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1. A Project is:
a. A set of sequential activities performed in a process or system
b. A revenue generating activity that needs to be accomplished while achieving
customer satisfaction
c. An ongoing endeavor undertaken to meet customer or market requirements
d. A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result
2. Project Management is:
a. The integration of the critical path method and earned value management system
b. The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to
meet project requirements
c. The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to
achieve operational excellence
d. A subset of most engineering and other technical disciplines
3. The project team manages the work of the projects, and the work typically involves:
a. Balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time, and cost.
b. Integrating requirements of profitability, low cost, and legal responsibility
c. Implementation of software, hardware, and other. systems to enhance
organizational efficiency.
d. Supporting human factors, communications, discipline, and performance
4. Effective project management team must have expertise in all the following areas
excepta. Interpersonal skills
b. Application areas knowledge
c. General management knowledge
d. Political philosophy
5. A program is characterize as a:
a. Grouping of related tasks lasting one year or less
b. Grouping of related projects
c. Projects with a cost over Rupees 1 million
d. Sequence of steps constituting a project
6. Project portfolio management refers to:
a. Managing various contents of the project file
b. Managing the levels of financial authority to facilitate project decision-making
c. Identifying, prioritizing, authorizing, managing, and controlling projects,
programs, and related work, to achieve specific strategic business objectives.
d. Applying resource-leveling heuristics across all the organization's projects

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7. Organizations performing projects may divide each project into phases. Collectively
project phases are known as the:
a. Project waterfall
b. Project life cycle
c. Product life stages
d. Project life quality cycle
8. All the following are true about project phases and project life cycle, EXCEPT:
a. Each phase normally includes a set of defined deliverables
b. The project life cycle serves to define the beginning and the end of a project
c. The project life cycle generally define what technical work to do in each phase
d. Project cost and staffing levels are generally symmetrical throughout the project
life cycle
9- Most project we cycles share a number of common characteristics EXCEPT:
a. Phases are generally sequential.
b. Cost and staffing levels are low at start, peak during the intermediate phases, and
drop rapidly as the project closes.
c. The level of uncertainly is low in earlier phases and high in the subsequent
d. the ability of stakeholders to influence the final characteristic of the project’s
product and the final project cost is highest at the start, and gets progressively
10. All are true about sub projects EXCEPT:
a. Contracted to an external enterprise
b. Not having definite start and finish dates
c. Assigned to another functional unit
d. Having distinct project life cycle
11. Project deliverables are:
a. Project phases of project life cycle
b. Measurable, verifiable work product, results, or service that must be produced to
complete a process, phase, or project.
c. Detailed description of project product
d. Work elements defined in work breakdown dictionary
12. Product life cycle has the following characteristics excepta. Project life cycle is contained within one or more product life cycles.
b. The last product life cycle phase for the product is generally the product’s
deterioration and death.
c. product life cycle duration is smaller than the project life cycle.
d. A collection of generally sequential, non-overlapping product phases

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13. Which is not true about the project stakeholders, the project management team must
identify all of the following EXCEPT:
a. Individuals and organizations that are rarely supportive of the project.
b. Individuals and organizations actively involved in the project.
c. Individuals and organizations whose interests may be effected as a result of project
execution or project completion.
d. individuals and organizations that may exert influence over the project’s
14. In considering project stakeholders, the project management team must do all the
following EXCEPT:
a. Create conflicts among stakeholders to allow the project team to get its work done
b. Identify the stakeholders
c. Determine stakeholders requirements
d. Manage and Influence stakeholders expectations
15. Difference between or among project stakeholders should be:
a. Encouraged
b. Ignored
c. Generally resolved in favor to the customer
d. Generally resolved in favor of the schedule
16. Project based organizations are those whose operations generally of all the
Following EXCEPT.
a. Generating revenue by performing projects for others
b. Organizations that have adopted 'management by projects'
c. Having management systems in place to facilitate project management in ongoing operations
d. Having management systems in place to facilitate process-based operations
17. Organizational cultures:
a. Are generally similar and indescribable
b. Are generally unique and indescribable
c. Have no impact on a clearly defined project
d. Often have a direct influence on the project
18. IN a typical matrix organization, functional managers are responsible for all the
following EXCEPT.
a. -General administrative philosophy
b. Assignment of personnel
c. Development standards
d. Monitoring performance

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solusinformatics. Weak matrix c. and participative management b. It may facilitate in developing templates d. It may be responsible for the results of the project 25. Functional b. and motivating people to achieve that vision and strategy Farooq A. and functional organization c. The Projects manager is more likely to have a. Strong matrix d. Functional 20. Quraishi 4 . Strong matrix d. Projectized d. EXCEPT: a. The project manager's leadership involves: a. Balanced matrix c. Projectized. It may provide administrative support to project managers b. Projectized 19. Functional b. and performance monitoring d. Weak matrix d. The project manager has the lowest level of independence and authority in a _______ Organization. A. autocratic. It should be located in a bright. Weak matrix c. Project Manager b. Project Coach d. team training. Strong matrix b. matrix. a. Staff planning. Project Coordinator c. All the following are generally true about the project management office.www. Projectized 21. well ventilated. The project manager has the highest level of independence and authority in a _______ organization. Developing a vision and strategy. centralized area c. Projectized b.part-time role in a _____ organization: a. Balanced matrix 22. A project coordinator may typically be found in a ________ Organisation a. Strong matrix c. Disciplinary. Project Expediter 24. A common for the project manager's role in a projectized organization is: a. a.

Primarily the concern of contract administration b. Organizations are rarely accountable for impacts resulting from a project 32. All the following are communication tools EXCEPT: a. Projects may have unintended positive &/or negative impacts d. Inputting data into a spreadsheet d. A mandatory prerequisite for the team building is: a. Conducted by senior executives 29. Ethical 31. Educational d. Communication from top level management b. and schedule objectives c. One of the main advantages Of a matrix organization is: a. cost. the project management team of a project that spans national boundaries must also consider all the following EXCEPT: a. Communications are easier d. negotiations are: a. Reporting is easier Farooq result of ineffective decision-making d.www. Memos . Projects are planned and implemented in social. Time-zone differences b. cost. More than one boss for the project teams c. National and regional holidays c.solusinformatics. Cultural influences on a project include all the following areas EXCEPT: 26. Open discussion of poor individual performance d. time. A. Quraishi 5 . Likely for scope. Political b. all the following are true EXCEPT: a. Verbal communication of a rumor 28. In considering the impact of a project on the social-economic-environmental sustainability. In addition to the traditional concerns of scope. and quality. During the course of a project. economic. improved project management control over resources b. and environmental context b. Project reporting formats 30. Projects may have intended positive &/or negative impacts c. A. • b. Volatile political differences d. Occasional c. Funding for staff development activities 27. Body language c. Collocation of team members c.

Planning d. Execution b. Has no loyalty to the project c. Before the project management life cycle c. Will not always have a "home" 35. The project charter is created during which life cycle phase? a. Begin risk identification b. Planning c. What form of organization must the project manager be working in? a. Reports to many bosses b. During which life cycle phase is the detailed project budget created? a.The Project team has just completed the initial project schedule and budget. Functional b.solusinformatics. Quraishi 6 .com 33. The project expediter cannot make decisions b. Closing d.www. Determine communication requirements d. The NEXT thing to do is: a. Matrix c. A. Begin iterations c. The project manager is trying to complete a project but cannot get enough attention for the project. The project expediter reports to a higher-level manager d. Coordinator 38. Expediter d. Initiation 37. The project expediter can make more decisions c. In a projectized organization the project team: a. How is a project expediter different from the project coordinator-? a. Reports to the functional manager d. Resources are focused on completing process-related work and project manager has little authority to properly assign resources. Initiation b. Execution 36. Create a Gantt chart Farooq A. The project expediter has some authority 34.

The person who should be in control of the project during project planning is the: a. Open and accurate c. Team member c. All of the following are part of the team's stakeholder management effort EXCEPT a. Giving stakeholders extras b. Quraishi 7 . A detailed project schedule can be created only after creating the:——————— ——————— a. All of the following are characteristics of a project EXCEPT: a. Who has the MOST power in a projectized organization? a. Complex d. Project plan d. The team d.www. Identifying stakeholders c. A project manager has very little project experience but has been assigned as the project manager of a new project. Project manager b. Project budget b. Hard to automate 39. Temporary b. Detailed risk assessment 41. They all share power 44. Determining stakeholders needs d. The team d. The project manager b. Functional manager d.solusinformatics. A. he can except communications to be: a. Repeats itself every month 45. A project team member is talking to another team member and complaining that so many people are asking him to do things. Interrelated activities d. Tight matrix 43. Sponsor 42. Because he will be working in a matrix organization to complete his project. Work Breakdown Structure c. The functional manager c. Definite beginning and end c. The functional manager c. Managing stakeholders expectations Farooq A. If he works in a functional organization. The project manager b. Simple b. who has the power to give direction to the team member? a.

A project manager's boss and the head of engineering discuss a change to a major task After the meeting. This is an example of: a. d.www. Quraishi 8 .com 46. c.solusinformatics. A. b. the boss contacts the project manager and tells him to make the change. Management attention to scope management Management planning A project coordinator position A change control system Farooq A.

The Work Breakdown Structure links process groups b. Deming d. Process groups are linked by their objectives . planning.the result or outcome of one often becomes an input to another d. evaluating. The relationship between project management life cycle phases is best described by the following: a. Discrete. The five project management process groups are: a.3rd edition b. directing. Overlapping processes that occur at the same level of intensity throughout each phase of the project c. Phases cross process groups such that closing one process group provides an input to initiating the next d. executing. American society for Quality Farooq A. Project phases are: a. and closing 48. and delivering d.solusinformatics. Shewhart PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESSES 47. and recording b. one-time events d.the summary objective of one becomes the detailed action plan for another c. Process groups are linked by the results they produce . A. Project process groups c. closing. Sub-projects b. Organizational process assets 49. Initiating. There are no significant links between discrete process groups 51. Initiating. Processes within process group d. checking. Discrete. PMBOK guide . and closing c. Overlapping processes that occur at varying levels of intensity throughout each phase of the project b.www. Planning. monitoring. Plan-do-check-act cycle was defined by: a. Process group interactions cross phases such that dosing one phase provides an input to initiating the next 52. executing. They are the same concept described by different terms to satisfy application area extensions c. The linkages between process groups are best described by the following: a. Project management process groups are: a. monitoring. controlling. incompatible concepts b. Quraishi 9 . Planning. They are unrelated. repetitive events that occur at the same level of intensity throughout each phase of the project 50. executing. directing.

That are different to carry out 56. That are only on the critical path d.www. Resolution and action b. Starting earlier than scheduled b. Conceptual phase b. whether late or early c. Helps to keep the project focused on the business need that it was undertaken to address c. Risk identification 57. Quality standards and criteria should be identified during: 53. A. A project d. This is an ongoing operation because the company is in the business of manufacturing kitchen appliances. The VP of marketing approaches you and requests that you change the visitor logon screen on the company's website to include a user name with at-least six characters. Introducing designer colors and features is simply a new twist on an existing process Farooq A. They are introducing a new product line of appliances in designer colors with distinctive features for appliances in small spaces. Tools and techniques d. even if the project is unlikely to satisfy the business need that it was undertaken to address 54. Helps ensure that the project continues regardless of changes in the business needs d. Quraishi 10 . A controlling process for a project's schedule typically will focus on activities: a. Action and integration 55. Helps ensure continuous employment of project team members. and an output a. _____. Formatting and creation c. Project execution 58. That vary from plan.solusinformatics. Reviewing the initiation processes at the start of each phase: a. Which of the following is true? a. Project planning c. The sub-processes of a project are defined by PMI as having input. Implementation d. These new products will be offered indefinitely starting with the spring catalog release. This is a project because this new product line has never been manufactured and sold by this company before b. This is considered: a. Project initiation b. Your company is manufacturing small consumable electrical appliances. Ongoing operations c. Is wasteful and should be avoided whenever possible b.

These new products will be offered indefinitely-starting with the spring catalog release. His specific concern is that if the project is implemented as planned he will have to purchase additional equipment to staff his customer service center The cost is substantial and was not taken into consideration in the project budget. money. The VP of the customer service has expressed concern over a project you're evolved in. and quality 63. Consulting with the stakeholders c. The project sponsor insists that the project must go forward as originally planned or the customer will suffer. Which of the following is true? a. Time. This is a new product introduction not affecting ongoing operations. and quality c.solusinformatics. schedules. Resources are Farooq A. A. the project should not go forward as c. A project is considered successful when: a. This is an ongoing process because the new line will be sold indefinitely. Time. The triple constraints are driven by: a. Planning the project life cycle d. This is not a project or an ongoing operation. Progressive elaboration 60. " 59. Time.www. Your company is manufacturing small consumable electrical appliances They are introducing a new product line of appliances in designer colors with distinctive features or appliances in small spaces. Fast tracking b. Quraishi 11 . The conflict should be resolved in favor of the VP of the customer service 62. Project initiation should be revisited to examine the project plan and determine how changes can be made to accommodate customer service. 12 crores to complete this project. You are the project manager for a large construction project to construct Olympic village to house sport men arriving 18 months from the project start date. You’ve been given a budget of Rs. The product of the project is turned over to the operations area to handle the ongoing aspect of project d. and schedules d. The project sponsor announces the completion of the project c. Since the cost was not taken into account at the beginning of the project. The project meets or exceeds the expectations of the stakeholders 61. Time. The conflict should be resolved in favor of the customer c. and quality b. availability. In order to determine the characteristics and features of the new product line-you will have to perform which of the following a. The VP of the customer service is correct. b. The conflict should be resolved in favor of the project sponsor d. The product of the project has been manufactured b. money. It is not temporary d.

You will probably not be successful because your have a little knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry even though you anticipated having technical experts on your project team to address industry specifics that you’re not familiar with 66. Time. You anticipate having technical experts on your project team to address industry specific that you’re not familiar with. d. and other special mailing needs. To avoid situations like this in future. You are a project manager with software technical expertise. You have attempted to gain the cooperation of the business analyst working on this project and needs some answers.X assigned to your project? a. overnight packages. 12 crores c. Establish the business analyst’s duties well ahead of due dates and tell her you will be reporting on her performance to her functional manager. Establish the business analyst’s duties well ahead of due dates and tell her you are expecting her meet these expectations because customer is counting on the project meeting due dates to save significant costs on their annual billing. you should: a. because the date cannot be moved. Communication skills d. You’ve decided to try your hand at the project management in the pharmaceutical industry. c. Quraishi 12 . You are managing a project to install a new postage software system that will automatically print labels and administer postage for certified mailing. Communication and organizational skills c. Which of the following skills you use to get Mr. She is elusive and tells you that this project is not her top priority. easily attained. Which of the triple constraints is the primary constraint for this project? a. Money. You anticipate having technical experts on your project team to address industry specific that you’re not familiar with b. You will likely be successful because communication skills are your strong suit. b. If in the above project. Negotiation and influencing skills b. Problem-solving skills 65. because they're not fixed d. You anticipate having technical experts on you project team to address industry specifics that you’re not familiar with. b. the resources are not readily available as your company has engaged them in some other project currently Mr X is an expert civil engineer whom you desire to have in your project in order to expedite the project work without compromising quality. because the buildings have to be functional and safe 64. because the budget is set at Rs. You will likely be successful because your organizational skills are excellent. A. Farooq A. Quality.solusinformatics. You will probably be successful because you have a friend in the pharmaceutical industry that has briefed you on all important aspects of the project that you will need to know. Which of the following is true? a.

The amount of authority a project manager possesses can be related to: a. You will be released at the completion of the project phase assigned to you. Which organization structure do you work in? a. You are interested in implementing a new project process called design-build in order to speed up the project schedule. What type of organization structure does this represent? .com c. Balanced matrix organization 70. You are in charge of the media communications for this project. All employees report to one manager and have a clear chain of command. Negotiate with the business analyst’s functional manager during the planning process to establish expectations and request to participate in the business analyst’s annual performance review. The project manager’s communication skills b. 69. b.www. a. d. A. Balanced organization 71. The amount of authority the manager of the project manager can possess d. d. All employees report to two or more managers. but project team member show loyalty to functional managers. Projectized organization d. who share responsibility for this project. You are in-charge of a project phase and have been hired on contract by a project manager who is head of a project. Quraishi 13 . Weak matrix organization c. The organization structure c. 67. The idea is that the construction team will work on part of the project and at the same time the design team is coming up with design plans for the next installment of implementation work begins. Agreement from the functional manager will assure the cooperation of the business analyst. What is one of the advantages of a functional structure? a.solusinformatics. This is an example of: Farooq A. Teams are collocate. Functional organization b. You have been assigned to a project in which the objectives are to direct customer calls to an Interactive Voice Response system before being connected to a live agent. Weak matrix organization c. Projectized organization d. Negotiate with the business analyst’s functional manager during the planning process to establish expectations and inform the functional manager of the requirements of the project. The project manager’s influencing skills 68. Functional organization b. The organization is focused on projects and project work. c. You report to the project manager in charge of this project and the VP of the marketing.

and then generally only in response to an approved changes to the scope and organizational process assets. The Project management plan is used toa. Procurement plan 77. Deliverables c. Change in order to keep the customer happy 76. Generally can be changed by the project team 75. and closed b. Define how the project is executed. Management systems b. A. Develop project charter b. shoulda. Fast tracking c. Quraishi 14 . Progressive elaboration d. Develop corrective actions d. Managing the projects as a program b. Work performance information b.www. Remain the same throughout all phases of the project b. Performance reporting Farooq A. The project performance measurement baselinea. Which process is included in Project Integration Management a. Change frequently to accommodate current information about the project c. Project management information system d. Motoring and controlling process group has 12 processes. Inputs included in Integrating Change Control are of the following EXCEPT: a. Scope verification d. Provide a variable measurement progress c. Is used for management control b. Changes frequently c. Customer interface control systems d. Risk monitoring and control c. Performance measurement baseline. Documents relevant standards d.solusinformatics. d. which one of them is included here a. Change only intermittently. Collocation PROJECT INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT 72. monitored and controlled. Project management plan a. Scope definition c. Improve project manager's general management skills 74.

A Change Control Board isa. c. Integrity c. A formally constituted group of stakeholders responsible for ensuring that only a minimal amount of changes occur on the project. 80. The need for ____ is one of the major driving forces for communication in a project a. Milestone list c. Scope control b. Test new systems d. Estimate and control risks 79. A formal constituted group of stakeholders responsible for approving or rejecting changes to the project baselines. Differentiation 84. b. identify and correct problems arising in functional areas of project implementation b. Which of the following describes the BEST use of organizational process assets: a. Timely updates to the project plan c. d. Effective communications at key interface points d. and document the functional and physical characteristics of a product. Cost baseline d. Integration d. Manage project team 81. The project management plan should include all the following EXCEPT: a. Risk register b.www. A personal careers of the team members 78. The project manger and several key team members working to ensure cost and schedule control during the life of the project. An informal group which has oversight of project implementation c. Resource leveling c. Effective project integration usually requires an emphasis on: a. Configuration management is a collection of formal documented procedures used to apply technical and administrative direction and surveillance to : a. Creating lessons learned Farooq A. Life cycle costing b. Identify. Quraishi 15 . A. Internal control 83. The monitoring and controlling process group includes all the following EXCEPT: a. Organizational process assets 82. Optimization b.solusinformatics. Quality control d.

Helping to prevent unnecessary changes to project objectives c. Control procedures b. Which of the following BEST describes the project manager's role as an integrator? a. Integration is done by: a. Control what is done. Project manager b. Risk control procedures. When it comes to changes. Stakeholder 91. Lessons learned 88. Control who does each task and when it is done 89. Senior management d. Putting all the pieces <of a project into a program d. Getting all team members together into cohesive whole Farooq A. Putting all the pieces of a project into a cohesive whole c. Control when each task is done d. Preventing unnecessary changes 85. Team c. Project manager b. Who has the primary responsibility to decide if these changes are necessary? a. Helping to put the project plan together 87. Senior management's role on project is BEST described as: a. Helping to plan tasks b.www. Tracking and recording c. Standards for reports c. Identifying unnecessary project constraints d. Stakeholder 90. Making changes b. Creating status reports 85. Informing management of changes d. and templates d. Meetings d. A. Control who does each task b. the project manager's attention is BEST spent on: a.solusinformatics. Management d. Helping team members become familiar with the project b. A project is plagued by changes to the project charter. A work authorization system can be used to: a. Quraishi 16 . at the right time and in proper sequence c. Project team c. All of the following are part of a effective integrated change control system EXCEPT: a.

Integrated change control d. Which of the following is the BEST use of organization process assets? a. Scope change b. Approved corrective action is an input to: a. Scope verification b. Planning record for the current project c. Informing the team about what the project manager has done d. Stakeholder 96. Historical information for future projects b. Your intuition . A Gantt chart Farooq A. Project plan development 95. Informing the team about the plan 94. You are a new project manager who has never managed a project before and you have been asked to plan a new project. Talk to the stake holder's boss to find ways to direct the stake holder's activities to another project d. Get stakeholder involvement in the project as early as possible c. Which of the following BEST describes a project management plan? a. What is the BEST approach a project manager can take at the beginning of the project to: a. Responsibility chart 98.solusinformatics. Quraishi 17 . Which of the following remains to be done? a. b. A lessons learned is BEST completed by: a. A printout from project management software b. Project manager 92. Team c.www. Say "no" to the stakeholder a few times to make him change his habits b. Staffing management plan d. Lessons learned 93. Your training c. A particular stakeholder has a reputation for making many changes on projects. A company procedure requires the up dating of organization process assets. Risk response plan c. Project plan execution c. All technical work is completed on the project. Organizational process assets d. A. Ask that stakeholder not be included in the stakeholder listing 97. It would be BEST in this situation to rely on _____ during planning in order to improve your chances of success a. Management d.

com c. Expert judgment 99. Quraishi 18 . Which of the following should MOST concern you? a. The project charter for a project was approved for planning and you have just been assigned as project manager. There is a lack of management control and no clearly defined project deliverables.8. Realizing that planning is an ongoing effort throughout the project life cycle. Cost estimating and schedule development Farooq A. Do what they can to get the scope of work defined before proceeding 100. Issue a change to the project when the scope is defined d. Resources c. Resource planning and cost budgeting d. The previous project manager for your project managed it without much project organization. You are taking over a project during the planning phase and discover that six individuals have signed the project charter. Determining the reporting structure 103. Schedule 101.solusinformatics.1 and the SPI is 0. Develop a description of the product of the project. What should the project manager do? a. quality baseline. Remove the scope of work from the project and include it in the upgrade to the project c. Task L is being done by a hard-to. and milestone list d. Float b. Continue to plan the project until the scope of work is defined b. a late finish of day 6. You are taking over a project and determine the following: Task B has an early finish of day 3. Getting a single project sponsor d. During planning. Adopt a life cycle approach to the project b. a project manager discovers that part of the scope of work is under defined. 102. Cost d. Activity duration estimating and schedule development c. and early start of day 2.get resource. Develop specific work plane for each phase of the project d. Cost baseline. Which of the following would be the BEST choice for getting your project better organized? a. WBS and activity defining b. The charter was created during planning b. resource calendar. Based on this information what would you be more concerned about? a. Develop lessons learned for each phase c. Spending more time on configuration management c. The CPI is 1.www. which processes are you MOST likely to combine? a. A.

Identifying changes. A. demonstrating creativity and commitment. cost estimating. All of the following are part of direct and mange project execution except? a. You have been assigned to manage the development of an organization’s first website. You have an executive aggressive advocate and have achieved agreement and sign-off on both the project charter and project plan. and basically serves as an occasional referee and coordinator of activities. The site will be highly complex and interactive. within the budget. A team functioning throughout the project at a very high level. The project is on schedule. high levels of conflict and high turnover. You are in the middle of executing a major modification to an existing product when you learn that the resources promised at the beginning of the project are not available. selection of tasks. Any delay will be costly for both your firm and the client. 106. Explain what will happen if the resources are not made available d.solusinformatics. Communication arrangements were inadequate and did not provide the required information to interested 104. A team that initially experience some amounts of confusion. Client personnel have been kept fully informed of the project’s progress through status reports and regular meetings. A key stakeholder was not adequately involved in the project ' b. What should the project manger do FIRST? a. The project charter and project plan were not thoroughly explained or adequately reviewed by the client. The project manager delegates schedule development.www. Using a work breakdown structure c. c. The BEST thing to do is to : a. but that after a period of time becomes a cohesive and effective unit. and assignments of work activities to various project team members. Taking corrective action d. Crash the project 107. and finally performance review has been scheduled. Suddenly you hear that the entire effort may be cancelled because the product developed is totally unacceptable. The executive advocate failed to provide adequate support for the project Farooq A. b. c. and neither your project team nor the client has much experience with website development The timetable is extremely aggressive. but that stays together because of the work environment created by the project manager d. This results of this project are likely to be a. d. b. Quraishi 19 . A project manager is appointed to head a highly technical project in an area with which this person has limited familiarity. low morale. Re-plan the project without the resources c. Show how the resources were originally promised to your project b. A team that is characterized by poor performance. Setting up a project change control board — 105. A team that is not highly productive.

What is the FIRST thing you should do? a. but the customer is not happy with the performance of the project. You are assigned to be the project manager in the middle of the project. The client demands changes to the product specification that will add two weeks to the critical path. What is the FIRST thing you should do as the new project manager? a. A project manager learns that corrective action was taken by a team member and was not documented. but only because he has constantly pushed the team to perform.000. Recalculate baselines c. Report the violation to the functional manager b. Clarify the reasoning behind the team member's action c. What should the project manager do NEXT? a. A. Renegotiate the contract d. Determine a management strategy d. What should the project manager do FIRST? a. 108. The project manager has just received a change from the customer that does not Effect project time and is easy to complete. Discuss it with the project team b. What is the FIRST thing you should do once you hear of the new project? a. Make the change happen as soon as possible b. Crash the project to recover the two weeks Farooq A. You are a project manager who was just assigned to take over a project from another project manager who is leaving the company. Crash your project d. Quraishi 20 . The project in within tolerances for the baselines. Tell the team your objectives 111. Ask management how the new project will affect your project 110. Check cost performance c.solusinformatics. Add the corrective action to the historical record d.www. Check risk status b. Contact the project sponsor for permission • c.000. Resource level your project c. The previous project manager tells you that the project is on schedule. It will begin in three months and is valued at Rs. Ask management how the new project will use resources b. Your company just won a major new project. Find out who caused the problem 113. Go to the change control board d. The project manager should: a. You are the project manager for an existing project. Evaluate the other components of the triple constraints 109. Meet with the customer 112.

Renegotiate the reminder of the contract d. This is an example of: a.www. after the fact. What should she do FIRST? a. a project manager realizes he needs to decrease project costs. What should she do FIRST? a. Ask the team member how the need for the functionality was determined b. Inform the customer b. A project manager is managing a fixed price contract.solusinformatics. Change to component A from component B. he comes up with the following choices. After researching his opinions. and take the risk of 30% increase in the need for five more resources later d. The project manager calls a meeting of the team to plan how to make the change. A team member notifies you. Make sure marketing is aware of the change c. Meet with the team c. Understand what functionality was added d. Management by objectives b. A. cost or quality impact 116. the project manager determines that a change is needed to material purchased for the project. Advise the client of the impact of the change 114. Follow the integrated change control system 118. Implement change control process to track the change 117. that she has added extra functionality to the project. cost or quality? a. Resource B is a more experienced worker c. component A costs more to purchase but a lower life cycle cost then B b. Consult management before proceeding d. Remove a test from the project plan. What should a project manager do FIRST if a team member has added functionality to a product in the project without impacting time. Fast tract the project to recover the two weeks c. Move tasks B and H to occur concurrently. Change task A to be completed by resources B instead of resource C. Which choice would DECREASE project costs? b. Lack of a clear work breakdown structure 115. Ask the finance department to assess the value of the improvement c. Quraishi 21 . She thinks that a large customer-requested change might impact the schedule of the project. Meet with the stakeholders b. Ask the team member how they know there is no time. Ask the customer to review this and to submit a change request d. During the project execution. Good team relations d. Lack of a integrated change control system c. While completing a project. Farooq A. There was no impact on the cost or schedule of the project.

