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TOTALLY SOLID STATE NON-DIRECTIONAL RADIO BEACONS 190 . » IDEAL FOR UNATTENDED OPERATION IN REMOTE AREAS ND2000A ND4000A ND8000BD ND12000BD ND16000BD 500 W 1 kW 2 kW 3 kW 4 kW NX2000TUB NX4000TUB NX8000TUB NX16000TUB NX16000TUB . highly reliable Non Directional Beacons.535 kHz This family of radio transmitters has been developed as extremely efficient. ND16000BD ND12000BD » MODULAR CONSTRUCTION » OPEN AND SHORT CIRCUIT PROOF » DUPLICATED MAIN/STANDBY TRANSMITTERS ND8000BD » ADJUSTABLE CARRIER WITH 0-95% MODULATION » OVER TEMPERATURE AND STANDBY SHUTDOWN » BETTER THAN 70% OVERALL EFFICIENCY AC IN TO RF OUT ND2000A/4000A The transmitter output is fed via a 50 ohm coaxial feeder to a separate automatic antenna tuning unit (NX Series) to the Customer’s antenna.

an audio processing board with a pulse width generator. ND2000/4000 NAUTEL’s high efficiency series of NDB’s utilize Power Amplifiers and Pulse Width Modulation techniques. These are modular on the ND2000 and 4000 and may be withdrawn forward once the connections at the rear have been undone. each capable of producing up to 1 kW with 95% modulation. This panel hinges left to provide access to monitoring circuits and also to the harmonic filter which is located directly behind it. Below the Control/Monitor Panel.At the top of the transmitter rack is the Control/Monitor Panel containing metering. At the bottom of the transmitter racks are the Main/Standby Power Supply Systems. Each Exciter system consists of three printed circuit board assemblies. a cooling fan and built in over-temperature protection. These readily removable modules contain four (4) Class D Amplifiers and associated Pulse Width Modulators. and an RF oscillator board which provides an RF drive signal to the Class D Power Amplifiers via an RF Driver Subchassis. are the Main/Standby Beacon Power Subsystems. The ND8000 to ND16000 models use 3 phase supplies with readily removable rectifier assemblies. Class D . namely a programmable electronic keyer. All of these are readily accessible for servicing or removal with the Exciter module pulled partially forward from the transmitter rack. Immediately below the Exciters is a main power ON/OFF panel. Next are separate Main/Standby Exciter Systems. indicating LED’s and master controls for the transmitter. or in the adjacent rack.

2 or 3 letter Morse Code call sign » Dot length 125 milliseconds » Dash length 375 milliseconds » 64 bits in a frame » cycle time 8 seconds An external audio signal. may also be used. then form the input to a pulse width generator where the information is converted into a PWM signal at the frequency of approximately 70 kHz. The external audio signal may be transmitted with the ident tone signal in Voice and Beacon and is controlled by a push-to-talk function. SOLID STATE TECHNOLOGY EXTERNAL AUDIO INPUT AUDIO AMPLIFIER AUDIO FILTER M MOODD DDRRIIVVEERR STANDBY STANDBY TRANSMITTER TRANSMITTER POWER AMPLIFIER MODE SELECTION EMISSION MODE MULTIPLEXER PULSE WIDTH GENERATOR BBEEAACCOONN PPOOW WEERR SSUUBBSSYYSSTTEEM M STANDBY CODE CODE GENERATOR KEYING GATE KKEEYYEERR MAIN MAIN TRANSMITTER TRANSMITTER MODULATOR AUDIO LIMITER TIMING OSCILLATOR BBEEAACCOONN PPOOW WEERR SSUUBBSSYYSSTTEEM M KEYED TONE (SAME AS ABOVE) SSEERRIIEESS CCOOM MBBIINNEERR CCHHAANNGGEEOOVVEERR RREELLAAYYSS HHAARRM MOONNIICC FFIILLTTEERR EXTERNAL CONTROLS (SAME AS ABOVE) RF DRIVE AMPLIFIER RF OSCILLATOR AC POWER SUPPLY B2010050 SHEET 1 OF 1 CHANGEOVER TO STANDBY TRANSMITTER -48VDC BLOCK DIAGRAM ND SERIES PPOOW WEERR SSUUPPPPLLYY V1 ND2000/4000A NUMBER OF BEACON POWER SUBSYSTEMS: ND8000BD ND12000BD ND16000BD Signal generation commences in the Exciter where an audio tone is generated by an audio oscillator on the Keyer Board. which is varied by the carrier level control. These audio signals together with a DC level. This audio tone is then gated ON