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String theory mix science with the philosophy and still cannot be proven.

concept of the universe is based on two different theories, the first is the
theory of general relativity by Albert Einstein applicable with the larger portions
of the universe as the stars and galaxies. The second is the quantum
mechanics that governs the smaller elements of the universe and subatomic
These two theories are very reliable in each of their fields, but when the
scientists are trying to combine them to make a single theory to explain the
mysteries of the universe has made them impossible match.
The galaxies and the atoms are part of the same universe then they cannot be
pursued further with two theories that do not match between yes, string theory
is that you can explain these two proposals by unifying them into a single
system that would integrate everything. This theory sa7ys that everything in
the universe either matter or energy is composed of a single element tiny
filaments of vibrant energy that we call strings.
What is the difference with the particles? A rope can be moved in different
ways while not a point, each different type of movement of the rope would
represent the various elementary particles.
String theory seems to describe all the basic components of nature to explain
graphically a grain of sand is composed of billions of atoms, each atom is
formed by small items, electrons in orbit around a nucleus consisting of protons
and neutrons, they are formed by more tiny particles called quarks.
String theory suggests that all does not end here, these quarks are formed by
tiny threads of energy similar to swinging ropes, to get an idea of its size if
agrandaramos an atom to the measure of our solar system a rope would be like
a tree, these cuerdad vibrate in different ways such as the strings of a violin
according to their frequency emit different sounds.
The various forms of vibrate of these ropes, played to the strings of their
unique qualities as the mass and the load which makes this theory so difficult
to understand that to work we need more dimensions. An evolution of string
theory called m theory finally resolved the details to unify all the existing points
of view. Indicates to us that we need 11 dimensions to the ropes to move
freely, the first is the time, 3 are the known space dimensions and 7
dimensions more invisible but real.

One of these dimensions would allow that the strings are stretched to form membranes
whose measure could reach the size of the universe. The existence of giant membranes in
other dimensions could tell us that our universe is located on a membrane but stayed in a
larger space with many more dimensions. Our universe then it would be like a slice of

bread where there are so many other slices in fact parallel universes that are likely to be found in the same place that our But because we cannot see or touch. . to not be subject to any membrane can scroll through these other dimensions. the latest version of the theory says that everything we see and touch is composed of open strings and that each one of the ends of them are subject to the membrane-universe. then if there is another membrane located in another dimension of the space and their particles cannot escape it is why they don't see them. But there are also strings closed like a rubber band. .