Influencing factors that could circumvent integrated change control so only approved changes are implemented b. You are developing an animal feed that contains a vaccine against hoof-and-mouth disease. Develop project management plan b. May not have any historical precedent. Establishing a change control board that oversees the overall project changes 121. you know when she will be available at a certain date.2. Your project has a budget of Rs. and coordinating change across knowledge areas c. Rs 800.solusinformatics. Involve factors that for planning purpose are considered to be true. Farooq A. Be sensitive to the fact that stakeholders often have very different objectives and that this makes stakeholders difficult d. Are based on lessons learned b.www. You are the project manager for a new system project. OBS and the project component list 119. Therefore. integrating product and project scope. Direct and manage project plan execution c. you should. You do not know when she will be available to support the project. c. The project sponsor has asked you what constitutes the total project scope. Rs. Quraishi 22 . Most of the project budget will be spent during. You realize that you are concerned primarily with: a. Recognize that rotes and responsibilities may overlap 122. This shows that assumptions generally involve some risk because they: a.1. A. Work packages that compromise the non-project management elements in the WBS c. Group stakeholders into categories for easy identification b. Integrating deliverables from different functional specialties on the project d. Proactively curtain stakeholder activities that might affect the project adversely c. You are preparing a project management plan have identified a key subject matter expert whose experience is invaluable to project success. Project scope statement b. a. Rs.5 million for the first year. You told her it is the: a. Managing baseline integrity.3 million for the second year. real or certain without proof and demonstration. Integrated change control d. Management wants your project to yield high-value results at a low cost. a. Your internal client wants all the features identified regardless of the cost. You are managing a large project with 20 key internal stakeholders that represent 7 companies.000 for the fourth year. Eight different contractors are involved. When working with stakeholders. and your project team has six team leaders. Project initiation 123.2 million for the third year. You are the project manager for a leading cereal for a leading cereal and grain manufacturing company. Project requirements that have been approved by stakeholders 120. Involve factors that limit the project management team’s options d.

Performance reporting d. Quraishi 23 . such as what costs have been incurred or committed and which deliverables have been completed and which remain outstanding.solusinformatics. c. Project management information system c. Organizatoin process assets. Performance measurement baseline b. Continuous improvement targets. you want to review your organizations informal and formal policies and procedures. Scope verification 127. a. Project plan execution 124. As you work on your project management plan. Progressive elaboration is a characteristic of projects that integrate the concepts of temporary and unique. d. You established a change control board that is responsible for approving. Change management plan c. d. In project plan development progressive elaboration also is important in terms of : a. Integrated change control c. Your project office implemented a project management methodology that emphasizes the importance of integrated change control. or rejecting proposed changes to your avionics project. It states the change requests can occur in all the following forms except: Oral Legally mandated Informal internally initiated Farooq A. Employee performance reviews. You are collecting information about your project’s work results. One of your team members gave you a list of four items to review. A. The procedures require all approved changes to be reflected in the: a. Assumptions b. Project management plan 125. When you set up a board. Constraints c. 128. b. You will use this information in which of the following processes? a. Time reporting 126. Quality assurance plan d. differing. b. Project management information system d. Which one of the following is not an organizational process asset whose effects on the project must be considered? a.www. you established specific procedures to govern its operation.

You are responsible for building the first project in Bangalore. To support from initiation through closing you should use: a.www. You will contract with an outside vendor to supply the ERP software. This situation shows that: a. All stakeholders n the performing organization b All project stakeholders Farooq A. A junior-level cost engineer made at major contribution during proposal preparation when the contract amount was being determined. India. Quraishi 24 . You realize that detailed planning. Lessons learned and other historical information from previous projects c. A parametric model should be used in conjunction with expert judgment as the ideal cost estimating methodology for lump-sum contracts d. Key stakeholders accepted the plan. and it was approved. Your company is hiring a contractor to manage the project and is using a lump-sum contract. The methodology requires your company to establish a change control board. It is time to distribute it. Composed of key project team members 133. A make-or-buy analysis b. You prepared an integrated project plan and a project schedule You submitted it to the steering committee. Which one of the following statements best describes a change control board? a. Manage by the project manager. A person does not need to be aware of local conditions to provide accurate information. McGregor's Theory X c. The project management information system 132. Vroom's Expectancy Theory 130. Benefit-cost-analysis d. management does that. Used as required to approve or reject change requests c. Ouchi's theory b. Recommended for use on all (large and small) projects b. execution. You are implementing a project management methodology for your company.solusinformatics. who also serves as its secretary d. and closing processes for these types of real-time systems are prerequisites for success. Maslow's self-esteem level d. Every stakeholder has skills and knowledge that may be used in developing the project management plan c. Your organization is characterized by which one of the following theories? a. You have been assigned to manage a large enterprise resource-planning (ERP) project in your organization. Professional cost estimating advice always is required b. Both the project plan and schedule should be distributed to: a. Individual team members are not expected to engage in problem solving or use creative approaches to plan and execute 129. 131. A. Your organization is characterized by hierarchical organizational structures with rigid rules and policies and strict supervisor controls.

You need to be both a leader and manager in your project management work. A. Although your company has few project management policies and procedures in place. Experience. it made a healthy profit last year. Team members question the need to have all changes formally reviewed. Which one of the following key responsibilities best represents project leadership? a. however.solusinformatics. you realize the importance of status review meetings. An example of such a change is one that is: a. According to Her berg's Motivator-Hygienic Theory. Using all types of power. Quraishi 25 . has taught you that some controls are required. You established several change control boards (a technical review board. but must convince your colleagues to use it. Made mandatory by a new regulation 138. But you also recognize that your team and other key stakeholders are very busy and do not want to attend. Suggested by the customer d. as appropriate. Lack motivation and become dissatisfied with their work d. especially for projects that change frequently. Procedures that define how project documents may be changed b. You realize that leadership without management or management without leadership probably will produce poor results. and motivating and inspiring others b. these meetings: a. To be effective. As project manager. Lack motivation but will not be dissatisfied with their work c. as motivational tools 135. Should be held frequently to obtain agreement about goals and methods to achieve them Farooq A. recognition. Specific change requests expected on the project and plans to respond to each one c. You would like to establish a change control system for your company. responsibility. the change control system must include: c Project team members and the project sponsor d. and advancement or promotion and not present. employees will: a.www. and a configuration control board) for your project. A description of the functional and physical characteristics of an item or system 136. Getting things done through other people c. Performance reports that forecast project changes d. aligning people. Because you are in the project execution phase. Become alienated with the organization and leave b. Become dissatisfied only if they do not receive salary increases 137. People identified in the communications management plan 134. an engineering review board. when achievement. Establishing direction. Using charismatic power to others d. You point out to them that some changes can be approved without the involvement of any board. The result of an emergency c. Suggested by the project sponsor b.

Does not apply because the project will have a lasting result b. it provides information about the work to be done: Throughout all project phases For successful completion of the current project phase For successful completion of the current and subsequent project phases In the next project phase 140. The product is expected to have a very long life. You are the project manager for a new product your company is launching. Controlling changes to characteristics . Predefined budget.solusinformatics. b. Configuration management describes procedures for applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance. Quraishi 26 . c. Knowledge and skills of application area knowledge. you believe rolling wave planning is appropriate. c. Records of past performance. . A. Because your project is slated to last 5 years. b. d. An automated project management information system. Can be reduced in frequency and duration c. Which one of the following tasks is not performed in configuration management? a. b. more senior-level staff available to assist junior-level team members on this initiative. Lessons learned from previous projects Farooq A. d.www. The team is reviewing a number of items as it prepares the plan. the concept of being temporary. a. You are part of a team that is preparing a project plan for your company’s new wireless VCR product line. c. Regular status review meetings 143. Which one of the following is an example of constraint that you should consider? a. You are managing a project to introduce a new product to the market place. Must be scheduled regularly to document patient reactively 139 a. Does not apply because the project will not be short in duration 142. You realize that for success with this project your project management team must have: a. Recognizes that the project team will outlive the actual project d. Does not apply to the product to be created c. b. standards. In this situation. . Performing an audit to verify conformance to requirements d. Need to be intensified to tie up loose ends d. Allowing automatic approval of changes 141. and regulation about the project. which is not the part of the project definition. d. Identifying functional and physical characteristics of an item or system b. Financial reports from similar projects.

d. d. Approving changes and incorporating them into revised baseline c. particularly with the project's schedule constraints. This can be done through each of the following ways except: a.solusinformatics. Quraishi 27 . Therefore. Managers should not expect too much of workers Farooq A. You know that this informal method of task completion will be detrimental. 147. c. An important task of project managers is to identify the relevant goals of each project. regardless of the order in which these tasks appear in a project schedule. a. team building and commitment to the project d.www. 148. 146. MBO specifically address all the following excepta. Promoting participation. Analyzing and reducing risk and determining how to handle it when it occurs. c. Rejecting new changes b. Poor performance is the natural outcome of poor training b. The team members like to do tasks when they want to. Earned value management 145. Project status review meetings. you establish a: Schedule management plan Work authorization system Change control system Project management information system Change requests are the output of. If you want to assess whether the variance from the plan require corrective action. According to the expectancy theory of motivation: a. numerous interfaces. and external 144 A number of tools and techniques are helpful in monitoring and controlling project work. Continuously managing baseline changes d. You are the project manager for a large project with a core team of eight senior level experts. A. Configuration management software. An approach that can help managers set up and achieve those goals is management by objectives (MBO). b. c. a. Periodically evaluating whether project objective have been achieved. A project management information system c. d. Establishing unambiguous and realistic objective b. b. Develop project management plan Direct and manage project execution Integrated change control Configuration management Most projects require change because they typically represent something unique or different for the organization. you should Usea. You want to minimize the impact of project changes and you want to ensure that change is managed when and if it occurs. b. Ensuring that product specification changes are not reflected in changes to project scope in WBS 149.

Overlap and interact throughout the project life cycle b. Your organization issued guidelines for information items to be included in the project management plan. Project management software b. You want to encourage your staff to pool its knowledge about project issues to make the best decisions possible. The training curriculum as advertised in your catalog 151. Motivation to act is linked to an outcome that is expected to have value d. You manage a project whose team members have diverse skills and expertise. and you want to include in both "hard" and "soft" tools. Becomes a lesson learned as a result of the corrective action selected c. A kickoff meeting d. Are defined by the project life cycle c. You are responsible for a project management-training curriculum that is offered throughout the organization. and others will not. To do this. Some will be significant. Are similar for each application area 155. you should summarize the: Farooq A. Democratic c. A variance is considered to be significant if it: a. Certificates of completion for everyone who completes the program d. One item is to describe your project management approach or strategy. A continuous improvement target c. Cost accounting codes 152. You are developing a project planning methodology for your company. Laissez-faire . You have established a system for measuring project performance regularly to identify variances from the project plan. Therefore. In this situation. Autocratic d Directive 154. A.www. Jeopardizes project objectives d. a project management process and a product-oriented management process: a. Managers should expect that employees who are paid more will work harder 150.solusinformatics. Quraishi 28 . b. Employees who can apply the training effectively c. and complete project work. The most appropriate management style to use is: a. Which one of the following is an example of a "soft" tool? a. Project management process describe. Training materials for each course c. Are concerned with describing and organizing project work d. organize. Requires corrective action 153. Product-oriented management processes specify and create the project’s product. Is considered a project risk b. your intangible deliverables are: a.

c. d. b. To ensure that this change is incorporated into the project plan you shoulda. b. Immediately inform all effected stakeholders of the new approach to take on the project. Change the WBS. 159.www. but only to the second level for small a. should be three levels to avoid confusing the client. project schedule. Direct and manage project execution b Develop project management plan c. and project plan to reflect the new requirement . This model has five levels. You are the new head of the project office. 156. Responsibility. You are working on a telecommunications project. Integrated change control 160. Should be developed to the level at which control will be exercised. b. Work is proceeding on the project according to the schedule. Individual management plans. There have been many arguments among project mangers regarding the details to be included in any WBS. Should be included as part of the scope management plan regardless of its detail. Approved corrective actions is an input of: a. 157. Work performance information includes all the following except: Cost authorization and incurred Extent to which quality standards are being met Deliverables that have been completed Farooq A. c. A. Monitor and control project work d. d. Esteem d Physiological 158. Quraishi 29 . You have just learnt that a new regulatory requirement will cause a change in one of the project’s performance specifications. Social c. d.solusinformatics. Self-actualization b. c. a sense of accomplishment. Abraham Maslow developed a model to explain the motivational process in relation to the way human needs change throughout an individual’s developmental life cycle. b. c. and a sense of competence are examples of needs at which level? a. You prepare a guideline that states that the WBSa. a. Call a meeting of the change control board. Should be developed. Project charter Scope statement Performance measurement baseline for schedule and cost. Prepare a change request.

Quraishi 30 . It describes the major project’s deliverables. d. and accessing configuration information needed to manage products and product information effectively d. a. Economic models Farooq A. b. Documentation d. A project scope change control system including all of the following EXCEPT: a. Establishing that the performance and financial requirements defined in the configuration documentation have been met c. Change in the project authorization Change in project personnel Modification to the agreed upon project scope as defined by the approved WBS 164. EAC 161. Comparative approaches b. Approval levels d. Providing the basis from which the configuration of products is defined and verified b. Benefit measurement methods for project selection include all the following EXCEPT" a. c. Scoring model d. b. Establishes how the WBS will be maintained and approved c. Describes how completed project deliverables will be verified and accepted d. Describes how to create the WBS from the project scope statement. Evaluation process" 166. Capturing. c. Linear programming method c. storing.www. All of the following are true about the scope statement EXCEPT: It is an output of scope verification. Validating defect repair PROJECT SCOPE MANAGEMENT 162. Tracking system c.solusinformatics. A scope change is defined as a Change in technical specifications as described in the WBS. Which of the to following is not true of a scope management plan? a. 163. A. Configuration status accounting is: a. b. It provide a common understanding of the project scope among all project stakeholders d. Is separated from the project plan 165. It provides a baseline for evaluating whether requests for changes or additional work are contained within or outside project’s boundaries. a.

Scope verification: a. Facilitating clear responsibility assignments 170. To formally authorize the existence of the project b. To refer to the business need c. c. To provide the project manager an authority to apply organizational resources to project activities 172. The WBS is an unstructured list of activities in chart form c. and resource estimates c.solusinformatics. The WBS is deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of work to be executed by the project team to create project deliverables b. Is the process of obtaining stakeholders formal acceptance of the completed project scope and associated deliverables 167. Defining a scope baseline d. Refers to-the final project report describing the project at completion c. Approves the market analysis 173. WBS is necessary for all of the following EXCEPT: a. duration. c. The project charter is a document that is used for all of the following purposes EXCEPT: a. b. Describes authority level of the assigned project manager c. Evaluating the project at its completion b. The WBS is the same as the Organizational Breakdown Structure Farooq A. a. 169.www. Describes the need and justification for a project d. Which of the following is not an output of scope control? WBS update Recommended connective actions Requested changes Performance reports 168. d. Quraishi 31 . Which of the following statements is true of the WBS? a. Is not necessary if the project completes on time and on budget d. Initiation is the process which formally does not: a. Improving the accuracy of cost. A. Occurs only when revisions or change orders are made to the project 171. To request bids for different phases of a project d. d. Poor WBS may cause all the following EXCEPT: Higher project cost Rework Material failure Schedule delay' a. b. Authorizes a new project or reaffirms that an existing project should continue into next phase of a multiphase project b.

b. a. An input to create WBS process is: The type of contract Project scope statement Work breakdown structure templates Decomposition a. d. To reach consensus of experts on subject matter c. c. a. b. a. The WBS refers to the Bill of Material (BOM) 174. c. c. As a record of when work elements are assigned to individuals 177. What is the WBS typically used for? a. Which of the following is a KEY attribute of scope verification Farooq A. d. Bottom-up approach to estimate d. Provide project justifications c. The following is true about WBS: The WBS is another term for the Gantt chart Work not in the WBS is outside the scope of the project Work not in the WBS is usually defined in the scope statement of the project The WBS shows only the critical path activities 178. b. A. d. To identify the logical person to be project sponsor c.solusinformatics. b. Organizing and defining the total scope of the project b. c. d. The work breakdown structure can BEST be thought of an effective aid for __ communications Team Project manager Customer ' Stakeholder 181. Analytical hierarchy process to manage d. To define the level or reporting the seller provides the buyer d.www. 176. Identify the level at which individual elements are found d. Quraishi 32 . Use it in project management software 179. Which of the following is a chief characteristic of the Delphi technique? a. Systematically estimate costs of work breakdown structure elements b. Extrapolation from historical records b. A Work Breakdown Structure numbering system allows project staff to: a. The following is an example of a constraint: A predefined budget The threat of a strike by a subcontractor Relationship with the seller The method used to measure project performance 175.

Activity duration estimates c.www. a team member comes to the project manager because he is not sure of what he needs to accomplish on the project. Functional manager created the project plan based on input from the project manager c. Decreases then increases d. Showing the business need for the project Farooq A. A. Planning process group c. Execution process group d. d. Project manager creates the project plan based on input from senior management d. Controlling process group 184. During the initiation process. c. Showing calendar dates for each task c. Decreases c. Initiation process group b.During what phase of the life cycle is the project scope statement created? a. Showing the functional managers for each team member d. Improved cost estimates Customer acceptance of project efforts Improved schedule estimates An improved project management information system 182. Detailed resource estimates d. Increases 186. Project scope statement c. A project plan should be realistic in order to be used t0 manage the project Which of the following is the BEST method to achieve a realistic project pian7 a. Identification of activities b. the level of uncertainty in the scope: a. Remains the same b. Quraishi 33 . Project manager creates the project plan based on the input from the team 187. Communication with customer b. During project execution. For which of the following can the work breakdown structure be used? a. Senior manager creates the project plan based on input from the project manager b. Work Breakdown Structure dictionary b. Budget estimates d.solusinformatics. which of the following is included in a project charter? a. Which of the following documents contain descriptions of work packages? a. The business need of the project 185. Cost estimates 183. As the project becomes more a. b.

The BEST response would be : a.solusinformatics. Quality analysis d. the project is mostly complete. The project manager should: a. To manage a project effectively. it is supported by management b. Quraishi 34 . Scope management c.www. A project manger new to the project management has asked you why they should Bother using a work breakdown structure on their project. Tel! them it is only way to identify risks 193. This is an example of: a. Team buy-in c. A. Ask the customer for the description of the change c. The rules are written down c. A project schedule b. Change management process b. Scope decomposition 189. Meet with the project team to determine if this change be made b. a team member suggests an enhancement to the scope of work that is beyond the scope of the project charter. A list of risks 194. b. c. Tell them it will prevent work from slipping through the cracks b. Which of the following does NOT describes how far to decompose the work? Farooq 188. A project completion date d. The process of creating a work breakdown structure results in a. a. However the customer wants a major change to the scope of work. work should be broken down into small pieces. During a project team meeting. Tell them it is required if the project involves contracts d. Management by objectives works only if: a. d. Tel! them that one is not needed c. The project does not impact the objectives d. When should scope verification be done? At the end of the project At the beginning of the project At the end of each phase of the project During planning 190. The Project manager points out that team needs to concentrate on completing all the work required. The project includes the objectives in the project charter 191. Inform management 192. Explain that the change cannot be made at this point in the process d.

A project manager is trying to convince management to use project management and has decided to start with charter. The FIRST thing the project manager must do is: Create a project plan using the WBS Confirm that all the stakeholders have had input to the scope of work Form a team to create the procurement plan Create a network diagram a. c. d. Your boss has asked you that the begin project immediately. A risk response plan 198. but could not get it approved. d. Until it has a meaningful conclusion Until it can be logically subdivided further Until it can be done by one person Until it can be realistically estimated 195. A project manager spends some time determining his company's objectives and how the project fits into them. A project manager may use ___ to make sure the team clearly knows what work is included in each of their tasks a. It describes the authority level of the project manager d. b. A project charter c. You have created the project charter. It describes the details of what needs to be done b. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do? a. It describes the project's history |197. A. Quraishi 35 . a. b. b. Set up an integrated change control process b. It lists the names of all team members c. Management by objectives c. A WBS dictionary d. c. A project scope of work b. a. d. Why would the charter help the project manager? a.www. Linear programming is an example of what type of project selection criteria? Constrained optimization Comparative approach Benefit measurement Impact analysis 199.solusinformatics. A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the completed project scope statement. The project's future d. This is an example of: a. The work breakdown structure . Show your boss the impact of proceeding without approval c. |196. Responsibility charts b. 200. Focus on completing projects that have a sighed charter Farooq A.

Start work on only the critical path 201 The engineering department has uncovered a problem with the cost accounting system and has asked the systems department to analyze what is wrong and fix the problem. Complete the project within eight months without contacting the customer during this time c. The project is two weeks ahead of schedule.solusinformatics. Quality control c. which of the following is the BEST thing to do? a. The next phase is testing and implementation. Perform scope verification on the new work with the help of the stakeholders d. Cost control 204. What should the project manager be MOST concerned with before moving on to the final phase? a. Re-estimate the project schedule with input from the engineering department c. The scope of work should be detailed to allow clarification d. Scope verification d. The scope of work should be general to allow the seller to make its own decisions b. Under these circumstances. you cannot see how the new work fits within the project charter for your existing project After some analysis. you determine that the new work and existing do not overlap and can be done concurrently. Complete the project as requested. A. A customer has given you a scope of work for a complex. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do? a. The construction phase of project is near completion. A new project manager is about to begin creating a project scope statement of work.www. The scope of work should be general to allow clarification later c. The customer has asked you to just "get it done" and only wants to see you at the end of eight months when you deliver the finished project. Management has issued a change request to the change control board to add the new work to your project. Which of the following would you advise the project manager to do? a. eight-month project that has a few unknowns. Identify specific changes to the existing work 202. Ask management to check in with the customer occasionally Farooq A. You are a project manager working with the cost accounting programs on another project. but a seller will do the work. The project is important for the project manager's company. Your existing project has a CPI of 1. They also require different skill sets. Quraishi 36 . The scope of work should be detailed as necessary for the type of the project 203. Another stakeholder only wants to describe the functional requirements.2 and a SPI of 1. Create the high-level project scope and develop the product description b. However.3 so you have some room to and work without delaying your existing project or going over budget. Performance reports d. but verify its scope with customer occasionally throughout b. One stakeholder wants to add many items to the scope of work.

What is the BEST thing to do a. Project plan d. Complete the project. Today you are examining multiple scope change requests on a project you were asked to take over because the previous project? manager decided to resign. which must be coordinated carefully with thea. During project execution. Call a meeting of the team 206. However. Quraishi 37 . A. the product was defined as "a state-of-the-art personal transportation vehicle/ Later it was defined as "a state-of-the-art personal transportation vehicle that will use gasoline and natural gas. You are managing a six-month project and have held bi-weekly meetings with your project stakeholders. Your company's project review committee (PRC) meets quarterly to review any Project with a budget exceeding $2 million. Continue with the project d." This shows the progressive elaboration of product characteristics. but the stakeholders are not satisfied with the deliverables This situation will delay the project completion by one month. You recently were assigned one of these large projects. Scope change control process 207. The PRC asked you to present the project’s objective. the customer neither acknowledges the completed deliverable nor replies to the project manager's request for verification. Scope defining b. The MOST important process that could have prevented this situation is a. Risk monitoring and control process b. You are working on a product development project under contract to an automotive company Initially. Last week you were on holiday. Scope statement b.www. work content and deliverables at its next meeting. Project charter b. To assess the degree to which the project scope will change you need to compare the requests to which project document? a. Contact management and obtain scope verification d. a project team delivers a project deliverable to the customer. Project stakeholders c.solusinformatics. Document the situation c. a. Scope change control system d. Scope management plan 209. Schedule control process c. the project is on schedule and budget. but document that the customer did not want contact 205. Customer's strategic plan 208. After five-and-a-half months of work. You need to prepare which one of the following documents. WBS c. Product description Farooq A. Scope defining process d.

To help avoid conflict in wok priorities among your team. Capability b. WBS 210. you finally convinced management to consider systems maintenance from beginning of the project. Project management involves setting organizational objectives. Be viewed as a separate project. b. Quraishi 38 . c. c. Realism c. market share. Project scope statement d. Project plan Farooq A.solusinformatics. 214. Cost 211. and public perception. You are beginning a new project staffed with a virtual team that is located in five countries. Human resource management plan. The deliverable for this phase is c. A project is an ideal environment in which to use the management-by-objectives technique becausea. Be viewed as a new project life cycle d. You are the senior management personal for this project. All projects should be strongly oriented towards goals and objectives. Ease of use d. their project manager. Your company has more project opportunities to pursue than resources available to complete them. b. d. Project charter . You are leading a team to establish a project selection and prioritization method. d. b. Thinking back to the lessons your company learned from its experiences with its legacy information systems during the Y2K dilemma. Projects generally are handled through a matrix management environment. Memo to team members informing them that they work for you now. you recognize that virtual teams will be more responsive to their functional managers than to you. Project managers' responsibilities are defined in terms of corporate objectives.www. Your company is embarking on a project to completely eliminate defects in its projects. including financial return. maintenance shoulda. The most important criterion for building a project selection model is a. Based on experience. The team is considering many different management concerns. 212. you ask the project sponsor to prepare aa. Memo to the functional managers informing them that you have authority to direct their employees. Have a separate phase in the life cycle for information systems projects because 60% to 70% of computer systems' life cycle costs generally are devoted to maintenance. c. However. A. and you have just finished the concept phase. Always be included as an activity to be performed during the closeout phase. 213.

control change. you meet with your team and decide to establish a project scope change control system.solusinformatics. 218. and you recognize that. The project is now under way. Your company uses multiple variables. This isa. A value-adding change. d. To avoid a similar experience. An external event b. An error or omission in defining the scope of the project. documented procedures to define the steps by which official project documents may be change. scope change is inevitable you also are aware of the danger of scope creep. A customer review of this document uncovered that a scope change was needed. Project charter d. Statement of work c. You recommend using a discounted cash-flow approach. and a change request was subsequently written. Quraishi 39 . having suffered the consequences of its recently. 217. A set of procedures by which project scope may be b. and audit the items and system to verify conformance to requirements. A collection of formal. tracking systems. c.www. An. including the documentation. and approval levels necessary for authorizing change. b. Constrained optimization method c. d. record and report damage. Analytical hierarchy process. You also have established a way to determine value under uncertainty. This is an example of a change request that was the result ofa. This is known as thea. A documented process used to apply technical and administrative direction and surveillance to identify and document functional and physical characteristics of items. d. your team developed a bill of materials to define the project's work components. b. Mandatory for use on projects so that the scope management plans cannot be changed without prior review and sign-off. 216. A. Logical framework analysis. Choice of alternative methods to perform the project b. error or omission in defining the scope of the product.. Resource spreadsheet 215. d. c. You have been asked to participate in your company’s project selection process. 219. c. This approach is based in part on the economic theory that a Rupee today generally is worth than a Rupee a year from now. the project is acceptable if the: Farooq A. given the nature of project work. a. All the following are examples of constrained optimization methods exceptAnalytical hierarchy process Logical framework analysis Economic model Multi objective programming Rather than use a WBS. Using this approach.

The work package is a: a. The objective of such a review is to: a. Today she requested for a project scope change. Adjust the schedule and cost baseline based on past performance c. a project manager should be selected and assigned at which point in the project life cycle? a.www. Task with a unique identifier a. She would like to make it an interactive game that can be played on a television and on a computer. You want to structure your project so that each project team member has discrete work-package to perform. and other objectives d. Requires adjustments . c. at a minimum: a. Deliverable at the lowest level of the WBS b. You subcontracts administrator has told you to prepare a product description. Quraishi 40 . quality. Payback period occurs by the second year of the project. 220. Results in a lessons learned 224. Net present value of the inflow is greater than the NPV of the outflow by the specified amount or percentage. Task that can be assigned to more than organizational unit 221. Preliminary project statement of work b. Sum of the net present value (NPV) of all estimated cash flow during the life of the project equals the profit b. Your firm needs to procure the hardware components from external sources.solusinformatics. d. Determine whether the project should be authorized to the next phase 223. During the project initiation process Farooq A. Contract scope statement cost. which in this case is called a: a. Project charter d. Required level of reporting d. you believe to initiate creating of charter at the conclusion of each project phase. Contract 222. Your customer signed off on the requirements definition document and project scope statement of your video game project last month. Modifies the project's agreed-upon scope as defined by the WBS b. Determine how much resources are required to complete the project according to the project baseline b. Obtain customer acceptance of project deliverables d. Gross present value of all future expected cash flow divided by the initial cash investment is greater than one. Results in a change to al project baselines c. A. time. Ideally. You are project manage for a systems integration effort. Although your company's project life cycle does not mandate when or how many project phases should be conducted. This represents a scope change that.
b. During the project planning process
c. At the end of the concept phase of the project life cycle
d. Prior to the beginning of the development phase of the project life cycle

Because of a new government regulation, you had to change the scope of your
telecommunication project. Several changes were made to the project's objectives.
You have updated the project's technical and planning documents as needed Your
next step should be to:
a. Notify stakeholders as appropriate
b. Revise the company's knowledge management system
c. Obtain formal acceptance from your sponsor and customer
d. Prepare a performance report


During the concept phase of your project, management indicated that it wants the
expected benefit of each new project to outweigh its development costs. This is an
example of:
a. An assumption
b. A constraint
c. Use the constrained-optimization method of the project selection
d. A technical requirement

You have been appointed project manager for a new project in your organization
and must prepare a project plan. To help you provide the framework for this project you
decide to prepare a WBS to show the magnitude and complexity of the work involved.
No WBS templates are available to help you. To prepare WBS, your first step shouid be
a. Determine the cost and duration estimates for each project deliverable
b. Identify the major project deliverables
c. Identify the components of each project deliverable
d. Determine the key tasks to be performed
228. You are a Personnel management specialist for the human resources department
You recently were assigned to a new project team. The team is working on a project to
establish a team-based reward and recognition system. The other team members also
work in the human resources department. The project charter should be issued by
a. The project manager
b. The client
c. The manager external to the project
d. A member of the program management office (PMO) who has jurisdiction over
human resources
229. Your company, Health Nut, Inc is a leading marketer of dietary supplements that
can be produced quickly and without regulatory approval. Management wants to explore
new markets and new products to boost revenue and profits. You are leading a team to
identify potent products. Because of your background and -interest in information

Farooq A. A. Quraishi

technology, you recommended developing wireless communication products. But when
you submitted the idea of review, executive management informed you that this product
would not fit with organizations core competencies. You need to go back to the drawing
board and recommend other products using management's guideline as
a. As assumption
b. A risk
c. A specification
d. A technical requirement
230. The state government awarded your firm a contract to renovate an elementary
School. One contractual term, State preference, requires you to hire Native laborers and
subcontractor from the reservation. This is an example of the following constraints:
a. Social
b. Economical
c. Environmental
d. Legal

Historical information is used:
To compare current performance with prospective lessons learned
To prepare the stakeholder management plan
To evaluate the skills and competencies of the prospective team members
As an input to project initiation process


Your organization's research department has isolated an advanced microbe
Management asked you to determine whether a project to commercialize the
agent should be initiated. Accordingly, you need to prepare a :
a. Feasibility study
b. Return on investment report
c. Make-or-buy analysis
d. Project charter
233. On an environmental remediation project, an example of a value-adding change is a
Change that:
a. Is caused by a new or revised government regulation, necessitating that the
design be resubmitted
b. Takes advantage of cost-reducing technology that was not available when the
scope originally was defined
c. Uses a bill of materials to define the scope of the project
d. Corrects omissions of a required feature in the design of a system

The greatest degree of uncertainty is encountered during which phase of the
project life cycle?
Planning '

Farooq A. A. Quraishi


Scope verification:
a. Improves cost and schedule accuracy, particularly on projects using innovative
techniques or technology
b. Is the last activity performed on a project before handoff to the customer
c. Documents the characteristics of the product or service that the project was
undertaken to create
d. Differs from quality control in that scope verification is concerned with the
acceptance - not the correctness - of the deliverables.

