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On-Road / Off-Road Motorcycle and Scooter Set-up and Pre-delivery Checklist

The information contained on this checklist is designed for general application only. There may be individual exceptions to these checks. Refer to the specific Set-up Instructions for those exceptions.


Dealer Name _____________________________Dealer Number ________________Model _________________________Year ______________ VIN ____________________________________________

Stock # _____________________Repair Order # __________________________Key # ___________________
Proper set-up and pre-delivery service is essential to rider safety, motorcycle/scooter reliability, and customer satisfaction.



Uncrate the unit

Loose parts accounted for
Front wheel installed and nuts torqued
Front brake disc aligned
Front fender and brake panels installed
Reflectors installed
Handlebar and throttle installed; bolts torqued
Fork boots secured
Gearshift pedal is installed

Turn signal switch installed and wires routed

Front brake master cylinder installed and bolts torqued
Manual clutch: Cable and lever installed and adjusted
Hydraulic clutch: Hose routed properly
Choke: Cable routed properly
Speedometer cable routed

Odometer Installed and cable routed

Confirm that the foam air cleaner is evenly oiled

Windshield installed and adjusted

Trunk cover installed
Antenna installed
Owners manual given to sales dept. for delivery
Side cover(s) installed
Rear shock bolts installed and torqued
Engine stop switch installed and wires connected
Fuel tank breather tube routed

Seat(s) installed
Footpeg(s) installed
Mirrors installed
Wire harness ties installed
Confirmed correct routing of
the cables, hoses and wire harnesses
All nuts, bolts and screws tightened
Number plate installed

I certify that this unit has been set-up according to the Set-up Instructions, including those items checked above.
Name (please print) ___________________________________________________________

Signature ______________________________________________


Checked by_____________________________Title _________________





Engine oil:
Current year model; checked for the proper
level. Oil added if low.
Carburetor: Float bowl drained
Fuel system:
Fuel tank inspected and filled
Fuel filter inspected
System checked for leaks
Fuel tank breather hose routed properly
Throttle operation checked: Throttle returns from
any open position to the full closed position smoothly
and automatically in all steering positions.
Verified choke operation and cable free play
Clutch fluid level: Checked and fresh DOT 4
fluid added if low
Coolant level: Checked and coolant added if low

Clutch lever ignition cut-off: with the

transmission in gear; clutch lever must
be pulled in for starter to operate
Clutch: Adjusted free play and checked
for proper operation
Brake fluid level checked. Fresh DOT 4
fluid added if low
Brakes: Adjusted and checked for proper
If the motorcycle is more than two years old:
Cooling system drained and fresh coolant added.
Hydraulic brake system drained and fresh
DOT 4 fluid added
Engine oil: 1 year or older; drained and
refilled with fresh oil

Anti-rust compound removed before starting the

Final drive oil level: Checked for proper level and
oil added if needed
Battery: Electrolyte added; serviced according to
Service Letter IV-3-2000. DO NOT service the
battery for display units.
Electrical: Checked the adjustment and/or
operation of the following:
Tail/stop light
Battery charge system
Engine stop switch
Turn signal operation left and right
Radio: check AM / FM reception
set clock and radio presets

Engine idle speed adjusted if required

Side stand ignition cutoff system
Raise the side stand and start the engine
pull in the clutch lever and shift into gear
lower the side stand and engine should stop
Drive chain: Lubricated and adjusted
Tires: Checked for proper pressures

Checked that any applicable recall or product update
campaigns have been completed
as of this date
Test ride
Checked that the motorcycle/scooter was free from
fuel, oil, or coolant leaks after test ride.

I certify that this unit has had the Pre-delivery Inspection and Service completed.
This inspection was performed in accordance with the Set-up Instructions and those items listed above.
Technician Name (please print) ___________________________________________________ Signature ______________________________________________


Checked by_____________________________Title _________________





I have inspected this unit and certify it to be ready for delivery.

Sales Manager (please print)__________________________________________________
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