along. That was a blessing because I dont like inactive
The adult Black Belt divisions were a little larger than I
expected and featured some pretty good competitors like
Carrie Goldbeck, Ernest Dukes and World Champion Gary
Dillingham. Goldbeck and Dillingham were clearly the best
two when it came down to the Grand Championships, which
Dillingham won by a narrow margin.

out of a coma, but seemed to be doing a little better. Please

pray for this courageous man. Sciulli trained under both
Ricky Taylor and Jerome Magic Johnson. Overall this was
a joy to cover and I hope to come back next year.
Congratulations to Larry and Sandy Dillingham for a job well
done. I give the tournament a big thumbs up.

As the tournament season starts to wind down its a
scramble to try and accumulate as many NBL/SKI or DOJO
points before the seasons end. The major players are fine
tuning their skills before the Super Grands in Buffalo, NY. All
these competitors know that the 2009 REEDS KARATE

NATIONALS is a pivotal tournament to hit to possibly achieve

their goals.
WILLIAM REED, the mastermind behind this competitor
friendly event has been around the block a while now and
takes pride in putting on a quality tournament. As in previous
years the REEDS KARATE NATIONALS was held at the
Weddington High School in Weddington, NC, a suburb of
Other then the points there were other incentives to attend.
Every school with 10 pre-registered students received $100.00
, 2 free spectator/coaches passes and 2 lunch tickets. Much
Grand Championship money was handed out to the winners,
both Black Belt and Under belt.
Exceptional judges were assigned to each ring. I was
particularly pleased to see my old friend GRAND MASTER
DEWEY EARWOOD in attendance to help judge. I was also
pleased to see ANGELO SCIULLI back on the tournament scene.
As I have mentioned in previous articles SCIULLI suffers from
ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease) and was recently in and out of a
coma. Its great to see him rebound and make it back.
I think this was one of the larger REEDS KARATE NATIONALS I
have attended. It was wall to wall excitement that day at the
tournament. Many of the top National Competitors from the
Southeast were there to perfect their skills and hopefully
make some $$$ too.
It was nice to see JOSH BAILEY and his TEAM SMAX at this
event. JOSH himself is a very gifted contemporary competitor
but now he is training his own group of budding stars. LAUREN
DUGGAR, a 13 yr old 2nd degree Black Belt was particularly
impressive, and she is on the cusp of becoming a World
Champion. With continued hard training I think it will happen

The students from SIFU MARK WILLIAMS Shaolin Kung Fu

School from Denver, NC performed well too. They went home
with a large amount of trophies, a lot of 1st places too. They
certainly are a force to reckon with.
TEAM ATL brought
in a couple of their
heavy hitters to
Congrats to ATLS
winning the 18-34
Championship. He
blows with TORREN
DAVIS and got the
congratulations to
winning yet another
Executive Sparring
beating TEAM ATLS
JOEY reminds me of
a Timex Watch He
takes a lickin and
keeps on tickin.
FERGUSON continued her dominance by
winning yet another Grand Championship for 2009. This time
she took home the 18+ Contemporary Forms Grands by edging
out JOSH BAILEY. In the 18+ Black Belt Traditional Forms
MOHSEM MAHMOUD edged out JOSH PAGE in a very close
In the Jr. Black Belt Contemporary Forms Grand
JOSEPH BOSCIA of TEAM SMAX showed everyone why they
are two of the top upcoming stars in Sport Karate with the
competition of the day. Although I felt BOSCIAS form was a
little cleaner, TESTONS form contained more difficult
gymnastic moves. It was so close between the two they tied
and were forced to do a tie breaker which TESTON won.
The Jr. Black Belt Traditional Forms Grand Championships
were just as good. One of the circuits hottest competitors
near perfect UNSU form to defeat the up and coming LAUREN
Grand Championships wins.
I would like to thank WILLIAM REED and his lovely wife
HEATHER for inviting me again this year. They certainly did
another great job. I will be sure to mark this tournament on
my calendar for 2010 and I hope you will also.

Gretna, VA
The date is Oct
10, 2009, the
Gretna, VA, and
beginning of a
NEW era in the
Southeast. The
is the 1 ever
tournament for
NEW circuit already has 7 tournaments scheduled for the
circuit year which actually started in Oct at this tournament
and ends May 22, 2010. This is to allow the competitors to
take the summer off and avoid burn out.

Both World Class Talents, SIOSON is a very strong

Traditional competitor while DOSS
is more of an entertaining Open Style competitor. They
actually tied and a slightly fresher JEFF DOSS won the tie
breaker. DOSS actually took home
two Grand
Championships that day, also winning the Weapons Grand
JERRY SELLERS took home the Mens Fighting Grand
Championship defeating JUSTIN ZO 7-5
Overall this was one of the best tournaments of 2009 and I
really like the way it is organized. I see great things for the

Hickory, NC
Three things you can count on in life: taxes, death, and
CHAMPIONSHIP falling on the 1 Saturday of December.
SHIHAN DOUG ARMSTRONG doesnt go around claiming to

The ALL STAR SPORT KARATE SERIES uses only certified

Judges that they themselves train. They have consistent
rules at all the events, with the same age Divisions for Boys
and Girls, and the same Championship Divisions at all
events. This is the kind of OLD SCHOOL event I remember
my son competing in
back in New England.
I believe I counted
118 Divisions which
is a far cry from the
division offered in
the other circuits in
the Southeast. More
is not always better.
H.T. WALLER, the
Promoter for this
excellent event is an
old school type of
guy like I am. I really
like how the divisions
are set up, the
Certified Judges he
had on hand were
good, the facility was
more than adequate
and they awarded
competitors placing
st th.
1 -8 .
Making a special
appearance to the
APPLE SIOSON from California. When the Forms Grand
Championship came around MELISSA and fellow World
Champion JEFF DOSS pulled out all the stops in this one

have a Super Organized event because everyone knows

that when you attend it will be very organized. Over the
years Competitors can count on SHIHAN ARMSTRONGS
two tournaments, THE MOUNTAIN VIEW OPEN and THE
best on the East Coast.
Prior to the start of the Sparring we had two
demonstrations. The 1 was one of SHIHAN ARMSTRONGS
teenage Brown Belt students giving us an entertaining
breaking exhibition. The next demo had two Black Belts
performing a battle against each other with a Bo staff. It was
ok, but I preferred the breaking.
In case you are not familiar with the workings of the EAST
COAST SPARRING CHAMPIONSHIP this is not a lose once
and youre done tournament, you are guaranteed to fight at
least two fights, lose twice and youre gone.
I was told that this was the largest attendance in several
years. I guess everyone was using this tournament as a

tune up for the SUPER GRANDS in a few weeks. Its a great

time to try some new things that may help you at the SUPER
Their were no shortages of World Champions that afternoon
in the Hickory Metro Center. Stars like CASS SIGMON,


and SARAH JOHNSON were just a few World Champions
out for a little entertainment.
As usual the best Judges in the Southeast were recruited to
work the matches and for the most part they did a great job.
I saw a lot of great fights especially among the Black Belts.
Teen Star WAYNE EASTERLING showed everyone in the
room why he may be one of the best young fighters in the
country by winning still another Grand Championship Belt.
Another great fight was between World Champion JOEY
have had some great fights in 2009. World Champion
SARAH JOHNSON had an easy time beating her competition
on the way to a Grand Championship Belt. JOSH PAGE gave
CASS SIGMON all he could handle but came up a little short
in their fight.
As usual we finished in about 4 hours and that was great
especially for those having to drive a long distance to get
not disappoint this reporter and I always look forward to a
DOUG ARMSTRONG run production. I hope to see you at
10-13 Boys
14-17 Girls
14-17 Boys
18+ Women Under Belt
18+ Mens Under Belt
18+ Women Black Belt
18-34 Mens Black Belt
35+ Mens Black Belt

One of my favorite Sport Karate activities was held recently
at the Charlotte Hilton Hotel in the Queen City of Charlotte,
NC. I have been to multiple Sport Karate Banquets over the
last 15 years but the DOJO Banquet is the Best of the Best.

The DOJO Organization is one of the oldest Sport Karate

organizations in the USA and that is due to the fine
tournaments they promote and the great camaraderie
among the Promoters. Many regional circuits have come
and gone over the years (one recently lasted only 1 year)
but the DOJO Organization has outlasted them all. In their
1 year in office President COREY WAITERS and his Vice
President LARRY DILLINGHAM did a fantastic job and the
banquet was a reflection of that.
Every seat in the Hilton Ballroom was taken by a group of
hungry, anxious Champions and their families. Grand
Master DONALD McCLUNEY delivered the pre meal prayer
and it was off to the Buffet Tables. The food as usual was
great and the desserts were out of this world. Sitting with
me for the evening was fellow Action Martial Arts Photo
Journalist LIBBY WOOLARD from Georgia. LIBBY is our
newest staff member and I had a lot of fun talking shop with
her. She will be handling most of the Georgia Tournaments
from now on, thus easing my hectic schedule.
Special Guest Speaker for the evening was Grand Master
JOE CORLEY, one of the true legends in the sport and also
the Promoter for the BATTLE OF ATLANTA. Grand Master
CORLEY and the DOJO Organization have had a good
working relationship over the years. The DOJO Organization
has supported the BATTLE OF ATLANTA for many years.
After a stimulating speech Grand Master Corley was given a
nice round of applause and helped out passing out the
awards to the new DOJO Champions and posed with them
when they accepted their awards. Some received jackets
along with their trophies.
About a dozen or so people were recognized for their
participation in the recent NBL Super Grands in Buffalo. DR.
MARK LAUGHLIN of Life Force Karate competed in 8
divisions at the Super Grands and won 7 of them, thus
winning 7 World titles.
Overall I rate the DOJO Banquet a 10 on a scale of 1-10. It
just doesnt get any better than this. Thank You to the DOJO
Promoters for having me again this year, it has always been
a pleasant experience.