Specifying the project's technical requirements is an important step because such
a. Describe the characteristics of the deliverable in ordinary language
b. Are used by the project staff to target efforts
c. Are used to both the project staff and the customers
d. Are designed to ensure that customers know what they are getting from the

237. You have been placed in charge of a group that is selecting one of three possible
projects. The project is to develop an antidote to prickle heat. As you gather in the
conference room, many of the team members already have decided which project
selection technique to use. Some prefer IRR, and others for BCR. In deciding which
method to use, your first step should be:
a. Compare and contrast selection techniques, and identify the advantages and
disadvantages of each
b. Identify the technique used often in the company and determine if it is
appropriate for this project
c. Select the method that most team members are knowledgeable of
d. Determine the philosophy and whishes of the management

Written change orders should be required on:
All projects, large and small
Only large projects
Projects with a formal configuration management systems in place
Projects for which the cost of a change control can be justified

Your team has been working on a contract for 3 years. Yesterday you were
informed that your client depleted its resources and will terminate the contract for
convenience Your first action is to:
a. Submit the work products to date to your client's representative
b. Document lessons learned
c- Establish and document the level and extent of completion
d. Shut down the project office and reassign ail personnel

Of the following, which one is not an input in scope control?
a. WBS

Farooq A. A. Quraishi


The project management plan is important in change control because it: a. c. You are establishing a PMO that will have a project management information system. Close alignment of project activities with WBS c. Project schedule d. Scope reporting mechanism 244. Value analysis d. This situation proceeds an example of a. five Phase-2 trials. Project scope management plan 241. A. Provides information on project performance c. cost and scope control. 242. and six Phase-3 trials. Provides the baseline against which changes are managed b. including time. You will collect Farooq A. Customer satisfaction c. the success of any project depends primarily on: a. Project success depends on number of interrelated factors. This system will be an on-line repository of all program data. Customer acceptance b. Customer compromise in defining its needs d. Cost accounting procedure d. Follow the WBS that the prime contractor developed for the project and use the work-pacakges you identified during the proposal b. Develop a WBS dictionary to show specific staff assignment 243. As the project proceeds. This approach represents a: a. Is expected to change throughout the period. Configuration management process c. Exceeding customer requirements through gold-plating 246. Alerts the project team to issues that may cause problems in the future d. Performance reports c. You are working in a pharmaceutical industry. Quality function deployment b. Quraishi 44 .solusinformatics. Your technical team leader has prepared a request for a value-adding change on your project that will result in expanding the project scope. Establish a similar coding structure to the prime’s to facilitate use of a common project management information system d. However . Your first step is to : a.www. To help assess the magnitude of earn value analyses be used. the product is described mere explicitly as four Phase-1 trials. Develop a subproject WBS for the contract scope of work that is your company’s responsibility. The prime contractor has asked that you manage your work in a detailed manner. Performance measurement technique b. Your project has been defined as clinical trails for a new drug that improves memory. Progressive elaboration of the project description b. You are the project manager for a sub-contractor on a major contract.

WBS structure template d. You're working on a new project for an overseas product release. Prior to this conversion. and the smaller package are each considered deliverables Farooq A. A new machine is needed in order to mix the first set of ingredients in the concentrated formula. The new machine. Customer's request c. This information will form an integral part of the a Chart of accounts b. A. Which of the following is true? a. Technological advance 248. A lot of unproductive hours were spent typing information into several formats.www. the CEO for your company gave you the project to convert and upgrade all PCs in the department to the latest release of a specific desktop application. all manner of desktop software existed on machines throughout the company and had caused increasing problems with sharing files and information across the company. Marketing demand descriptions of ail work components for each of the project under the PMO jurisdiction. The new machine. and it will dial that number for you. Business need c. you simply speak the word home into the phone. WBS dictionary c. You work a large manufacturing plant. The new machine. Legal requirement 249. Earned Value Management reports 247. and the smaller package description must be incorporated into the product description document c. This service will allow you to speak the name of the person you want to call into your cellular phone. Quraishi 45 . Business need d. This project came about as a result of which of the following? a.solusinformatics. Your company is taking advantage of the progress that been made recently with recognition software. Customer request d. and the smaller package are each project assumptions d. and they think to make a big splash with the introduction of this product. This is the company's first experience in the overseas market. The new machine. Initial projections show that market demand is very high for this product. the concentrated formula. Your company is going to introduce a new service called 'Phone Home'. and the smaller package are each project constraints b. the concentrated formula. the concentrated formula. the concentrated formula. This spring. The project entails producing your product in a concentrated formula and packaging into smaller containers that the US product uses. Technological advance b. This project came about as a result of which of the following? a. You are a project manager for the IT division of a local satellite TV broadcasting company. To call home.

Formally recognize the stakeholders of the project and identify them in the project charter . You work a large manufacturing plant. The project manager should document the project's goals and known deliverables in a high-level overview document & assume the project is a go c. 253 Which of the following is true regarding product description? a. You might be able to gather project information since this new project is similar in nature c. You worked on a similar project for the organization two years ago when it cohosted the 10K run through the village. Historical information from the election campaign drive project. The strategic plan. The project entails producing your product in a concentrated formula and packaging into smaller containers that the US product uses. You're working on a new project for aft overseas product release. It describes the characteristics of the product or service and contains less detail in the early phases of the project c The product description is an input of the initiating 250. This is the company's first experience in the overseas market. because you'll want to make sure the project reflects the overate strategic direction of the organization b Historical information on the 10K run project in a similar City like conditions. technological advances. It describes the characteristics of the product or service b The product description is an output of the initiating process. Which of the following actions should the project manager take? a. which would describe all the details of the run/walk program d. The project manager should document the project's goals and known deliverables in a high-level overview document and recommend a feasibility study be performed d. A.solusinformatics. The product description is an output 6f the initiating process. The project manager should document the project's goals and known deliverables in a high-level overview document and recommend the project proceed b.www. customer requests. The project manager should document the project's goals and known deliverables in a high-level overview document and deliver it to the stakeholders 251 The purpose of the initiation process is to: a Formally recognize the existence of the project or phase b Formally recognize the need that brought about the project be it marketing demand. and they think to make a big splash with the introduction of this product. The product description. d. A new machine is needed in order to mix the first set of ingredients in the concentrated formula. business need. Formally recognizes the project sponsor and documents the project goals 252 Your non-profit organization is preparing to host its annual 5K run/walk in your City. It describes the characteristics of the product or service and contains a lot of detail in the early Farooq A. or legal requirements c. Which of the initiating process inputs might be helpful to you on your new project. Quraishi 46 . a.
phases of the project
d. The product description is an input of the initiating process. It describes the
characteristics of the product or service
Deliverables can be described as:
a The purpose for undertaking the project
b. The verifiable results of the products or services that must be produced to consider
the project complete
c. The specifications regarding the goals of the project that must be produced to
consider the project complete
d. The measurable outcomes of the project goals
You are a project manager working on a new software product your company
plane to market to business. The project sponsor told you that the project must be
completed by Sept-1 The company plans to demo the new software at a trade show in
late Sept and therefore needs the project completed in time for the trade show. However,
the sponsor has also told you that the budget is fixed at Rs. 8,50,000/- and cannot be
increased by even Rs.10/- due to overall budget cut this year. You must complete the
project within the given time frame and budget. Which of the following is the primary
constraint for the project?
a. Budget
b. Quality
c: Time
d. Schedule


You being a software engineer have recruited as a project manager by a BBC
documentary film company. In light of recent national tragedies elsewhere in the
world the company president wants to get a new documentary on the rescue
efforts of the heroic firefighters to air as soon as possible. She's looking to you to
make this document the best that’s ever produced in the history of this company.
She guarantees you free rein to use whatever resources you need to get this
project done quickly. However, the best photographer in the company is currently
working on another assignment Which of the following is true?
The primary constraint is time because the president wants the film done quickly
as she wants to go to air as soon as possible
Resources are the primary constraint.
The schedule is the primary constraint
The primary constraint is quality

What limits the options of the project team?
a. Technology
b. Constraints
c. Deliverables
d. Assumptions

Your project depends on the key deliverables from a vendor you've used several

Farooq A. A. Quraishi

times before with great success. You're counting on the delivery to arrive on June-1 This
an example of:
a. Constraint
b. Objective
c. Assumption
d. Goal

Christmas is approaching fast. Your market research shows that the little yellow
pink candies are the best-selling candy, outselling other types of candies. This
prompts the company to introduce a new version of marshmaliow candies this
season Which of the following is true?
a. The product came about due to customer's request, and the primary constraint
is time
b. The product came about due to market demand, and the primary constraint is
c. The product came about due to market demand, and the primary constraint is
d. The product came about due to customer's request, and the primary constraint
is quality
Your company provides answering services for several major catalog retailers
The number of calls coming into the service per month has continued to increase over the
past 18 months. The phone system is approaching the maximum load limits and the needs
to be upgraded. You' ve been assigned to head the upgrade project. Based on the
company's experience with the vendor who worked on the last phone upgrade project,
you're confident they’ll be able to assist you with this project as we!!. Which of the
following is true?
a. You ye made assumption about vendor availability and expertise. The project
came about due to a business need
b. Vendor availability and expertise are constraints. The project came about due
to business need
c. You've made an assumption about vendor availability and expertise. The
project came about due to a marketing demand
d. Vendor availability and expertise are constraints. The project came about
due to a marketing demand

You are the project manager for a product development company. Your company
is considering opening a new setup in location-A or location-B of your country.
You have derived the following information
i. Location-A: Payback period is 18 months, & NPV = (250)
ii. Location-B: Payback period is 24 months, & NPV is 300
Which project you would recommend to your management?
a. Location-A because PB Period is less than location-B
b. Location-B because NPV is a positive number
c Location-A because NPV is negative
d. Location-B because NPV is greater than Location-A

Farooq A. A. Quraishi

262 You are the project manager for a product development company. Your company
is considering opening a new setup in location-A or location-B of your country.
You have derived the following information:
i Location-A: Payback period is 27 months, & IRR = 3%
ii. Location-B:, Payback period is 25 months, & !RR = 32%
Which project you would recommend to your management?
a. Location-B because PB Period is less than location-A
b. Location-A because IRR is highest
c Location-B because IRR is lowest
d. Location-A because PB period is more than Location-A
263. Which of the following is true regarding NPV?
a. NPV assumes reinvestment at the cost of capital
b. NPV decisions should be made based on the highest value for all the selections
c. NPV assumes reinvestment on the prevailing rate
d. NPV assumes reinvestment at the NPV rate
264 You are the project manager for a company XYZ. Since you don't sleep much, you
get a lot of project work done. You're considering a project that costs Rs. 5,75,000/- and
expected °inflows are Rs. 25.000/- per quarter for the first 2-years, and then Rs. 75,000
per quarter thereafter. What is the payback period?
a. 40 months
b. 38 months
c. 39 months
d. 41 months
265. Which of the following is true regarding IRR?
a IRR assumes reinvestment at the cost of capital
b. IRR is the discount rate when NPV is greater than zero
c. IRR is a constrained optimization method
d. IRR is a discount rate when NPV is equal to zero
266. Mathematical models using linear, dynamic, integer, or algorithm models are
a. Project selection criteria
b. A form of expert judgment
c. Proper selection methods
d. A form of historical information
267. You are the newly appointed project manager for a pharmaceutical company ABC.
Your company has asked you to head up a project to research a new children's
medication. You've identified the lab equipment you'll need, the software needed
to perform analysis and measurements, and the skill level and types of the
technicians and researches for this project
Which of the following is true?
a. The project manager and resources have been identified as part of the outputs of the
Initiation process, and this information can be found in the project charter

Farooq A. A. Quraishi


Weighted scoring models are beneficial measurement method. Anu is putting together the cost projections you've gathered so far. Her manager has agreed to loan agreed to loan Anu's services to you on part-time basis during your current project. which are an input to Initiation d. The selection committee has defined project selection methods. are charged to the project b. which will include the resources and project manager c. Weighted scoring models are a constrained optimization method. should be considered as project constraints 270. which is a tool and technique of Initiation c.www. excluding Anu's time. Weighted scoring models are a constrained optimization method. The selection committee has defined project selection criteria. which is a tool and technique in the initiation process d. A. The selection committee requires resource information to make a final decision d. The project manager and resources have been identified as part of the project selection process. Anu's time is not directly related to the project and should not be included c. The project costs. The selection committee has defined project selection criteria. Further information is needed to produce the project charter. Quraishi 50 . The project manager and resources have been identified as a result of a tool and technique in the Initiation process 268. should be included in the project charter d. which is a tool and technique in the initiation process b. Which of the following is true? a.solusinformatics. The selection committee has defined project selection methods. including Anu's time. Weighted scoring models are beneficial measurement method. Which of the following is true? a. Your selection committee meets on a semiannual basis. Which of the following is true? a. Anu is formatting this information for you into spreadsheet package and is printing copies. which is an input to Initiation 269. which is a tool and technique of Initiation b. All of the costs. Your project selection committee used a weighted scoring model and found that Project-A. The project costs. The project manager and resources have been identified as part of the input of the project initiation phase. You want to include these costs in project b. with a score 54. which is an output of the initiation process c. should be chosen over the other competing projects. including Anu's time. which is an output of the initiation process Farooq A. All of the costs Anu is typing into spreadsheet are project costs. Anu is an administrative assistant with another department. They've determined that projects must meet or exceed a specific profit limit in order to be accepted and prioritized on the project list.

The project manager and resources have been identified as part of the input of the project initiation phase. The selection committee has defined project selection methods. Her manager has agreed to loan agreed to loan Anu's services to you on part-time basis during your current project. which are an input to Initiation d. and this information can be found in the project charter b. Anu's time is Farooq A.000 per quarter after that. Your selection committee meets on a semiannual basis. Quraishi 51 . The selection committee requires resource information to make a final decision d. Further information is needed to produce the project charter. All of the costs. including Anu's time.solusinformatics. Anu is formatting this information for you into spreadsheet package and is printing copies. Anu is an administrative assistant with another department. Which project would you recommend? Either Project-A or Project-B because the payback periods are equal! Project-A because Project's B payback period is 21 months Project-A because Project's B payback period is 24 months Project-A because Project's B payback period is 20 months 267. the software needed to perform analysis and measurements. d. b. Project-A has a payback period of 18 months. Which of the following is true? a. which is a tool and technique of Initiation c. The project manager and resources have been identified as a result of a tool and technique in the Initiation process 268. and the skill level and types of the technicians and researches for this project Which of the following is true? a.www. Your selection committee is debating between two projects. Which of the following is true? a. Your company has asked you to head up a project to research a new children's medication. You want to include these costs in project charter. You've identified the lab equipment you'll need. which is an input to Initiation 269. c. All of the costs Anu is typing into spreadsheet are project costs. 1. are charged to the project b. The project manager and resources have been identified as part of the outputs of the Initiation process. The selection committee has defined project selection methods.000 with expected cash inflows of Rs 50 000 the first year and 25. The selection committee has defined project selection criteria. The selection committee has defined project selection criteria. You are the newly appointed project manager for a pharmaceutical company ABC.25. Project-B has a cost of Rs. They've determined that projects must meet or exceed a specific profit limit in order to be accepted and prioritized on the project list. A. which is a tool and technique of Initiation b. The project manager and resources have been identified as part of the project selection process. Anu is putting together the cost projections you've gathered so far. which will include the resources and project manager 271 a.

Either Project-A or Project-B because the payback periods are equal b. Constrained optimization analysis c. Weighted scoring models are beneficial measurement method. which is a tool an technique in the initiation process b. including Anu's time.25. Project selection criteria might include: a.000 with expected cash inflows of Rs 50 000 the first year and 25. Your project selection committee used a weighted scoring model and found that Project-A. Weighted scoring models are a constrained optimization method. The bears will be wearing the same Farooq A. 1. Which of the following is true? a. Quraishi 52 . Weighted scoring models are beneficial measurement method. Which project would you recommend? a. A. should be included in the project charter d. which is an output of the initiation process 271 Your selection committee is debating between two projects. NPV calculations d.www. Project-A because Project's B payback period is 20 months 272.000 per quarter after that. IRR is the least precise of the cash flow analysis techniques because it assumes reinvestment at the cost of capital 273. should be chosen over the other competing projects. Potential market share or increased public perception 274. Which of the following is true? a. excluding Anu's time. Project-B has a cost of Rs. Project-A has a payback period of 18 months. NPV is the least precise of the cash flow analysis techniques as it assumes reinvestment at the discount rate c. Payback period is the least precise of the cash flow analysis techniques as it does not consider the time value of money d.solusinformatics. should be considered as project constraints 270. The project costs. with a score 54. Discounted cash flow analysis is the least precise of the cash flow techniques as it does not consider the time value of money b. Weighted scoring models are a constrained optimization method. which is a tool and technique in the initiation process not directly related to the project and should not be included c. which is an output of the initiation process c. Project-A because Project's B payback period is 24 months d. Benefit measurement methods b. Your selection committee has just chosen a project you recommended for implementation. The project costs. Project-A because Project's B payback period is 21 months c. Your project is to manufacture miniature stuffed bears that will be attached to your company's trendy T-shirt.

To require a project charter be written to include the resources needed. budget. The vendor should write the project charter as they are responsible for the manufacture the miniature stuffed bears. This should be published and signed by another managers who are impacted by this project c. The product description wifi be included in the contract c. The project manager is only one who needs to see this document as other documents will be distributed later that contain the same detail as the charter 275. A. Your selection committee has just chosen a project you recommended for implementation. The project manager wiil supply this to the vendor b. and they have a lot of authority and power in the company b. Quraishi 53 . Which of the following is true: a.solusinformatics. To require that a preliminary budget be established and a resource list be put together to alert other managers of the requirements of this project. agree with the project sponsor because after all they are your boss. The contract can serve as the project T-shirt they're attached to. and project manager's authority. Farooq A. To require a project charter be published and signed off on by all stakeholders before proceeding d.www. A good product description is all that's required. The project manager should write the project charter because the project manager will be managing the vendor portion of this project as well. Your project sponsor thinks you've really impressed the big boss and wants you to skip to the manufacturing process right away. What is your response? a. Your company has decided to outsource manufacture miniature stuffed bears that will be attached to your company's trendy T-shirt. To. d.

Resource Utilization Histograms b. ADM is a more accurate 277. Assigning "dedicated teams" to the critical path 280. Work Breakdown Structure d. whereas the ADM is a probabilistic method d. the company's participation in a Pump Industry trade show. Project A. whereas the PDM is a probabilistic method c. ADM is a deterministic method. Performance Measurement Baseline 281. Using the ADM instead of the PDM of scheduling PROJECT TIME MANAGEMENT 276. All of the following documents may be developed from the project schedule EXCEPT: a. thereby finishing the project charter earlier than originally planned b. depends on the successful completion of Project B. Using discretionary dependencies as constraints b. The main difference between the three types (ADM. as opposed to "hard logic" dependency is: a. PDM is a deterministic method. Cash Flow Forecasts c. For the shrink-wrapping on the finished box of software to depend on Farooq A. The use of industrial engineering techniques to improve productivity. An example of a "soft logic" dependency. Going on a "mandatory overtime schedule" in order to complete the project earlier d. increasing risk c. which is building the prototype pump that is going to be displayed b. d. The project schedule is useful in the generation of many important documents during the life span of the project. The availability of the resources which are assigned to perform the work c. A.solusinformatics. The capabilities of the resources which are assigned to perform the work d. The PERT method of scheduling differs from CPM because PERT method uses: Weighted averages of activity durations to calculated project duration "Dummy" activities to represent logic ties "Free float" instead of "total float" in the schedule calculations Bar charts instead diagrams to portray the schedule a. Doing activities in parallel.www. PDM) of the CPM of scheduling is: a. Quraishi 54 . The "fast-tracking" method of scheduling compression involves: a. The overall duration of the project schedule is influenced by all of the following EXCEPT: a. 279. b. Placement of the activity on the logic diagram line b. c. To install the plumbing and electrical work at the same time on a single family dwelling c. thereby.

A graphical representation of the task interdependencies Farooq A. a. Quraishi 55 . GERT d. Represents the duration of the project activities in a probabilistic fashion 283. Tasks likely to be involved in the project integration and resource allocation functions c. Represents the Project Baseline Chart in a superimposed fashion over both the logic diagram and the Gantt charts c. c. and network Project schedule. constraints WBS. and change requests Project network diagram.solusinformatics. a. The Work Breakdown Structure b. Uses Object Orientated Programming techniques to allow resource histograms that are attached to the project Gantt Charts d. One way that Graphical Evaluation Review technique (GERT) differs from PERT is that it: a. Allows the relationships in the logical diagram to contain loops b. The key inputs to activity definition are: Work breakdown structure. project schedule. 285. A Gantt chart is useful in determining: The level of effort of a task When a task starts and stops Who is assigned to do a task Relative priority of tasks A network analysis technique that allows for conditional and probabilistic treatment of logical relationships is known as: a. To decrease the total project duration for the least incremental cost is called: crashing PERT ADM or PDM forward and backward pass to determine the critical path Fast tracking a. c. and historical information that supports the applicable enclosing the manual and software first d. b. project scope statement. 286. All levels of the WBS b. progress reports. d. b. d. TheCPM 287. The PDM provides project managers with knowledge of- a. To schedule the final testing activity of a computer to start seventy-two hours after the start of the mandatory seventy-two hour "burn-in" period 282. c. b. A. 284.www. d. Time scaled networking diagramming c.

b. and a pessimistic duration estimate of 6 weeks. Quraishi 56 . finish to start Early start. finish to finish Fast tracking in time management is: a. activity implementation. a. b. optimistic. d. the process of developing a schedule is made up of: a. What the project-completed date is. As a function of Project Time Management. Most likely duration estimate c. late start. "Most likely. 2 weeks . and Pessimistic duration estimates Farooq A. start to finish. Analogous estimating is different than expert estimating. activity sequencing. 288. activity sequencing. 3 weeks 293. primary to finish. Optimistic duration estimate b.5 weeks d. Activity definition. c. a most likely duration estimation estimate of 2 weeks. Most d. The duration estimates used in original CPM calculations is the: a. and activity results d. and activity results 292.www. 1 week b. Activity definition. Pessimistic duration estimate d. the PERT weighted average is: a. Activity identification.solusinformatics. Doing some or ail activities in parallel rather than in sequence Preparing progress reports on a quick turn-around basis The timely input of data to calculate the critical path Minimizing float 291. activity duration estimating. By multiplying quantity of work to be performed by the productivity rate 289. 2. activity execution. Activity determination. Project team members estimate information d. Mean of the Optimistic. successor to successor Primary to secondary. The actual duration of a previous similar schedule activity c. A. and activity duration estimating b. late finish Predecessor to successor. 290. The critical path is calculated by establishing the following dates: Start to start. activity execution. early finish. d. finish to finish. predecessor to predecessor. Using PERT duration calculation for an activity that has an optimistic duration estimate of 1 week. and pessimist" estimates b. c. and activity duration estimating c. secondary to secondary. c. where analogous estimating considers: a. activity resource estimating.

Quraishi 57 . Task O M P PERT or expected duration Task Std. Assuming that the tasks listed above make up the entire critical path for the project. how long should the project take? 298.www. Deviation Task Variance A B C D 14 41 39 29 21 60 44 37 47 89 48 42 297. Complete the chart using the formulas above. It is a technique that allows development of an optimum project schedule when resources are unlimited b. It is another name of Gantt chart d. What is the duration of the critical path? b. • Task 1 can start immediately and has an estimate duration of 3 weeks • Task 2 can start after task 1 is completed and has an estimate duration of 3 weeks • Task 3 can start after task 1 is completed and has an estimated duration of 6 weeks ' • Task 4 can start after task 2 is completed and has an estimate duration of 8 weeks • Task 5 can start after task 4 is completed and after task 3 is completed. Often results in a project duration that is longer than the preliminary schedule c. You are the project manager for a new project and have figured out the following dependencies. Can be applied to reflect resource constraints 294. This task takes 4 weeks a. It is primarily used to ensure safety in major construction projects 296.solusinformatics. What is the slack/float of the task 3? c. All of the following are true about resource leveling heuristic EXCEPT: a. The following is true about critical chain: a. What is the slack/float of tsask 2? Farooq A. A. it is a technique that modifies the project schedule to account for limited resources c. Is sometimes called the resource-based method d. Is used to develop a meaningful WBS 295. All estimates are in hours.

solusinformatics.www. Quraishi 58 . The task will now take 10 d. (i) what is the project float? (ii) Does the critical path change? Farooq A. Considering the following data: Activity____Preceding Activity____Est. b. after some arguing between the stakeholders.E changes to 2. a new task 6 is added to the project. What is the slack of the path with the longest Slack path e. c. B 0 a. d. The stakeholder argues that the time will be less than 11 weeks. How will this affect the project? f. in days START 0 D START 4 A START 6 F D.A 7 E D 8 G F.E 5 B F 5 H G 7 C H 8 END C. The resource working on task 3 is replaced with another resource that is less experienced. Estimate Duration (in weeks) 3 9 3 Dummy 2 2 1 4 2 What is the critical! path? If the duration of Activity C . It will take 11 weeks to complete and must be completed before task 5 and after task 3.D begins? If the management tells you to complete the project 2 weeks early. What is the duration of the critical path? What is the slack of activity B? What is the slack of activity E? What is the slack of activity D? Considering the following data: Activity Start – A Start – B A-C B-C B-E C-D C-E E-End D-End a. Who is correct? 299. b. Using the original information. 300. A. Management is concerned that adding the task will add 11 weeks to the project. what is the effect on the project? What activity (s) must be completed before activity C . c. d.

Fast track d.000 9.000 and 1 week of work.000 301. what you do during planning (or executing for that matter.000. Consult the project sponsor b.000 2.000 26.000 C 11 8 3 27.000 G 7 6 1 14.000 2.what is the cost of compressing this Farooq A.000 do so.B in order to complete it in 7 weeks instead of 9 weeks.000 a.000 H 3 2 1 25. while taking corrective action) to compress the schedule to 30 days? 302. Management has told you to get the project completed 2 weeks early. A. But it would cost an additional 20. You could eliminate part Task C –Dor E – E and save Rs.000 14. Based on the network diagram below. Which activity or activities presented above would you crash to save three months on the project? b. 5.solusinformatics. You could move work from Task A-C Task B -E and save Rs. Assuming that the activities listed below represent critical path activities Act Original Crash Time Original Crash Extra Cost Per Duration Duration Savings COST Cost Cost month (mths) (mths) F 14 12 2 10.000 27.000 10.000 2. Imagine that the following project has a float of 3 mths. Advise the customer (management) of the impact of the change. Quraishi 59 . 304. What is the BEST thing for you to do? a. To reduce the project duration by 2 weeks on the management's request you have assigned a more experienced resource to task Start . How much would it cost to crash this project? 303. Crash c.000 A 9 7 2 17.www.000 3.000 5.000 1. 2.000 36.000 1.000 16.

