TOEFL PREPARATION EXERCISE WEEK 2 Choose the best answer! 1. I will return your notes as soon as … them.

A I will finish B I do finish 2. … the worse I seem to feel. A When I take more medicine B The more medicine I take C D C D I finish I be finish Taking more of the medicine More medicine taken

14. … I get to know her, the more I like her. A For more B More


The more The most

15. I would have paid … for my car if the salesman had insisted because I really wanted it. A as much twice C twice as much B much twice D times two 16. We are considering buying a house in London, but we want to find out … there first. A what the taxes are C the taxes what are B what are the taxes D the taxes are 17. Beth moved from the dormitory … the noise. A because C B cause D 18. I didn’t hear … when he gave us the assignment. A what the professor says C B that the professor said D because of caused from what the professor said which the professor says

3. We will have to be careful not to get our suitcases mixed up because yours is almost the same … mine. A like C as B to D that 4. My new glasses cost me … the last pair that I bought. A times three C three times as much as B three times D as much as three times as 5. Although she is very popular, she is not … her sister. A pretty as C prettier than B as pretty D more pretty than 6. We are going to Florida as soon as … taking our final exam. A we’re finish C we’d finish B we’ll finish D we finish 7. This new soap is not much … the others that I have tried. A different C different from B different than D different that 8. Ms. Jones isn’t as nice … Ms. Smith. A as B for C D like to

19. He had to borrow a little money from his brother … he could finish his education. A so C so that B that D in order so 20. I wonder where … A he did go B did he go C D he went went he

21. Both Mary and Helen, … Jane, are studying nursing at the University of Toledo. A as well as C as well to B well D and well as 22. We had a disagreement … the bus was late. A because of C B caused of D because caused

9. The rooms in Graduate Towers are … Patterson Hall. A larger than C larger than those in B larger than that of D larger than in 10. We’ll be there as soon as we … a babysitter for our son. A will find C find B found D are finding 11. The final will be … the midterm. A alike B like 12. They are … my other neighbors. A more friendlier than B friendly than C D C D same similar friendlier as more friendly than

23. … the light rain, the baseball game will not be canceled unless the other team concedes. A Despite of C In spite B Despite in D Despite 24. I don’t have any idea what … for graduation. A does she want C B she wants D she want is she wanting

25. We were both pleased … honored to be guests of the president. A also C alike B and D as 26. I wonder … on sale. A how much cost these shoes B how much do these shoes cost C D how much these shoes cost how much are theses shoes cost

13. Tuition at an American University runs … one thousand dollars a semester. A so high as C as high as B as high to D as high than

27. We moved to the front now … we could hear and see better. A so C such B so that D such that 28. James plays not only on the basketball squad … A but on the baseball team C B but in the baseball team also D also on the baseball team but also on the baseball team
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29. … his wealth, he is not spoiled. A Despite of B In despite 30. Could you please tell me where …? A is the nearest bus stop located B the nearest bus stop is located

VOCABULARY TEST WEEK 2 C D C D In spite of In spite Situation : Ricardo and Carlos are discussing about their jobs is located the nearest bus stop located is the nearest bus stop Ricardo Carlos : Hi Carlos! I heard that you’ve got a good position in an advertising agency. : That’s right Ricky! I was (A) busy (B) sleepy (C) lucky (D)grumpy actually. When I came for interview, I was (A) invited (B) thought (C) investigated (D)questioned about things of which I happened to know a great deal of. We ended up (A) suggesting (B) discussing (C) improving (D) negotiating interested both of us. Ricardo : Really! Did they also (A) require (B) ask (C) impress (D) plan about your work experience? Carlos Ricardo Carlos : Certainly! It is very important to tell an interviewer your (A) precious (B) appealing (C) decisive (D) previous experiences. : So, the experience you had before played an important role in your (A) success (B) expectation (C) investment (D) assumption in getting the job, didn’t it? : I suppose so. Still, if I had not come up with the topic that hit interest, I would not have gotten the (A) stage (B) turn (C) position (D) part. The discussion we had really triggered him to consider hiring me. Situation : Coco and Cole are talking about swimming match Cole Coco Cole Coco : Coco, I heard the good news. You won the bronze medal for the 40-m relay, didn’t you? Congratulations. When did you return from Bangkok? : Two days ago. : Why so soon? The (A) rounds (B) fights (C) runs (D) games aren’t over yet, are they? : Today is the last day but since all the swimming (A) events (B) incidents (C) episodes (D) happenings were finished, we were (A) reserved (B) left (C) helped (D) ordered to go home ahead of others. So , we are here. Cole Coco : Will you (A) take over (B) take away (C) take part (D) take off in the National Swimming Competition in June? : It (A) depends (B) moves (C) reverses (D) keeps on the coach. If he says it is okay, I will. The committee will let me know their (A) complaint (B) decision (C) improvement (D) approach next month. If chosen, I’ll have to go into intensive (A) courses (B) meeting (C) rehabilitation (D) training soon after that.