and OFF by a keying signal generated within the Keyer to provide a Morse code call sign for the NDB.Simply the best engineered transmitters CLASS D. The audio input is fed separately into the audio board through low-pass and high-pass filters to define the bandwidth and through an audio limiter circuit to maintain an effectively constant level. .g. THE KEYER FUNCTION Readily programmable by means of terminal blocks mounted on the printed circuit board » Repeated or periodic transmission of call sign » Provision for the insertion of a long filler dash or signal bit during silent period » Can increase space between characters » Can be used to generate standby codes VISUAL ALARMS EXTERNAL ALARMS PARAMETERS FOR REMOTE MONITORING (SAME AS ABOVE) RECTIFIER/ REGULATOR PPOOW WEERR OONN//OOFFFF PPAANNEELL CCOONNTTRROOLL// M MOONNIITTOORR PPAANNEELL BBEEAACCOONN PPOOW WEERR SSUUBBSSYYSSTTEEM M EEXXCCIITTEERR RF OUTPUT FWD PWR REFLD PWR BBEEAACCOONN PPOOW WEERR SSUUBBSSYYSSTTEEM M TONE OSCILLATOR RRFF PPOOW WEERR PPRROOBBEE Provides a 1. e. for transmitting transcribed weather data or other information. An RF drive signal at the carrier frequency is generated and fed via an RF drive signal to the power amplifiers in the Beacon Power Subsystem. This signal constitutes the Mod drive to the modulator portion of the Beacon Power Subsystem.

NA ND16000BD 4 kW 16000 W 190-260 VAC 50/60 Hz Three ∅ 8. Each amplifier is driven by a common RF drive signal from the Exciter.2 kW Max.4 kW Max.1 kW Max. An inverter in the power supply is used to obtain a +24 volt supply for the low level circuitry in the associated Exciter and Monitor. ND4000 » » » » Type N Connector ND8000. NA ND12000BD 3 kW 12000 W 190-260 VAC 50/60 Hz Three ∅ 6. 16000 » » » » Type LC Connector Carrier Power PEP ND2000A 500 W 2000 W ND4000A 1 kW 4000 W 190-260 VAC 50/60 Hz Single ∅ 2. Opt. Standard Options available for use with these Beacons include Direct Digital Synthesizers and variously configured Remote Control Systems.2 kW Max. . depending on transmitter power. Their outputs are serially connected by means of a transformer to provide the final RF output. to a common passive Harmonic Filter. Changeover between the Main/Standby transmitters is accomplished by relays in the RF output. NA Power Requirements 190-260 VAC 50/60 Hz Single ∅ 1. and switching on the appropriate low level Power Supply. Output Power is continuously adjustable from 100% to 20%. Similarly. Operation of these relays is controlled by the monitor. The filtered output signal is then fed via an output probe to provide the final transmitter output. This Harmonic Filter may be set at any frequency within the range of the transmitter. 72 V-21 Amps DC ND8000BD 2 kW 8000 W 190-260 VAC 50/60 Hz Three ∅ 4. On the ND2000 and ND4000 an option is available to switch to battery in the event of AC line failure. 12000. 48 V-18 Amps DC Both transmitters (main/standby) are monitored and controlled via common metering and control circuits. the Mod drive signal is fed to four separate modulator subchassis where it is used to convert the 70 volt input supply to the required DC plus modulation to supply the four Class D power amplifiers in each Beacon Power Subsystem. POWER OUTPUT/REQUIREMENTS The RF Output is fed. RF Terminating Impedance » » » » 50 ohms unbalanced ND2000.BEACON POWER BEACON POWER BEACON POWER BEACON POWER BEACON POWER POWER SUBSYSTEM BEACON POWER In the Block Diagram shown up to four separate Beacon Power Subsystems are used. Opt. The Power Supply for each transmitter contains its own AC line transformer rectifier/regulator and smoothing choke. Metered functions include: » Forward and Reflected Power » Percentage Modulation » All Supply Voltages » DC Current Consumption on AC line or Battery » Continuous or No Keyed Tone/ Keyer Failure LED’s and external alarms provide additional indications.3 kW Max. via output changeover relays.