Lag means: a. M=4 days. 5/6 of a day b. A dependency that requires that design be completed before manufacturing can start is an example of a. Which of the following are GENERALLY illustrated BETTER by bar charts than networking diagrams Logical relations Critical paths Resource trade-off Activity progress or status 308. Rule of thumb 305. 1 ½ days d. 2/3 of a day c. Amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the early start of its successor c. What is the standard deviation for this task? a. Control tool h Scheduling method c. Scope dependency 307. 'a project manager is re-analyzing the project to predict project duration. The product of a forward and backward pass 311. Which of the following is the BEST project management tool to use to determine the longest time the project will take? a. To control the schedule. WBS Farooq A. Amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the project b. P=7 days. Planning tool d. Mandatory dependencies d. What technique is she using? a.www. Waiting time d. External dependencies c. She does this by analyzing the sequence of activities with the least amount of scheduling flexibility. Flowchart ' c. The estimate for a task is O=3 days. 5 2/3 days 309. Critical path b. A heuristic is best described as a: a. Quraishi 60 . b. Precedence diagramming d.solusinformatics. A. a. Discretionary dependency b. d. Work Breakdown Structure 306. c.

Unknown 315. 13 days c. Standard deviation tells you how unsure the estimate is d. Network diagram c.3 c. 1. If the optimistic estimates for a task is 12 days. c. Simulate the order in which tasks occur d. Prove to management that extra staff is needed 318. What is the duration of a milestone? Undefined Shorter than the activity it represents There is no duration Same length as the activity it represents a. what is the standard deviation of the task? a. 3 316. Standard deviation tells you if the estimate includes a pad 317. d. If the optimistic estimates for a task is 12 days.solusinformatics. Monte Carlo analysis is used to: a. Standard deviation tells you if the estimate is accurate b. A. 15 days b. d. pessimistic is 18 days what is the most likely estimate? a. Which of the following is not CORRECT? A critical path run over a dummy There can be only one critical path The network diagram will change every time the end date changes A project can have a negative float 313. Nothing b. The slack of a task is determined by: a.www. Performing a Monte Carlo analysis b. Project schedule d. b. The waiting time between tasks Farooq A. Project charter 312. 16 days d. Quraishi 61 . Estimate a task's length c. 6 d. Which of the following BEST describes the relationship between standard deviation and risk? a. ab. 314. Get an indication of the risk involved in the project b. pessimistic is 18 days. 1 b. c.

The amount of time an activity can be delayed before it delays the critical path 319. Which of the following BEST describes how this affects the project? a. A. c. Crash the project d. Has only finish-to-finish relationships d.www. d. An activity-on-node diagram is different from activity-on-arrow diagram because an activity-on-node diagram: a. d. It increases the project risk c. If the project time and cost are not important as the number of resources used Each c. If the project network diagram cannot change but have extra personnel resources. d. b. a. a. c. Lag d. Fast track the project b. Can use PERT b. b. It makes it easier to manage b. 325. which of the following is the BEST thing to do? Perform a Monte Carlo analysis Fast track the project ' Perform resource leveling Analyze the life cycle costs When would a milestone chart be used instead of Gantt chart? Project planning Reporting to team members Reporting to management Risk analysis 322. a. It makes it more expensive 320. b. A project has three critical paths. Quraishi 62 . Perform a value analysis 323. Monte Carlo analysis c. May use dummy activities 324. 321. c. Has four relationships among tasks c. Your project plan results in a project schedule that is too long. Which estimating method uses time estimate for each task? Simulation CPM Monte Carlo Control charts Which of the following is the BEST thing to do to try to complete a project two days earlier? Farooq A. what is the BEST thing to do? a. It requires more people d.

8 329. 14 d.www. the project manager looks at the cost associated with crashing each task. What is the BEST thing to do? Farooq A. Task 4 can start after Task 1 is completed and must be completed when Task 3 is completed. 327. Risk impact of. What is the duration of the critical path for this project? a. Meet with the team and look for opinions for crashing or fast tracking the critical path d. Task 3 can start after task 2 is completed and has an estimated duration of 5 weeks. 10 b. Quraishi 63 . 8 328. crashing each task b. A. Task 2 can start after task 1 is completed and has an estimated duration of 4 weeks. Initiation 330. if Task 4 takes 10 weeks. Schedule development c. Project phase in which the task id due to occur A project manager is trying to coordinate all tasks on the project and has determined the following: Task 1 can start immediately and has an estimated duration of one week. Work hard and see what the project status is next month 326. Tell your boss c. Scope defining d. Tell them that the project's critical path does not allow the project to be finished earlier b. The BEST approach to crashing would also include looking at the: a. Which of the following includes asking team members about the time estimates for their assigned deliverables and developing on the calendar date for each activity? a. Boss's opinion of what tasks to crash and in what order d. In attempting to complete the project faster. 10 b. what is the duration of the critical path? a. Based on the data in the question above. Its estimated duration is 8 weeks.solusinformatics. Customer's opinion of what tasks to crash c. 14 d. A project manager is in the middle of the executing phase of a very large construction project when he discovers that the time needed to complete the project is longer than the time available. Activity sequencing b. 11 c. 11 c.

What is WRONG with the scenario? a. b. During activity definition. A. They support this suggestion with an article from a leading software development journal. You are a project manager on a a. The project estimate should be the same as the customer's required completion date 332. Heuristic Farooq A. Clarify from senior management d. The estimate is too long and should be created by management d. The team did not create the estimate and a network diagram was not used c.www. 5. Conditional diagramming method 334. Discretionary dependency c. Precedence diagramming method b. another team member believes that the said deliverable is not part of the project as interpreted by the preliminary project scope statement. What is the BEST thing for the project manager to do? a.solusinformatics. d.000. Quraishi 64 .000/. Contact the customer and tell him that their required date cannot be met Meet with management and tell them that their required date cannot be met Crash or fast track the project Plan to crash or fast track the project and present options to management for decision 331. your data architects suggest that quality could be improved if senior management before moving on to other design elements approves data model. Which of the following BEST describes this type of input is called? a. Mandatory dependency b. However. a team member identifies a deliverable that needs to be accomplished. Critical path method d. While working with your project team to develop a network diagram. Arrow diagramming method development project. 5. Talk with the project sponsor 333.000/.software development project. While working with your project team to develop a network diagram. External dependency d. you estimate the time needed for each task and then add the estimates to create the project estimate. c. The team did not create the estimate and estimating takes too long using that method b. What type of activity sequencing method is required for these activities? a. During planning. You are a project manager on a Rs.000. Try to build a consensus of the team b. you notice a series of activities that can be worked in parallel but must finish in a specific sequence. You commit to completing the project by this date. Make the decision about inclusions herself c.

Based on the following. if you needed to shorten the duration of the project. A project manager is taking over a project from another project manager while the project is in planning. Communications plan b. A. 335. Quraishi 65 . it would be BEST to look at a. D c. Risk management b.solusinformatics. F d. b.End Activity C .B Activity A-D Activity E . Task D must happen after tasks B and C and takes 30 hours. Change request 338. The critical path increases by 12 hours 337. You have a project with the following tasks: Task A takes 40 hours and can start after project starts.www. The team has provided the project manager with activity duration estimates If the project manager is about to start schedule development. c. C. what task would you try to shorten? ACTIVITY ESTIMATE DURATION (Weeks) Start – A 1 Start – B 2 Start – C 6 A-D 10 B-E 1 C-E Dummy C-F 2 F – End 3 E-End 9 D-End 1 Activity Start . Schedule change control system d. Task B takes 25 hours and should happen after the project starts Task C must happen after task A and takes 35 hours. If the new project manager wants to see what the previous project manager planed for managing changes to the schedule. which of the following is the MOST important item the project manager needs to adequately develop a schedule? a. Project plan c. Which of the following is TRUE if task B actually takes 37 hours? a. The critical path is A. Corrective action c. The critical path is 67 hours b.D 336. Task E must take place after task C and takes 10 hours Task F must take place after task E and takes 22 hours. The critical path changes to tasks B. Time management plan Farooq A. d. E.

Monte Carlo d. Schedule management plan 339. estimates for each work d. Has a lag Farooq A. late start of day thirteen. Finalize the schedule d. Sequence the activity b. 343. The WBS. PERT c. Create a preliminary schedule and get the team's approval d. What time management activity would you do NEXT? a. Begin schedule control b.solusinformatics. CPM d. You both decide to use the average time the task has taken for past projects to predict the future. A. and a late finish of day nineteen. Gain approval. You are a project manager for a new product development project that has four levels in the work breakdown structure. Compress the schedule 342. and has been sequenced using the arrow diagramming technique. What should be done NEXT? a. Parametric estimating b. Create an activity list b. Begin the work breakdown structure c. Which type of mathematical analysis is being used a.www. CPM b. GERT 340. Begin activity resource planning c. PERT c. Mote Carlo 344. Complete risk management 341. A team member from research and development tells you that her work is too creative to provide you with a fixed single estimate for the task. The duration estimates have been compressed and a schedule created. A new product development project has four levels in the work breakdown structure and has been sequenced using the arrow diagramming method. Is on a critical path b. an early finish of day nine. Analogous estimate the schedule d. Quraishi 66 . and network diagram are completed Which of the following would be the NEXT thing for the project manager to do? a. A project manager is using weighted average duration estimates to calculate activity duration. A task has an early start of day three. The activity duration estimates have been received. Verify that they have the correct scope of work c. This is an example of which of the following? a. The task: a.

Cut resources from activities b. it has cost Rs. Senior manager c. 90.solusinformatics. Is not on a critical path 345. Gantt charts d. Make more activities concurrent c. You do not have access to additional resources. A. Manager of the project office 347. According to her schedule. The project is calculated to be completed four days after the desired completion date. Is progressing well d. Activity names and duration are provided in boxes. Move resources from the preferential dependencies and external dependencies d. The project is low risk. Your organization is having a difficult time managing all of its projects You have been asked to help senior management understand this.000 over a six-week period. Milestone reports Use the network below to answer questions 73 through 76. and the dependencies are preferential. However. 130.000 to date. A project manager for a small construction company has a project that was budgeted for Rs. Who has the PRIMARY responsibility tc solve this problem? a. what would be the BEST thing to do? a. 60. the project should have cost Rs. the benefit cost ratio is expected to be 1.000 to date. Project sponsor d.www. Which of the following types of reports would help provide summary information to senior management? a. Project plans c. because the original estimates were not accurate. Farooq A. Project manager b. Quraishi 67 .6. Remove a task from the project 346. Under these circumstances. Detailed cost estimates c. The project is also behind schedule.

4 350.-11 b. Lead c.-2 b. 11 c. what is the late finish for Activity G? a.-2.10 b. Float d.2 d. A. has been convicted of illegally dumping toxic substances into the town's river. In this example. which operates one of the regions largest chemical processing plants. Slack ' 354. Your company. If the imposed finish time in question 75 above is removed and reset to 16 and the duration of Activity H is changed to 3.14 d. Such a constraint is an example ofa. You are managing a construction project for a new city water system.0 c.2 d. the 10-day period is defined asa.What is the duration of the critical path in this network? a. lf the project planer imposes a finish time of 14 on the project with no change in the start date or activity 348. what is the total float of Activity E? a. Cannot be determined 351. Quraishi 68 . which one is not a tool and technique used in schedule control? Farooq A. The court has mandated that the required cleanup activities be completed by February 15.0 c. An imposed date d.solusinformatics. A major milestone c.12 c. b.What is the float for the Activity G? a. A key event b.www. The titanium pipe must be resting in the ground for a total of 10 days before the connectors can be installed. Lag b. An external dependency 353. The contract requires you to use special titanium piping equipment that is guaranteed not to corrode. Of the following. 13 352.-13 d.16 349.

Crashing 360. What is the PERT estimate for the expected duration for the work package? a 45 weeks b 70 weeks c 90 weeks d 140 weeks 359. Schedule control is one important way of avoiding delays. Resource leveling 356. To plan and execute schedule recovery. the project probably will not finish as a. If the start and finish dates are not realistic. You believe you can meet this target by overlapping project activities. recommended corrective action frequently requiresa. Quraishi 69 . Schedule change control b. You are working with your team to define how to manage schedule changes.www. the PV (Planned Value) for the week isa. Leveling d. You documented your decisions in which one of the following? a. Rs 3. Immediately re-base lining c. Your customer wants the project to be completed 6 months earlier than planned. Fast-tracking c. Schedule management plan c.Making unpopular decisions b. Service-level agreement 357. Your lead engineer estimates that a work package will most likely require 50 weeks to complete. Project schedule development is an iterative process.600 c. Rs 3. Farooq A. Root-cause analysis d. Variance analysis Project management software What-if scenario analysis Schedule management plan 355.400 b. The approach you plan to use is known asa. A. but it could take. Rs 3. If the project is to employ two people each for 40 hours at the labor rate of Rs 30 per hour with overhead included and a third person for 30 hours during the same period but at a loaded labor rate of Rs 50 per hour.660 d. c. 180 weeks in the worst case. Rs 2. It could be completed in 40 weeks if all goes well. d. Schedule risk plan d.solusinformatics. Concurrent engineering b.900 358. b. Activity A has duration of 3 days and begins on the morning of Monday the 4th.

It is important to re-baseline the project schedule carefully becausea. Farooq A. Rational c. your design phase project team would double in size as a result. Your approved project schedule was based on resource leveling due to a scarcity of The successor activity. Management has now mandated that the project be completed as soon as possible. Calendar time between the start of A to the finish of B is 11 days. Reduce productivity b. Resource reallocation 365. Reverse resource allocation c. Modify the contract c. Discretionary b. This increased your cost estimate fivefold. Quraishi 70 . Your first step should be toa. and activity B has a duration of 4 days. Root-cause analysis must be performed d. Mandatory or hard 363.www. Reduce the need for senior-level staff members. "I cannot test the software until I code the software. This approach tends toa. Add 'resources . Resource manipulation b. The finish date of B is the 13th." This expression describes which of the following dependencies? a. Use a new target schedule d. A. the finish-tostart relationship has 3 days of lag. One way to shorten your project schedule is to assign five people to each activity in the project design phase instead of two. Revisions require management approval b. The customer increased your project scope by 65%. Historical data will be lost for the project schedule c. 361. Critical chain scheduling d. Increase productivity c. Although you are considering this approach. The duration of both activities is 8 days. c.solusinformatics. Schedule recovery cannot be planned for activities delineated later in schedule 364. b. What can be determined from these data? a. thereby reducing overall resource costs d. Re-baseline the schedule b. Improve production proportionately more than the increase in resources 362. Preferential d. has a finish-to-start relationship with A. d. B. Sunday is a non-work day. Which of the following methods will you use to recalculate the schedule? a. Calendar time between the start of A to the finish of B is 14 days. Now you must change the scheduled start and finished dates in your approved project schedule.

c. AD = Work Quantity Number of resources c. Which of the following formulas provide the most accurate result for computing activity duration (AD)? a. b. Which statement best describes the role decomposition plays in activity definition as compared to WBS? Final output is described in terms of wok packages in the WBS.solusinformatics. Update the schedule management plan on a continuous basis. To practice effective schedule control. If the project manager decides to include subnets or fragnets as part of his or her scheduling technique. b. Software that manages resources is available over an existing electronic network Utilize schedule network templates. these relationships areStart to finish Finish to start Start to start Finish to finish Decomposition is a technique used for both WBS and activity definition. 371. Your appliances must be purchased and available for installation by the time the cabinets are completed. 370. d. You are remodeling your kitchen and decide to prepare a network diagram for this project. Decomposition is used the same way in scope definition and activity definition. The cost and time slope for each critical activity that can be expedited. 367. To best accomplish this. Multiple critical paths exist in the project. Final output is described as activities or action steps. In this example. the team should. A. Allow no changes to the schedule c. AD = (Production rate) (Work quantity) Number of resources 366. Several tools and techniques are available for activity sequencing. b. what would that decision say about the project? The work is unique requiring special network diagrams at various stages. The too! or techniques selected can be determined by several factors. Farooq A. b. a. a. AD = Work Quantity Production rate b. Hold status reviews. d. c. Final output is described as deliverables or tangible items.. c.www. a. d. AD = Production rate Work quantity d. your project team must be alert to any issues that may cause problems in the future. a. 368. To assess the implications of crashing a project. a project manager should first computea. d. Quraishi 71 . Review performance measurements.

c. b. d. b. Dependencies between complementary projects. You want to influence the factors that can change the schedule. 374. A. There are no non-workdays. Approving levels of necessary for authorizing schedule changes. what can be concluded about the activity? a. b. c. d. where the work will be performed. Data in the WBS repository d. and appropriate effort are examples ofa. Unlike bar charts. you agree to use theSchedule management plan Network diagram Schedule baseline Technical baseline • In the b. The activity can be completed in 2 days if the resources devoted to it are doubled. You also want to recognize when the schedule has changed so you can manage changes as they occur. Total float for the activity is 9 days. Three probabilistic time estimates of PERT for each critical path activity. The time that will be saved in the overall schedule when tasks are expedited en the critical path. such as who will perform the work. You met with your project team to discuss the best ways to control the schedule. 375. a.www. Working with your team to provide the basis for measuring and reporting schedule progress.solusinformatics. Methods for assessing the magnitude of schedule variations. Scheduled completion of major deliverables and key events. 372. The project office issued a new procedure today requiring project managers to prepare milestone charts and to update them every two weeks. Activity starts and end dates of critical tasks. The late finish date is the 25th. even senior management. Refinements Farooq A. c. 373. you used bar charts when presenting project status to management because they are easy for everyone. Requirements for measuring schedule performance. d. Activity attributes b. Constraints c. Quraishi 72 . c. activity type. The cost of additional resources to be added to the project's critical path. d. d. c. b. A benefit of using a schedule change control system is that it includes theRequirements for reporting schedule performance. schedule information. Expected durations of critical path. In project development. From the information given. to understand. The activity has duration of 4 days. An activity has an early start date of the 10th and a late start date of the 19th. a. milestone charts showa. The early finish date of the activity is the end of the day of the 14th. 376.

a. Expected float 380. such as loops or conditional branches. 379. Three-point estimate b. Uses the distribution's mean (expected value) in computing the schedule b. 381.To ensure accurate Performance measurement information. Initiate a change request. Uses the most likely estimate to compute float c. Extra float b. Float that is used by a particular activity and does not affect the float in the latter activities is calleda. 377. Total float d. The tool that provides a basis to identify the work that must be scheduled is theMaster schedule Budget WBS dictionary Gantt chart 378. You multiply the number of drawings by the hours needed to produce each drawing to estimate how long the project will take to design. Free float c. you shoulda.solusinformatics. Order of magnitude range estimate c. In some cases your Schedule delays are now severe.0 indicates that thea. b. d. d. This results in which one of the following a. but the project manager need not be concerned. Project is running behind the monetary value of the work it planned to accomplish. c. Issue a schedule update. b. as part of the diagram Farooq A. c.www. Earned value physically accomplished this far is 100%. Re-baseline your schedule. A schedule performance index of less than 1. d. Analogous estimate d. Quraishi 73 . You have issued severa1 revisions to your Project's schedule. Prepare a master schedule. b. Project may not be on schedule. Parametric estimate 382. The major difference between PERT and CPM is that PERTa. Several types of floats are found in project networks. Your engineering project is highly complex and will require hundreds of drawings. Focuses on calculating float to deter mine which activities have the least scheduling d. Project has experienced a permanent loss of time. c. Includes non-sequential activities.

What is the probability that activity A will be completed in 16 to 26 days? 55.46% 99. A resource histogram 386. The best time for the course to begin is mid-July. c. Buffers and reserves c. A resource capabilities matrix b. the most common technique to use isa. Trend analysis 388. Project managers should pay attention to critical and sub critical activities when evaluating project time performance. Earned value management d. You are limited to scheduling the course at certain times of the year because it will be conducted in Greenland. One important component of your schedule must bea.www. Monte Carlo analysis c. You are planning to conduct the team-building portion of your new project Management-training curriculum outdoors. 384. d. a most likely (ML) estimate of 2 days. A resource calendar d. Many of these employees are lifelong members of a powerful union that has a reputation of labor 383. Linear programming d.26% 95. You are managing a project to redesign retail store layout to improve customer throughput and efficiency. Much of the project work must be done on site and will require the active participation of store employees. One of the more common date constraints to use as you develop your project schedule is Start no earlier than Finish no later than Fixed late start Fixed early finish Activity A has a pessimistic (P) estimate of 36 days. If. c. PERT b. A. One way to do this is to analyze 10 sub critical paths in order of ascending float.70% 68. Simulation c. a. b.solusinformatics. d. Which of the following is displayed as an S-curve: Farooq A. This approach is part ofa. a. and an optimistic estimate (O) of 6 days. Concurrent engineering 387. when developing a project schedule.73% 385. you want to define a distribution of probable results for each activity and use it to calculate a distribution of probable results for the total project. Resource leveling b. Quraishi 74 . b.

Monitoring cost performances to detect variances from the cost baseline c. a. a. Quraishi 75 . . The project manager manages the software instead of the project b. b. You should use resource requirements updates to determine availability and smooth out resource over allocation. c. Which of the following is not true of cost estimates? May be expressed in units of currency Must estimate costs for all resources that will be charged to the project Do not generally consider appropriate risk response planning May be presented in summary or in detail a. Analogous estimating 393. d. Which of the following is true: a. You should use fast tracking to resource level PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT 391. It's expensive and difficult to use. Ensuring that all appropriate changes are recorded accurately in the cost Farooq A. d. All of the following are functions of cost control EXCEPT a. Cost base line c. a. The data analyst working on this project is over allocated. You should use crashing to resource level the critical path tasks c. Informing the appropriate project stakeholder of authorized changes in the cost baseline b. Gantt b. c. Your project involves installing a new human resources software system. Critical path d. The output of activity resource planning includes: Job descriptions Salary schedules The types of activity resources required . d. You cannot override the project management software decisions regarding schedules d.www. 390. b. b. What is one of the problems with project management software: a. You should use resource leveling heuristics or technique d. A. PERT 389. Project duration calculations are sometimes approximate c. 394. c. Project cost management includes all of the following functions EXCEPT Cost budgeting Activity resource planning Cost estimating Cost control 392.solusinformatics.

Cost estimating (policies d. Project team knowledge b. Labor b. Allocating the overall estimates to individual work packages in order to establish a cost baseline 395. Time allocation 396. Organizational process asset b. b. 400. b. c. d. Quraishi 76 . All of the following choices represent inputs to the activity resource estimating Process EXCEPT: a. a. Material c. Cost estimates include all of the following resources categories EXCEPT a. Activity list 398. Project database c. c. Parametric cost estimating involves: Defining the parameters of the project life cycle Calculating individual cost estimates for each work package Using rates and factors based on historical experience to estimate cost Using the actual costs of a similar project to estimate total project costs 397. b. 401. Cost estimating and Cost budgeting Farooq A. Time required to compare similar projects 399. The actual final cost of the last project d. Organizational process assets used in cost estimating may include all of the following EXCEPT: a. Cost control and Cost estimating b. similar projects It used most frequently in the later stages of a project Summarizes estimates for individual work items Inputs to activity resource estimating include all the following EXCEPT: The activity attributes Project management plan Resource availability Resource requirements Of all the following three major processes contained in Project Cost Management. a. baseline d. a. Project management plan c. Supplies d. c. d. A. which are concerned with cost baseline? a.solusinformatics. Analogous estimating: Uses bottom-up estimating techniques Uses the actual costs of previous.www.

It is developed by summing estimated costs by period d. BAC=200 b. Given: a. 320 405. 260 c. Quraishi 77 . the estimate at completion (EAC) is: a. CPl= c. A. 120 b. Cost budgeting and Cost control d. The Cost Performance Index and the Cost Variance c. a. & control cost performance on the project b. The Earned value and the Actual Cost b. which of the following information is needed? a. 300 d. Activity estimating. monitor. and Cost control 402. 220 b. AC = 120 c. It is usually displayed in the form of an S-curve Farooq A. c.www.666 Assuming that current variances are typical of future variances. To determine the projects Estimate at Completion. It is time-phased budget that will be used as a basis against which to measure. d.solusinformatics. 240 404. The cost baseline has all the following characteristics EXCEPT: a. b. It shows the actual cost expenditures throughout the life cycle of the project c. 160 c. EV =80 d.75 Assuming the current variances are atypical and that similar variances will not occur in the future. Given: BAC = 200 AC=120 EV=80 CPI = 0. the estimate at completion (EAC) is a. The Actual Cost and the Cost Performance Index d. 200 d. The actual to date or Actual Cost and the Estimate To Complete 403.

what is Cost variance (CV)? 350 -75 400 -50 406. b. c. c. and is separated from the project plan U describes how project cost will be planned. 410. b. d. c. d. based on the requirements of the project stakeholders 407. d. Estimate at Completion (EAC) is a periodic evaluation of: Cost of work completed Value of work performed Anticipated total cost at project completion What it will estimated cost to finish the balance job 409. Quraishi 78 . c. d. d. Actual Cost (AC) = 400. d. b. Analogous estimating: Uses bottom-up estimating techniques Is used most frequently during the executing phase of the project Uses top-down estimating techniques Uses actual detailed costs Farooq A. One common way to compute Completion ETC is to take the Budget at Completion (BAG) and: Divide by SPI Multiply by SPI Multiply by CPI Divide by CPI a. b. structured. a. and controlled It is a subsidiary plan. c. b. b. d. b. a. c. If Earned value (EV) = 350. 408. of the project management plan It may be highly detailed or broadly framed. Planned value (PV) = 325. Rearranging resources so that a constant number of resources are used each month is called: Crashing Floating Leveling Fast tracking 411. c. A. The cost management plan has all the following characteristics EXCEPT: It is based on the project cost estimates.solusinformatics.www. a. a. a. Double declining balance is a form of: Decelerated depreciation Straight line depreciation Accelerated depreciation Life cycle costing 412.

d. b. c. Focusing on the amount expended last month and what will be expended the following month 413. b.solusinformatics. c. Which of the following is a benefit of an analogous project estimate? Estimates will be closer to what will actually required It is based on a detail understanding of what the work requires it gives the project team an understanding of management's expectations It helps the project manager determine if the project will meet the schedule Farooq A. d. a. d. a.www. Cost performance measurement is BEST done through which of the following: a. Calculating earned value and using-the indexes and other calculations to report project progress and evaluate future performance trends c. a. A Schedule Performance Index (SPI) of 0. b. c. we expect the total project cost 89% more than planned When the project is completed we will have spent 89% more than planed The project is only progressing at 89% of the rate originally planned The project is getting 89 paisa/cents out of every Rupee/$ invested 417.89 means: At this time. b. Asking for a percentage complete from each team member and reporting that in the monthly progress chart b. Which of the following is not needed in order to come up with a project cost estimate? WBS Network Diagram Risks Change control procedure a. d. 419. d. Using 50/50 rule and making sure the life cost is less than the project cost.76 means: We are over budget We are ahead of schedule We are progressing at 24% behind the rate originally planned We are only progressing at 24% of the rate originally planned 418. a. b. d. c. c. b. Quraishi 79 . d. a.CPI of 0. A. A Cost Performance Index . The main focus of life-cycle costing is to: Estimate installing costs Estimate the cost of operation and maintenance Consider installation costs when planning the project costs Consider operation costs when planning the project costs 415. The cost of choosing one project and giving up another is called: Fixed cost Sunk cost NPV Opportunity cost 414. c.

Fixed cost c. Variable cost b. An "order of magnitude range" estimate is made during which project management phase? a. Planning b. More value from the cost analysis Farooq A. b.000 Rs 20. CPM 421. If project A has a Net Present value . d. Direct b.000 Rs 30. NPV c. Fixed 426. Closing c. 30.www. Initiation 422. Which type of cost is team training? a. Execution d.-75% to+25% b. what is the opportunity cost if project B is selected? Rs. 23.000 and project B has a NPV of Rs. Project setup costs are an example of: a.-5% to+10% 423. Overhead cost d. NPV b. a.000. Opportunity cost 427. Law of diminishing returns 424. Payback period d. Indirect d. Learning bend c.How close to actual costs should a budget estimate be? a. c. Quraishi 80 .-10% to+25% c. A.000 425. Rupees per module b.000 Rs 50.solusinformatics. Which of the following is an example of a parametric estimate? a. Bottom-up d.+10% to-25% d. 50. BCR c.Value analysis is performed to get: a. Which factors would NOT be considered when choosing between two projects to undertake? a.NPV of 420.