By Grandmaster James Patrick Lacy

I hope all my loyal readers of Martial Arts
Talk had a great summer. My Kenpo teacher
(2nd generation Ed Parker lineage, and
Grandmaster of the Doos familiy Tai Chi
Chuan System,) had a great black belt test that
I was asked to sit in on and sign diplomas. The
biggest event I missed was the celebration of
his wife Karyns life; who graduated to the higher realms this year. Over
250 people were there and his sons hosted dinner at their homes. Karyn
was a nurse and a great wife to Coach for many decades. We send our
loving thoughts to Karyn and all the lives she affected in a positive way,
including me.
On another note, this year saw Grandmaster Brian Adams of Integrated
Martial Arts re-locate to North Carolina. I believe The Lord sent him to
share his knowledge with the elite special forces in that area. I consider
Brian to be the most knowledgeable man I know in chin-na. He was a
student of Bruce Lee, invited by Dan Inosanto. He had the first Kenpo
School in San Diego and is first generation Ed Parker family tree black
belt lineage. 18 Daoist Palms made great worldwide progress this year as
well. Our schools in Sweden, British Columbia, England and the
Netherlands are doing well. My New Jersey Rep. Shi Fu Kevin James Ison
is following a great path of service to his community. The Veterans of
Foreign Wars have donated space for him to teach and he has been not
only commended by the Mayor; he has the Majors blessing to help in
any humanitarian way. This is how I built my career; by getting in the
trenches and teaching those that need it regardless of income. No honest
work goes unpaid or un-noticed by God.
I saw Chuck Norris and his wife on the Huckabee Show talking
passionately about health care. I just read the Barefoot Doctors Manual.
If you dont have a copy, get one! I am done with the medical part. The
herb section is familiar but I am reading it page to finish. Like dim mak, I
study a page or two and ponder deeply in meditation. I usually do not
highlight the first read, but rather the second or third. Any martial art
teachings are mainly crippled by lack of The Urantia Book study, but that
said; arguably, the same could be said of The Barefoot Doctors Manual.
At about 500 martial art books I cherry picked for a lifetime, none equals
the information in Maos Barefoot Doctors Manual. While Republican
warlords were running a corrupt regime, the peasant farmers taught
them a lesson. It took Mao to share this priceless information which was
jealously kept by the rich warlords as power over others and glory for
themselves. The rest is history. From 1949 in China to the last election
here in America, we now know the end game is already playing out as in
cooperation and commerce between communism and democracy. The
Mayan calendar and biblical doomsday events will never unfold like
Nostradamis or the others even visioned. California in 2012 will shock
the entire civilized world when its participants in the democratic process
do the unthinkable. Ill let you all wait and seeI dont want to stifle
your imagination. Let us just say it will be good and progressive.
My dim mak reading is coming along. One cannot learn dim mak, dim
ching or dim hsuey very well or at all without research. Ironically, reading
a point a night and remembering it in the morning really helps develop
intelligent jargon or nomenclature. I have also found typos and major

mistakes that would have only been noticed by reading slowly and
meticulously each and every word, and cross checking each chart point
references for correct position. The iron claw and the roller bar are
catching on, but folks are still being sold sand in bamboo tubes, and
still using wimpy BBs, beans and peas.; let alone the mini strike bags
with zipperslisten up, make your own! Unless you have a kids or girls
class and you want to introduce them to the traditional method as
inferred by the common questions amongst masters in Canton tea shops
where the question was how long have you been rolling the bamboo
tube? Ohhand they used sand. The roller bar and grab bag I use were
given to me by Wai. It is a 2.5 inch diameter and 2.5 feet long. The ends
were welded and one end has a screw opening/closing unit. The bar is
solid steel and filled with lead shot. A bag of lead shot is about $25 or a
dollar a pound. It does not have to be any specific size; whatever is on
sale at the gun re-loaders shop. About 35 pounds go into the bar. That
means you will use the remaining 15 pounds to use for making your grab
bag. The grab bag can be 5 pounds to 7 pounds for smaller folks and 12
to 15 pounds for larger folks. Lead is a toxic material, so handle safely at
your own risk, obey all laws and consult your doctor. I cover the steel
with electricians tape rolled along the length of the bar. Dont breath
lead dust and wash your hand. Grab bags should be made using the best
strongest leather you can find. Look for a shoe repair store that may
have scrap but thick leather cheap. Leather should be sewn on three
sides and turned inside out so that the rough side of the leather is on the
outside and smooth on the inside. There are many ways to use the roller
bar and grab bag, but you will need jow. Check out my first three DVDd
($6.00) each or so with Century to learn how to make your own and use
it correctly. You can also order from my new versions I have put together
that include even more, on my site or by calling direct.
Remember to use galvanized pipe threaded at Home Depot or Loews,
and screw on end caps. Do this over wimpy PVC, bamboo, cardboard
carpet rolls or other ridiculous kiddy substitutes.
Dont just study breaking, study real iron palm. Some of my iron palm
types take eight years just to get through not counting time spent over
a lifetime using repetition; the only way to make something perfect.
Time is required in any undertaking, so dont squander it in neglect. Be
strong for your body type. Frank Zane weighed 175 when he beat Arnold
at the flat benchover 500 pounds. That type of power will turn a simple
headlock into a submission or kill move. Any counter would be too late.
That kind of power can snap a neck in a hundredth of second.
Keep it real and learn about real martial energyway beyond chi in
books for the masses. The Urantia the only source for sanity
regarding Light and Life that is way beyond the drivel we have been fed.
When TUB gets to your area you will finally understand if you are smart
enough and your grounded in Jesus as the only true Master. Might
always makes Right when templated in sanityJesus within through Holy
Spirit. Think the Buddhists or Daoists knew this? It took the big brain to
win WW1 and WW2. Just as I said after 9/11police stuff, like Korea. So
get to work and learn to love what you do. Be the best!

Light and Life Grandmaster James Patrick Lacy

7th generation 18 Daoist Palms


Recently the Martial Arts in the Southeast suffered a
great loss. John M. Plunkett, 44, of Newton, NC passed away
Saturday June
27, 2009.
was born Sept
1, 1964 in NYC.
John and his
Dee were the
Co Directors for
the Martial Arts
was also self
employed in the construction industry. John and Drennas
daughter Kaylee is a Black Belt and a karate champion.John
was a tireless worker, often showing up at tournaments
totally exhausted from working the following night. That did
not stop him, he and Drenna helped to organize and
coordinate about 95% of the tournaments in the Southeast.
If you needed something done you could count on John to
do the job right. John was totally dedicated to the Martial
Arts world, and the Martial Arts have lost a great friend. His
montra was The way you practice.. Is the way you will

74 Year old Grandmaster Wins the Gold in Judo

Recently G Grandmaster John Roseberry Won the Gold
Medal at the Cornhusker games in Lincoln,Ne in Judo.
times marine Judo
champion and was
alternate in for the
US Olympic team
the event.
games are given
each year where
athletes compete
for top honors
from around the
state of Nebraska.
Grandmaster Roseberry is the Chief Instructor and founder
of the Shorie Shobukan Budo Organization which Hombu is
in Lincoln, NE. He also was a top student of the legend
Seikichi Toguchi of Okinwan Goju Ryu Karate. Shihan
Roseberry sponsors the international Shorie Shobukan
Convention in June the weekend after father day annually, it
includes Karate Jujistusu ,Judo, Okinawan Kobudo,
crippling and much more, for more information feel free to
call Shihan Roseberry at 402 474 5425



The International Association of Martial Artist, founded by

Gary Alexander, Shihan, 10th held their Annual Holiday
Hall of Fame Awards Ceremonies on 2009 in Woodbridge,

N.J.. A capacity crowd of many of the most influential

martial arts leaders, Black Belts, Champions, from all
sectors in the U.S. were in attendance.
This years event set the theme to honor Armed Forces
Active Duty, and Veteran/ Martial Artists. Additionally, many
American Martial Arts Patriot Leaders et. al. stood up and
were accounted for.
To great applause, the U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard
from the Eatontown, N.J. post presented Colors while the
duty Bugler Mac Tasetano, played the Marine Hymn, and the
National Anthem.
The attendees were then served fine foods described as
best in the circuits. The location for this event was the
Forge Caterers Banquet Center in Woodbridge, N.J. and the
ambiance of the facility together with the DJ music set the
scene for a commendable evenings event.
After dinner, there was a mandatory dance session of forty
five minutes where all Had a chance to dance with their
partners again setting a subtle scenario bringing us into the
Awards segment.
The Awards segment was exciting from start to stop and
commented upon by spectators that the array of Three
Honored Guests dignitaries by Truly Legendary persons
put forward keynote speeches of true essence, such as
Americas Disposition (America Not at War- The Military is!)
in the world today, a thought provoking address offered by Colonel John B. Alexander, then Professor Ernie Cates,
addressing Americas Martial Artists contributions to the
youth of America. The Legendary David Toma. Former
Newark, N.J. Police Officer, speaking of the decadence
taking over our society unbridled and what to do about it.
Backgrounds of these men Honored
Inductees, reads like a Hollywood script



Virtual Martial Arts Competition

Master Ron Tramontano

- The Martial Arts Network

Goldberg-Founder of Martial Arts
Magazine, have joined
forces to bring you a
Virtual Martial Arts
your best videos into
this Worldwide Virtual
Competition. At the
end of the year we'll see who the top competitors are, from
all over the world.
It was bound to happen sooner or later; the first Virtual
Martial Arts Competition. WOW! And who do you think
would put something like this together? You guessed it! The
Martial Arts Network ( and yours truly, Master
Alan Goldberg. Master Ron Tramontano
and I have joined
forces to bring the Martial Arts Community a truly World
renowned event. Competitors from around the World will
now have an opportunity to compete in a world arena for all
of us to see. The first tournament to have virtually an
unlimited number of categories in which to compete. In
November of 1995, TMAN, as it has become known, became
the first global Martial Arts presence on the web. From
November of 1995 until today, Master Tramontano has
worked to integrate what we love to do, into the lives of
every person in every country around the world. It's time to
get out the video equipment, show us what you got. You
need to jump head first into this one. It's about to get
interesting. Here's how it works.
When 5 (five) videos have been submitted in the same
category, a competition will take place, and a winner will
prevail. That winner will be notified that he or she has won
and has moved to the next five submitted videos in that
same category. Once a video has won 5 (five) times in the
same category, the video is removed and placed in holding
until October of that year. At this time, all videos in holding
in the same category will compete for all around world
champion. Rules For Competitors: Must be in a Uniforms
and state at the beginning of the video clearly, The Category
(first), their Name (second) and PayPal confirmation number
provided to them by PayPal. Length of video: Not to exceed
4 (Four) minutes. Tip: Good Quality, Proper Execution and
short to the point Video.