Cross out the redundant word in each of the following sentences. Example: The carpenter joined together the two beams together with long nails. (Together is the redundant word) 31. After Jill had shown Tim how to insert the paper once, she repeated the operation again. 32. The twins gave the same identical birthmarks on their backs. 33. I think we have sufficient enough information to write the report. 34. When the roads became too slippery, we decided to return back to the cabin. 35. Nobody could get out of work early enough to attend the matinee performance. 36. The mountain climbers proceeded forward on their long trek up the side of the mountain. 37. Rita and her sister competed together in the musical talent show. 38. The minister joined the bride and groom together in holy wedlock. 39. I think that we should come up with a new innovation for doing this job. 40. My cousins love to play with her two twins from across the street.

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Situation : Richard and Rick are discussing about their friend’s trip to Venezuela. Richard Rick Richard Rick Richard Rick Richard Rick : Have you asked Roger about his trip to Venezuela? What did he say? : Oh he had a great (A) place (B) memory (C) history (D) time. He enjoyed it very much. : What did he say about the (A) weather (B) condition (C) situation (D) culture? : He said that it was quite cold. Fortunately, he brought some (A) warm (B) leather (C) favorite (D) costly clothing. : How about the hotels? : It (A) likes (B) looks (C) seems (D) sounds they’re excellent, and the rates are not very high. : Did Roger mention (A) transportation (B) accommodation (C) communication (D) preparation? Did he have any problems with the language? : Apparently he had, hardly anyone speaks English except for the people in the hotels.

Select the options which best complete the passage! The word “nurse” comes from a Latin word meaning “to nourish” or “to cherish”, a nurse is a person who (A) looks up (B) cares for (C) relates to (D) takes after the sick, the injured, the physically and mentally disabled. A nurse (A) informs (B) assists (C) advises (D) improves the doctor in helping people stay (A) healthy (B) strong (C) heavy (D) awake. A nurse is a member of a team which (A) lends (B) checks (C) provides (D) joins health care to individuals, families and communities. Nursing today (A) develops into (B) depends on (C) fills with (D) limits to knowledge, methods, and skills not known in the past. A nurse must, among others, understand the (A) effects (B) sizes (C) prices (D) shapes of powerful drugs. He/she must look after patients who have (A) asked (B) undergone (C) indicated (D) tried an operation. A nurse must also be able to (A) reverse (B) introduce (C) operate (D) repair machines used in the (A) report (B) need (C) management (D) treatment of illness. A nurse has to know about modern methods of (A) perceiving (B) administrating (C) approving (D) preventing illnesses and promoting health.

Situation : Ann is calling Mr. Jack, a personnel manager, about a job vacancy. Ann Ann : Hello, I’d like to speak to Mr. Jack, please. : I’m calling about the (A) advertisement (B) announcement (C) invitation (D) introduction for a salesgirl. My name is Ann Smith. I would like to make a/an (A) meeting (B) interview (C) conversation (D) appointment to see you. Mr. Jack : (A) Finally (B) Certainly (C) Completely (D) Fortunately. Let me see, would you be able to (A) come (B) visit (C) prepare (D) show on Thursday afternoon at two o’clock? Ann : Yes, that’ll be fine. please? Ann : Yes, it is 777-6655 Mr. Jack : And can you (A) send (B) bring (C) give (D) write me your telephone number, Select the options which best complete the passage! Cosmetic surgery is fast becoming the art of the possible. These days, the face and the body can be (A) improved (B) increased (C) performed (D) cured with or a little reshaping. For example imperfect eyelids can be (A) mixed, (B) corrected, (C) developed, (D) excluded, heavy brows can be lifted, and wrinkles can be filled out. There have never been so many operations and (A) conditions (B) extensions (C) treatments (D) controls available for improving women’s and men’s (A) characters (B) appearances (C) forms (D) roles which, in turn, can (A) tighten (B) encourage (C) boost (D) display their self-image. And the bad assumptions (A) attached (B) secured (C) stimulated (D) tended to cosmetic surgery has all but gone. Today, (A) scales (B) procedures (C) debates (D) symptoms are simpler, largely pain-free and (A) Situation : Ezra and Tanya are talking about their favorite TV programs. Ezra Tanya Ezra Tanya : What did you do last night? Did you work all night? : No, I watched TV before going to bed. : Did you watch the football (A) scene (B) fight (C) sport (D) match on Star Sports? : No, I didn’t. I am not (A) good at (B) interested in (C) capable of (D) familiar with football. I find it a boring sport. I (A) reviewed (B) wrote (C) broadcast (D) saw one of the programs on ABC, but I only caught the end of a film. It looked quite (A) somber (B) funny (C) regular (D) perfect. I think it was some kind of a comedy. It’s too bad I didn’t (A) switch (B) push (C) put (D) keep on the TV earlier.
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Mr. Jack : Jack speaking.

require (B) touch (C) apply (D) intercept shorter recovery times surgical techniques have been (A) collected, (B) associated, (C) magnified, (D) modified, too. The surgeons make smaller incision in less (A) secret (B) precise (C) dangerous (D) obvious places. This kind of surgery can help many people who (A) suffer (B) ache (C) hurt (D) despair injuries from accidents.

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