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Jennifer Dula

EDE 4944

Ethics Performance Task

1. Describe how you envision this professional commitment:
I envision my professional commitment as a pact with students to avoid bias in all of my
interactions with them. Throughout their careers, teachers will endure everything, and
so must be open to and tolerant of anything that might come their way, including race,
academic level, religion, and intellectual/physical impairments. I must always have a
childs best interest in mind by doing my absolute best to get every child where he or she
needs to be. Constantly researching strategies or changing types of instruction to help
your students shows that you have their best interests in mind. It is important that, if a
teacher has issues with a childs parents, he or she should never take any negative
energy out on the child. Teachers should never take anything out of his or her students if
it is not their fault or out of their control. Finally, in order to be an ethical teacher, one
must have the ability to logically and coherently analyze situations and perspectives. It is
all too easy to only listen to one student during an argument and discipline the other
without seeing the perspective of the student you are disciplining.
2. Tell me about a SPECIFIC time youve enacted this disposition:

As a pre-service intern I am given the opportunity to analyze teaching

styles and practices and figure out what kind of teacher I want to be. It
is important to be an ethical teacher and, luckily, I have had ample
opportunity to practice being one. After doing the first lesson out of my
two connected lessons, I noticed that the way I was teaching the
standard wasnt impactful for the students. After reflecting on the
lesson I gave, it became clear that I needed to practice having every
students best interest in

Jennifer Dula
EDE 4944

mind while giving lessons. On the second day of my lessons, the

students picked up the content incredibly quickly, and I was pleased
with the lesson and my own growth. I am happy I took the opportunity
to reflect on if I am meeting the students best interests because it is a
practice educators should do daily. There have been multiple times
when students have gotten in an argument and I made sure to listen to
every childs perspective before taking action. It could have been very
easy to jump to conclusions and discipline one student, but I
recognized the importance of listening to every side of the story
through every perspective. Not only was I able to understand who was
at fault, but I let every child make his or her case. If I didnt let children
speak their minds and explain their perspectives, they would never
share their opinions with me because they would assume that I only
consider my own perspective.
3. Artifact

This artifact was taken from my website titled blog 6.

Jennifer Dula
EDE 4944