Project D has an IRR of 19%.000 b. Your company can accept three possible projects. c.www.000 c. A. you are presented with the following information on Net Present Value (NPV) for several potential projects. Seller d. Which project is your best choice? a. The team b.000. d. Project B with an NPV of Rs 120. d. Project B is being done over a three-year period and has a NPV of Rs 30. Project D with an NPV of Rs (-) 30.000. b. d.000 and will take three years to complete.000. Project B has an NPV of Rs 60.year period and has a NPV of Rs 40. Project C with an NPV of Rs 20. b. Project B has an IRR of 7%. Project C has an IRR of 31%.000.solusinformatics. Management to buy into the project c. c. a. b. 430. The team to buy into the project d. Project C is being done over a five. a.000 d. Project C has a NPV of Rs 90. Project A with an NPV of Rs 95. A less costly way of doing the same scope of work 428. Project D is being done over a one-period and has a NPV of Rs 60. Who has the cost risk in a fixed price contract? a. Which project would you choose? Project A Project B Project C Project D Project A has an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 21 %. Quraishi 81 .000 433. a. Management 429. Project A is being done over a six-year period and has a Net Present Value (NPV) of Rs 70. Which of these would be the BEST project? Project A Project B Project C Project D 432. As a project manager. Which of the following represents the estimated value of the work actually? accomplished? EV PV AC ACWS You have four projects from which to choose one. 431. Buyer c. c.000 and will take six years to b.000 and will Farooq A. Project A has a NPV of Rs 30.


take four years to complete. Based on this information, which project would you
They all have the same value
Project A
Project B
Project C

The seller tells you that your activities have resulted in an increase in their costs.
You should:
a. Issue a change to project costs
b. Have a meeting with management
c. Ask the seller for supporting information
d. Deny anything wrongdoing


An analysis shows that you have a cost overrun at the end of the project. Which
of the following should you do?
Evaluate options to crash or fast track the project
Meet with management to find out what to do
Meet with customer to took for costs to eliminate
Add a reserve to the project
A new store development project requires the purchase of various equipment,
machinery and furniture. The department responsible for the development
recently centralized its external purchase process and standardized its new order
system. In which document can these new procedures be found?
Project scope management
Staff management plan
Organization process assets


Early in the life of your project, you are having a discussion with the sponsor
about what estimating techniques should be used. You want a form of expert
judgment, but the sponsor argues for analogous estimating. It would be BEST to:
a. Agree to analogous estimating as it is a form of expert judgment
b. Suggest life cycle costing as a compromise
c. Determine why the sponsor wants such an accurate estimate
d. Try to convince the sponsor to allow expert judgment because it is typically more



You've just completed the initiating phase of a small project and are moving into
the planning phase when a project sponsor asks you for the project's budget and
cost baseline. What should you tell her?
The project budget can be found in the project's charter, which has just been
The project budget and baseline will not be finalized and accepted until planning
phase is completed

Farooq A. A. Quraishi


The project plan will not contain the project's budget and baseline; this is a small
d. It is impossible to complete an estimate before the project plan is created



The project manager is allocating overall cost estimates to individual activities
or work packages to establish a baseline for measuring project performance. What
step is this?
Cost management plan
Cost estimating
Cost budgeting
Cost control
You are asked to prepare a budget for completing a project that was started last
year and then shelved for six months. All the following would be included in the
budget EXCEPT?
Fixed cost
Sunk cost
Direct cost
Variable cost


To accommodate a new project in your department, you need to move resources
from one project to another. Because your department is currently working at
capacity, moving resources will inevitably delay the project from which you move
resources. You should move resources from which of the following projects?
a. Project A with a benefit cost ratio of 0.8, no project charter, and four resources
b. Project B with NPV of Rs 60,000, twelve resources, and variable costs between Rs
1,000 to Rs 2,000 per month
c. Project C with an opportunity cost of Rs 300,000, no project control plan, and an
internal rate of return of 12%
d. Project D with indirect costs of Rs 20,000 and thirteen resources



A manufacturing project has a Schedule Performance Index (SPI) of 0.89 and a
Cost Performance Index (CPI) of 0.91. Generally, what is the BEST explanation
for why this occurred?
The equipment purchased for the project was more expensive than expected
At least one task has taken more time than expected
Less experienced resources were used
The project baseline was changed more than once
Although the stakeholders thought there was enough money in the budget,
halfway through the project the CPI is 0.7. To determine the root cause, several
stakeholders audit the project and discover the project cost budget was estimated
analogous. Although the task estimates add up to the project estimate, the
stakeholders think something was missing in how the estimate was completed.
Which of the following describes what was missing?

Farooq A. A. Quraishi


Estimated costs should be used to measure CPI
SPI should be used, not CPI
Bottom-up estimating should have been used
Past history was taken into account




You are a project manager for a large software firm. Your superior has just
asked you for your input on a decision about which project your company should
pursue. Project A has in IRR of 12%. Project B has a predicted Benefited Cost
Ratio (BCR) of 1:3. Project C has an opportunity cost of Rs 75,000. Project D has
a NPV of Rs 150,000. If you had to choose based on this data, which project
would select?
Project A
Project B
Project C
Project D
You are about to take over a project from another project manager and find out
the following information about the project. Task Z has an early start day of 15
and a late start of day 20, task Z is a difficult task. Cost Performance Index (CPI)
is 1.1, SPI is 0.8, and there are eleven stakeholders on the project. Based on this
information, which of the following would be the MOST concerned about?
The number of available resources
During the project execution, a large number of changes are made to the project.
The project manager should:
Wait until all changes are known and print out a new schedule
Make changes as needed but retain the schedule baseline
Make only the changes approved by management
Talk to management before any changes are made

Use the current status, listed below, to questions 57 through 60
PV = Rs 2,200
EV = Rs 2,000
AC = Rs 2,500
BAC = Rs 10,000

According to earned value analysis, the SV and status of the project described
above is:
a. - Rs 300; the project is ahead of the schedule
b. + Rs 8,000; the project is on schedule
c. + Rs 200; the project is ahead of the schedule
d. - Rs 200; and the project is behind schedule

Farooq A. A. Quraishi


the revised estimate for the total project cost (based on performance thus far) b. Which of the following is not characteristic of the analogous estimating? a.80. Has an accuracy rate of +/-10% of actual costs d. 300 + 448. Is a form of expert judgment c. Involves using the cost of previous.000. overhead costs. Rs 12. Electricity utility for the office Farooq A. 0.500. 1. 453.3 million budget. Quraishi 85 . c. Rs 12. d. and the project is behind schedule 446. You may use these funds for your project. Rs 10. and what does it represent? a. Rs 10. similar project as the basis for estimating current project cost 452. the original project cost 451. Define the procedures by which the cost baseline may be changed c. 0.500. What is the CPI for this project.25. you expect additional funds to become available toward the end of each fiscal year.000. a. the original project cost d.80.www. 300 –Rs. 450. You are employed by a Govt. You decide to establish a cost change control system to: a. Define when to add contingency funds to the project b. 500 –Rs. Determine why a cost variance has occurred d. and what does it tell us about cost performance thus far? a. If project requirements change. 500 What is the EAC for this project. 0. Determine whether a budget update is required. You decide to use analogous estimating. A. b. Materials consumed by the project d. indirect costs. Which of the following is not an example of a direct cost? a. Supports top-down estimating b. Salary of the full time project staff b. agency and are managing a 3-year project with an Rs. Subcontractor expenses c. and general and administrative costs during cost estimating. the revised estimate for the total project cost (based on performance thus far) c.20. You must consider direct costs. Your first task on your project is to prepare a cost estimate. actual costs are exactly as planed b.solusinformatics. actual costs have exceeded planned costs c. The CV is: + Rs. actual costs are less than planned costs d.

whereas a variance of 10% will require investigation. you note that cost control is concerned with: a. a variance of 10% might not require immediate action. Your project management experience has taught you that inappropriate responses to cost variances can produce quality or schedule problems or unacceptable project risk. If the cost variance is as small as the schedule variance and both numbers are greater than zero. you decide to focus on the to complete performance index (TCPI). A description of how to manage cost variances should be included in the: a. Your first step is to: a. You are responsible for preparing a cost estimate for a large World Bank project. Locate a computerized tool to assist in the process b. You introduce this important topic to the team. The cost variance is due to the schedule variance b. Use the cost estimate from the previous project to help you prepare this estimate c. Labor rates have escalated since the project began 455. The schedule variance can be easily corrected d. Allocating the overall cost estimate to individual work items 454. that occur on your projects. For example. Consult with subject matter experts and use their suggestions as the basis for your estimate 456. A. Cost management plan b. The project management office director told you that if you do not start using some form of project indicator so that management knows what to expect. different responses will be required depending on the degree of variance from the baseline. mostly negative. Predict final project schedule and costs 458. When you review cost performance data on your project. Management has grown weary of the many surprises. Influencing factors that create change to the cost baseline b. Quraishi 86 . Developing an approximation of the costs of the activity resources needed to complete the project c. then: a. Developing a cost baseline 457. Change management plan Farooq A.www.solusinformatics. Identify and estimate the cost for each individual work item d. you would be working in the company cafeteria by the end of the week. Its purpose is to: a. The variance is favorable to the project c. Determine the schedule and cost performance needed to complete the remaining work within management's financial goal for the project b. Predict final project costs d. You decide to prepare a bottom-up estimate because your estimate needs to be accurate as possible. In an effort to provide all management levels with an effective indicator. Determine the cost performance needed to complete the remaining project scope c.

Each time you meet with your project sponsor. Budget c. It is in trouble because of a cost overrun c. instead.000.000. A. -Rs500 460. She always asks you about cost performance in terms of which budgets have been met and which has not. factor in a few unknowns. Identify the project components so that costs can be allocated b.solusinformatics. Actual expenditures totaled Rs 120. Variance management plan 459. To do this. Rough-order-of-magnitude (ROM) d. Quraishi 87 . b. How is the Acme project doing? a. the cost variance is: a. have cost Rs 1. you should: a.www. and give her a number What type of estimate did you just provide? a. 463. If operations on a work package were estimated to cost Rs 1. Detailed Farooq A. Definitive b. Prepare a detailed and accurate cost baseline d. It is ahead of schedule b. d. You quickly think of some similar past projects. +Rs150 b. Prepare a cost performance plan 461. She gives you 30-second overview and asks you how much the project will cost. you need to assign costs to the time period in which they are occurred. Performance reports Performance measurement graphs and charts Resource productivity analyses Trend analysis statistics You receive a frantic phone call from your vice-president who says she is going to meet with prospective client in 15 minutes to discuss a large and complex project. On your project. -Rs150 c. she emphasizes the need for cost control on your new e-business c. To answer her concerns you should provide: . Use the project schedule as an input to cost budgeting c. The information is insufficient to make an assessment 462. a. It will finish within the original budget d.500 and finish today but. As of the fourth month on the Acme project.350 and are only two thirds complete.Rs 350 d. c. . cumulative planned expenditures were Rs 100. Performance measurement plan d.

The cumulative CPI has been shown to be relative stable after what percentage of the project completion? a. And it can cost approximately Rs 5. Operating b. Why the United States should use the metric system b. Quraishi 88 .000 per square meter in Mumbai. 5% to 10% b. You lead a project team that is developing a cerebral implant that enhances due to the project's technical complexity. Office space can cost approximately US $ 80 per square foot in the United States. Which of the following categories of profits is he realty interested in? a.www. Represent only direct labor cost c. a. Expected c. Represent only equipment and materials needed for the project d. and assessing how to provide those functions costs effectively? a. Which of the following is the tool for analyzing a design. He keeps asking you for the profit "numbers". Bottom-up estimating d. determining its functions. Parametric modeling c. Value analysis • c. c. Are usually beyond the project manager's control 465. 15% to 20% Farooq A. Your next step should be to: Estimate the magnitude of the scope change Issue budget update Documents lessons learned Execute the approvec1 scope change 467. These estimates are examples of: a. Value engineering 468. They include direct and indirect costs. d. b. Cumulative 466. Gross over d. Your approved project cost estimate has changed because of a major scope change on your 464. Pareto diagram b. It is expected to lease office spaces in cities around the world. Leaseholder data 469. You have found that managing overhead costs is particularly difficult because they: a. You are managing an e-business project for your firm. A.solusinformatics. The partner in charge is obsessed with earning as much profit as possible. These "averages" can help a person determine how much it will cost to tease office space in these cities based on the amount of space leased. Configuration management d. Are handled on a project-by-project basis b.

Your company has established a reward and recognition system for its project management professionals. After the budget is approved c.solusinformatics.www. b. a project manager would prefer to prepare cost estimates: a. Approved change requests 474. The undistributed budget is part of the: Management reserves Performance measurement baseline Level-of-efforts cost accounts General and administrative accounts 472. Cost baseline is important because it is used to measure and monitor project cost performance. EV to date the remaining project budget b. Project schedule d. d. You are the controller on your project. Using a parametric model d.project. AC to date plus a new estimate for all the remaining work Farooq A. Using a bottom-up estimating methods 473. What should you do to ensure that rewards reflect actual performance? a. b. Quraishi 89 . 475. c. Project cost performance is used as a criterion to determine c. Estimate and budget controllable and uncontrollable costs separately 471. a. In an ideal situation. Cost estimates from similar projects b. which of the following should you also consider? a. c. Your project manager has requested that you provide him a forecast of project costs for the next 12 months. In addition to the usual information sources. Consider overtime work as part of the job b. Control accounts (CA): Are charge accounts for personnel time management Summarize project costs at level 2 of the WBS Identify and track management services Are management control points where measurement of performance will occur Which of the following calculations cannot be used to determine EAC? a. Overall cost estimates must be allocated to individual activities or work packages to establish the project cost baseline. Use earned value management to monitor performance d. He needs this information to determine if the budget should be increased or decreased on this major construction . WBS c. 25% to 35% d. Prepare a cost baseline c. a. 50% to 75% 470. Before the budget request b. A. d.

478. c. equipment. d. Quraishi 90 . Ratio of discount revenues over discounted costs b. A. The method of calculating the EAC by adding the remaining part project budget (modified by performance factor) to the actual to date is used often when the: a. Tests the "official" position of the project manager against a statistically forecasted range of final possibilities based on actual project performance Farooq A. Scope statement d. Original estimating assumptions are no longer reliable because conditions have changed c. Such an analysis identifies the: a. AC to date plus the remaining budget modified by the performance factor 476. b.www. the project manager can monitor: EV PV CVs CPI a.solusinformatics. Future value of money invested today c. Recently you were named the project control officer responsible for regularly measuring project performance. By reviewing cumulative cost curves. Point in time where costs exceed profit 480. Original estimating assumptions are considered to be fundamentally flawed 481. and materials for your e-commerce project. This requires interface among a number of different project planning processes should be provided for use in activity resource estimating through the: a. Resource assignment matrix b. c. You need to determine specific resources. AC to date plus the remaining budget d. when many items are produced repetitively: Unit cost decrease geometrically as the production rates increase Unit costs decrease as production rates increase Unit costs decrease in a regular pattern as more units are produced Costs of training increase as the level of automation increases 477. OBS 479. c. Current variances are viewed as atypical ones b. According to learning curve theory. Activity attributes c. You recommended using earned value management to estimate final project costs to the project manager because: a. Amount of time before net cash inflow becomes positive d. a. d. b. Current variances are viewed as typical of future variances d. Increased attention to return on investment (ROI) by the CIO has required you to complete a financial analysis of the payback period on your project. You also must determine the quantity of each and when resources will be required to perform project activities.

This demonstrates the importance of: a. All the following are outputs of the cost estimating process except: Activity cost estimates Activity cost estimate supporting detail Requested changes Cost base line a. Farooq A. CVs are severe. to provide a realistic basis for performance measurement b. thus. c. Corrective action must be taken to bring expected future performance in lime with the project plan d. or it could include someone from the manufacturing department on the team. Update organizations! process assets 485. Re-base lining may be required in cost control when: b. The cumulative cost curve for planned and actual expenditures: Helps monitor project performance at a glance Is used for calculating the CPI Is also known as a histogram Forecasts total project expenditure 486. Closely coordinating resource estimating with cost estimating d.www. focuses the project manager's attention on critical tasks d. PV. b. Update the budget b. a. Ensures that management reserves or contingency will not be needed 482. The team can obtain this knowledge in a number of ways: it could hire a full-time subject matter expert. Adjust the project plan d.solusinformatics. EAC shows that additional funds are needed to complete the project even if a scope change is not needed 484. it could send an existing design engineer to a seminar about robotics. Associated costs for each approach must be factor into the project plan. b. and some "unacceptable" variance occurred. Provides management with the final BAC. An automotive design team will need to be familiar with the latest in automated assembly techniques. Revised cost estimates are prepared and distributed to stakeholders c. Quraishi 91 . d. c. Prepare a revised cost estimate c. you did which one of the following first: a. Using the resource plan as an input to earned value 483. d. A. it can hire a consultant. you identified a number of acceptable tolerances as part of your earned value management system Project change is inevitable. Shows specific tasks in which cost overruns are expected to occur and. Because you recognize the importance of cost control. and EV c. Completing resource estimating before activity definition b. Ensure that a resource assignment matrix be prepared and used as a control tool c.

Work performance information b. Process analysis 492. a. Conduct frequent review meetings 490. Organizational procedures links c. and commercial database are considered for cost estimating. Add additional project manager to control cost d. d. Marketplace conditions. All of the following fall into enterprise environmental factors except Resource cost rates information Information about what products and services are available in the market Cost estimating templates Published seller price lists 488. b. Requires constant monitoring 493.Cost management plan can establish all the following except: a. and built in . d. Standard for product? and services are critical to the process of satisfying: a. c.not inspected in d. Functional requirements Farooq A. Upper management d. c. To control project manager To control cost variances PROJECT QUALITY MANAGEMENT 491. Cost budgeting d. Objective of funding limit reconciliation is: To control funding expenditure limit To control VAC . Control thresholds b. Quality management plan c. designed. b. Customer requirements! b. a.solusinformatics.www. Quality metrics d. Quraishi 92 . 487. Does not cost c. Process description 489. The scope statement c.Options to manage cost contingency reserve is: a. Add percentage to the project estimated cost c. Is planned. The schedule activity may be buffer activity in the critical chain method b. One of the fundamental tenets of modern quality management is that quality: a. exceeds client expectations b.Inputs to perform quality control include all the following EXCEPT a. Expenditures of funds are reconciled with the funding limits set by the customer or performing organization on the disbursement of funds for the project.

Higher productivity c. Are less than d. Quality assurance is the application of planned. c. Appraisal b. The diagram that ranks defects. a. Quraishi 93 .com 494. A. in the order of frequency. External stakeholders 498. Ensure that the project will employ all the processes needed to meet the requirements d.solusinformatics. systematic quality activities to: a. The quality management plan provides input to ______ and addresses quality control. Include policing the conformance of project team to specifications b. benefits _______ cost of quality. the primary benefit of meeting quality requirement EXCEPT a. me overall project management plan b. Less re-work b.www. Compare actual or planned project practices to those of other projects 497. "Design of Experiments" is a statistical method that helps toa. Equal b. Network diagram d. Provide the project team and stakeholders with standards. Determine how variable elements of a system interrelate b. using a Histogram to depict 100 percentage of the defects. Fewer change orders 495.Major cost categories of quality include all the following EXCEPT: a. and continuous improvement for the projects a. The WBS c. Pareto diagram b. quality assurance. Lower costs d. All of the following represent or result from. by which the project performance is measured c. Prevention Farooq A. is called a: a. Critical path 500. Outweigh c. Bar chart c. Cannot be evaluated in relation to 496. Establish a standard by which to measure performance d. The project scope d. In the quality management disciplines. Identify which factors might influence specific variables of a product or process under development or in production. Reduce the probability of project completion on schedule 499.

The project management team c. Satisfaction b. It is a graphical display of the results. External failure d. Investment in defect prevention and appraisal (product quality improvement) must be borne by: a. Determining and determining the required levels of grade and not included in the responsibilities of the project manager and project team 506. Planning b. Grade is a category assigned to products or services having same functional use but different technical characteristics b. The project management team must be careful not to confuse quality with grade: a. A control chart has all of the following characteristics EXCEPT a.www. It is used to determine if the process is "in control" c. The uses of project quality management techniques is essential to provide the greatest degree of: a. Low quality may not be a problem. A. improvement d. Estimates of cost variance 503. Farooq A. The project 502. Quraishi 94 . Flowcharting b.solusinformatics. Perform quality ____ is to ensure that the project employs all processes needed to meet requirements: c. Performance 504. Assurance c. Executive management d. low grade is always a problem c. Activity resource availability 501.Techniques to perform Quality control include ail of the following EXCEPT: a. May be used to monitor any type of output variable. of a process b. Determining and delivering the required levels of quality are not included in the responsibilities of the project manager and the project team d. Benchmarking 505. Illustrates how various factors might be linked to potential problems or effects d. over time. Capability c. Pareto diagrams c. The acquiring organization b. Control charts d. Improvement d.

Control b. Who is ultimately responsible for quality management in the project? a. What part of the quality management processes are they are in? a. Increased productivity.www. The cost of quality is low d. Increased productivity. Trend analysis 511. Pareto chart b. The customer pays the minimum price . Marginal analysis c. and decreased cost risk 513. Quality manager d.Which of the following BEST describes the results of an increase in quality? a. When a product or service satisfies customer requirements: a.solusinformatics. and increased cost risk c. Project engineer b. and decreased cost risk b. decreased cost effectiveness. increased cost effectiveness. Variable analysis 512. Conformance analysis 509. 508. Team member 510. Assurance c. Quality control analysis b. Increased productivity. Standard quality analysis d. To what does the following sentence refer? "The concept of optimally quality level is reached at the point where the incremental revenue from product improvement equals the incremental cost to secure it." a. Conflict resolution techniques c Fishbone diagram d. A team is using a fishbone diagram to help determine what quality standards will be used on the project. Project manager c. The cost of quality is high c. decreased cost effectiveness. Quality is achieved b. Which of the following tools would be BEST for the project manager to use? a. A. quality attributes: a. Increased productivity. Determine how effectively the performing organization supports the project - Farooq A. increased cost effectiveness. Planning d. From the project perspective. and increased cost risk d. Quraishi 95 .com 507. He would like to identify the root cause of the problem in order to determine where to focus his attention. A project manager has been overwhelmed with problems on his project.

Be mutual.All of the following are not examples of quality assurance EXCEPTa. Focus on the most critical issues to improve quality b. Determine if a process is functioning within set limits 518. Determine "f a process is out of control 517. Rework b. Explore a desired future outcome d. Fishbone diagram 516. Team training c. Meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations b. Show more defects 519.All of the following are examples of the cost of non-conformance EXCEPTa. Scrap d. Inspection b. Conformance to management's requirements 515. Adding extras to make the customer happy c. Focus on the most critical issues to improve quality b. Are objective criteria that must be met 514. Provide the basis for judging the project's success or failure c. Focus on simulation thinking c. Much time remains in the project Farooq A. Pareto diagram d. Far the estimate is from the highest estimate b. Focus on simulation thinking c.Quality is: a.Pareto diagrams help the project manager a. Far the measurement is from the mean c Correct the sample is d.Standard deviation is a measure of how: a.www. Warranty costs 520. Quality training c. Are specific characteristics for which a product is designed and tested d.solusinformatics. Explore a desired future outcome d. Quraishi 96 .Testing the entire population would: a. Conformance to requirements and fitness of use d. exclusive d. b.A control chart helps the project manager: a. Provide more information than wanted c. Take too long b.

In which step of the quality management process is the project manager involved? a. You are managing a project in a time environment. cost or schedule? a. quality is next. A design of experiments b. and then schedule b. 521 What percentage of the total distribution are 3 sigma from the mean equal to? a. Shape c. What should be done? a. quality next and then cost d. Schedule is most important. because the amount of inventory in such an environment is generally: a. A control chart shows seven data points in a row on side of the mean. A project manager is using a cause-and-effect diagram with the team to determine how various factors might be linked to potential problems. Show team responsibilities d. This is the rule of seven and calls for action 524. 99.4% d. Pounds d.www. Quality analysis b. 68. Explore past outcomes c. Show functional responsibilities 526.9% c. Size b. 95. 45% b. A. Cost is most important.26% b.7% 522. Quraishi 97 . 12% d. It is situational and must be decided by the project objectives 527. which would generally have the highest priority: quality. Put information in its order of priority b. Quality is most important than cost and schedule c. An Ishikawa diagram helps to: a. This will require more attention. Quality assurance c. 0% 525. All of the following are examples of a variable EXCEPT: a. Quality planning Farooq A. In planning your project. 10% c. Quality control d. Find an assignable cause d. Adjust the chart to reflect the new mean c. Weight 523.

Quality control 531. Nothing. During a team meeting. Quraishi 98 . What should you do in this situation? a. To identify lessons learned that can improve performance on the project d. Quality management c. Form quality assurance team Farooq A. The project manager is in control of the situation 530. Quality assurance b.www. procedures and other information about plans for quality. To check if the customer is following its quality process c. You should explain to team that purpose of a quality audit is: a.solusinformatics. These efforts shouldn't be done in meetings c. The design allows for 2% spillage. You are in the middle of a major new facility construction project. Project d. If this change during the project. objects to the audits. amounting to over two tons of spilled rock per day. WHICH of the following plans will also change? a. It addresses the organizational structure. A project manager and team from a firm that designs railroad equipment are tasked to design a machine to load stone onto railroad cars. the team adds a specific area of extra work to the project because they have determined it would benefit the customer. A. The team. Nothing. already under pressure to complete the project as soon as possible. Analogous estimate future results c. Assure senior management that during quality planning it was determined the project would meet the quality standards b. The team is gold plating b. quality assurance and quality improvements for this project? a. Control charts d. The structural steel is in place and heating conduits are going into place when senior management informs you that he is worried that the project will not meet the quality standards. Quality management plan b. In which of the following does the project manager document quality control. You are a project manager for a major information systems project when someone from the quality department comes to see you about beginning a quality audit of your project. responsibilities. This is how to meet or exceed customer expectations d. To check the accuracy of costs submitted by the team 532. What is wrong in this situation? 528. The project team has created a plan describing how they will implement the quality policy. Project plan 529. Part of ISO 9000 investigation b. Quality policy c.

Quality management b. Quality problems b. Quality assurance Farooq A. Begin risk identification d. A project team member comes to the project manager during project execution to tell him that they feel the project cannot meet its quality standards. d. The project you are working on has an increase in cost effectiveness. Check the results from the last quality management plan You are asked to select tools and techniques to implement a quality assurance program to supplement existing quality control activities. Which of the following MUST they have before they start this process? a. Identify quality standards c.www. Quality assurance c. A. increased productivity and morale. What might be the reason for these changes? a. Project goals are in line with those of the company b. Statistical sampling c. Quality planning d. Rework ' 535. A project manager has just taken over the project from another project manager during the execution phase. Which of the following would you choose? a. Quality improvement c. The project manager calls a meeting of the affected stakeholders to work through the problem. the project manager must be involved in: a. 538. Coordinate performance of work packages b.solusinformatics. Quality audits b. Increased quality c. Pareto diagrams d. Quality control 537. Quraishi 99 . Which step of the quality management process is the project manager in? a. Quality control measures d. Trend analysis The new software installation project is in progress. What should the new project manager do NEXT? a. Execute the project plan A project is facing a major change to its project deliverables. determined communications requirements and went on to complete work packages. The previous project manager created a project budget. 533. Rewards presented for individual efforts 536. The project manager is working with the quality assurance department to improve everyone's confidence that the project will satisfy the quality standards. Management's focus on cost containment d. If the project manager is involved in determining which quality standards are relevant to change.

d.solusinformatics. The project was unsuccessful because it was gold plated c. and threeareas of performance. Both internal and external quality assurance is provided on all projects to: a. Quality is very important to your company. Inspection b. Perform root cause analysis c. Action taken to bring nonconforming item into compliance d. c. An adjustment made that is based on quality control measurements c. Quraishi 100 . A. You established a project quality management system and are performing a project quality management system and are performing both quality assurance and quality control throughout the project. Use inspection to keep errors out of the process 541. Develop control chart 542. 540. Ensures that the project will employ all processes needed to meet requirements b Monitor specific project results to note whether they comply with relevant standards c. is not used in your organization. The project was ah unqualified success b. The term rework. The customer has expressed satisfaction with the project. Each project has a quality statement that is consistent with the organization's vision and mission. Your project team is working to design and manufacture a "smart zipper" that never jams. Measure performance d. You recognize that some rework may be necessary. Not a concern if errors are detected early 543. however. The project was unsuccessful because the customer being happy they would have paid for the work b. Benchmarking is a technique used to: a. Identify ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory results d. Quality analysis Quality control Quality planning 539. Acceptable under certain conditions b. Provide better product definition and product development Farooq A. a project manager determines that the project has added four areas of functionality. What does this mean in terms of success of the project? a. You explain that rework is: a. The functional analysis is used to: a.www. At the end of a project. The project was successful because the team had a chance to learn new areas of functionality and the customer was satisfied.