Full Contact Karate League

Raises funds for local youth
The New Jersey Continuous Contact Karate League
(NJCCKL) is not only becoming a great competition venue
for New Jersey based full contact karate fighters, but is also
supporting its local youth.
The NJCCKL, which was
founded by Yvonne and Joel Levy, of Highland Park, NJ, is
also raising money for some home town high school

We found out that the junior

class of Highland Park High
School was completely broke,
and would have a hard time
doing any extra-curricular
activities, said Joel Levy, the
NJCCKL president.
So an
unlikely union took place. A
full contact fight league
partnered up with a school
district, and everybody is
The league hosts its events in the Highland Park High
School gym, where kids, teens and adults compete in single
full contact 'stand up' matches in front of hundreds of
spectators. Even the Levy's own children are among the
competitors. The league then donates a set percentage of
the gate to the schools junior class. I love it, said Yvonne
Levy, the NJCCKL vice president. Not only is it a great
family event, but I graduated from HPHS, so I am happy to
give something back.
Principal, Fredrick Williams was happy to put this
together. it brings some excitement to the school, and is a
great fundraiser for our kids, he exclaimed. The Levys
and their staff run an extremely professional event, and we
are very pleased about our partnership.
For more information about the NJCCKL,, or


Saturday , April 17, 2010

Clarks Summit Elementary School
Clarks Summit , PA.

Official National Qualifier For The

2010 NAFMA National Championships
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Tournament Director
Master Eric Kovaleski

Special Guest Star

- Events
Traditional Forms

Registration 9 AM
Starts 10AM


Open Forms

Lady Dragon
Cynthia Rothrock
5 Time World Champion






Jump Front Kick

Jump Side Kick
Plus ,

This is A WKU
Event !
Spectators $7
Under 8 Yrs old $5

Special Needs Divisions

Pre Registration by March 20th 2010 : $45 first event, $5 each Additional event
At The Door : $60 First Event, $5 each Additional event ( Cash Only )

Hosted By Master Kovaleskis Tang Soo Karate Schools Inc.

Venerable Warriors
By Dr. Michael Willett

Man by Choice / Male by Birth

The book Man by Choice / Male by Birth; is soon to be
released (late March). I have a real need to share some selected
portions of this work with you our dear readers. If you pardon
my expression, I am sharing snippets of the book with you
because I am pregnant with this monstrous, herculean task and
my water is about to break.
The climate of manhood in 2010 is in a state of emergency.
From the very halls of Congress to the very playing fields of
major sports, men are falling and they wont get up. Infidelity
has been the headlines in every periodical across America.
Manhood and what it stands for has been brought to its very
knees and now has to be redefined. Our legislators and sports
heroes are held to a high level of expectancy. A conduct that is
above reproach, without predigest to gender. Why dont we
hear stories of our female legislators or our female sports stars
embroiled in great battles of infidelity? Its not because its not
happening, its simply because like it or not, society has placed
the male at the head of the class, even though he might not be
ready to serve as leader. Society has placed the man, as the
one to model after, that itself is not a bad thing but that also
means we look to men for our answers. In that case, man will
always fail and fail miserably. Our sports stars and legislators
are not the only ones that have failed. Many of our leading
Pastors, Priest and teachers have succumb and been by
seduced by the fragrance and allure of that magnificent
creature we call, woman.
The woman in all her magnificence is so beautiful, so sweet,
so mellifluously and on rare occasion, so manipulating. As
strong as we men profess to be, we pale in comparison to our
female counterparts and they know it. There is so much more I
want to share but lets wait for the book, ok!
A man is a male
who has made a
display morality,
sobriety. A man
will speak truth in
the face of the
man will always
display a mature
and responsible
persona in his
daily life. A man
will always make
his decisions out
of principal and
accountable and
submitted to a
higher authority
and naturally. Manhood is a privilege of corrected


Essex, Md.

Just as it has over the last 27

years, Master John Burdyck's Battle
of Baltimore Open martial arts
tournament, was once again held
Community College's gymnasium on
this fall of the year weekend. This
212 divisional event saw more than
500 spectators and 315 competitors
enjoy a variety of martial disciplines
at their best on these two funfilled
saturday and sunday mornings.
Coming from Pa., N.J., N.Y. Va., N.C., and virtually from all
over the state of Maryland, everyone got their money's
worth, and more, because there was so much to be
enjoyed. Ranging from ages 9 and under to 50 and older
men, women, teenagers, and children competitors had the
opportunity to be judged by a wide array of well-known
referees, and judges from a large assortment of martial arts
There's an old saying that states, "THOSE WHO FAIL TO
PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL". This, as many can attest, doesn't
apply to Master Burdyck, because he always crosses his
"T's" and dot's his "I's" in EVERY facet of his tournament
for those coming out to show their continuous support;
starting off with the officials meeting early in the morning,
until the grandchampionships in the early evenings. The
beautiful trophies, customed designed medals, to the world
championship belts (yes World Championship Belts),
competitors from all over, makes sure that they ink in his
date on their calendars. If you want to receive quality
awards, fair and impartial judging by some of the best
around, regardless as to your style, and just an over-all
good time, then we here at ACTION urge you to do the
same!!!! By the way, for all of you Chinese martial artists,
Master Burdyck has set aside part of the large gym just to
accomodate you and by Kung Fu judges exclusively!!
Watch these pages for his next event, you'll be glad you


Balto., Md.
Guro Mustafa Del Ali and supporters held in grand
fashion to well run and exciting National Martial Arts
Championship here, at the state of the art Goucher College
located here. Coming from California, Ohio, Balto.,Md.,
Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Indiana, and surrounding counties,
over two hundred spectators saw nearly two hundred
competitors did their best in this ninety six divisional
tournament. This USKA (United States Karate Assoc.) and
PKC (Professional Karate Circuit) sanctioned event saw
many well known Masters and Grandmasters of multiple
Martial Arts disciplines on hand to lend a helping hand and
support, Masters John Venson and Eddie Bethea are only
two of so many.
Fairness and Fun were two of the main objectives of this
event, and needless to say it lived up to that billing. The
impartial and efficient officiating staff, made the
competition that much more enjoyable which brought
obvious signs of sportsmanship and enjoyment. The final

event of the day was the much anticipated

grandchampionships that brought loud cheers and
excitement from those assembled. After the dust had

settled, and emerging as the best of the day was Reginald

Venson in Forms and tournaments director's son Brandon
Ali-Rawlings in Sparring.


Dundalk, Md.
Just as so many times
before at this comfortable
Community College served as
the venue for Grandmasters
David and Etta Grosscups's
Association) open martial arts
tournament on this beautiful
and sunny morning. Seeing
approximately one hundred
eighty five competitors and
two hundred twenty five
spectators fill the gymnasium
to see the best in local
competition in this eighty five
divisional event. Seeing competitors from five and under
to fifty and over, male and female martial artists from
numerous disciplines performed at their very best in order
to impress the judges and take home some of the many
beautiful trophies in order to show recognition of their hard
work and efforts.
Starting things off was the playing of the national
anthem, followed by the introduction of the many referees
and judges coming out to lend their support, the weapons
divisions were first on the flate, followed by self-defense,
forms, and ending with sparring. The children's division
brought loud cheers and standing ovations as the future
martial artists performed to the best of their ability.
Although the Grandchampion was the last event on tab, the
vast majority stayed behind to see those who had come out
on top, and the excitement it well worth their while. The
tournament ended with bright smiles and warm
handshakes and photo opts as a reminder of what had
taken place on this fine day.

The 3rd Annual North East Open


Held July 11 2009 at the Albany Marriott by Master

Adam Grogin, owner of Pil-Sung Martial Arts. Building on
the success of his two previous tournaments, Master
Grogin delivered yet another well planned and meticulously
organized tournament. The philosophy of exploring and
recognizing the beauty
and strength of all
martial arts, rather
than just finding out
who is best, is what
makes this tournament
came from as far a
field as Canada and
the UK.
competition was high,
even higher. One of
the extraordinary things at the North east open was the
friendships that were made on the day. Competitors were
fierce in their desire to win but could be found cheering on
a student from a rival school. The camaraderie and support
made this tournament a notable exception to the too often
cut-throat tournaments where winning at any cost seems to
be the norm. Competitors could be found exchanging
training tips and demonstrating new moves, ultimately
forging new friendships.
Another treat for competitors and spectators was the
highly anticipated night show which included the last of the
competitions the demo team division and the extreme
kicks division. Sponsoring the extreme kicks division was
( which encourages teens to avoid
drugs and alcohol and to find their own natural high. The
exuberance and energy of the extreme kickers exemplified
the philosophy of natural high and exhilarated the audience
who were on their feet cheering all the competitors to push
themselves to their limits. The winners all received prizes
donated by Natural High.
A sparring demonstration by the Canadian three times
world champion Jason Grenier, proved popular with the
crowd who enthusiastically cheered on both Jason and his
opponent. The Chinese sleeve dance with its grace and
poise was contrasted by the bold and dynamic breaking
and chi energy demonstrations by GrandMaster Elton
Trower and the USBA/WBA Breaking Team. At the end of
the evening Master Grogin was appointed Regional
Director for New York State for the USBA/WBA in a
presentation by Grandmaster Bergamo & Master Serrano.