FT/MIN Forced Air 2. They are compliant with the specifications and recommendations ICAO Annex 10. 72H X 45W X 24D IN.000 These radiobeacons have all the features of a fully duplicated. 270 CU. ND4000A 280 Kg / 617 Lbs 166H X 57W X 61D CM. Nova Scotia. Canada B0J 3J0 Registered to ISO 9001 Phone: (902) 823 2233 Fax: (902) 823 3183 Nautel Maine Inc. Vol. USA 04401 Registered to ISO 9002 Phone: (207) 947 8200 Fax: (207) 947 3693 E-mail: info@nautel.535 kHz determined by crystal Modulation Level Adjustable from 0 to 95% Audio Distortion Less than 3% at 95% modulation Frequency Stability ± 0. ND4000 only External or Remote Alarms Changeover or Shutdown High VSWR Battery Operation (ND2000. FT/MIN Forced Air 6. 360 CU.000 feet) All tests at full power into a 50 ohm resistive load unless otherwise stated SIZE COOLING & HEAT FLUSHING 90 CU.5W X 24D IN.4 SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range 190. 2 or 3 Morse letters at 7 words/minute. MAX. FT/MIN Forced Air 1. Section 3. Maine.000 BTU/HR. ND8000BD 454 Kg / 999 Lbs 184H X 114W X 61D CM. please contact us at: Nautel Limited Hackett’s Cove. 72H X 45W X 24D or visit us on the Web at www. 16. Sequence repeated at 8 second intervals External Audio Input Level -20 to +20 dBm across 600 ohms (balanced) Monitor Failure Thresholds Adjustable thresholds normally set so that changeover will occur if: a) Carrier Power reduces more than 3 dB b) Modulation Power reduces more than 4 dB c) Keying fails Audio Response -3 dB from 300 to 3000 Hz (A3E) MODEL WEIGHT(unpacked) External or Remote Controls ON/OFF and “Press-to-Talk” Standby Test Select various standby codes Battery reset (ND2000.800 BTU/HR.400 BTU/HR. MAX. 4000. For further information. 180 CU. 8000. 90 CU. 12. 65H X 22. ND2000A 257 Kg / 565 Lbs 166H X 57W X 61D CM. at a modulation level of 95% Harmonic Levels Not exceeding -80 dB relative to carrier when used in conjunction with a companion NX ATU into a standard antenna load. MAX. ND16000BD 554 Kg / 1219 Lbs 184H X 114W X 61D CM.005% or better over full environmental range Hum and Noise Not exceeding -50 dB relative to 1020 Hz. FT/MIN Forced Air 4. MAX. 72H X 45W X 24D IN.ND2000.nautel. Part 1. FT/MIN Forced Air 8. RR#1 Tantallon.000.5W X 24D IN. main/standby system pair of transmitters.. 201 Target Industrial Circle.1. MAX.200 BTU/HR. 4000 only) Environmental Limits -10°C to +55°C 0 to 95% relative humidity Altitude Up to 3000 meters (10.600 BTU/HR. Internal Keyed Tone Frequency 400 or 1020 Hz ± 5% Emission Modes NON (CW) A2A (MCW Keyed tone) A2A and A3E (simultaneous telephony/beacon) Keying Programmable electronic Keyer generating 1. Bangor. ND12000BD 504 Kg / 1109 Lbs 184H X 114W X 61D CM. 65H X August 2000 .