Fishbone diagrams b. A "breakthrough" is the accomplishment of any improvement that takes the organization to unprecedented levels of performance by attacking: a. who cost less and who are available as well. Common causes of variances c. Kaoru Ishikawa led the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers in its efforts to introduce methods for quality control. To anticipate and help develop approaches to deal with potential quality problems.solusinformatics. A. Regulate coordination and communication among process stages 547. group. You want to determine the optimum combination of senior. you want to use a variety of root-cause analysis techniques including all the following except: a. Use statistical techniques to compute a "loss function" to determine the cost of producing products that fail to achieve a target value c. Which of the following is not one of the seven tools he made popular? a. Some senior-level aerospace engineers. Analyze the process using a Pareto diagram 546 The purpose of the Taguchi is: a. PERT chart 545. is working to develop an interchangeable chain that can be used on both. Conduct a design of experiments b. Your company. and manage production operations as self-contained flexible cells capable of start-to-finish processing of a family of items d. Control chart d. Quraishi 101 . Cause-and-effect diagram c. the appropriate technique to use is to: a. Inspection over prevention d. d.www. Quality assurance promotes quality b. a leading chain of manufacturer of snowmobiles and chainsaws. They are more productive than junior-level engineers. In simplifying techniques so that workers could understand and apply them he concentrated on seven tools. Use the Ishikawa diagram to pinpoint the problem c. Helps products succeed in the market place Improve the functional characteristics of a product Support production planning and the just-in-time approach 544. Ishikawa diagrams Farooq A. Prepare a control chart d. Design. Specified tolerances 548. Pareto chart b.and junior-level personnel. Manage the flow of the material for better visibility and control b. You are leading a research project that will require between 10 to 20 aerospace engineers. In this situation. Special causes of variation b. c.

Project quality management was once thought to include only inspection or quality control. Documented and well-disseminated statements of purpose and vision b. Recently your company introduced a new processing system for its products You were the project manager for this system and now have been asked to lead to implement needed changes to increase efficiency and productivity To help you analyze the process. Attribute sampling is concerned with prevention. Attribute sampling is concerned with conformance. Which statement is not representative of the new definition of quality management: a. Attribute sampling is concerned with special causes. Control charts 552.solusinformatics. Should not be adjusted b. An organization displays constant of purpose must have the following elements except: a. Separate quality assurance and control departments reporting to senior management 551. not inspected in Farooq A. Shows differences causes by expected events or normal causes d. May not be changes to provide improvements c. Statistically sampling' c. An awareness by all members of the organization of the purpose. vision goals and objectives and their roles in achieving them d. the concept of project quality management has broadened. Quality is designed in. Systems or process flowcharts Checklists Which of the following statements best describes attribute' sampling versus Variable sampling? a. A set of strategic and tactical plans c. Systems flowcharts b. c. When a process in considered to be in control. Quraishi 102 . you and your team have decided to use which of the following techniques'? a. Pareto analysis d. whereas variable sampling is concerned by inspection b.www. whereas variable sampling is concerned with any causes d. Constancy of purpose is a core concept for continuous improvement. Both are the same concepts 550. whereas variable sampling is concerned with the degree of conformity c. Should not be inspected or reworked for any reason 553. A. In recent years. it: a. d.

Long-term contracting is an important aspect of project quality management because it: a. d. Sampling and probability b. Trend analysis b. d. Design an experiment b. Inspections c. Conduct a trend analysis d. Of all the topics involved. The organization’s quality policy b. Provides for mandatory audits. Attribute sampling and variable sampling c. Procedures for integrated change control 558. which of the following is the most important for the team to understand? a.solusinformatics. Perform an audit 559. Quraishi 103 . Control charts d. Rank ordering of defects should be used to guide corrective action This is underlying principle behind: a. Management realizes that immediate corrective action is required to the material Requirement Planning (MRP) system to prevent the necessary changes you should a. Quality is the concern of the quality assurance staff Customer requirements are well documented and the processes are adjusted to satisfy the requirements National and international standards and guidelines for quality assurance systems are available b. In order to monitor the number of errors or defects that have been identified and the number that remain undetected. 557. Use a checklist c. Your quality assurance department recently performed a quality audit of your Farooq A. Based on quality control measurements on your manufacturing project. A. Provides incentives to vendors to make quality commitments b. Pareto charts 556. Special causes and random causes 555. Tolerances and control limits d. Improves quality through the use fo benefit-cost analysis c. Established operational definitions and procedures d. you should: a. The project team should have working knowledge of the statistical process control to help conduct quality activities. The Quality management plan c. Usually results in lower costs and increased productivity. c.

Employees participating in quality circles Farooq A. You decide to use flowcharting to: a. 1 sigma deviation b. Reassign the team member who had responsibility for oversight of the problem c. Top management c. Your core team is preparing quality management plan is to : a. Conduct inspections throughout the process d. Determine specific metrics to use in the quality management process b. Use trend analysis 564. 2 sigma deviation c. If the recommendation is not implemented. Work to ensure that the overall quality program is ISO compliant b. Forecast future outcomes You are managing a major international project to organize off track betting in Your clients hotels. Show the results of the process d. Develop the quality policy for the project d. Your contract requires you to prepare both a project plan and a quality management project and identified a number of findings and recommendations. Identify specific quality management roles and responsibilities for the project 562. whereas the normally expected deviation of the process isa. Identify the quality standards for the project c. 561. 3 sigma deviation d. You are the Project manager on a project to improve traffic flow in the company's Parking garage. Your next step should be to: a. Show dependencies between tasks c. Call a meeting of your project team to see who is responsible for the problem b.solusinformatics. the product will not conform to requirements. You recognize the importance of quality control on your project However you also know that quality control has costs associated with it and that the project has a limited budget. The continuous improvement process provides a way for organization to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.www. The project manager b. Six sigma refers to the aim of setting tolerance limits of 6 standard deviations from the mean. Use statistical sampling c. As such. Help analyze how problems occur b. Quraishi 104 . One recommendation Seems critical and should be implemented because it affects successful delivery of the Product to your customer. Undeterminable because of the unique nature of every process 563. Perform product rework immediately d. One way to reduce the cost of quality control is to: a. it should be directed by a. Issue a change request to implement the needed corrective action 560. A.

Evaluate failure modes and causes associated with the design and manufacturing of a new product d. Quality control process c. Evaluate failure modes and causes associated with the design and manufacturing of an existing product c. particularly in the quality planning process. Help management set priorities in its existing manufacturing processes to avoid failures 568. Walkthrough's c.www. At least seven inspectors should be in place for every thousand employees d. You must ensure that building codes are reflected in your project plans because: a. Your management has prescribed that a quality audit be conducted at the end of every phase in a project. Quality improvement program d. A. This audit is part of the organization's: a. or the same c. However in the past weeks many of the clubs have been returned due to quality problems You decide to conduct a failure mode and critically analysis to: a. Stakeholders 565. Recently your company introduced a new set of "metal woods" to its established line of golfing equipment.solusinformatics. Analyze the product development cycle after product release to determine strength and weaknesses b. Control tests b. Quality inspections also may be called: a. you must be especially concerned with building codes. Compliance with standards is the primary objective of quality control Farooq A. Seven rejects typically occur per thousand inspections b. You are the project manager for residential construction. As a project manager. Quraishi 105 . The product launch was spectacular. d. A process is not out of control even though seven measurements fall outside the lower and upper limits. The "rule of seven" as applied to statistical process control charts means that: a. Process adjustment program 567. Quality assurance process b. Quality audits serve to ensure there is compliance with regulations c. descending. Checklists 566. Statistical sampling d. Standards and regulations as an input to quality planning b. Seven consecutive measurements are ascending. They are a cost associated with quality initiatives d.

Internal failure costs d. you and your team have decided to use which of the following techniques: a. Training costs are included in which one of the following areas? a. Control limits and operational sampling 573. however.www. the principles of kaizen will work well. and external failure. The maximum process requirements necessary to ensure that customers receive a good product. When setting up this approach. Studies have shown that patients have to wait for long periods before being treated. Your company is establishing a cost-of-quality approach to determine the relative importance of its quality problems. To use statistical control effectively. External failure costs 575. including empty venting machines. The use of quality circles to improve morale 574. Appraisal costs c. A description of how products should be produced b. 572. appraisal. Radical changes in operating practices c. you realize that training and its associated costs have become a major factor. To assist in identifying the factors contributing to this problem. The kaizen approach to continuous improvement emphasizes: a. A framework for quality systems d. You work as a project manager in the largest hospital in the region. you have become an ardent supporter of Imai-san's kaizen philosophy of quality. the project team should know the differences between: a. Having recently returned from a company-sponsored trip to Japan. Attribute sampling and statistical sampling d. Quraishi 106 . Farooq A. You recently completed a food service assessment project of the company dining facility. Even though your project is vastly different from a manufacturing operation. Scatter diagrams d. You found a number of problems. Cause-and-effect diagrams b. The ISO 9000 standards provide: a. A. The greater importance of customer satisfaction over cost b. Pareto analysis c. you were asked to categorize four types of costs: prevention. Control charts 571. Prevention cost b. Special cause and random causes c. internal failure. Specifics for the implementation of quality systems 570. Incremental improvement d. Prevention and quality control b.solusinformatics. As you examine the cost of quality.

long waits. Results of quality control testing and measurement are used: a. and the end of processes.solusinformatics. Show which variables have the most influence on the overall outcome d. Needs to be conducted only when a problem is discovered with the end product or when the customer has some rejects 578. their inputs and outputs. As an input to quality planning b. Organizational structure. Forecast future outcomes based on historical results c. Cost of quality d. Does not require a large expenditure of resources b. As an input to quality assurance 577. Method for implementing the quality policy b Project quality system c. and stakeholders of processes c. The quality management plan describes all of the following except the: a. poor menu variety. by type or category of identified cause b. Show how many results were generated. and quality 580 Quality metrics describes: a What something is and how the quality control processes measure it b Process boundaries: the purpose. start. Cost-benefit analysis Farooq A. Quraishi 107 . Statistical sampling is a method to determine the conformance to requirements for some component or product of a project. and high prices. Monitor process variations over time b. processes. To operate an operational definition c. Show how various causes and sub causes combine to create potential problems of effects 576. schedule. You decide to use a Pareto diagram to display your findings because it is an excellent way to: a. Determine whether results conform to requirements 579. and resources needed to implement project quality management d. Measure the degree of conformance to specification c. The control chart is a tool used primarily to help: a. Does not require 100% inspection of components to achieve a satisfactory inference of the population d. Is accurate enough with a sampling of less that 1% c. its greatest advantage is that it: a. Procedures used to conduct trade-offs analysis among cost.www. Determine whether results conform to agreed schedule d. To prepare a control chart d. responsibilities. discourteous employees. data required.

team building. To improve morale c. Previous experience d. A. To enhance project team members ability to perform as a team b. Purpose of collocation is: a. all of the following characteristics should be evaluated EXCEPT: a. A strong matrix organization b. 585.www. A functional organization 587. To control resources d. A project coordinator c. complex project with cross-functional project needs. To assess the costs associated with each expertise needed b. Quraishi 108 . Political philosophy 583.solusinformatics. Leadership. Reporting relationship d. Availability b. EXCEPT Considers activities and performance under a person's control. To reduces individual's chances of recognition and rewards c. For a large. Project human resource planning determines project: a. In acquiring project team members from all available sources.the following organizational structure gives a considerable authority for the project manager: a.and negotiation Farooq A. b. One of the team development techniques is. A project expediter d. It is important that the staffing management plan address to when and how human resource requirements will be met for all the following reasons EXCEPT: a. It should have the following characteristics. Political philosophy c. a. Collocation is one of the techniques to develop project PROJECT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 581. Competencies 582. Promote and reinforce desired behaviors Consider cultural differences Considers performance not under a person's control. Activity resource estimating 586. To protect team members from safety hazards 584. Responsibilities c. c. Roles b. reorganization and rewards systems. Acquire efficient project team members d. Project Human Resource Management is divided into: a. d.

When members are accountable to both functional and project managers d. Negotiation 589. It is dependent on corporate policies c. d. Training d. Roles and responsibilities c. Is mainly used to identify accountabilities in individual performance appraisals 593. Staffing management plan b. Should only be considered after major conflicts within the project team. Is normally developed at the activity level and used to closely link project roles and responsibilities to project network activities c. Roles and responsibilities d.communication. A strong matrix management structure b. When formal training plans cannot be implemented 591. Farooq A. acquire project team. develop project team. Recruitment. Quraishi 109 .com b. May be used for resource leveling 594. Process of developing WBS can increase team cohesiveness b. Project organization charts b. When major problems delay the project completion date or budget targets c. and personnel administration Team building. labor relations. A. All of the following statements about the level of authority of the project manager are true EXCEPT: a. It is weak in a strong matrix organization 592. Staffing management plan c.solusinformatics. c. Is often used to closely link project roles and responsibilities to WBS d. Are often included in the staffing management plan c.www.A key barrier to team development is: a. Is primarily used for development of the project budget b.The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM): a. and manage project team 588. tools and techniques to acquire project team include all of the following EXCEPT: a. and labor relations HR planning. Team building activities have all the following characteristics EXFEPT: a. All of the following are outputs of HR Planning EXCEPT: a. Inputs. or month over the course of the project d. It is determined by senior management d. Recourse Histograms have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT: a. Illustrates the number of hours that a person will be needed each week. Always show that the project has insufficient resources to be completed on schedule b. Resource breakdown structure 590. It varies considerably from company to company b.

competencies of the project team members b.solusinformatics. If the project team members lack the necessary management or technical skills. Assisting one another when workloads are unbalanced b. A. The "halo effect" refers to the tendency to: a. If the project team members lack the necessary management or technical skills. The highest point of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is called: a. Attainment of survival c. Move people into project management because they have had project management training. such as from other team member since they generally waste precious resource time and cause schedule delays c. Hire the best c. Penalty d. the project should be abandoned and deemed outside the core competencies of the performing organization d. Can vary from five-minute agenda item in a regular status review meeting to an off-site. Communicating in ways that fit individual preferences c. professionally facilitated experience designed to improve interpersonal relationship among stakeholders . such skills can be developed as part of the project work. May be formal. Esteem 599. Farooq A. Team performance improvements can come from many sources and can affect many areas of project performance. Training has all of the following characteristics EXCEPT: a. may enhance team performance as a secondary effect d. Quraishi 110 . Includes all activities designed to enhance the. Sharing information and resources 597. Reward c. Formal b. Increase the intensity of conflict among project team members d. such as establishing ground rules for surfacing and dealing conflict. Need for association d. including all of the following EXCEPT: a. 596. Physiological satisfaction b. Expert 598.www. or informal. such as classroom training and computer-based training. Promote from within b. Many actions. All of the following are forms of power derived from the project manager's position EXCEPT: a. Move people into project management position because they are good in their technical field d. 595.

Problem solving b. Team members are borrowed resources and can be hard to motivate c. The person in charge of each task Farooq A. "1 cannot deal with this issue now!" a. Management 605. Compromise d. All of the following are typical concerns of team members while working in a matrix organization EXCEPT: a. Tasks c. 600. Forcing b. The MOST common cause of conflict on a project are schedules. Teams are too centralized d. Personalities b. Link d. Team organization is technically focused b. Cost d. Matrix 604. Teams are too large and therefore very hard 601. Problem solving 603.www. Which type of organization is BEST for managing projects involving cross disciplinary efforts? " a. Quraishi 111 . Obtaining commitments d. Forcing c. Time b.What does a Gantt chart show that a responsibility matrix does not? a. Wondering who will handle their evaluations b. Withdrawal d.solusinformatics. Projectized -' b. Interrelations d. An obstacle to team building in a matrix organization is that the: a. Functional c. Computing fringe benefits when working on multiple projects 602. What conflict resolution technique is a project manager using when he says. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques will generate the MOST lasting solution? . Smoothing c. Compromise 606. a. Resources c. Multiple bosses c. project priorities and: a.

Formal Farooq A. None of your project team members report to you functionally and you do not have the ability to directly reward their performance. Responsibility matrix b. Where would you find such information? a. This could be happening for all the following reasons EXCEPT: a. Referent b. Expert c. b. Lack of resource leveling d. From whom would he request these resources? Project manager Functional manager Team Project sponsor 609. d. Confirm the availability of the resources c. This one-year project is about halfway done. The length of these meetings has increased because there are many different tasks to assign. You want to understand who is responsible for doing what on the project. What should the project manager do NEXT? a. You have been assigned as project manager for a large telecommunications project. During every project team meeting. the project manager determines that additional human resources are needed. the project manager asks each team member to describe the work he or she is doing. The project team consists of five sellers and twenty of your company's employees. c.www. Lack of responsibility matrix c. The project is difficult.solusinformatics. Refine the project plan to reflect more accurate costing information d. start/end times and resources are identified. During project planning in a matrix organization. and the project manager assigns new tasks to team members. 610. Activities. A project manager must publish a project' schedule. Lack of involvement in project planning 611. Penalty d. Lack of WBS b. You are a project manager leading a cross-functional project team in a weak matrix environment. A. Quraishi 112 . Resource histogram c. Gantt chart 607. involving tight date constraints and challenging quality standards. a. Distribute the project schedule according to the communications plan b. Publish a Gantt illustrating the timeline. Project organization chart 608. Which of the following types of project management power will likely be MOST effective in this circumstance? a.

A. Obtain a new resource more skilled in development work c. Referent c. What is the best form of power for gaining cooperation under these circumstances? a. and determine the best approach c. Smoothing d. the project manager encounters disagreements among highly technical team members." What conflict resolution mode is she using? a. meet with each individual. and facilitate an agreement d. Confrontation ( b. On his first project assignment as project manager. To resolve the problem. encourage logical discussions. determine what is the best choice. you should meet with the: a.www. the project manager says. A project manager has just been hired and is trying to gain the cooperation of others. The project team member responsible for this part of the project does not get along with the subcontractor. How would the project manager BEST deal with the conflict? a. Manager of the team D b. He should listen to the differences of opinions. Project manager and the team C leader 612. Communicating 614. He should listen to the differences of opinions. A project manager has just found out that a major subcontractor for her project is consistent late delivering work. He should postpone further discussions. Project manager and management d. This has caused team D to have to crash the critical path several times. "You both will have to give up something to solve this problem. There is no else available who is better qualified to do the work. Penalty Farooq A. A project has several teams. A team is not performing well on the project because she is inexperienced in system development work. Compromise c. Team C has repeatedly missed deadlines in the past. He should help the team focus on agreeable aspects of their opinions and build unity by using relaxation techniques and common focus team building 616. Project manager alone c. and implement that choice b. Quraishi 113 . Allocate some of the project schedule reserve 613. What is the BEST solution for the project manager? a. Formal b. As the project leader for team D. Consult with the functional manager to determine project completion incentives for the team member b. Arrange for the team member to get trained d.solusinformatics.

www. Fix the problem himself. Let's deal with this again next week after we all calm down d. Quraishi 114 . Which form of project organization should you establish for this project? a. the work is now done and the problem has gone away c. Sponsor c. Expert 617. Senior management 619. The project involves over thirty people. You realize that to be successful you need to exercise maximum control over project resources. This change will cause the third major overhaul of the project. Weak matrix 621. You have been assigned as a project manager on what could be a "bet the company" project. Do nothing. Let's calm down and get the job done c.solusinformatics. Ask management for help d. and twelve systems need to be integrated. Call the team together for a meeting to determine what to do b. d. Instructions for the construction of the concrete footings were poorly translated between the different languages in use on the project. Do it my way b. One says the systems should be integrated before testing. Which of the following is the best person for the project manager to address these issues with? a. A project manager is trying to settle dispute between two team members. Strong matrix b. Project coordinator d. Ensure that each team member reports to his or her functional manager in addition to the project manager Farooq A. Customer d. At the same time the project manager discovers that a major task was not completed because a team member's boss moved them to another project that had a higher priority. Which of the following is a ground rule for project team building? a. Do frequent performance appraisals b. Team b. 620. Which of the following is the BEST thing the project manager to do? a. and other maintains each system should be tested before integration. Let's test one system after integration and one before integration and see if there are any differences 618. What is the BEST statement the project manager can make to resolve the conflict? a. A project is in the middle of execution when a project stakeholder suggests a minor new change. Projectized c.

and you have a strong feeling that your team members do not view themselves as a team or unified group. Quraishi 115 . Project A is being administrated using a matrix form of organization. Create symbols and structures that solidify the unity of the dispersed work group d. you want to ensure executives understand the basic objectives of reward systems.solusinformatics. the balance of power is shifted to the project manager d. A. Be comparable with the award system established for functional managers to indicate parity and to show the importance of project management to the company b. d. In this strong matrix. Which of the following factors contributes the most to team c.www. Start early Try to solve team political problems. the balance of power is shifted to the project manager 623. the balance of power is shifted to the functional line managers c. and achievable c. In this scenario. Mandate that the team follow the vision and mission statement of his or her organization c. Attract people to join the organization's project management career path 624. Ensure that every member of the project team uses e-mail as a form of communication b. Your team members all work in different geographical locations and will meet for several months. This objective is to: a. The project manager will probability not be challenged by project stakeholders b. In this tight matrix. The project manager reports to a senior vice president who provides visible support to the project. External feedback b. 622. you should: a. Make the link between project performance and reward clear. Performance appraisal c. Smoothing over of team conflicts by the project manager d. Motivate project managers to work toward common objectives and goals as defined by the company d. In this strong matrix. Collocation 625. which of the following statements best describes the relative power of the project manager? a. management has asked you to lead a team to recommend an equitable reward and recognition system for project managers. To help rectify this situation. explicit. Provide team members with the latest in communications technology and mandate its use Farooq A. Before finalizing the plan. Because of your experience. You are managing a virtual team.

com 626. The team you have organized for a new project consists of three people who will work full-time and five people who will support the project on a part-time basis. This fact has not gone unnoticed by your peers and associates. Your next step is to: a. To ensure a successful project start-up.solusinformatics. To remedy this situation. Given that your neighbors. Prepare a responsibility assignment matrix and distribute it to each team member c. Hold a project kickoff meeting 628.www. The level of authority of the project manager b. Enhancement of the ability of stakeholders to contribute as individuals and team members 629. your first step should be: a. you and the CEO of your company have established a friendly personal relationship. you developed a project logo and had it printed on T-shirts to promote the project. Expert 630. Reward c. Recently. Major difficulties arise when multiple projects need to be managed in functional organizational structure because of: a. Which type of power available to project managers might be able to rely on? aReferent b. smoothly running team c. Distribute the project plan and WBS to the team d. Meet with each team member individually to discuss assignments b. The primary result of effective team development is: a. Establish a "war room" Farooq A. Initiate a newsletter b. The need for the project manager to use interpersonal skills to resolve conflicts informally 627. An effective. Improved project performance b. Project team members who focused on their functional specialty rather than on the project d. Quraishi 116 . Create an air of mystery about the project c. A. Formal d. your company appointed you project manager for a new project that is crucial to achieving next year's financial targets. Conflicts over the relative priorities of different projects in competition for limited resources c. All team members know one another and have worked in the past. but this action has not worked. An understanding by the project team members that the project manager is ultimately responsible for the project performance d. The team members on your project have been complaining that they do not have any sense of identity as a team because they are located in different areas of the building.

a freak storm is Expected to hit your area in less than 8 hours. Accommodating b. Frustration b. you realize that managing team is essential for project success. A. You have observed all the following symptoms of bad teamwork in your project team except: a. Establishing a team-based reward and recognition system d. you want to review the performance within which your team Farooq A. Laissez-faire 636. Many of these actions may enhance team performance as a secondary effect. Your project has been under way from some time. Involving non-management-level team members in the planning process 634. Quraishi 117 . They refuse to listen to each other. Participative d. Team identification 633. The project team directory is documented in which of the following process? a. Windows must be installed now or the Entire project is in d.www. As a project manager. Excessive meetings c. Democratic c. Organizational planning d. Collocating all team members in a single physical locations c. Egocentric b. The most appropriate conflict resolution approach for you to Except this situation is: a. Two team members on your current construction project are engaged in a major argument concerning storm window installation. Establishing team performance goals and holding off-site retreats to review ways of best achieving these goals b. Issue guidelines on how team members should interact with other stakeholders 631. A management style characterized by little or no information flowing up or down between the project team is called: a. Team-building activities include management and individual actions taken specifically and primarily to improve team performance. Compromising c. Boring 632.solusinformatics. An example of some action that may enhance team performance as secondary effect is: a. Therefore. Although to hit is March and hurricane season does not begin until June. Collaborating d. Lack of trust or confidence in the project manager d. Team development b. Unproductive meetings 635. but indicators show that it is in troubles. Project staff assignments c.

In both the weak and strong matrix organizational structures. Outsource these functions b. You need a conflict resolution method that provides a long-term resolution. Individual performance 640. absenteeism. Rao recommended an approach that would shorten the project schedule. Your primary objective for investing time and money in this event is to improve: a. d. Although you believe that Sharma and Rao could learn from each other. however. Sharma proposed an action that would improve overall project quality with minor cost increase. You have panned a gathering in the local mountains for the team to engage in a variety of activities. including the possible use of disciplinary actions. Confronting b. This information can be found in the: a.www. Need of consensus d. Increasing quality and accelerating the schedule are critical from your point of view. Smoothing Farooq A. Morale c. but reduce product features. and substandard performance have characterized the behavior of certain member?. Quraishi 118 . Communication barriers b. Constant operates. Team performance b. Conflicting interests c. Performance reports c. Collaboration d. Therefore you need to: a. Problem solving c. Your project management work has taught you that you are primarily responsible for implementing the project plan by authorizing the execution of project activities and tasks to produce project deliverables. Ask the head of the human resources to approve your project staffing plan personally 639. the primary condition leading to conflict is: a. A. You decide to use which one of the following approaches? a. Quality d. of your team. you do not have direct access to human resource administrative activities. Staffing management plan d. they typically like to agree to disagree. Because you do not work in a purely projectized organization.solusinformatics. Increasingly formal procedures will need to be used. Prepare a project team charter that is signed-off by a member of the human resource department to delineate responsibilities • c. Ambiguous jurisdictions 638. Team charter b. Organizational policies and guidelines 637.

solusinformatics. Issuing a project charter d. Quraishi 119 . Team members involved b. Create a new division of labor by assigning technical leads to the most critical activities 645. One approach that has proven effective toward this goal is: a. You do not seem to know who is responsible for many project 641. Team development on a project is often complicated when individual team members are accountable to both a functional manger and the project relationship. b. several of the completed work packages have not received the required sign-offs. The organization structure of the performing organization Poor communication among team members Ambiguous staffing requirements Team morale 642. His most likely response to a question is "What do you think we should do?" which one of the following best characterizes his leadership style? a. Effective management of this dual reporting relationship is generally the responsibility of the: a. Project owner or sponsor d.www. With the unplanned departure of one of the key team member. To gain control of his project. you need to: a. Functional manager 644. You are part of a team that is working to develop a new medical implant device. Although his knowledge of the subject is vast. A. three work packages are 5 weeks behind schedule. Celebrating special occasion 643. Project manager c. A constraining factor that may affect the organization of the project team is: a. As a project manager. now beginning its second year. Re-baseline your original staffing management plan with current resource requirements b. Change to a projectized organizational structure for maximum control over resource assignments c. The mix of team members has changed. he continually seeks opinions from the team about a wide variety or project and product issues. Creating a team name b. Your project manager is an expert in medical implantation devices. Laissez-faire Farooq A. c. d. Team members often run project team meetings while he sits silently at the head of the table. Work with your team to prepare a responsibility assignment matrix d. you believe in using a "personal touch" to further team development. You are project manager for a 2-year project. In addition. Providing flexible work time c.