Karate Tournament of Champions 2009

By: Susan Rhonda Friedman

Seiko Hanshi Rick Diaz's, Karate Tournament of

Champions (KToC) is growing to be one of New York's
finest martial tournaments. Competitors from as far away
as Columbia, Pakistan, Bermuda and Chicago as well as
the Tristate area competed in KToC 2009, held at ELMCOR
Youth and Adult Gym in Queens. KToC has grown
tremendously over the past few years with the 2009 event
having over 500 competitors. Due to the popularity of the
event, KToC 2010 will be at the Queens College Fitzgerald
Gymnasium located on Kissena Boulevard in Queens a

large spacious facility with ample parking that can hold a

larger number of rings enabling Hanshi Diaz to add more
rings and divisions including continuous sparring and
team fighting.
New friends met and martial
arts techniques shared as
competitors of all ages and
ranks waited patiently for
their divisions to be called.
KToC has a great array of
styles. There was plenty to
watch as kung fu students
from Shaolin New York,
Harlem Goju, SJ Kim, Rudo
Delgado Ichimaru Kai Kan and
scores of other schools
competed in this fun friendly
and fair event. KToC, known
for its diverse and quality
competitors, beautiful 6-foot trophies, cash prizes and fun
giveaways such as comic books, and small toys for the
little ones, pens, and notepads for spectators, instructors
and parents is looking forward to moving to Queens
College. Vincent Scarduzio, a national competitor and
KToC 2009 Youth Grand Champions commented, "Hanshi
Diaz really cares about his competitors and spectators and
makes an great effort to ensure everyone leaves happy"
Adult Forms Grand Champion Sa Bum Nim Miguel Lopez
from Tremont School practiced hard all year to take the
grand at KToC 2009. 2008 Grand Champion winner, Kung
Fu stylist Y Chen, said, I will be back in 2010 to compete to
win my title back."
This year Hanshi Diaz
donated a portion of the
proceeds to JoAnne Hutchins,
founder of the "Moms Who
Kick" calendar whose dona
tions go to the American
Cancer Society. The "Moms
Who Kick"
celebrities were
present and graciously treated
spectators and competitors
with signed autographs and
pictures with a purchase of one of their calendars.
Do not forget to Save the Date for KToC 2010- November
WWW.KARATETOC.COM for more information.
Hanshi Diaz will also be hosting a FREE Teen
Tournament, "Fists for Fitness" on May 15, 2010. The event
will be located at the Al Oerter Recreation Center in
Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The goals of "Fists for
Fitness" is to inform teen of the benefits of good physical
fitness through martial arts training, This event is in
collaboration with the New York City Department of Parks &


The City of Gold Battle of Champions
by Libby Woolard, Powder Springs, GA

The gold dust was flying at the 9 running of the

City of Gold BOC. Subtle, easy to follow tournament

Attentive volunteers, coordinated by Paula Hines,

long time CFO and administrator of Hines and Hines
Ministerial team, cheerfully staffed the concession stand
and registration stations. Active parents, close friends,
and reliable students comprised the ranks for tournament
set up and tear down.
The beauty of the Georgia grassroots tournament
circuit is the mutual support from the schools represented
on the mat. A marked even flow and a seemingly flawless
execution mint The City of Gold as a seriously fun

9th Annual NY Championships

Written by: Susan Rhonda Friedman

signage guided hungry competitors and eager

spectators to Villa Ricas Gold Dust Park on the first really
cold morning of fall.
Georgian martial arts pioneer
Mascerlin Bat Hines, welcomed all and carried the mantel
of promoter articulating guardianship at the forefront,
opening the tournament with prayer, and enforcing safety
by requiring proper safety gear.
A synchronized kata demonstration energized the
start of the musical and weapons competitions. Young and
old touted skills with kama, sword, and performed Bjutsu
with traditional staffs and toothpick bos.
competitors also wielded their weapons with power, skill,
and panache.
Vender Moises Olguin of Valley Print and Signs,
provided a variety of preprinted tee shirts to which he
added tournament information for just the right sizes! His
excellent price of $10 drew a steady clientele of
competitors, parents, siblings, and spectators. Grand
Master Hines mentioned the need for an equipment vender
to supplement the competitors cash of protective gear.
A unique tournament, attendance down because of
a sagging economy, yet, Grand Master Hines drew some
great Georgians! Tournament Coordinator Young S. Won,
Southern Open Nationals in Phenix City, AL, busied himself
in supplying center judges, corner judges, time and
scorekeepers for each ring. Battle of Atlanta Joe Corley,
strolled in for the sparring matches and coached several
fighters. An introduction to legend Ben Kiker yielded an
invitation to his 36 Annual Tri-State Karate Championship
in Dalton, GA. Tony Young, 2009 Year-End Nationals of
Fairburn, GA, served tirelessly as ring master for the
Kuroshi-Do Soke Papasan Canty, Rhonda
Ridgehand Alexander, New Tradition Ricky Murray, and
Ironman Ian Evans were all at ringside judging forms,
weapons, and sparring. Oh, Rhonda said she was planning
to open a school back home in SC right out from
Spartanburg! Moreover, the hard working competitors...
were outstanding, beginners to masters! Really wild
uniforms... albeit this circuit is very relaxed about color, the
students displayed mad skills! Some contenders from
earlier in the season had risen in rank, switched to a
different weapon, or had picked up a new form and were
racking up the points!

Fescina and Nicholas
Bruno hosted the
Ninth Annual New
York State Martial
Arts Championships
(NYSMAC) on Sunday
October 18, 2009. The
halls and gym at
School were buzzing
competitors ready to
show their martial
arts skills in one or
more of over 200
divisions offered at
this well organized,
Schools from all over
Long Island and the
five boroughs came
out to support Fescina and Bruno's NYSMAC, who
presented beautiful trophies and cash prizes for all Adult
Black Belt Grand Champions.
Competitors were excited about the great job the
promoters did to assign start times for each division. This
prevents hours of waiting for your division.
Adult Grand Champion, Hakim Walker humbly
thanked his family and Fescina for hosting the event and
said he will be back. Vincent Scarduzio, a national
competitor and NYSMAC youth weapons and forms grand
champion always leaves the crowd dazzled. Scarduzio
showed spectacular technique, powerful kicks and focus to
win. Chiara Dituri, a 15-year-old national competitor who
trains at Amerikick said, "This is a great event. There are
competitors from all over and the rings run fast and
smooth". Fescina is an official judge for many NASKA and
KRANE rated events. His expertise is obvious as he
confidently walks through the crowds toward the gym floor
to ensure the rings are all running efficiently. Fescina is a
9th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor of the "The
Kempo White Tiger System" which he created
Co-Founder Bruno is a 7th Degree Black Belt with
the "The Kempo White Tiger System" and has been
involved with the martial arts for over 20 years. Bruno was
also eager to please as he answered numerous questions
from competitors and spectators.

City ________________State_______ Zip___________
School Name__________________________________
Tel #_________________________________________
Pd____________Pd by Check___________M.O.______
Guardian Signiture________________________ ___
To: WKU 437 Sabol Rd. / Stroudsburg Pa. 18360
570 992-3458

By: Scott Bray


The 16 Annual Northeast Martial Arts Challenge,

promoted by Stephen Lombardi was held on January 31,
2010 at the North Providence High School, North
Providence, Rhode Island. This tournament was the first
KRANE Pro /PSKL World Rated tournament and was also a
KRANE AAAAA tournament.
Being the first tournament of the year there was a
excellent turn out of
competitors. Special
S.George Pesare was
present. Grandmaster
Pesare is the founder
of Kenpo /Kempo
After a couple of
anxious to see how
their hard work and
training would pay
off. Team Next Level, Team GKS ,Team Straight Up and
many other regional karate teams were present.
Being that the tournament is rated KRANE Pro /PSKL
the tournament was run by the PSKL rules. Being theses
rules are knew to most competitors and judges, there was a
little confusion at times but overall the tournament ran very
smoothly. These rules will be used at all Pro rated events,
all other KRANE /PSKL rated tournaments will be run by
KRANE rules.
These rules can be found on the KRANE and the PSKL
websites along with the 2010 schedule.
To quote Mr. Lombardi As martial artist we all share
the desire to win, but lets remember that everyone
competing at this tournament is already a winner!The
talent was very strong of all ages and the fights were very
close in points.
The Grand Champions were: Jr.Black Belt Forms and
Weapons Tyrei Brown
Adult Black Belt Forms and
Weapons Anthony Willis, Black Belt Fighting Dennis
Molloy,Black Belt Womans Fighting Nicole Pelland.

The 2010 year is going to be full of many

regional tournaments.
MASMAL has expanded in to 5 regions with eight
tournaments already scheduled for the New England region.
The full schedule and rules can be found at

KRANE /PSKL has 17 tournaments scheduled for the New

England region and a KRANE Pro/PSKL tournament to be
held in Puerto Rico in June. The full schedule can be found
at Make sure you check the rating of the
tournament and the rules. There are different rules for the
Pro rated tournaments. The rules for the Pro rated
tournaments can be found at
NASKA will be holding two world tour tournaments in the
New England region in 2010,The Ocean State Grand
Nationals, April 9 and 10 and the New England Open June
and 5 . There are also many regional rated
tournaments.The schedule can be found at
Good luck to all competitors in the 2010 season.

