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Each group will be given a sonnet to dissect and analyze in order to create a slideshow
presentation for the entire class.
Step 1: Dissecting the Poem
Read poem
Underline words you dont know
o Define them
o Make sure definition is correct one (use context clues)
Fill in those blanks
Look for natural breaks, like the end of a sentence (not a line break) or where a
comma creates a pause
Find the meaning
Rewrite the poem in your own words (as a group)
Dissect the Three quatrains
o Each quatrain sets up the scene, idea, theme, or message/argument
o Each quatrain adds to the overall scene, idea, theme, or message/argument
Dissect the Couplet
o The couplet resolves it or sums it up
o The couplet usually contains the true meaning of what he is saying or his
purpose for writing (sometimes the couplet is at odds with what the previous
parts of the sonnet suggests)
o Use TPCASTT to help you analyze the meaning
Step 2: Themes and Devices
Look for Themes (see the list or create your own)
Look for literary devices (see the list)

3: Analyze
What does the poem suggest for the audience?
Who is the intended audience?
(Historical and cultural context should be highly considered)
What are the 2 or 3 most important literary devices that he uses and how do they
work? Find a quote for each device

Step 4: Thesis Statement

Here are some guidelines for writing good thesis statements.
In his ____________________ _______________________ , ___________________________,
(tone adjective)
(title of work)
____________________ _____________________________ in order to _________________

(tone verb)
(summary of message)
(statement of purpose)

(tone verb)

In his ironic poem, Sonnet 800, William Shakespeare shows the true meaning of
spiritual guidance in order to mock the corrupted clergy through aphorism and allusion.


Create a slideshow in Google Drive or in PowerPoint
Your slideshow should include slides on all of the following elements
o Actual Poem
o The Poem in Your Words
o Place in the sonnets (fair main, dark lady, rival poet)
o Theme
o Literary Devices (and quotes to correspond)
o Thesis Statement
o Pictures to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your slideshow
Ideas for Creating a Strong Slideshow
Use a different slide or more for separate parts of your assignment
Bullets help make points clear
Keep the amount of information on each slide to a minimum
Keep bullet points short and concise (the presenter can elaborate on the points
made in the slideshow)
Make it aesthetically appealing
o Use the same font throughout
o Use the same color scheme throughout
o Provide appropriate pictures (suggestions: something that represents the
theme, like a clock for immortality, or a quill and parchment to represent
Ideas for Modeling Correct Group Behavior and Equal Productivity from Each
Make sure everyone participates by delegating tasks
Once a task is complete, make sure that everyone agrees with the product,
especially the final product.
You will be given a form to complete when you have completed your assignment in
which you will rate your group members work.
o Be honest about the amount and type of work done.
o Dont let personal feelings about the person cloud your judgment
o Dont be that guy who does the bare minimum.
o You will be given a grade for the final product and a separate grade as a
group member based on what I see in class and in the presentation and how
your group members rate you as a member.

Your presentation must include at least one group member teaching the sonnet
as the slideshow is presented, or you can split this up into different group members
for different topics.
As an audience member you will take notes on each presentation and be prepared
for a test.