Which of the following represents a constraint on the staff acquisition process? a. Quraishi 120 . In project review meetings. The project expediter acts only as an intermediary between management and the project team d. The project coordinator cannot personally make or enforce decisions b. Laissez-faire b. Pre-assigned of the staff to the project b. This person was assuming which of the following destructive team roles? a. Bureaucratic d. The 651. Recognition seeker b. Dominator 649. Blocker c. Many stakeholders vocalize their concerns at these meetings and constantly emphasize their interests to ensure the project satisfies their requirements. to business. The project coordinator reports to the higher-level manager in the organization 647. Each of 10 stakeholders has a copy of the project plan. Recruitment practices of the organizations involved c. During a recent status meeting for your project. Aggressive d. A project manager who generally makes decisions without considering information provided by team members is using which management style? a. one team member was critical of others and seemed to try to diminish their status on the team. c. d. the plan is used as a baseline for performance measurement. Autocratic c. A requirement of the project's team charter b. External feedback such as this is: a. The major difference between the project coordinator and the project expediter forms of organization is that: a. A. An item in the project's stakeholder management plan d. Team directed Collaborative Shared leadership - 646. Team member training requirements 648. An input to team development c. many of which are attended by a majority of the stakeholders. Use of outsourcing d. Farooq A. An output of the organizational planning process 650.solusinformatics.www. Strong commitment to the project usually does not exist in the project expeditor for of the organization b. Judicious ' Your organization is adopting a project-based approach.

they are little more than a collection of functional and technical experts who focus on their specialties. Sources of conflict include project priorities. a project manager must deal with conflict. and trust 656. Degree of authority the project manager has over team resources d. the first step is to: Farooq A. and weak matrix when applied to the matrix structure in project organization refer to: a. PERT/CPM schedules. 653. Focused on customer demands change. Degree to which team members bond together 654. and type of contract. Conflict is avoided whenever possible d. Identifying the resources needed to finish the project on time c. Problem oriented b. contract administrative procedures.solusinformatics. The CEO told you she would allow you all the resources you need to complete the job on time. A. Team development is based on the: a. When choosing the most appropriate form of the project organization. As you begin this project. has been very difficult. Which statement is true regarding conflict in projects? a. Establishing firm project requirements 652. You are managing the company's most important project. A matrix form of organization can produce a lack of clear role definitions and lead to ambiguous jurisdictions between and among functional leaders and project managers b.www. The chances for successful completion of a multidisciplinary project are increased if project team members are: a. Organizational structure of the project b. Physical proximity of the project team members to one over another and to the project manager c. Although project teams have been created. Politically sensitive to top management's needs c. The terms strong matrix. Training provided to the project team c. Quraishi 121 . The best way to communicate status to the CEO d. Focused on individual project activities d. you must place a high priority on: a Creating an effective team b. balanced matrix. Project's organizational climate of cooperation. Ability of the organization to achieve goals b. however. Strong matrix project managers have few human resource conflicts. open communication. c. because they can dictate their needs to functional managers. Individual development of each team member d. In organizing a project.

written. performance reporting. Schedules. body language. and no contracts department staff can be assigned to the project.solusinformatics. project priorities. administrative procedures. Obtain the support and functional managers in the other locations d. b. information distribution. Conflicts in which of the following three areas represent over 50% of all project conflicts? a. A. You are outsourcing a part of your project's activities. Communications planning. No team members have contract administration experience. Communication planning. risk response planning. Sentence structure. Personalities. Paid for by the performing organization b. Exercise his or her right to control all aspects of the project 658. Written. progress reports. and stakeholder analysis a. The three major types of communications are: a. Oral. and meeting of minutes. performance reporting. and thoughts b. Quraishi 122 . The key way for a project manager to promote optimum team performance in project teams whose members are not collocated is to: a. Create the WBS and let it determine the project organizational structure Produce an initial project plan and determine the functional areas responsible for each task Refer to the project charter developed by top management Develop a project schedule. c. Personalities. and schedules c. Build trust b. and personnel resources d. Cost objectives.www. Paid for by the procurement department d. Establish a reward and recognition system c. and body language Farooq A. oral. Considering an input to cost budgeting PROJECT COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT 660. and manage stakeholders b. The major process of project communication management are: a. You must provide two team members with project procurement management training whose costs should be: a. and identify the functional areas to perform each task 657. change reporting. cost objectives. d. and schedules b. project priorities. and information distribution c. Charged directly to the project budget c. information distribution. c. Communication planning. including a top-down flow chart. and cost objectives 659. Communications planning. and formal acceptance 661.

Length of the Project b. Verbal. Stakeholder requirements. and administrative procedures 664. Stakeholder requirements 665. and project schedule c. and assumptions b. Executive requirements c. and informal documentation 662. Verbal communication d. video and web conferencing. Status review meetings 667. Confirming that the message sent is properly understood c. The sender is responsible for: a. Stakeholder survey. Interpreting the message correctively 668. project logistics. communication barriers. A communication management plan provides all the following EXCEPT: a. Information distribution methods b. Availability of technology d. Quraishi 123 . Presenting the message is the most favorable manner d. How often the information will be distributed d. and documents related to the project from all personnel 663. Who needs what information. Ensuring the receiver agrees with the message b. Stakeholder analysis.when they need !t. it will be given to Farooq A. Communication skills c. Urgency of the need for information 666. Tools and techniques for performance reporting include a!! of the following EXCEPT: a. The reason for the distribution of that information c. enterprise environmental factors. All memos. reports. and organizational structure d. Project scope statement. RAM.solusinformatics. The communication planning process determines the information and communications needs of the stakeholders that typically includes all the following a. Decision tree analysis c Project management software d. The information that shall be distributed to the stakeholders b. Spreadsheet analysis b. WBS.www. Manual filing systems. A. Communications technology factors include all the following EXCEPT a. formal documentation. constraints. and project management software are examples of. a. lessons learnt. Inputs to communication planning include: a.

com b. The project will probably complete behind schedule. and the PV was 110. service. c.000 the EV is also determined to be Rs 15. As directed by the upper management. The EV was 100. A method of measuring project performance. Higher than the AC. Less has been spent than planned c. To complete the project on schedule. which have been incurred on the project to c. them. Which of the following choices indicates that your project was about 10% under budget a. Less has been accomplished than was planned b. d. and by whom Identifying information needs of the stakeholders Communication planning is done as part of the later project phases Determining a suitable means of meeting stakeholders needs Formal procedure for acceptance of the fina1 Product. and the AC was 110. Earned value technique can be best defined as a. Analysis of the sum of the labor costs. The AC was 110.solusinformatics. The AC was 100. a. The PC was 100. c. b. Your schedule analysis has shown that your project has a high likelihood of experiencing a schedule overrun. 672. a. b. AC less EV Farooq A. Rs 30 000 project the analysis shows that the PV is Rs. 673. In earned value analysis. Analysis of the value of the equipment that has been installed as of the data b. During the sixth monthly update on a ten-month. d.www. As part of the 'close project' process. You know this because the EV is much a. 10. and the EV was 110. EV less AC c. Following the procedure as outlined in quality management plan c. cost variance is computes as. Quraishi 124 . d. EV less PV b. d. A.000. c. all of following can be ascertained from the following EXCEPT: a. but under budget 674. b. 671. Lower than the PV. As per the discretion of the project manager. or result Deliverables by the customer or sponsor of the project should be prepared and And distributed. costs will exceed budget d. 669. d. A method of measuring the amount of money that has been spent to date. and the EV was 100. Higher than the CPI. 670. Higher than the PV.

Actual cost c. This generally provides all the following EXCEPT: a. Item 1 b.000 AC 11. EV=98. Item 4 679. Item 2 c.000 5. the receiver is responsible for: a. If PV=100. Item 2 c.000 7.000 7. c. Quraishi 125 . How resources are being used to achieve project objectives Farooq A. the project is : a.www. which item has the lowest SPI? a. Pretending that the message is received only partially. Completed work value d.solusinformatics.000 9. Percentage complete b. Item 3 d. A.000 8. which item is MOST over budget? a. Ensuring that the information is received in its entirely and understood correctively d. Ahead of schedule b. to encourage further d.000 8. Agreeing with sender's message b. As part of communications skills. Data for questions 18 – 19 Item 1 2 3 4 PV 10. Headed for a cost overrun c. Earned value (EV) includes all of the following EXCEPT: a.000 8. Performance reporting involves collecting of all baseline data and distribution Of performance information to stakeholders. Item 4 678. Specifying that the message is not understood. Item 1 b. PV less EV 675.000 EV 10. Likely to come in under budget at completion. Operating at project cost projections d.000 8. Item 3 d.000 7.000 677. and AC=104. unless it is reduced to writing 680. Budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP) 676.

Withdrawing b. Communication skills has many dimensions that generally include all of the Following EXCEPT: a. Information b. and earned value analysis data 681. External with the customer d. A. Defects are detected Farooq A. Status. Vertical and horizontal 682. Written and oral. d. Nonverbal 683. Formal d. a. Conflict resolution techniques may be used on a project include confrontation. internal within the project team b.solusinformatics. Quraishi 126 . and speaking b. Communication are often enhanced when the sender ____the receiver. listening. quality. Verbal b. Senior management is displeased 686. cost. Conflict occurs d. Internal and external stakeholders to the project 684.www. The work breakdown structure can be effective aid for communication in which Situation(s)? a . Controlling 685. Shows concern for the perspective of 687. Talks slowly to d. Speaks up to b. Uses more physical movements when talking to c. smoothing. risk and procurement c. c. The project is delayed b. schedule. Directing c. Extensive use of—— communication is most likely to aid in solving complex problems a. Formal written correspondence with the customer is required when: a. Trust level is enhanced c. forcing and: a. Organizing d.The MOST likely result of communication blockers is thata. progress. Communication technology. Conceptual and definitive d. Internal within the performing organization . Internal and external c. Written c.

A large. Communication under a contract should tend towards: a. Formal verbal communication c. Quality assurance activities d. Formal written communication b. nonverbal communication skills are of: a. The communications management plan 693. . The information distribution plan c. Importance only when cost and schedule objectives are involved d. Informal written communication d. Formal verbal! communication c. The Gantt chart b. Major important c. The project has cost overruns. Where will you find this information? a. Informal verbal communication 691 When a project manager is engaged in negotiations. Creation of the scope verification plan Farooq A. The project involves three different sellers and a project team of 30 people. Importance only to ensure you win the negotiation 692. The customer requests additional work not covered under contract c. Informal written communication d. Formal written communication b. Kickoff meetings c. Informal verbal communication 690. Quraishi 127 . Little important b. one-year telecommunications project is about halfway done when you take the place of the previous project manager. 688. d.www. The project management plan b. The project status report is an example of which form of communication'? a. Contract close out is similar to close project in that they both involvea. What is BEST form of communication for addressing this problem? a. Scope verification b. You would like to see the project's communication requirements and what technology is being used to aid in project communications. Formal written communication b. A. Formal verbal communication c. Informal written communication d. A project manager has a problem with a particular team member’s performance. Informal verbal communication 689. The project has a schedule slippage that includes changes to the critical path.solusinformatics.

and other stakeholders' requirements verify that all deliverables have been provided. because he thinks the price should be lower. Finally. What should the project manager do? a. Actions and activities that are necessary to confirm that the project has met all sponsor. A. He asks you to cut 15% off the project estimate. Tell all the team members to cut 15% from their estimates c. c. Actions and activities necessary to satisfy completion or exit criteria for the project d Benefit/cost analysis 696. Those changes were made according to the change control plan. Throw a party for the team members Make sure the project is integrated with other projects Begin to focus on your projects Document the results in the project performance report 698. Project information has been distributed according to the communication plan. Administrative and contract closure procedures b. Actions and activities to define the stakeholder approval requirements for changes and all levels of deliverables b. You have been working on a very large software development project that has made use of over 230 people. all scope of work is completed It would be BEST to? 694. What should you do? a. A risk management plan 695. The customer is satisfied d. A project management plan d. All stakeholders received the communications containing notification of the change.www. Lessons learned are completed 697. customer. A project charter c. d. Some project deliverables have been changed. c. Re-estimate the cost of all work packages and convince management in writing along with the supporting data d. Determine why the stakeholder did not receive the information and let him know when it was published Farooq A. b. Start the project and constantly look for cost savings b.solusinformatics. One stakeholder expressed surprise to the project manager upon being informed of a previously published change to a project deliverable. Formal acceptance is received c. The work is completed b. All of the following are part of administrative closure procedures FXCEPT a. Quraishi 128 . You provide a project cost estimate of the project to the project sponsor. Look for resources with low hourly rates 699. An output of close project process is the creation of: a. He is unhappy with the estimate. A project is not completed until? a.

These procedures are detailed in which document? a. As a project manager. Scope statement c.solusinformatics. A new stakeholder has been added that you also Farooq A. Control chart 702. you are preparing your methods for quality management. You want to use a method to depict the events that cause a negative effect on quality. Most likely what did the project manager not do? a. you have three stakeholders with whom you need to communicate. Halfway through a large. Communication is the key to the success of a project. Use an Ishikawa diagram 704. The project manager works with the project team to determine how project stakeholders should be informed and involved during the project life cycle. The project involves four different sellers and a project team of 40 people. In your project management system. Proper risk management b. A project manager had a complex problem to solve and made a decision about what needed to be done. Ask the functional manager why the stakeholder did not understand his responsibility Review the communications plan and make b. you take the place of the project manager. Ishikawa diagram d. As such. d. if necessary Address the situation in the next steering committee meeting so others do not miss published changes 700. Staffing management plan 701. Perform period risk review d. Communication management plan d. Work information report • As the project manager.www. the problem resurfaced. Which of the following is the BEST choice for accomplishing your objective? a. one-year project. you are looking for a method that can demonstrate the relationship between events and the resulting effects. Where will you find information regarding the project's communications requirements and what technology is being used to aid in project communications? a. Information distribution plan b. Project plan c. you have six channels of communication. Confirm that the decision solved the problem c. A few months later. Quraishi 129 . 703. Communications management plan d. A. Overall project plan b. Pareto chart c. A project team has members in five different locations across the globe with varying information systems. c. Histogram b.

Quraishi 130 . What is being discussed according to those arguing c. What type of communications method should he/she use? a. Physical mannerisms d. Communication 709 A project manager has just reached the end of the project. Which of the following documents will the project manager needs for closure of the project? a. You want to quickly review where the project now stands. This one-year project is about halfway done. Informal verbal b. Everyone is talking at the same time. Progress c. Create and publish an agenda 708. It involves five different sellers and twenty members of your company on a project team. 12 d. Courtesy and consideration of each other b. The project is very important to the company. a. she should pay MOST attention need to communicate with. How many communications channel do you have now? a. Which of the following reports would be MOST helpful in finding such information? a. 16 705. 10 c. b. the project manager is concerned about its success. What is said b. Forecast d. If the project manager wants to know what is going on. Two people are arguing about what needs to be done to complete a task. there are people who are not participating and many topics are being discussed at random. The length of the project schedule is acceptable. You have just been assigned as a project manager for a large manufacturing project. The pitch and tone of the voices 706. informal written 707 The project status meeting is not going well. Documents that describe the project status Farooq A.www. Schedule meetings in advance c.solusinformatics. Have a purpose for the meeting d. Formal verbal d. 7 b. Formal written c. A project manager has a project team consisting of people in four countries. Which of the following rules for effective meetings is NOT being adhered to? a. Task status . A.

AH the following are objectives of the kickoff meeting except: a. 711 International activities and diverse stakeholders are a part of more projects ever. Experience and skill levels of each team member 713. 710 Trend analysis Change requests Documents that describe the product of the project A team member is visiting the manufacturing plant of one of the suppliers. must conflict arises from: a. You are working to close out your project. Which of the following is the MOST important thing to be done in any telephone calls the project manager make to the team member? a. Establishing individual and group responsibilities and accountabilities d. Because the objectives of time. and completion from national and regional governments can interfere with project management of international projects should recognize the primary factors in cross-cultural settings and place special emphasis on: a. c. political instability. Review the upcoming meeting schedule. Establishing a performance reporting system b. Developing information gathering and retrieval system. Quraishi 131 . Current fluctuations. Methods that will be used for releasing team members from the project when they are no longer needed c. A.solusinformatics. Discussing specific legal issues regarding the contract 712. Schedule problems Farooq A. During these hectic final days of the project having time as a primary constraint of the triple constraint. One of the technique used for information distribution is: a Information gathering and retrieval system b. Project organization and stakeholder responsibility relationships d. written project reports 714. Establishing working relationships and standards formats for global communication b Review project plans c. Ask the team member to look for change requests d. and performance may be interpreted differently for these types of projects.www. Ask the team member to repeat back what the project manager says b Review the list of contact information for all stakeholders b. Establishing and following a production schedule for information distribution to avoid responding to requests for information between scheduled communications d. cost. Using translation services for formal. d. kickoff meetings (even those conducted electronically) are especially important. and information distribution methods c.

Today. Make the project manager stay with the project because she is in the best position to close certain administrative matters c. inquiring if she might be available for final customer meetings b. notwithstanding your multiple other duties d. A. Concurrent engineering or fast tracking c. Appoint another person as the closeout manager and release the project manager to her new assignment. You know that many administrative details remain to be done on this project.www. Resource leveling d. Work on geographically dispersed or virtual teams 718. Cost overruns ' Technical problems Lack of customer acceptance 715. including nights and weekends 719. Which of the following qualifications is the most important for a project manager^ b. Supervisory experience Farooq A. One of your activities as project manager has been to set up an information retrieval system. Determine schedule variance in monetary terms 717.solusinformatics. Manual filing systems b. Calculate the exact EV b. and most of its team members have been reassigned. You finally have been appointed project manager for a major company project. Electronic database 716. Crashing b. This approach also serves to facilitate: a. which will include all the following except: a. One of your projects is coming to an end. d. c. You are a program manager responsible for five projects in your company. You believe it is important to share information with the team. Determine schedule variance d. Project management software c. The 40-60 rule of progress reporting is used to: a. One organizational option for improving communications and teamwork is using a tight matrix. Close out the project yourself. the project manager asked you if she could leave the project before it is formally closed out so that she can take a new assignment to which she must report in 3 days or it will be offered to someone else. Quraishi 132 . Provide a good statistical approximation of EV c. Your best course of action is to: a. Have the project manager report to her new assignment but have her do the closeout tasks in her spare time. Data collection devices d.

Which of the following terms describe the strong pressures within a group norm at the expense of critical and innovative thinking? Farooq A. This should be done in which of the following processes? b. You are responsible for a systems integration project in your organization that has multiple internal customers. Risk analysis b. c. Developing the WBS. Working with functional managers to ensure that resources are available to support the project. Team development d. A. d. When this happens it is important to update skills in the staff pool database. Resource estimating b. providing performance appraisals to project team members. and managing project changes c. including technical and quality parameters and report in the performance reporting? a. determining the master schedule. Using subcontracts. Describe the information you have planned to distribute d. and building the project team. Monte Carlo analysis d. Conduct communication requirement analysis b. Of which of the various techniques is used to integrate scope. The three project situations that require the most negotiation skills are: a. working with functional managers. Determine a production schedule to show when each type of communication will be produced c. Your first step in preparing this plan is to: a. Project team members often obtain new skills and increase proficiency with existing skills during the course of their project work. Performance measurement baseline analysis 723.www. Decision tree analysis c. Communications planning c. You have just begun preparing a project plan Because many people in your organization are interested in this system and its progress. Negotiation skill Application specific knowledge Skill to influence others 720. Securing upper management support for the project. you decide to prepare a communication management plan. Quraishi 133 .solusinformatics. developing the project scope statement. Administrative closure procedures 722. 724. and developing WBS b. schedule. and managing changes after the project is under way d. Set up a repository for all project documents so that they will be easily accessible 721. and cost (or resource) parameters of a project.

b. What type of communication are you employing in your efforts to organize this group? a. AC d. Evaluate the content. A. b. PV b. and triple constraints are examples of: a. Horizontal communication c. Update the contract records to reflect final results and archiving that information for future use in accordance to the administrative closure procedure ignore the acceptance documentation Document lessons learned with your staff Conduct a quality audit 727. you should: a. The performance measurement baseline is the: a. Vertical communication b. you try to use empathy listening skills to help understanding another person's frame of reference. c. then evaluate the content c.000 bonus to each person who becomes certified. position descriptions. Horizontal b. organizational resource commitments. Your next step should be to: a. Quraishi 134 . c. Probe. Vertical c. Everyone is highly motivated to earn the credential because the CEO has decided to pay Rs 25. You have just received formal acceptance of the project product deliverable from your customer. EV c. 725. Informal communication 728. In following this approach. External communication d. ACWS 729. then advise d. d. d.www. Mimic the content of the message b. Rephrase the content "and reflect the feeling 726. Finalization of project goals and expectations. Formal d.solusinformatics. Group dynamics Group speak Group think Group pressure ' As a project manager. External Farooq A. You have decided to organize a study group of other project managers in your organization to help prepare for the PMP a.

Decide on the general form of the presentation d. One side may be too busy thinking about what to say next to hear what is being said 733. ACEWVS/PV d. Hold a performance review d. Being a good communication blocker c. Reduce productivity b. Prepare an inspection report c. Define the audience b. Having a "war room" b. A principal concern is to assess project performance. Plan a presentation strategy 731. constraints. The project manager can enhance project communications and team building by doing all the following except: a. Low morale d. 730. Each side may misinterpret what the other side has said b. Quraishi 135 . which is used to forecast project completion date. 734. A. The presence of communication barriers is most likely to lead to: a. One way to accomplish this task is to: a. You expect more than 50 people to attend. to all identified internal and external stakeholders. Determine the objective' c. The SPI. Increased hostility c. which has been in progress for 18 months. is calculated by using which formula? a. He scheduled the presentation for next Monday. Your company CEO just sent you an e-mail asking you to make a presentation on your project. Increased conflict 732. Conduct a procurement audit The most common communication problem that occurs during negotiation is that: a. and overlapping roles and responsibilities pose communication challenges. One side may try to confuse the other side d. a number of administrative issues must be addressed and completed. EV/AC b. On your project scope changes. The first step in preparing the presentation is to: a. PV/EV c.www. In the closing phase of your project. integration and interface requirements. Each side may give up on the other side c. EV/PV 735.solusinformatics. Being a communication expediter Farooq A. Prepare a performance report b.

Provide options. Communication management plan 741. To determine the level of detailed stakeholders require. Be as brief as possible and emphasize the practicality of his or her ideas b. Engaging client in communication management planning 739 When communication with an action d. During closeout.www. Using risk management techniques to identify client issues c. Speak as quickly as possible to ensure that al the information is conveyed 740 Both under communication and over communication can cause problems on a project You want to ensure that the information you collect showing project progress and status is meaningful to stakeholders. WBS b. many project managers tend to delay personnel reassignment as long as possible because: . The process of conferring with others to come to terms or reach an agreement is called: a. The team members do not want to move to new assignments 737 In dealing with the customer. Win-win b Negotiation Farooq A. a project manager should: a. and open relationship c Try to maximize profits by encouraging scope creep d. a. This situation could have been avoided by: a. Quraishi 136 . Do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer and win additional business 738. including the pros and cons c Remain patient if the other person goes off on tangents d. honest. Holding effective meetings 736. Project management methodology c. Informing the client at the start of the project of al types of reports they will receive b. You have recently heard that the client calls your progress reports the "Code of Hammurabi" because they seem to be written in hieroglyphics and are completely indecipherable to all but antiques scholar. They are reluctant to confront any interpersonal conflicts that may occur in the process b They believe that no one will want to leave the project c The functional managers do not want the team members to return d. Project charter d.solusinformatics. You will document this in: a. Strive to develop a friendly. the project manager should: a Be honest to the extent that the project organization is protected from litigation b. Hiring an expert report writer to prepare standard reports d. A.

A. Earned value analysis is used for all projects c. Cooperative 744. Suggesting methods to mitigate risk effectively to ensure success d. and risks 746. All project documents are available to meeting attendees before the meeting d. Useful information may be lost ' b. To prepare for these reviews and to ensure they are meaningful and can be used to determine future project direction. Quraishi 137 .www. Participative b. cost. During the closing phase the emphasis basically is: c. schedule.solusinformatics. Which statement most accurately describes this process? a. The project manager may be reassigned c. As manager of an international project with a team of people representing diverse cultures. the project team prepare a lessons learned that focuses on all the following except: a. Focused on information transfer d. Performance reporting focuses on examining earned value analysis to determine whether cost overruns will require budget revisions Farooq A. Although most people view the values of other cultures in terms of their own culture. Accurate. a project's culture emphasis will change during different life cycle phases. Performance reports are used to provide information to stakeholders on project scope. you should create an environment that maximizes team effort. Sellers are anxious for the payments 745. or are estimated to cost more than Rs 1 million. Sharing only positive aspects of the project for future replication elsewhere in the organization 743. Project team members may be reassigned by that time d. The focus is on the cost and schedule variances rather than scope resources quality. Warning others of potential problems c. The configuration control board receives performance reports and generates change requests to modify aspects of the project b. Competitive c. Getting to "yes" d. you believe project managers must ensure that: a. Administrative closure should not be delayed until project completion because: a. and quality. Sharing best practices with other project teams in the organization b. Compromise 742. At the end of each project. As such you will participate in performance reviews for all projects that last more than 1 year involve major clients. uniform information about work results is provided b. You recently were appointed vice president of the project management.

and bar charts to show network dependencies and relationship 747. In person-to-person communication. flow charts. Greater than 50% 750. Documentation of the project's product b. A. 40% to 50% d. messages are sent on verbal levels and non-verbal levels simultaneously. service. Most project managers spend 30% of their working hours engaged in communication* 748. 5% to 15% b. Which of the following is true regarding communication within a project environment? a. Meeting product specifications c. or results b. which describe where the project is now. A complete set of the indexed project records d. Such confirmation includes all the following except: a. Maintained only on an organization's most significant and complex projects 749. progress reports. Quraishi 138 . what percentage of the messages actually is sent through nonverbal cues? a. 48 potential channels of communication exists d. Performing quality audit Farooq c. Project archives are: a. and forecasts which predict future status and progress Performance reporting includes histograms. Formal customer acceptance of the project product. 20% to 30% c.www. Effective meetings. As a general rule. Exceeding performance requirements d. If a project consists of 12 people. a "war room". Receiving formal confirmation that a project has met or exceeded customer requirements is an essential part of the formal acceptance documentation. Performance reporting includes status reports. d. The project manager must assure the primary burden of responsibility to ensure that messages sent have been received b. and a tight matrix promote effective communication c.solusinformatics. which describe accomplishments. Lessons learned on the project c.

Eliminating risk through beta testing d. Root causes.A thorough review of _____ will help identify potential risks to the project. Workaround plan Farooq A. Early in the execution phase 754. A. Quraishi 139 . Strategy for both threats and opportunities for dealing with acceptance can be either passive or active. The project's mission statement d. The project's change control system c. Agree with the customer to deal with threats or opportunities as they occur b. Just before meeting with a client b. and uncertain project assumptions b. Avoid 752. Acceptance c.All of the following are inputs to the risk identification process EXCEPT: a.The list of identified risks include: a. Purchase insurance 755.solusinformatics. As soon as time and cost estimates are ready d. Information on prior projects b. Exploit d. Corrective actions d. Performance bonds 753. Expected monetary value of risk events c. Categories of risk c. Ignore a specific threat c.Risk management should be done: PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT 751. The tools and techniques of Risk Response Planning include all of the following EXCEPT: a. Interpretation b. Risk management plan b. The strategy to deal with passive acceptance requires: a. Consistently throughout the project life cycle c. Risk transfer could involve all the following except: a. The project's budget 757. Cost type of contracts b. Fixed-price contract c. a. Leaving the project team to deal with threats or opportunities as they occur d. The plan for mitigation 756.www.

Contracting. Outputs from risk response planning include all of the following EXCEPT: a. and quantified decision tree d. damage control reports. and risk monitoring and control. Symptoms and warning signs of risk occurrences d. and additional response development c. schedule. workarounds. One of the outputs from quantitative risk analysis include: a. and costs 763. d. expert judgment. response development. sensitivity analysis. Interviewing. Identification. Risk breakdown structure 762. EMV. Evaluating the impact of a risk on major project objectives of cost. and documentation c. planning. The scaled descriptors of relative impact should be prepared by the organization in project risk management plan Farooq A. risk response planning. Risk database b. Quraishi 140 . Risk management planning. qualitative risk analysis. Corrective actions taken c. and quality has the following characteristics. decision tree analysis. Probabilistic analysis of the threats to ignore and opportunities to accept c. evaluation. and inspection d. probability distribution. Identification. Enterprise environmental factors. standard allowances. Direction. and modeling and simulation 761. Risk categories d. Prioritized list of quantified risks b. The major processes of project risk management are: a. The impacts on major project objectives can be assessed on a numerical scales c. contingency planning. Risk owners and assigned responsibilities 760. mitigation. The tools and techniques of quantitative risk analysis are: a. resources.www. The impacts on project objectives can be assessed on a scale from Very low to Very high b. response development. and insurance b. corrective actions.solusinformatics. Checklists. scope. Risk review meetings c. and documentation d. A. assessment. Agreed upon risk responses b. quantitative risk analysis. Published information' 758. EXCEPT: a. alternative strategies. Interviewing. Checklists. risk register b. historical results. risk identification. A group by potential causes of risk may be grouped in: a.

Closing risks that are no longer applicable 765. Responses to individual risks d. The Delphi techniques has all the following characteristics EXCEPT: a. Developing options. It helps reduce bias in the data and keeps any person from having undue influence on the outcome d. The risk response planning is a process of: a. Examines the extent to which the uncertainty of project objectives affects each Farooq A. and determining actions to enhance opportunities and increase threats to the project objectives b. Stakeholders' tolerances 767. Recommended corrective actions d. Sensitive Analysis: a.www. Work performance information c. Cannot be used to determine whether a risk is considered low. Estimating contingency reserves of time and cost designed to provide for stakeholders' risk tolerance 766. Is the sum of squares of the scales values assigned to estimates of probability and impact c. as part of the lessons learned 764. The Risk rating: d. It is a way to reach a consensus of experts b. Developing options. Methodology b. The risk management plan may include all of the following EXCEPT: a. Definitions of risk probability and impact matrix c. moderate or high d. Developing options. and determining actions to minimize opportunities and reduce threats to the project objectives d. Ratings are assigned to risks based on their assessed probability and impact b. The impacts on project objectives should be only assessed at the end of the project. The outputs from risk monitoring and control include the following EXCEPT: a.solusinformatics. Quraishi 141 . Outcomes of risk audits b. It is a technique in which experts participate anonymously c. A. It is an ancient Greek technique to ensure that actions of subordinates are aligned with the vision of senior executives 768. Is a very effective technique for risk avoidance 769. and determining actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to the project objectives c.