A Decade of Dedication was the theme for the Action

Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2010, held once again at the world
famous Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. The
worlds largest gathering of martial arts superstars, film and
combat celebrities, and renowned Masters from around the
world once again gathered to meet, greet, and share with the
thousands who congregate from around the globe.
It was almost a dilemma, this event coined by many as the
greatest martial arts event in the world. How to make the 10th
Anniversary special? The Action staff put on its thinking caps
and went to work, putting together the most Action packed
weekend, with class, honor and a lifetime of memories.
The weekend started off Friday in the north tower of the
hotel with 6 seminars, and 3 separate certification programs
with Soke Michael DePasquale Jr, Guro Julius Meligritto &
Kempo Internationals own from Sweden Hanshi Jorge
Jorgensen. During the time 12-7 PM Action had put out a
complimentary coffee area with bagels, danish and muffins for
all that showed up to enjoy the day. To our surprise over 500
people showed up to chat, train and just mingle.
As Friday evening rolled around the night life at the
Tropicana was starting to heat up. Well admitted by Actions
staff, what took place was not planned. Around 7 PM gathering
at the Tango Lounge on the main floor of the Casino, hundreds
of guest met and had a few drinks, planning for the rest of the
evenings. It was wild looking across the room. There were
groups of fans talking and taking photos with their favorite
celebrities Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace on one side of the room,
Don Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock 20 feet away. Across the
room stood Dan Severn, James Lew, Michael Jai White and
Chuck Zito. It was great to to meet, greet and have a photo
opportunity. About 9:30 p.m. the crowd started to thin out. No,
they didnt go to sleep.
They just moved on to the 20
restaurants and dance club within this world famous casino &
resort. There were parties going on all over to the wee hours of
the morning. And to think this wasnt even planned. It was
It seemed like the evening didnt end when there it was 7:30
a.m. Saturday morning and martial artists by the dozens
entered the seminar & expo area. Walking in I noticed some of
the big wigs giving out info packs, such as Century Martial
Arts, Asian World, MACHO, Yamazato & Shaolin Brand
Products and 40 other interesting tables from MA supplies to
TShirt companies. There was also no loss for the media
showing up - Martial Arts Today / Black Belt TV, UCW Radio
and TV,
New England Martial Arts Cable show, MMA
Confidential Cable, Martial Force Online, Martial Arts Warrior
Online, Budo International USA, TWK Times, and Artie Clears
Sports Radio Show broad casted live. There were 30 seminars
held by some of the worlds best Martial Artists. We are proud
to report that over 2,000 Martial Artists showed up to be a part
of this record breaking event! Suffice it to say, with the dire
economy and troubling times we are facing, the Martial Arts
world still managed to come together in support of one another
in spite of it all. That says a lot about what we as Martial Artists
stand for and also, of the importance and recognition of our
event worldwide - with 16 countries in attendance.
Once again, we were honored by some more new faces
this year including the Master Jeff Speakman, Grm Oso Tayari
Casel, GM Al Dacoscos. As Master Goldberg stated to me,
that He is so appreciative of all the Celebs that show up, but
in his eyes everyone at the event is a celebrity in their own
right! You can see it on the expo floor to the seminars all the
way through the banquet that everyone is on the same level,
no egos, no rank, no bull, its almost like a class reunion.
Just the list of all day Free Seminars showed that everyone
wants to give back. Where else can you train with such names
as, Grm Oso Tayari Casel, Grm Stephen Hayes, Jeff
Speakman, Cynthia Rothrock, Bill Wallace, Don Wilson, Joe
Lewis, Prof Ronald Duncan, Master Olando Riveria, Dan The
Beast Severn, Grm George Alexander, Grm Ken MacKenzie,
Christina Bannon Rodriquez, Soke Depasquale Jr., Soke Tom
Gettling, Hanshi Jorgen Jorgensen, Shihan Dana Abbott, Grm

Jurg Zeigler, Master Bob MacEwen, Master Danny Lane,

Shihan Tito Alan, Shihan Mark Walker, Shaolin Monk Sifu
Shangwei Wu, Master David Nemeroff, Master T. Dilallo, Grm
Mark Shuey, Guru Julius Meligrito, Grm. Kevein Cullen,
Hanshi Jorgen Jorgensen, Guro Greg Pichardo, Sifu Tu Guo
Shun. Wow, I never saw so much knowledge in a room and
all happy to partake.
3 oclock rolled around and I felt like the day was over
when I reminded myself the best was yet to come, the 10th
Anniversary Bash. So I went back to my room to freshen up
and get dressed in my best. I came down to the banquet floor
around 6pm! The waiting line to enter was about 2 blocks
long. But as the reputation of this event hold Action did not
disappoint. As I waited, there was a classical Violist playing
soft dinner music and as we moved along there as another
person entertaining the guests as a mime, dressed as a
Samurai warrior. As we moved on to the entrance, there was a
group of Action Staff greeting each guest and giving them a
small entrance gift. It was class. Thats the only word I could
think of as I entered the hall and looked into the largest
banquet room in Atlantic City. It was big as a football field
with decorative lighting and a 5 piece band playing on stage
behind the Celebrity seating stage.
After a few cocktails, I moved to my seat with a few friends.
The lights were dimmed all the way down and a small
spotlight hit the middle of the stage where Sifu Bam Johnson
was standing. As the light opened on him, he was joined by
his Lion Dance Team, which displayed fantastic aerial and
martial arts stunts. What a great way to open the night. Like
clockwork the event opened with the MC Soke Mike
Depasquale, introducing Comedian Joe Piscopo, who did the
opening intro of the President and Publisher Master Alan
Goldberg. After a small thank you speech, a seamless array
of event proceeded - the Marine Color Guard with Sifu
Romelletti singing the National Anthem and the opening
prayer by Dr. M. Willett.
This year, Action announced a special set of Awards called
the Apex Award, which is given to a pioneer that brings an art
from the Orient and proceeds to take hold in the Martial Arts
World in a big way. This year there were 2 given and as I may
say to my surprise it was well deserved. First was DoJuNim Ji
Han Jae with the expansion of Hapkido and Shihan Richard
Bowe with Aikido. As dinner was being served groups of
awards were being given out, with photos of all new inductees
to be printed in the Action magazine.
During a break the band played and people were dancing
and enjoying themselves with improv photo times. As everyone
was asked to get to their seats, the surprise of the night had
come as Comedian Joe Piscopo sang his special rendition of
New York-New York for the whole room. It was great, funny, and
just a class act to be added to a class event. This whole song
Finishing the Awards and dessert was a little depressing
knowing the night was soon coming to a end. 10:30 p.m. rolled
around and everything was finished. But to all our surprise the
band played on for another 90 minutes and the cameras flashed
all the way thru the night.
Proud to say this years event this landmark banquet was
another outstanding success, with a full house of over 1200
people. Thanks again to all who attended and who have
continuously given us their support. This weekend I heard so
many coined names for this event, like Micheal Depasquales
The Greatest Martial Arts Event on Earth, Joe Lewis
mentioning The Gathering of Champions, and so many still
calling it the Academy Awards of Martial Arts.
I look forward to our 11th year Hall of Honors banquet
in 2011 of which plans is already underway. Master Goldberg is
planning to expand the Party with UCW Radio as a Sponsor to
bring you a Friday night Free cocktail party
I hope to see you all there to celebrate this special milestone
event. Until then, health and happiness to all! Have a wonderful
2010! See you all next year! Roving Reporter Shihan John Gurrieri

10th Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall Of Honors 2010

Thank You To All Sifus, Senseis, Masters, Grandmasters, Shihans and Professors
Special Board Of Advisors Award:
Gary Wasniewski, David Toma, Gary Alexander, Mike DePasquale Jr., Hank Garrett, Jason Lau, Joe Lewis, Orlando Rivera, Don and
Christine Rodriguez, Jonathan Stewart, Joe Venerie, Bill Wallace, Mike Willett, Don Wilson, Chuck Zito, Cynthia Rothrock, Nikolai Smirnov,
John Pellegrini, Jeff Smith, Jeff Speakman , Stephen Hayes, Joe Piscopo , Dan Severn , James Lew

