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Fact Checking Worksheet

1. Copy and Paste your Opening Statement for your ISSUE. Highlight
the FACTS, STATISTICS, EVIDENCE that are mentioned in your speech.
Recently abortion has become a controversial issue in this country. Many believe that the
life of a child is valuable no matter the circumstance. Others believe that the choice
should be up to the mother. As President Gary Johnson will respect the choice of the
mother. He believes that the choice of abortion should be up to the mother and not a
choice of the government. He is willing to protect the rights of women. If a woman does
decide to abort, they will not be prosecuted or restricted of their right to health services.
On the other hand, it is great knowing that Hillary Clinton has the same stance on
abortion as Gary Johnson. As the former Secretary of State has said, Ive been proud to
stand with planned parenthood for a long time, and, as president, I will always have your
back. Meaning that if hillary is elected president she will defend the rights of women,
just as Gary Johnson will. Hillary has also been opposed to several ideas that have been
against abortion. For example the forced abortions taking place in China back in 1995.
Even if Gary Johnson does not win this election, it is great knowing that his opponent will
succeed in helping women make the best choice for themselves.
As I've stated before there are many people who are against the idea of abortion.
These people consider themselves as pro-life supporters. They believe that all life is
valuable no matter the circumstances in which the baby was conceived. Recently, many
pro-life supporters were trying to pass a bill that would make it a crime to abort past the
20-week mark, in all 50 states. One supporter at the protest mentioned, I think that
every life matters, and I don't think abortion is the mental, physical or emotional
solution to rape. Which is just absolutely shocking ! How is it possible for someone to
say such thing when they have no idea about the desires of why a person wants to abort.
But to their surprise, the bill was not passed.
If you want a president that will really take into consideration the choices of
women, I suggest you vote for Gary Johnson. As president he will provide the health
services they need and will not deny it to them if they do decide to abort. He will also
make it possible for the consent of abortion to be up to the person and not a decision of
the government. As he has said before, Appreciate life. Respect choice. Stay out of
personal decisions.

2. Check out what other fact-checkers have said about EACH specific
statement. USE THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES: Politifact ;,
theWashington Posts Fact Checker; SNOPES-- credit them appropriately!!
Gary Johnson FactCheck: Rolling Stone
An a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Gary Johnson states his stance on

I support womens rights to choose up until viability of the fetus.
Ive supported the notion of parental notification. Ive supported
counseling and Ive supported the notion that public funds not be used for
abortions. But I dont want for a second to pretend that I have a better idea
of how a woman should choose when it comes to this situation.
Fundamentally this is a choice that a woman should have.
Hillary Clinton FactCheck: Politifact

Town Hall

Again this article mainly focuses on what Ted Cruz believes but towards the end
of this article, you find Hillarys stance on abortion
Supports Roe vs. Wade
Will repeal the Hyde Amendment- funds for abortions given through
medicaid except for cases such as rape, incest, or to save the life of the
"Clearly, the administration and my colleagues on the other side of
the aisle see this as an opportunity to begin to eliminate Roe v. Wade,"
Clinton said at the time, according to an NPR news report, "and the
possibility of safe, legal and rare abortions in this country.
Hillary has warned supporters that if Trump is elected for President
he will overturn all rights for women
Never specifically mentioned the 2015 scandal with Planned
When Donald Trump says Lets make America great again, that is
code for lets take America backward, back to a time when opportunity and
dignity were reserved for some but not all, and when abortion was illegal,
women had few options and life for women was limited,

3. Find an EXPERT OR WITNESS OPINION. What does the expert

have to say about this quote?
Unfortunately I couldn't find any experts who had an opinion on what Gary
Johnson had to say. Most articles on the election mainly focused on Hillary and
4. SUMMARY ANALYSIS: From your research and deeper
understanding of this issue, summarize your findings and analysis in a
What I found with this factcheck is that most of what the candidates have said is
in fact true. Hillary has said that she is in support of women rights and will help
them with anything possible. I found it interesting to learn more about the Hyde
Amendment and how this bill could affect women in the future. Many women

choose to abort for many reasons, but to strip them from the right of that and
make them pay for a tough choice, is heartbreaking. As for Gary Johnson his
stance on abortion is clear as well. He supports the choice of the women and
believes that making the choice of abortion is a personal choice and shouldnt be
made by the government. As president he will also help women keep their health
care benefits if they do decide to abort and will not be prosecuted.


Quick note about Video

Copy & Paste the LINK

Gary Johnson gives a clear statement on his

stance on abortion

States (like Texas) constantly put restrictions on abortion services
and clinics
Question: What do you see as the Federal Government role in
ensuring a woman's right to an abortion in all states ?
GJ: law of the land is that a woman has the right to abort up to
the viability of the fetus
GJ: isn't looking to change law of the land
Tough choice and should be made by women involved
Question: (asked but never answered) Does the Government
have a role in protecting these rights ?
Planned Parenthood does a lot of good for women