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Tiffany Vavricek

165 Elm Street PO Box 213
Shelby, NE 68662

University of Nebraska at Kearney student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Education
Degree by studying Early Childhood Inclusive Elementary Education

University of Nebraska at Kearney –– Bachelor of Arts in Education, 2015-2019
Shelby-Rising City High School — Diploma, 2015

Student Worker, Calvin T. Ryan Library; Kearney, NE — 2015–present
Worked from August to May as a student worker for the circulation department
during the years of 2015 and 2016; this position entails being expected to organize
and shelve books, DVDs, CDs, and various educational kits, along with working at
the desk checking books in and out, interacting with library patrons, and doing
miscellaneous other tasks
Cashier, Walmart; Columbus, NE — 2015–2016
Worked as a cashier during the summers of 2015 and 2016; this job entailed
scanning items, interacting with customers and coworkers, working a register,
handling money, and occasionally organizing shelves

Big Friend, Friends Program; Kearney, NE — 2015–present
Volunteer to take a Little Friend, which is a disadvantaged child from the
community, and spend at least an hour with them a week by doing different
activities, such as: going to the Children’s Museum, the park, doing arts and crafts,
watching movies, going to special community events, getting ice cream, and
occasionally going to see a movie in theaters
World Theater; Kearney, NE — 2016
Along with cleaning up after the show, volunteers are always assigned one of
several different tasks: soda duty, cashier, ticket taker, or popcorn duty

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Tiffany Vavricek
165 Elm Street PO Box 213
Shelby, NE 68662

Kearney Community Theater; Kearney, NE — 2016
Helped paint sets and do hair and makeup for children’s plays
Loper Leader; Kearney, NE — 2016
Worked as a mentor for new students during their first few days on campus by
helping lead them to scheduled events, getting them excited for college, and
answering any questions they may have had about the upcoming year
Big Event; Kearney, NE — 2016
Assigned to help church staff move items from a temporary office space to the
newly built addition at the church

Alpha Xi Delta Sorority; Kearney, NE — 2015–present
New Member Orientation Chair, 2016-present – Educate the new members, plan bid
day, assign Big/Little pairings, plan Big/Little reveal, make the new members feel
welcome and involved
Honors Program; Kearney, NE — 2015–present
Honors Mentor, 2016-present – Work with the incoming freshmen that are part of
the Honors Program, answer any questions they may have, get them involved in the
Honors Program and on campus, help them register for classes if necessary, meet
with them to ensure they are adjusting to college appropriately

Computer Programs
Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Pages, Google Docs, Google
Slides, Google Sites, Google Forms, Google Drawings
Conflict Management
Babysitting has provided the necessary skills to resolve conflict between two groups
by calming down all individuals involved and helping them reach a solution that
works for both parties

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Tiffany Vavricek
165 Elm Street PO Box 213
Shelby, NE 68662

Melinda Wollberg
Babysitting Client
3102 33rd Street
Columbus, NE 68601
Denise Glock
Former Teacher
2911 F Road
Rising City, NE 68658
Tiffany Curry
Former Bible Study Leader
135 W Apple Street
Shelby, NE 68662