The Apex Award : Richard Bowe , Ji Han Jae

Golden Pioneer: Al Dacascos / Silver Pioneer: Oso Tayari Casel
Platinum Lifetime Achievement: Ronald Frank Balas Sri Dinesh Mitra Edward Verycken
Golden Lifetime Achievement:John Dinkins Richard Edward Thomas Gettling David Grosscup Jack Shamburger Papasan Canty
Silver Lifetime Achievement: Donald N. Brown Joe De La Cruz Luis Morales Doug Pierre Gary S. Torres Richard Edwards Jr.
Diamond Lifetime Achievement: Robert Baultwright Joe Robaina
Martial Arts Organization Of The Year: Julius Meligritos PMAA
Lifetime Dedication To The Martial Arts:
Inheritor Of The Year: Edward Verycken USA GoJu
Grand Masters of the Year : Jorgen Jorgensen Clifford Hyde-Gomes Alexey Levtsky Alexander Soloviev
. Outstanding Contribution To The Martial Arts as a Grand Master
Jim Brassard Lawrence "TIGER Chang Bobby Whitaker Lee Rick Lenchus Kenneth P. Mackenzie Vincent Marchetti Furman
Marshall Runako Mashama Dean Pyles Joseph Williams Hector Rodriguez Jurg Ziegler Dan Mc Eaddy
Robert Ott John L. Godwin Scott E. Yates Rick Greene Errol Lyn Orlando Rodriquez Peter Mills Gary Elferis Greg Ferry
Woman Of The Year: Linda Shields Inheritor Award Edward Verycken
. Exemplary Dedication To The Martial Arts- Diamond Life : Richard Petronelli Hugh McHugh
Exemplary Dedication To The Martial Arts- Platinum Life : Winston Massey William Slader
Exemplary Dedication To The Martial Arts Golden Life :
Abdul Aziz David Cantrell Harvey Fierman Mike Leclair Raymond Herman Mark Fabi Chris Yi Fred Butler Steve Beal Fred Sesler
George Spiros Jullie Tittl Craig Adams Arnold Allan Reggie Cochran Remillio Oliviere
Marcus Lee Carlos Gomez Roger Clark Joe Collins Sr. Thomas Felder Ralph Parris David Rubenberg George Spiros Mike Bertucci
Exemplary Dedication To The Martial Arts Silver :
Robby Buckland Jeff Driscoll Aaron Berrios David Rodrigues Charles Heimlich Kevin Ludic Bill Taylor William Best George
Klinedinst John Ennis Derek Lovell sr. Sumaila Sule Kenya Dudley Linnell Sutton Bill Duff Robert Turley Patrick Mattews
Exemplary Dedication To The Martial Arts Bronz : Andre Brown Carlos Dela Cruz Scott Goetz
Outstanding Contributions In The Martial Arts: Thomas Smith Tarik Hussein Berhane S Mashama Joe Cohen Mark Frieder
Michael Cavallaro Rita Hubbard Nancy Robinson John DeBellotte Scott Barnable Jeff Blackman Tim Richter Anthony Aguihon
David Cavazos Darmara Carter Jason Swanson Monty Hendrix Odilon De Los Santos Cato Gjukstad Henry Schmidt III Kevin Suggs
William Jernon Mike Andrus Percy Spitfire Brown Lynda Thorton Daniel Medina John Kovacs Jimmie Mickens John Guerrero
Outstanding Acheivements In The Martial Arts:
Joe Gregory Carl Beams Tom Curry Raymond Bosques David Candelaria Larry Hillderbrand Timothy Hartman Randall Lucas Rich
Williams Elba Melendez David Nemeroff John LiButti Henry Waller Jason Sterling Jerry Winnett Anthony Perenchio Dan McCall
Gregory Goepfert Shawn Withers Tina Roddy Tom Zarichansky Antionette Chavez Ajit K Amesur
Outstanding Dedication To The Martial Arts:
Herman Horn Hank Mintrez Debbie Russell Mike Jackson Rik Kellerman Mark Masser Tina Blackmaan ODelia Waltz Wesner Pierre
Rick Avery Bob Wood John Terranova Frankie Parker Orlando Rodriguez Tony Endoz David D Antonio Ed Gary Joel Dvorin Jay
Brown II William Rivera Kevin Robinson Allen Rubin Willie Bellamy Roderick Jones EtonKwok Stefan Faler Nelso Class Marcos
Johnson Greory BorianDerick Nicholas Eric Sontang Micky Thorbeck James Donnelly Anthony Tyrone Robert Vegalito Emilio G.
Moreno Cintya Rodrgues Morty Nuwar Carl Wilson Sr.Jimmy Stewart Joe Whelan William Brady
Excellence In Teaching Martial Arts:.
Perry Zmugg Daniel Allebach Sr Andrew Lesser John Skokowski Conrad Hartle Melissa Mertz Trevor George Leon Simmons
Andre Valdez Richard Walker Chuck Crone Paul Micci Penny Guy Phil Spears Conrad Hartle Justin Nunno Tom Curry Jr Jose
Deleon Ron Oringer Joe Diaco Jeff Everetts Michael Faraday Bill LaVoice John Petrone Ryan McDermott Leslie Brown
Instructor of The Year Matsumura Shorin Ryu : Polly Melick Master of The Year Matsumura Shorin Ryu : Gary Melick
Martial Arts Writer of the Year :Francine Maravantano Supplier of the year : Betty Serritella EZ Stich

European Martial Arts Film of the year : Andy Kunz

Returning Ambassadors 2000-2009

Patrick Bamburak Vincent Sinclair Tony Voss Sandra Roberts Gamel C. Spenser Odie Molina David Gomez Ronnie Gonzales James Jackson
Colton Matthew Louis Oscar Daniel Lane Mark Walker Diane Meckwood Prislupsky Les Kiersnowski Gregorey P. Blake James W. Allen
Joe Answine Bill McGee Granger John & Laura Beluscha John J. Cox Anika Khan Amer A. Khan Jack Hogan Steven TimperleyAshley M. Lima
Calvin Chae Ross Richard Ross Kimberlee Ryuth Ross Thomas Hamilton Robert Cheezic Adam Gorski Joseph Bennett Ken Spellman
Tony Mello Todd Deutsch Michael Sudol Chris Lohwasser Frank Bonanno Ross Greenberg Joseph Burns Rico Guy Joe Saladino
Tselestin Tsykhtsinski Thomas L. Festa Mark K. Bayne Joe Hall Joseph Cooper Dayne Waltz Al Smith Carl Pluchino Mark Caravaglio
Louis T. Markstrom James Robinson Wesley Drumgold Earnestine Russell Rich silver Art Beins Tony Abel George Bierman
Bakhtiyor Rozikor The Tasatano Family Dana Abbott Tony Calvino George Alexander Kevin Cullen Maurice Elmalem Frank Huff
Mark Shuey Sr.Daniel Verkerke Dennis Davis Bernard Degraffenreid Gary Pointer Darby Ware Gina Tatum Greg Pichardo
Richard Reiheimer Buddy Van Boven John Crudup Daryl Jackson Jr. Tony Jackson Riley Hawkins Robert Bull Sr. Roosevelt Garland
Darryl Jones Pernell Jones Phil Defina Marvin Carmona Terrance Evins Tommy Lee Ken Hines Darlene Defour Rick Davis
William Blake Craig Hall Alex Wilkie Jesus Bonilla Clivon Doss Larry Houck Anthony Notaro Joe Riccobono
Robert Scott Mounir Ghrawi Marty Manuel Verrone Romeoletti Ladiva Davis M. Meade Linda Reim Khemfoia Padu Kallin
Kiganiis Klu Padu Khairanis Padu Anela Alexander Terryl Elder Rhona Shee Chris Newberry Joe Borezak Leon Swain Edgar N Saniel Rubin Santiago Kenton
Vanzandt Pierre Rene Troy Bargia Emily Barns Alex Prieto AJ Verel Abdul Abdurrahman Mahaliel Bethea Paka Khan Carlos Montalvo Kevin Porter
Mary Molina Eugene Montaque Jr. Robert Dickerson Dave Gentry Mike Caster Milton Quelis Thomas DiLallo Robert Braff Reginaldo Brown
Robert Hawkins Ivan Mendez Fred Batista Rich Gamboa Black Hawk San Carlos Sammy Vergara Randy Choy Nathaniel Klutz Jr.
Michael Sirota Sam White Leslie Grady Werner Leuschner Dave Gentry Sthanou Mitra Jim Miller A Joe Poole Robby Robinson Jerry Burgos Melissa Aznar

Master John Burdyck

Who ALWAYS tells it like it is!


The first MMA event ever held in Baltimore was promoted by
Jon Rallo on Saturday October 24th 2009 at the First Mariner Arena.
The event was called SHOGUN FIGHTS and it was a tremendous
success. Over 4,000 people packed the First Mariner Arena in
Baltimore and the fights were excellent. I was pleasantly surprised
at how organized this event was because this was the first event ever
promoted by Jon Rallo. Both he and his school, Ground Control,
worked extremely hard to make this a successful event. All of the
fights were matched very well. I was also excited by the fact that
Mr. Rallo was able to secure several sponsers for the event, which is
always extremely important when youre promoting an event for the
promoter not to assume the entire financial risk. All of the media at
the event, including myself, was given first class treatment by the
staff of the First Mariner Arena. A lot of credit has to go out to Jon
for taking over a year and a half to implement all the rules for MMA
events in Baltimore and have it passed through the legislature. Mr.
Rallo is truly an unselfish Martial Artist. He supported both of my
27 years before even having his first event. The official results are as
Jim Hettes defeated Steven Baker , Bret Thomas defeated Rick
Desper, Jacob Kirwan defeated Brad Pole , Ryan Mackin defeated
Joe Kelso , Joey Kirwan defeated Dan Root, Steve Deangelis defeated
Lazar Stojadinovic, Mike Pascjall defeated Scottie Ayers, Carey
Vanier defeated Paul Mann , Dave Daniecki defeated Wade Drake ,
Joe Stripling defeated Cody Donovan ,
Jay McLean defeated Binky Jones
SHOGUN FIGHTS II is slated for March 27th, 2010 and I am sure this
will be a successful event as well. A special shout-out goes to Mark
for his excellent judging and
coordinating of the Brazilian JuJitsu part of the BATTLE OF
I would like to thank everyone
who has encouraged me to
promote an MMA event in
Baltimore. Everyone wants to
know when this event will be held
and I am working extremely hard
on gathering all the information I
need to make my first event
successful. I will not do so until I
have the full confidence knowing
it will be a success. When I secure
a date, place and time for the
event, it will be posted on my

website ( so you may follow the website not

only for my upcoming events but along with many others that are
coming up in the United States. If any of you promoters would like
for me to list your upcoming event, I would be more than happy to
do that on my website. My contact
information is at the bottom of this
article OR you can also find it on my
website. Everyone keeps asking
me, when am I going to promote
my first MMA event. The answer is
I am gathering all the information
that I need to make sure that when
I do promote my first event it will
be a huge success. I want this event
to be even more successful than
the first Battle of Baltimore in sport
karate that I promoted over 26
years ago. The next event in
Baltimore was held on Saturday
November 21 at Michaels 8th
Avenue in Glen Burnie, the event
was promoted by Scot Wagner, this
event was also a huge success. Mr.
Wagner has promoted many years
of successful boxing shows, and you
can tell by the quality and excellent coordination of his first MMA
event. The crowd was large and enthusiastic, I think between John
and Scot that MMA promotions in Maryland are in great hands. I
look forward to one day joining there team and hoping to move
MMA in Maryland to an even higher level.
Tim Williams, 23 years old from Millville, New Jersey is one of mixed
martial arts up and coming fighters. Hes a professional Mixed
Martial Arts fighter and a nationally ranked submission grappler. Tim
is managed by Nick Papandrew who is from Delaware and Nick is
doing a wonderful job not only managing Tim but also managing
other fighters as well. Tim was diagnosed with a deadly brain
aneurysm and had to be operated on immediately by
Dr.Rosenwasser at Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in
Philadelphia. By the grace of God, Tim made a miraculous recovery
from the operation. On January 23rd 2010, almost 1 year to the day
after the discovery of aneurysm, Tim defeated Arial Sepulveda via
triangle choke in Locked in the Cage 2 to bring his professional record
to 2-0. Hell be taking on Joey Kirwan on March 27th in Shogun Fights
2 at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Well Tim, with a
victory like that outside of the ring there is nothing inside the ring
that you cannot conquer. I would like to wish you good luck in your
MMA career.
If you have news or notes about MMA in the future please contact
me: Phone: 443-299-2047 Fax: 352-433-0675
E-mail: Or on the world wide web

