Journey 02 - WHAT ABOUT UFOS?

If UFOs exist, then surely the UFO pilots are the experts on star travel. Indeed, if we knew for sure that UFOs exist, we could just say, “let us do what the UFOs do.” There is general agreement that Kenneth Arnold's sighting near Mount Rainier on May 12, 1947 began the modern era of UFO sightings. He was piloting a small plane when he saw them, and he said they seemed to skip through the atmosphere like a saucer across water. From this came the term "flying saucer," which is strange, because his UFOs were not saucer shaped. They looked like a boomerang with 3 tails. There were many other UFO events in 1947, including Roswell in early July, and the Villa Santina case that happened on July 23, 1947. Since that time, there have been millions of ordinary sightings of UFOs and thousands of the "Landed Occupant" cases. From Bowen's book The Humanoids, we can distinguish at least 50 different species of alien humanoid. Assuming you are willing to suspend disbelief in UFOs for a moment, we must ask why this sudden influx of 50-100 species of space-traveling humanoids? That is a lot of different civilizations considering that stars and planets capable of evolving intelligence are very rare. Why here (Earth), and why now? My hypothesis is that the "foo fighters" of World War 2 (small glowing spheres seen in all theatres of war) went back home after August 1945 and announced that Earth was getting interesting. We had gone nuclear, had built rockets, and had no strong world government. Maybe we would self-destruct. From August 1945 to May 1947 is a year and 8 months. Given the time for the "word" to spread along the UFO grapevine, to hold scientific conferences and plan expeditions, for several different species to arrive in sizable numbers in less than 2 years, the actual mode of travel must be instantaneous jumps across hundreds of light years. I call that "jumping light years," or "star jumps." There is nothing in technology about "jumping light years," which means disappearing in one place and reappearing instantly in another place. Wormholes and star gates have no basis in physics though they are common in science fiction. There is good scientific evidence of the reality of UFOs as space-traveling humanoids. Landed UFOs have been seen with their occupants standing outside and seen at close range by human witnesses. Not once, but thousands of times. Here, it is easy to rule out experimental military craft, Venus, the infamous "Swamp Gas," sprites, Earth Lights, Venus and fraud. Fraud could not possibly account for the full data set, accumulated by several scholars over a long time period. The studies in Bowen's book cover the period between 1947 and 1969, long before major media took any serious interest in UFOs. The reports come from many parts of the world, though the best cases come from South America. The witnesses were ordinary people in rural and isolated locations, who never became famous, never had TV movies made about them, and never went to conventions of UFO enthusiasts. The reports of these witnesses remained local, in local papers in the local language, usually not English, and not on the wire services or BBC. If it was fraud, how could they have formed a giant conspiracy to claim that all our visitors are humanoid? That is a surprising but consistent result. This data satisfies all the requirements for scientific data. Why, then, do scientists remain skeptical about the reality of UFOs? This is a peculiar kind of


skepticism, a resolute refusal even to look. We must stop and examine this strange phenomenon, as something extraordinary in the history of ideas.