Kindred Jen (with ghostwriter, Derric Saville) October 2, 1997 The door swings open, I race to greet you

, Frisbee in my mouth, out into the yard we go, charging hard my day begins. Shaking off the stuporous sleep, sandman rides my eyes, glad to see you're home at last, throwing open the door which blocks my path. A roll, a romp, a frolicked hop, unbounded joy, I soar about the yard, my hackles up I strut around, re-establishing my dominance of all within these bounds. Never ending motion, quite different than the morning, when I gently nuzzle you from bed, just to eat my 'roons, and rest my weary head. I snort and sniffle, grunt and groan, a gruffly muffled hrumphed bark, I tussle with the Ruffster, limply legged and all, try to interact with you humans, far too tired, like summer turning into fall. Prancing through the grass, white tips flying high, I look to you for kindness, gentle sweet forgiving manner, I need your strong caress. Resting every eve, on the bed we share as three, kindred souls again, Happy Birthday, Your dog, Jen.

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