By: Joe Lewis

I always found the exchange of ideas and concepts

helped me grow as a Martial Artist. Before I was a World
Champion I would get together with all of the top fighters
and pick up ideas as well as improve and perfect my
techniques on real world proponents. This is how I grew,
in a community of fighters. In the past you needed to be in
the fold to get this inside knowledge but today with the
communications you can have it on demand.
Welcome to a new and ongoing avenue to gain
information from me, I am a former World Karate/Kickbox
Champion, my name is Joe Lewis. I have developed a
definitive and comprehensive study into how to magnify the
inner will and self-confidence of todays martial artist.
My lesson plans are designed to keep you ahead of the
curve--- a balanced blend between the ideas of the
traditional old school masters and the cutting-edge
technologies of todays top martial art trainers. Let me know
how you like this first of an ongoing Tips from the Top
For study: Click on this fight between Ray Mercer Vs Remy
This short clip illustrates a classic matchup between two
world class fighters---both champions in their day. One is a
boxer and the other a full contact karate/kick boxer. The
disciplines of each are not as important as are the attributes
(mental skills) that each exercises or fails to exercise.


(1) Do not stand straight in front of a good kicker and allow
him to get set at his chosen range.
(2) Against a good lead-off kicker---you MUST fire first or
move side to side, not in and out. A good kicker
controls the distance in a vertical plane---do not play an
in and out game with him. You must know how to move
up and down (dipping, crouching, ducking) or side to
side (angulations). Against a good kicker, you need to
get inside the pocket, step off on an angle (turning him)
and then hit him.

a quick unexpected technique or shoots, you always drop

with a quick half step back with your rear foot---then
you roll defensively (inside or outside) OR you stabilize
your opponent using either hand. You just do not
freeze and get hit. If you do---this means you are not
(6) Never enter the ring not being properly focused. Watch
Mercer as Bonjasky triggers the kick. The actions or
non actions of ones physical performance are an exact
reflection of the actions or non actions of ones mind.
Mercers reaction is almost non existent.
This means he was thinking (conceptualizing) instead of
observing his opponent.
Mercer appears as if he is almost too focused on preserving
the dignity of his stance (typical trait of classical
practitioners) than he is on not getting hit. He was not into
that proper level of attention called pre-consciousness.
This state of mind using precision mental skills is almost a
lost art. Of the five levels of attention, this level allows the
fighter to appropriately use reflex timing---that which
enables one to react instantly without any thought. The Joe
Lewis Fighting Systems offers drills that can easily be
P.S. One MUST learn to protect the lower chin and neck
area with the rear hand at all times. Study my defensive
rhythm set drills on my private lesson series on web site. All JLFS
members can download each new monthly lesson offered
on our web site to enrich this type of knowledge and easily
integrate this material into their own system or teaching
I have learned that a man has the right to look down on
somebody, only when he is helping him to get up.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Joe Lewis
Former World Karate/Kickbox Champion
United States Marine Corps
(Member of 1st U.S. combat unit in Viet Nam8th Marine Brigade)

(3) Note that the taller kickboxer, Bonjasky, denies Mercer

access to the pocket. Remy knows that Ray is not
going to kick because he is wearing boxing shoes (no
kicks allowed with laces). Never allow your opponent to
detect what you are going to do---or NOT do.
(4) The ultimate key to fighting is to control your opponent.
If you allow or let your opponent exercise his will---fire
or shoot---then HE is in control. When you force or
make him fire or shoot, then YOU are in control. Study
the clip---Mercer lets him kick.
(5) Old saying: When in doubt, stick and move..or, step
back quickly and observe. Whenever an opponent fires


By Sifu Abdulmuhsiy Abdurrahman


Washington, D.C.
The reknowned Gaylord National Resort Hotel located
here in the nation's capital, recently saw Chinese Martial
Artists from multiple ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and
chinese martial arts disciplines gather in this venue for
three funfilled days of seminars and heated competition!
Championship, tournament was headed and orchestrated by
longtime chinese martial arts promoter and instructor Sifu
Nick Scrima, along with the assistance of an army of fellow
instructors, loyal students, and volunteers from all over the
This was just
one of several
Chinese Martial
throughout the
Islands, in order
to bring together
ALL competitors
under the banner
MARTIAL ARTS", in an attempt to dismantle and disarm the
politics and the "Me, Myself, and I" mindset, that has been a
plague to the unity, growth, and development of humanity
since our beginning!!! After witnessing all of the activities
from day one and until completion of all the events, this
columnist must say "mission accomplised and a job well
done". Throughout all of the proceedings, not one time did
this columnist hear anything, even remotely, referring to any
group, federation, organization, or anything of the kind, just
plain, down to earth, fellowship and fun!!
Let this event serve as a testimony of the 1,200
competitors, spectators, and martial arts enthusiasts that
had gathered, that we can do it, and it can be done!!! In
closing please allow this columnist to say that a portion of
the proceeds went to AARC, which stands for the Ameican
Association for Cancer Research, and future ICMAC
website, or telephone them directly
at (727)734-8222.


Wash., D.C.

For the members of the HUNG TAO CHOY MEI kung fu

school, the membership's activities go far beyond the usual
kicking, punching, forms, etc. etc. as many martial arts

schools, they are quite civic minded as well. Over the years
and coming from behind the school's doors, they have
interacted extremely well with Neighborhood Associations,
Civic groups, District and other governmental officials and
associations. Additionally, they annually acknowledge the
contributions to society by an individual or a group. This
year they recognized, under the very capable leadership
ofthe school's chief instructor Sifu Abdurrahman
Muhammad, Judith Jamison of the Alvin Ailey American
Dance Theater, at the "Here I Stand" Award Gala held at
theLincoln Theater here in the nation's Capital.

Other performers came out as well on this auspicious

well attended event. The Dance Institute of Washington,
and the Furia Flamenca and Dance Asia Alliance dance
groups came out as well to show their support along with
several governmental officials, whom presented the Hung
Tao Choy Mei kung fu school with a citation and
proclamation of appreciation and support.
Hung Tao Choy Mei also has an out of school time
program that's been a huge success after starting several
years ago. They train over 50 children during the course of
the summer months providing free tuition, uniforms,
breakfast, lunch, and funfilled field trips to say the least.
One the main highlights of the program's success came
with their competition tour to Mainland China and Hong
Kong, needless to say the indelible events shall be etched in
the minds of the participants for many years to come,
especially after receiving many awards and Gold, Silver, and
Bronze Medals of the youth in their many competitive
divisions. In closing, let us recognized the "Out of school
leadership institute" for leading by example, in picking up
trash and debris from in front of historic sites in the Greater
U Street Logan Circle neighborhoods. Because of their
outward display of civic pride, many of the business owners
and residents congratulate them on their hard work and
accomplishments, as the proudly adorn and attire their
Hung Tao Choy Mei uniform shirts!! We here at action, also
congratulates them and encourages them to keep up on
doing such an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!


By: Shifu John Green
Taijiquan (more commonly spelled Tai Chi Chuan) is well
established in the Western world for its affects on health
and wellness. The art
pressure, regulating
digestion, deepening
respiration, improving
bones, and the list
goes on and on. The
art of Taijiquan is also
recognized for its
such as centering the
focus,and calming the spirit. What is not to well known is
that Taijiquan is also a distinguished Chinese martial art, or
Kuoshu in chinese. In fact, it is part of a system of very
profound combat arts with cousins such as Baquazhan (8
Diagram Palm) and Xingyiquan (Form intention Boxing).
The phrase "Tai chi chuan" literaly in chinese stands for
"Grand Ultimate Fist".
Westerners know Taijiquan for its slow-moving, rhythmic
form. The form provides an introduction to the principles of
the art for proper footwork, upper-lower body coordination,
rooting, and full body awareness. It is also a wonderful
meditative practice that can be continued through sickness,
injury, and the aging process. Many people would be
surprised to know, however, that Taijiquan includes very
self-defense oriented training regimens, such as weapons
training, power training, chin-na (joint locking) and sparring
at intermediate and advance levels. The Taiji Form is just
the begining of a complete martial arts program designed to
teach the practitioner how to neutralize bigger, stronger,
and sometimes faster force, by merely yielding and
redirecting it. The art is alson known for its ability to deliver
explosive strikes (Fa-jing) at a very short range with various
paarts of the body (e.g. palm, elbow, and shoulder). Shifu
John Green is a student of Grm. Huang,Chien-Liang, whom
are both past inductees of "ACTION'S" Hall Of Honor. They
are located in Owings Mills, Md. and runs the U.S. Kuoshu
In closing, please allow this columnist to say in addition
to Shifu Green's article is that from my twenty eight years of
studying traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, and still
learning, Tai Chi Chuan is the ONLY exercise known to
mankind that can be done by anyone, regardless of age,
sex, physical limitations, etc. etc., without using energy, but
receiving it.

