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Another Lifetime”

A Love that suddenly sprouts,
A feeling that cannot be stop
It could not be and it should not be
For you and I are not meant to be…..
You belong to another’s arms
And even I belong to someone
So impossible that we could be together
In this world that could not last forever…
In another lifetime maybe we could be together
In another world where you and I could last forever
In another set of chances maybe we could express
our love that we hold for longer
And maybe, just maybe, we could really be together.

- YOU ‘15 –

then I would stare at it until the fall of the skies… If only I could be at your side. then I would keep you in my heart and there you will reside… and If only God could give me time to be with you. then I would cherish every moment while your mine… If only I could call you mine. then I would say I love you and what I am saying is true… .IF ONLY If only I could grasp your hands. then I would hold it so tight… If only I could look at your eyes.

Let us just allow time to settle it down Who knows at the midpoint of our journey God will allow From a stuck moment into unbound A forbidden love will finally find its way throughout. I wish the tick-tack of the clock will stop Hoping that every precious moment won’t hop But everything we have is stuck in the moment And there’s nothing we can do but to fight on time and space all the way through Well. I know we can’t be together… But every time I am stuck in a moment with you Every cant’s and don’ts will suddenly be changed into can’s and do’s The feeling that I am trying to hold on will just be out of the blue And there’s nothing my heart can do but to just let it go.Stuck in a Moment I know from the start that this love won’t last I know that what we desire in our hearts will never be ours I know that even how hard we tried we know it won’t work out And even I know that our love is stronger as ever. . When I am with you.

As we stare in each other’s eyes We know how real the love resides When the toughest time comes in The great love that dwells can bear II. times We can weather this storm in our lives Coz I know a love like ours can overcome any difficult Together.A Love like Ours I. forever . III. A love sent from heaven Is blessed by God to inspire one another You and Me holding on together On the precious gift that God had offered Chorus: A love like ours can endure everything The entirety may die and fall apart But our love will stand stronger than ever And when everything brings to an end The love we have will surely remain…. forever we will share the clear sunrise A hope of a renewed love and a stronger love together.

.An Angel by My Side My life was once a caterpillar inside a cocoon No colors can be seen nor can a dim of light be gazed A life that is always at winter That nobody wants to have it in My life was more than a dreary life A life that nobody would appreciate A life that everybody hates And a life that nobody wishes to partake My life was indeed worthless Until an angel showed up along my circumstances An angel who took me from the dark place I hide And directed me to the way where I could spread my wings to fly My life that was once meaningless Has now turn into a life full of bliss A life that was once black and white Has suddenly vividly gleam even at night Everything I owe to God for sending me an angel by my side A life that once I thought will never thrive Has swiftly come into bud yielded by an angel in disguise And forever I’ll be grateful for this angel by my side.

nang pag-ibig nati’y maipadama….sana tayo’y mabigyan ng pagkakataon Oras na sa atin lang nakatuon Kaya sana…. Halina’t ating umpisahan Kamay ko’y hawakan Damhin bawat pag-ibig na nakalaan Nang sa gayu’y lahat ng to’y may kabuluhan (Refrain then chorus) Bridge: Tayo ng magteleport… tayo na …. Chorus: Sana tayo’y makapagteleport Sa lugar na napakalayo Maglakbay sa sarili nating mundo Kung saan hawak natin bawat minuto II. . Sana may oras tayo na para lang sa isa’t isa Lugar na para lang sa ating dalawa Para puso’ng gusto ng pumiglas Mabigyan ng pagkakataon na mailabas Refrain: Sana..Teleport I.

The Pain Deep Within Here I am in the four walls of my room Thinking. it seems like it’s not real The love you have 1n her is burning Like a star that keeps on blinking How could I resist the pain deep within When all I know is to just love you like no ending Even if my heart would break a thousand times I always find a way to build it many times. suffering from my painful encounter Seeing you with her is something that I can endure But the feeling you have with her is what I can’t handle You told me the spark you have to her is over But when I look at you. . One day….

you will find the comfort you are longing Caressing her like there is no ending And if that ONE DAY will come…. I will just surely be reminiscing the memories that was once ours Holding back on those times that we were one Pausing on the scenery where I see you smile and Feeling the moment where your hands are still holding mine….One day the feelings you have in me will soon fade away And all these matters will just be buried away One day you’ll forget every little thing about me The feeling we shared and even the memories we made… One day all the sentiments that we have talked to Will soon be trashed in the deepest chamber of your memory One day you’ll just treat me like an ordinary stranger along the way Passing through me like there was no yesterday And maybe that one day… You are back on her arms already Reviving the past and retrieving your feeling that was once left behind One day on her. And if that one day will come… I pray that all the heartaches are already gone …… .