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OE6200 Design of Offshore Structures

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Total Mark : 5
Last Date : 26 October 2016
1. Calculate the stress concentration factor (SCF) for a Y joint comprising of brace 500x20 and chord of 762x32
with an angle of 30 degrees. Plot the hot spot stresses at 8 points along the brace chord interface for the
following brace cyclic loading.
Axial Load
= 60 kN
Inplane moment
= 90 kNm
Out-off plane moment = 80 kNm
Compute the SCF using Ethymiuo equation. Hot Spot Stress range needs to be computed using linear
interpolation of inplane and out-off plane stresses for quarter points.
Determine the fatigue damage on both chord and brace side if the above loading is applied for a 12x105
cycles. Use API RP 2A WJT S-N curve. Length of chord on both sides of the joint is to be taken as 20m and
use joint fixity factor as 0.7.
2. A tubular Y joint in a jacket structure is subjected an axial load of 3000 kN and determine the allowable inplane moment on the brace. The brace and chord dimensions are 608mmx16mm and 762mmx32mm
respectively. The nominal wall thickness of the chord away from the joint is 16mm. The length of thickened
portion of the chord is 1200mm. Assume chord load factor as 1.0, brace load factor is given by 30 and
(5+0.7 ) 1.2 for axial and inplane bending respectively. The brace chord angle is to be taken as 60 degrees.
The yield strength of material shall be taken as 345 MPa.
3. Verify the safety of a skirt pile 1824mmx50mm during driving in to the seabed due to weight of hammer and
environmental loads including dynamic effects with following data. The length of skirt sleeve is 10m. Yield
strength of material is 345 MPa. The stickup length above the skirt sleeve is 60m and the water depth is
50m. Weight of hammer is 1000 kN. The wave height and period at the time of driving is 2m and 8 seconds.
Compute the maximum wave load including dynamic effects. Depth of fixity is to be taken as 5 times the
diameter of pile below seabed. Assume a Structural Damping of 5% of critical.