By: Master Alan DAllessandro

The Samurai
is known in
one of the
and skillful
artists ever.
Of course,
those who
would agree with this statement and those who would
disagree, but based on what I have read and what I have
learned of the Samurai, I believe this to be true. As history
tells us, the Samurai walked with dignity and pride every
single day of their lives. Aside from the day to day family
obligations of the Samurai, the relentless training with the
sword to the art of
perfection was their
Samurai was involved
with was done with
perfection in mind.
nothing less.
The Japanese Sword
martial arts weapons,
and like the Samurai,
perfection in mind.
The single edged
steel sword is both
lethal meaning that
one motion could kill,
and spiritual meaning
that the one motion
While in
todays world, the
Samurai does not exist other then in the historical sense,
many of us train with the sword for spiritual gains and
personal satisfaction. Todays practitioner should strive to
understand the lethal aspects of the sword without using it as
a weapon of destruction, and also to be appreciated as a
weapon of pride and accomplishment.
The American Open Sword System was created by Grand
Master Don Rodrigues and Master Alan DAllessandro to
present a curriculum based system of the sword. For the first
time ever, the American Open Sword System has curriculum
from White Belt to Black Belt to learn all
aspects of the sword in a belt ranking
system. In creating a belt ranking system
with the sword, it also creates the short
term goals leading to the long term goal
which is being a proficient swordsman /
Black Belt in the American Open Sword

Grand Master Don Rodrigues, a student for over 32 years of

the late great 10th Degree Grand Master Nick Cerio has spent a
number of those years training with the sword under
Professor Cerios direction. As of now, GM Rodrigues has
now been studying and teaching the martial arts for over 42
years and has accrued a mile long list of accomplishments
and credentials. GM Rodrigues is the President and CoOwner of the Don Rodrigues Karate Academy, Ltd located in
Warwick, RI. He is also the Master Instructor and Founder of
Oki-Ryu Kenpo, Co-Founder of the American Open Sword
System, the Vice-President of KRANE Ratings, Promoter of
the Ocean State Grand Nationals Karate Championships, on
the Executive Board of Directors for WAKO-USA, President
Board of Directors of American Kenpo International, Member
of the NASKA Board of Directors, and Head Coach of the
World Renown Team Paul Mitchell. Hall of Fame Inductions
include Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu Magazine, BUDO
International Magazine, National Black Belt League, Action
Martial Arts Magazine, World Martial Arts Federation,
Educational Funding Company, KRANE Ratings, Northern
Rhode Island Karate Championships, Professional Karate
League, NASKA, and Central New England Karate
Master Alan DAllessandro who had the privilege of studying
as a private student
of Professor Cerio
during his final three
years also worked
some months with
the sword. After the
untimely passing of
became a private
Rodrigues and for
much of the past ten
years they have
spent several of
them developing the
DAllessandro has
been training and
teaching the martial
arts for 25 years and
he too has compiled
a substantial list of
He is the VicePresident and Co-Owner of New England Karate Academy,
Inc. with locations is Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Auburn,
MA. He is also the Master Instructor and Founder of Ken-Ryu
Kenpo, Co-Founder of the American Open Sword System,
Massachusetts Director of WAKO-USA, Promoter of the
Central New England Karate Championships, Published
Author of 2 paperback books, and Master Instructor of Aero
Core Fitness Aerobic Kickboxing and Core Training. Hall of
Fame Inductions include World Karate Union, Action Martial
Arts Magazine, International Black Belt, BUDO International
Magazine, World Martial Arts Federation, Ocean State Grand
National Karate Championships, Ego
Sports, and KA-TV.
was officially founded in April of 2008 and
has since been trademarked.
Rodrigues and Master DAllessandro have
Certification Course,

whereas instructors and school owners are taught the system
over a period of 1-year. During that period, the system is
divided into 6 sessions taught approximately 8 weeks apart.
This allows the student to learn a small
amount of material at a time and giving
them 2 months to work on the material.
This formula of learning has proven to be
very successful as we have found that the
students have done just what was
expected of them, to become very
proficient with the material taught in the
previous session. This is just our way of
setting short term and very attainable
goals for the practitioner.
At the
completion of the final or 6th session, a
black belt test is scheduled about 2
months in advance allowing the
practitioner to review and train all
required material to prepare for the test.
To start off your training, practitioners are
taught a most important rule in that when
working with the sword that you are
essentially using a 2-3 foot razor blade and the student must
have absolute respect for him or herself and the people around
them while training. In the AOSS, the students use a bokken or
wooden sword at first before they graduate to a live bladed
sword. The bokken work is approached exactly as if it were a
live blade which creates the proper mindset for the practitioner
so that they will treat it with the same respect as a live bladed
sword. Once the basics are taught and understood, the
practitioner will learn in depth the draw or left horizontal
cut. This first cut would be comparable to that of your western
day quick draw with a six shooter in that the one who would
execute that first cut swiftly and accurately would win the
battle. We believe in the AOSS that this first cut is the most
important and should be reviewed each and every time the
student trains.
The AOSS ranking curriculum comes complete with DVDs and
hard copy manuals for each belt rank, which are White, Yellow,
Orange, Purple, Blue, Green Brown, Black, and ultimately
degrees of Black Belt. The belt ranking curriculum is broken
down into 4 parts in which 4 stripes are earned for each rank,
which makes it easy for the practitioner to train and learn the
system correctly and at the privacy of their own school or
home. An instructors manual is also provided to those
graduating to first degree black belt breaking the system down
as prior mentioned.
The AOSS is comprised of numbered striking or offensive
combinations where the student learns attacking maneuvers,
blocking or defensive combinations to counter or defend the
attack, complete combinations and extensions of the
combinations which actually portray short sword fights. This
allows the practitioner to learn and understand every movement
necessary to become an accomplished swordsman. Although
we are not the historical Samurai, our training in the AOSS is
one of constant repetitiveness like that of the Samurai.
The AOSS curriculum also includes 10 Short Sword Forms, 10
Long Sword Forms, and a Traditional Styled Katana Form
required for white belt to first degree black belt. As like in all
martial arts styles, these forms teach directional changes and
the use of proper footwork while executing maneuvers with the
sword, which is essential for one to become a crafted
Additional required material includes the following:

Reaction drills are used so that the practitioner

can learn to read the movements of his/her
training partner. This is a very important part of

the AOSS training regimen. A swordsman must

be able to adapt to the reactions of another.

Footwork drills are necessary and teach the

practitioner how to move appropriately, and with a
natural flow.
Free form drills allow the practitioner to become
one with the sword. During these drills,
guidelines are given to the student but they
are allowed to do whatever comes to mind.
Here they will learn to be independent.

Traditional style katana forms

are taught to keep the traditions of the
Samurai. These forms allow us to preserve
the integrity of history.

Grand Master Don Rodrigues and Master Alan

DAllessandro want to stress the fact that the
American Open Sword System and the
material within it is how we train with the
This is our system; methods,
terminology, and ranking system that works
for us and those that wish to learn it. We have
the utmost respect for each and every style of
Japanese Swordsmanship.
As with the
hundreds of martial arts styles that exist, each
practitioner finds what works best for them
and their needs and trains according. The American Open
Sword System is our way.
For more information on the American Open Sword System,
please contact GM Don Rodrigues at 401.737-2809 or email: or Master Alan DAllessandro at
508.331.4772 or email:

By Jon Hanemann and Gail Zikri

Sensei John LiButti began his Martial Arts Training

in 1980 with an Okinawa style called Naha Te Kempo, hard
Chung Fa and soft Pakua a brother to Japanese Goju.
His training
was intense,
Sanchin Kata,
shin blocks,
Kumita and
the soft side
off blending
accident and
was hit in the
right leg at
one hundred
hour. He was
in a push up
position right
crashing into
the wall and
he was able
to push off the bike. The bike hit the wall and exploded.
John hit the sidewalk headfirst and did a perfect front roll
that saved his life. He owes his life to Martial Arts!
At the time of the accident John was a yellow belt and
thought his life and Karate training were over but John says,
thats when my Martial Arts training truly began.
One of the biggest inspirations and most influential
persons in Johns life is Grand Master Ted Vollrath who is a
double amputee and founder of Martial Arts for the
Handicapable MAH. Grand Master Vollrath said to John
Handicapable is an obstacle to get around, we are not
Handicap. The lost of a limb is not the end of a life but a
beginning of a new one.
O Sensei was the first person to earn a black belt in
Karate while training out of a wheelchair. Grand Master Ted
Vollrath died on November 18, 2001. He is missed but his
teachings live on. John says I am paying it forward, it is
my duty and it is with great honor to carry Mr.Vollraths
message of hope and strength to others.
John received his black belt July 12, 1991 and
currently holds the rank of Sandan 3 degree in Goju Ryu
and Shodan 1 degree in Iaido, from the United States
Kendo Federation.
Senseis true gift is in the teaching of Bujin Warrior Spirit
that there are no limitations ,karate is all about adopting to
the situation, situation dictating the rule. God blessed John

with his left leg and right arm hence focusing from the
center giving him perfect balance. He shows this in Bujin No
Kata, which is performed on one leg and has a little bit of
everything in it, including flying knees, fancy ground work,
and finishing off with Tencho movements and breathing.
This Kata has won John
many Karate Tournaments in the regular division. Sensei
LiButti creates his own style of fighting in order to adapt to
his specific needs to proficiently utilize the attacker. Iaido,
the drawing, cutting, and replacing of the sword back to the
Saya, is an art form that is done completely with two hands
but amazingly, Mr. LiButti has mastered it with one. When
one watches John perform Noto - replacing the sword
with out looking or without the use of his other hand to
guide him, one can help but see his unique skill set,
discipline, and dedication to the Martial Arts.

Sensei LiButtis passion is working with kids. He teaches

them that anything is possible if you put your mind and
heart to it. After meeting him, kids no longer say I cant do
that and instead, focus on the task or goal at hand with a
renewed outlook.
John truly inspires all that come into contact with him and
also those that witness him from a far. When your life is
taken and then miraculously given back, sitting on the
couch is not an option. There are no limitations in life; the
only limitations are the ones we create in our mind. John
LiButti, Sensei.

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