Insurance premiums 772.000 loss c. It is usually structured using a decision tree diagram that describes a situation under consideration." is a common definition for: a. Rs 100. Is a method for assessing stakeholders tolerance to risk d. Amount of stake d. A. An amount of stake c. and the rewards of each alternative logical path c. and the implications of each of the available choices and possible scenarios b. Examines the extent to which the uncertainty of each project element affects the objective being examined when all other uncertain elements are held at their baseline values c. Rs 40. Is primarily a descriptive technique and cannot be effectively used in quantitative risk analysis d. most likely = 30 days. a range of estimates are +/. Cannot be used to determine which risks have the most potential impact on the project The decision tree has all the following characteristics EXCEPT: a.000 profit and a 40% chance of a Rs 100. Which of the following risk events is MOST likely to interfere with attaining a Farooq A. It incorporates the cost of each available choice. Assuming that the ends of. Uncertainty d. 771.30 days c. 22 . Risk aversion 774.000 profit b.000 profit 770. List of identified risks b. 30 days.www.solusinformatics. Solving the decision tree provides the EMV for each alternative. Risk probability c. plus or minus 5 days b. characterized by the absence of any information related to a desired outcome. which of the following range estimates involves the LEAST risk? a. the probabilities of each possible scenario. Rs 60. the expected monetary value for the project is: a.000 loss 773. If a project has a 60% chance of a US Rs 10. About 28 days 775. when all the rewards and subsequent decisions are quantified All of the following are factors in the assessment of project risk EXCEPT: a. Rs 20.000 loss. Optimistic = 26 days.3 sigma from the mean. project element simultaneously b. pessimistic = 33 days d. "An uncommon state of nature. Quraishi 142 . An act of God b.

The team rank the project b. Executing d. Contingency budget 778. Document them and give them to the customer 780. 80% If a risk event has a 90% chance of occurring. Document them for historical use on other projects b. What should be done with non-critical risks? a.000 represent? a. and the project is expected to last five months. what is the probability that this risk event will occur during the fourth month of the project? a.www. All phases of project life cycle 779. Present value project's schedule objective? a. Work breakdown structure d. If a risk has a 20% chance of happening in a given month. Quraishi 143 . Planning c. Document them set them aside because they are already covered in your contingency plans d.Stakeholder tolerances are determined in order to helpa. Delays in obtaining required approvals b. Initiation b.All of the following are always inputs to the risk management process EXCEPT a. Project status reports 781. 20% c. Less then 1% b. The project manager estimate the project c. and the consequences will be Rs 10.solusinformatics.000. A. Expected monitory value d. Risks will be identified during which phase of the project management life cycle? a. Risk value b. Substantial increases in cost of purchased materials c. Slippage of the planned post-implementation review meeting 776. Management know how other managers will act on the project 782. what does Rs 9.All of the following are common outputs of risk response plan EXCEPT- Farooq A. 777. Document them and periodically review during project execution c. Lessons learned c. 60% d. The team to decide schedule of the project d. Contract disputes that generate claims for increased payments d. Historical information b.

Risk related contractual agreements are prepared
The project management plan is updated
The contingency plans
The project charter is changed

783.Use of insurance is BEST considered an example of riska. Mitigation
b. Transfer
c. Acceptance
d. Avoidance

You are finding it difficult to evaluate the exact cost impact of risks You should
evaluate on a low, medium, and high basis, and it involvesa. Quantitative analysis
b. Numerical basis
c. Qualitative analysis
d. Econometric basis

785.An output from risk response planning is:
a. Residual risks
b. Risk identified
c. Prioritized list of risks
d. Risk monitoring and control
786.Workarounds are determined in response to
a. Risk identification
b. Risk quantification
c. Risk management plan
d. Negative risk that has occurred
787. During which step of risk management is determination to transfer a risk made?
Risk identification
Risk quantification
Risk response control
Risk response planning

A project manager has just finished the risk response planning for Rs 387,000
engineering project. Which of the following should probably be done NEXT:
Determine the overall risk rating of the project
Begin to analyze the risks that show up in the project drawings
Add tasks to the project work breakdown structure
Hold a project risk review


A project manager asked various stakeholders to determine the probability and
impact of a number of risks. He then assessed risk probability and impact,
categorized the risks, assessed quality of the risk data, and developed probability

Farooq A. A. Quraishi

and impact matrix. Based on this information, what has the project manager
forgotten to do?
Evaluate trends in risk analysis
Identify triggers
Assessment of risk urgency
Create a fallback plan

A project manager has assembled the project team, identified 56 risks on the
project, determined what would trigger the risks, ranked them on a risk-rating
matrix, and measured the precision of the data used. The team is continuing to
move through the risk management process. What has the project manager
forgotten to do?
Risk mitigation
Overall risk ranking for the project
Involvement of other stakeholders


You are a project manager for a major new manufacturing plant that has never
been before. The project cost is estimated at Rs 30,000,000 and will make use of
three sellers. Once begun, the project cannot be cancelled, as there will be a large
expenditure on plant and equipment. As the project manager, it would be MOST
important to carefully:
Review all cost proposals from the sellers
Examine the budget reserves
Complete the project charter
Perform an identification of risks


During risk planning; your team cannot come up with effective way to mitigate or
insure against a risk. It is not a task that could be outsourced, nor could it be
deleted. What would be the BEST solution?
Accept the risk
Continue to investigate ways to mitigate the risk
Look for ways to avoid the risk
Look for ways to transfer the risk


A project manager is quantifying risk for her project. Several of her experts are
offsite, but wish to be included in the risk assessment portion of the project. How
can this be done?
Use Monte Carlo simulation using the Internet as a tool
Apply the critical path method
Determine options for corrective action
Apply the Delphi technique


An experienced project manager has just begun working for a large information
technology integrator when the project manager wants to begin to identify ail of
the project risks. Which of the following would BEST help in this effort?

Farooq A. A. Quraishi



An article from Project Management Network Magazine
Her scope statement from the project planning phase
Her resource plan from the project planning phase
A conversation with a team member from a similar project that failed in the

You have been appointed as the manager of a new, large and complex project.
Because this project is business-critical and very visible, senior management has
told you to analyze the project's risks and prepare mitigation strategies for them as
soon as possible. The organization has risk management procedures that are
seldom used or followed, and has had a history of handling risks badly. The
project's first milestone is in two weeks. In preparing the risk management plan to
identity and manage risks, inputs from which of the following is generally
LEAST important?
Project team members
Project sponsor
Individuals responsible for risk management policies and templates
Key stakeholders

796. You were in the middle of deploying new technology to field offices across the
country. A hurricane caused power outrages just when the upgrade was near
completion. When the power was-restored all of the information was lost, with no
way of retrieving it. What should have been done to prevent this?

Purchase insurance
Plan for reserve fund
Monitor the weather and have a contingency plan
Schedule to installation outside of the hurricane season


A system development project is nearing closure when an unidentified risk is
discovered. This could potentially affect the project's overall ability to deliver
What should be done NEXT?
Alert the project sponsor of potential impacts to cost, scope or schedule
Conduct workaround plan
Mitigate this risk by developing a risk response plan
Reorganize the responsibility matrix


The CP! of a project is 0.6 and the SP! is 0.71. The project has 625 activities and
is being completed over a four-year period. The team members are very
inexperienced and the project received little support from proper planning. Which
of the following is the BEST thing to do?
a Update the risk identification and analysis
Spend more time improving the cost estimates
Remove an many activities as possible
Reorganize the responsibility matrix

Farooq A. A. Quraishi


Create a workaround b. Risk identification b. Risk response planning d. you identify additional risks. Look for any unexpected effects of the problem d. What needs to be done? a. Document the unknown risk items and calculate the expected monetary value based on probability and impact that result from the occurrences c. What should you do FIRST? a. A. Disregard the risk.www. During project execution. but no one has evaluated them to assess the range of possible project outcomes. Risk monitoring and control 801. As a project manager. a Farooq A.solusinformatics. Add a 10% contingency 800. Quraishi 147 . Talk to the customer about the impact of the change c. because risks were identified during planning d. Get further information on how the team member identified the risk. Analyze the risk b. Change the risk management plan 804. Determine the unknown risk events and associated cost. Analyze the impacts of the change with the team d. then add the cost to the project budget as reserve d. you have the option of proposing one of three systems to a client: a full-feature system that has not only satisfies the minimum requirements but also offers numerous special functions (the "Mercedes"). During project execution. Quantify risks and add reserves to the project. Include the expected value of the risk in the new cost estimate b. You have just been assigned as the project manager for a new telecommunications project. Risk quantification ' c. Tell management 803. a major problem occurred that was not included in the risk response 799. The customer requests a change to the project that would increase the project risk. What should you do? a. While preparing your risk responses. Re-evaluate the risk identification process c. if exceeds stakeholders tolerance limit b. because you already performed a detailed analysis and did not identify this risk c. What should you do FIRST? a. a team member identifies a risk that is not in the risk response plan. There appear to be many risks on this project. Inform the customer about the risk 802. Which of the following should you do before ail others? a.

What is the standard deviation based on the estimates? a. Rs. Rs. it will" b. Rs. The on-line records and associated profits and losses are depicted on the decision tree. 15 minutes c. Commercial database c. Quraishi 148 . Project management tools are generally unavailable at the project team level d. 9. Risk related contractual agreement c. Projects are particularly susceptible to risk because: a. SWOT analysis Farooq A.www. Murphy's law states that "if something can go wrong. The target against which the project team will measure the effectiveness of its execution of the risk response plan is based on the: a. Project team knowledge d.000 805. the one that is used most frequently in risk identification is: a. You are working on identifying possible risks to your project to develop a nutritional supplement. Overall risk ranking for the project . Stakeholders' risk tolerances b. 45. A person estimates that a commute home will most likely take 1 hour and 45 minutes. Rs. Project files b. and a system that satisfies the minimum requirements plus has a few extra features (the "Toyota").com system that meets the client's minimum requirements (the "Yugo"). What is the expected monetary value of the "Toyota" system? a. she estimates that the trip could take as little as 45 minutes. 48. Probability/impact risk rating d. 50 minutes d. Although a number of possible techniques can be used. 60 minutes 807. 10 minutes b. Each project is unique in some measure c. Of the following types of historical information that can be used in risk identification. in a worst case. A.solusinformatics. 806. Lessons learned databases 809. On further questioning. Interviewing b. which is the 'east reliable? a. You want to develop a comprehensive list of risks that can be addressed later through qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.000 d. 44. There are never enough resources to do the job 808.900 b.000 c.

Activity sequencing c. you are quantifying the project's risk exposure and determining what cost and schedule contingency reserves might be needed. A plan of action to follow when something unexpected occurs c. and children. You performed a schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo analysis. 50% 814. RF technology manufacturers. and 50%. The basis for your schedule risk analysis is thea. 13% c. Quraishi 149 . and 3 on time are 50%. and resource allocations use which of the following approaches? a. business personnel. 10% b. Modeling and simulation of budgets. Monte Carlo analysis 813. WBS b. You are developing radio frequency (RF) technology that will improve overnight package delivery.solusinformatics. d. The Delphi technique is a particularly useful method for identifying risks to: a. what are the chances of starting activity 4 on day 6? a. First you select 15 project stakeholders to interviews. As a result. Present value-analysis d. In the path convergence example below. planned method of responding risks 812. A workaround is: a. if the odds of completing activities 1. Present a sequence of decision choices graphically to decision makers b. Decision-tree analysis c. A project health check identified a risk that your project would not be completed in time. 50%. A proactive. Reduce bias in the analysis and keep any person from having undue influence on the outcome d. employees. Root cause identification Brainstorming 810. Define the probability of occurrence of specific variables c. A specific response to certain types of risks as descried in the risk management plan d. 40% d. They include homeowners. Probability/impact risk rating matrix c. 2. You ask each stakeholder to estimate the optimistic Farooq A. PERT b. A. An unplanned response to a negative risk event that has occurred b.www. PDM schedule d. schedule. Help take account the attitude of the decision maker toward risk 811.

www. 24% d. Periodic risk audit and project risk reviews d. how likely is that both events will occur? a. which enables specific responsibility to be assigned 819. Identifies work packages. therefore. therefore. This shows that next you plan to: a. Each of the following statements about risk avoidance is true avoidance is true except that it: a. a. Conduct a sensitive analysis package delivery time using RF technology. 6% b. After 10 days of work. Work cannot continue. Your team is working on an integrated project to build a regional cellular network in a small.2 is 70% and they occur independent events. Includes leaving the risk with the customer when the customer is in the best position to mitigate the risk 817. mountainous country. The project scope statement should be used in the risk identification process because it: a. Disaster recovery actions instead of risk management c.solusinformatics. 15% c. Management reserve is used for: Farooq A. A. and your team returns home. Structure a decision analysis as a decision tree d Determine the strategy for risk response 816. Upfront risk management planning with continually review of the plan throughout the project life cycle b. A repository or risk database to be established as basis of a risk lessons learned program 820. Use a triangle probability distribution b. helps identify potential source of risk b. Helps organize ail the work that must be done on the project d. the most pessimistic time. 56% 818. a major political activist is killed leading to mass riots throughout the country. Quraishi 150 . and the most likely time. Identifies all work that must be done and. includes the risk on the project c. Accepts the consequences of the risk event should it occur d. If the probability of event -1 is 80% and for event . Focuses on eliminating the elements that are creating the risk s b. A risk such as unrest typically requires. Identifies all the work that must be done and. Includes making the decision not to bid on a project in which the risk exposure is believed to be too high c.

What type of risk response is this? a. Develop risk breakdown structure Farooq A. Papua New Guinea.000) b. what is the expected monetary value of the venture? a. The purpose of a using non-linear scale values to risk impacts in risk management is to: a. technique d.000 c. Rs 900. Risks that are identified at the outset of the project Risks that are not identified at the outset of the project but are known before they occur Risks than cannot be known before they occur because they are external risks Any risks that cannot be known before they occur 821. then use Monte Carlo analysis c. the threat of typhoons has caused you to create a backup plan to operate out of Manila in case the center is flooded. is using earned value analysis as performance reporting technique? Your project is 20% complete. Perform additional resource planning. d. Update the risk identification and qualitative and quantitative risk analysis 825. (Rs a. b. Passive avoidance b. Results from a recent earned value analysis indicate that the CPI is 0. Sensitivity analysis c.67 and the SPI is 0 87 in this situation you should: a. A. and use overtime as needed to accomplish the same amount of budgeted work b. Conduct a risk response audit to help control risk d. Re-baseline the schedule.www. Acceptance ' d. Utility theory 822. Rs 300.5 million. Delphi. Mitigation c. Rs 500. Although this location offers significant economic advantages. The data center will house more than 500 servers for one of the world's largest retailers who have decided to launch an e-business program in Asia. c.solusinformatics.000 823. Quraishi 151 . Your project for the Department of Power. If a business venture has a 60% chance to earn Rs 2 million and a 20% chance to loose Rs 1. The simplest form of risk analysis is: a.000 d. You are managing the construction of a highly sophisticated data center in Port Moresby. Deflection 824. add resources. Probability analysis b.

Therefore. Rank order risks in terms of very low. Performing the contingency plan during execution d. WBS dictionary d. high and very high Test project assumptions 826. d. Conducting a risk review 828. Which of the following is an example of "recommended corrective action" in risk management? a. When managing current projects. Conducting a risk audit b. Variability of the estimate b. Your project is using complex. Helps identify and postulate risk scenarios for the project Shows how risks can occur in combination 829. Considers the attitude of the decision maker toward risk Considers the implications of each of the available choices and possible scenarios. in closing projects. Thus. Reduced monetary value of the risk event 827. A.www. project management processes. Accordingly. Range of schedule and cost outcomes d. Team member's curriculum vitae Farooq A. d. moderate. and the effect they may have on the different project objectives. low. Helps guide risk responses. d. Poor allocation of project resources was the number one risk. Risk score: a. it is important to use lessons learned from previous projects to improve the organization's. The primary advantage of using decision-tree analysis in project risk management is that it: a. the team recommended placing heavy emphasis on meeting the next intermediate milestone. Engaging a additional risk response planning c. Known unknown . c. Risk register c. this immediate milestones is known as a: a. unproven technology. Risk trigger b. Your team conducted a brainstorming session to identify risks. Planned risk response c. Root cause 830. b. Quraishi 152 . it is important to formally review: b. To understand what do numbers and their relationship to each other mean how they were derived. c. c. Secondary risks that occur b.solusinformatics.

Risk data quality assessment Farooq A. Which of the following is an example of an external risk? a. A risk review is conducted at the completion of a major phase. It should b& part of the planning for the needed management reserve b. Concept and planning b.www. Using performance and payment bonds b. Risk mitigation involves: a. Implementation and closeout d. It is an output of risk identification d. d. audits are conducted at the completion of a major phase. What are the primary difference between risk audit and a risk review? a. audits are conducted after the project is completed b. Planning and implementation c. The highest risk impact generally occurs during which of the following project life cycle phases? a. A. they are virtually the same 837. Inflation d. Risk audits examine and document the effectiveness of risk responses. management conducts reviews c. On a typical project. Accurate and unbiased data are essential for qualitative risk analysis. When the project manager is replaced 833. 832. During the implementation phase d. Poor staff assignments b. Quraishi 153 .solusinformatics. Concept and closeout 835. It is an input to risk identification c. During the start of the project b. Which of the following should you use to understand the accuracy of the data? a. Eliminating a specific threat by eliminating the cause c. Which of the following statements best characterizes a cost or duration estimate developed with a limited amount of information? a. Project stakeholders conduct risk audits. . There is no difference. Incorrect cost estimates c. Reducing the probability of the occurrence of adverse risk event to the acceptable 831. Avoiding the schedule risk inherent in the project d. when are risks highest and impacts (amount at stake) lowest? a. whereas risk reviews can be an agenda item at periodic status meetings. Contract type 834. It must be forced into the list of prioritized project risks 836. At or near completion of the project c.

you often must decide which projects will receive additional resources. Confirming that the project is well managed and that risks are being controlled c. Quraishi 154 . c.www. Assess trends in quantitative risk analysis results c. continued. Time-and-materials b. Defining the steps to be taken if an identified risk event should occur b. what type of contract would you want to be awarded for this project? a. Contingency plans b. or cancelled. Residual risks 839. Passive risk acceptance c. One way to help you make these decisions is to: a. d. Preparing a stand-alone document to make during the implementation d. You know that such roller coaster has never been . Which of the following is not an objective of a risk audit? a. Determining needed adjustments to make during the implementation phase of a project 841. Your firm specializes in roller-coaster construction. You also recommend which projects should be initiated. A. Fallback plans d. Establishing a management reserve to cover unplanned expenditures c. Prioritize risk and conditions d. Cost-plus-a-percentage-of-cost d. Confirming that risk management has been practiced throughout the project life cycle b. Allocating a contingency amount.built before and that this would be a high-risk project. Firm-fixed-price b. Ensuring that each risk identified and deemed critical has been computed expected value 840. Cost-plus-fixed-fee 842. Helping to identify the deterioration of the project's value potential in its early stages d. As manager of your organization's project office. Determine an overall risk ranking for the project b. Contingency planning involves: a. developing alternative options and changing project scope are examples of: a. Accordingly. It recently received an RFP to build the world's most "death-defying" roller coaster. Assess trends in qualitative risk analysis results Farooq A. Project assumptions testing sensitivity analysis Sensitivity analysis Influencing diagrams 838.solusinformatics.

b. which of the following may be used as a risk mitigation tool? a. c. quotation d. Quraishi 155 . Which one of the following best describes this process? a. Both parties must have and retain own copy of the product description. Yolanda has outsourced a portion of the project to a vendor. a. 845. The product description defines the requirements for the contract work. contract c. vendor proposal b. value and worth of the procured item start date and acceptance of start date a. Farooq A. a contract cannot have provision for which one of the following? a deadline for the completion of the work illegal activities. This is an example of which of the following risk responses? a. Mitigation d. Local residents and environmental groups are opposed to this project. Active acceptance c. d. b. subcontracting the work. b.www. Management agrees to move this project to a different site outside town. The product description of a project can help a project manager create procurement details. Passive acceptance b. The product description defines the contracted 843. d. d. you are the project manager for the 89A project. 848. A. c. b. They have threatened to take your company to court.solusinformatics. You are the project manager for the construction of an incinerator to burn refuse. How must the vendor update the agreement? As a new contract signed by Yolanda and the vendor As a contract addendum signed by Yolanda and the vendor. The vendor has discovered some issues that will influence the cost and schedule of its position of the project. 847. c. You have created contract for your customer must have what two things? offer and consideration signatures and the stamp of a notary public. Avoidance Project Procurement Management 844. penalties and fines for disclosure of intellectual rights. a. project requirements. which must support the requirements of the project customer. The product descriptions defines the contracted work. You find you are spending most of your time trying to work with these groups to alleviate their concerns. 846.

d. Bonnie has offered a bonus to ABC if they complete their portion of the work by august 30. The united states backs all contracts through which of the following? Federal law State law Court system lawyers 850. 851. Terry is the project manager of the MVB project. Privity is what? Relationship between the project manager and a known vendor. Project management contracts have clauses that allow vendors to adjust their work according to unknowns. d. According is referring to which of the following? SOW Legal binding contract Purchase order Invoice from the vendor a. c. Contractual. c. Farooq A. b. b. He is considering Proposals and contracts presented by vendors for a position of the project work. a. Relationship between the project manager and an unknown c. d. Of the following which contracts is? Least dangerous to the DSA project? Cost plus fixed fee a.www. c. Professional information regarding the sale between customer and vendor. b. Quraishi 156 . a. b. d. d. She has contracted a portion of the project to the ABC construction company. 849. As a memo and SOW signed by Yolanda and the vendor. d. Sammy is the project manager of the DSA project. A. a. a. 852. c. This is an example of which one of the following? Project requirement project incentive Project goal Fixed-price contract The purpose of a contract is to distribute between the buyer and seller a reasonable amount of the following Responsibility Risk Reward Accountability 853. The According department has informed terry s he needs a unilateral from of contract. confidential information between customer and vendor. b. 854. She needs to purchase a piece of equipment for her project. Bonnie is the project manager for the HIGH construction project.solusinformatics. c.

In the following contracts types. signature of mary 858. The vendor will charge you $5 per month per user of the web-based accounting system. government regulation. Once the code is written you estimate you’ll spend $3.www. plus materials this is an example of which one of the following? a. 6 months d. A. You are the project manager for a software development project for an accounting system that will operate over the internet. The contract is a cost plus incentive fee contract. what must be included.200 per month how many months will you have to use the systems before it is better to write your own code then to hire the vendor? a. with a Farooq A. Cost plus fixed fee b.0000 to write your own code. Time and materials 856. lump sum 857. The contractor is billing the project $120 per hour. and maintenance. d. Affidavit of agreement b. Unit-price d.000. A vendor has proposed to write the code for your company and charge a fee based on the number of clients using the program every month. Benji is the project manager of PLP b. You will have roughly 1. a. you have discovered it will cost you $25. 4 months c. Based on your research. Lump sum d. Cost plus fixed fee b. For mary’s SOW to be a legal contract. which one requires the seller to assume the risk of of cost overruns? a. Signatures of both parties agreeing to SOW c. Mary is the project manager of JHG project. you r completing the closeout of a project to design a warehouse in Columbus. 15 months 859.000 per month updating the software with client information. Cost plus incentive fee c.200 clients using the system per month.solusinformatics. Signature of vendor d. Cost plus percentage of cost Cost plus incentive fee Fixed-price 855. However you’ll need an in-house accountant to manage the time and billing of the system so this will cost you an extra $1. c. The target costs are $300. 3 months b. Quraishi 157 . time and materials c. She has created a statement of work (SOW) for a vendor. He has hired an independent contractor for a position of the project work.

The incentive split is 80/20. d. penalty should be enforced or waived based on which one of the following? a. d. A. whether the delay was because of an unseen risk d. This means which one of the following ? a.000 $310. A single source seller means what? There is only one qualified seller There is only one seller the company wants to do business with there is a seller that can provide all aspect of project procurement needs There is only one seller in the market 862. Which one of the following is not a valid evaluation criterion for source selection? Age of the contact person of the seller Technical ability of the seller Contract requirements Price 863. a. Martha is the project manager of the MNB project she wants a vendor to her one price to do all of the detailed work martha is looking for which type of document? a. a. IFB Farooq A. Henry intends to buy from the ABN contracting company c. 10 percent target profit.solusinformatics. Henry has sent the ABN contracting company a letter of intent. However. Henry intends to sue the ABN contracting company b. the project came in at $275. b. b. if the project manager could have anticipated the delay b. who caused the delay and the reason why 861.000 $ a.000 $330.www. d.000. RFI c. Henry intends to bid on a job from the ABN contracting company d.000 860. The lateness of a project has a monetary penalty. RFP b. Proposal d. Henry intends to fire the ABN contracting company 864. if the project manager knew the delay was likely c. c. c. A contract between an organization and a vendor may include a clause that panelizes the vendor if the project is late. Quraishi 158 . b. c. How is the total contract cost? $300.

Fixed price incentive fee ( FPIF ) Farooq A. d. Go to the close procurements process. c. Incentive contract 868. b.www.solusinformatics. What contract is needed now? a. Time and material ( T&M ) c. You have an emergency on your project. d. You have hired a vendor that is to start work immediately. 870. d. 869. a. Letter contract d. In what process group does source selection happen? Initiating planning Executing Closing 867. Which one of the following is true about procurement document? They offer to bidder to suggest changes They ensure receipt of complete proposals They inform the performing organization why the bid is being created The project manager creates and selects the bid 866. There is still a significant amount of funds in the project budget. a. Finish the administer procurements process. Fixed price ( FP ) d. Cost plus fixed fee ( CPFF ) b. Go back to the plan procurements process. b. c. T&M b Fixed fee c. You are managing another company’s project. You have just started administrating a contract when management decides to Terminate the contract. The buyer’s representative approaches you and asks that you complete some aptional requirement to use up the remaining budget you should do which one of the following? a. Quraishi 159 . Complete a contract change for the additional work c. what type of contract do you NOT want to use if you do not have enough labor to Audit invoices? a. c. Deny the change because it was not in the original contract. A. Gain the approval of the project stakeholder for the requested work d. Go back to the conduct procurements 865. b. project and work is nearly complete. Negotiate a change in the contract to take on the additional work b. What should you do FIRST? a. Things have gone well on the. you are the project manager for a seller.

b. 100. Because each individual order is a "temporary endeavor". Review the WBS dictionary more thoroughly. and no one can agree on the project objectives. Do a more thorough job of solicitation planning 872.000. examining the business case for "holes" c. The project is incomplete until all the deliverables are complete and accepted c. Review the charter more thoroughly. The project is incomplete because the customer has accepted the deliverables d. How would you define this situation? a.this is truly project management b. This is a recurring process d. Ask the sponsor to make the final decision 873. and the customer has accepted the deliverables. This is program management since there are multiple projects involved c. There are over 30 stakeholders. the lessons learned required by the project office have not been completed.solusinformatics. The project is incomplete because the project needs to be re-planned b. Average the numbers and use that as a goal c. A. Your management has decided that all orders will be treated as "projects" and that project manager will be used to update orders daily. additional requirements were demanded by a group of stakeholders when they learned they would be effective by your PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY 871. 100 to Rs. looking for incomplete descriptions . However. resolving issues and ensuring that the customer formally accepts the product within 30 days of completion. Move forward with the project and hope more information comes to light to settle the issue b. Quraishi 160 .000 would be considered projects and would involve project management 874. What is the BEST course of action? a. Orders incurring revenue over Rs. The project manager will not be required to perform planning or provide documentation other than daily status. Near the end of your last project. What is the BEST thing you can do to prevent such a problem in future projects? a. 150. Pay more attention to stakeholder management d. each order is a project . What is the status of the project? a.www. A project team has completed all the technical project deliverables. One stakeholder believes the project can achieve a 30% improvement while another believes a 50% improvement is possible. The project is incomplete because the project has reached the due date Farooq A. The revenue from the individual orders can vary from Rs. The software development project is not going well. Perform a feasibility analysis ' d. The project manager thinks a 10% improvement is more realistic. This became a problem because you had not included the time or cost in the project plan to perform these requirements.

Under these circumstances. the project CPI is 1. 877. 3. Cancel the meeting and reschedule when the report is fixed b. You are in the middle of a new product development for your publicity trade company when you discover that the previous project manager made a Rs.67. you see she has scheduled a meeting with a key stakeholder that you were not informed of.solusinformatics. Is too risky Your employee is three days late with a report. Quraishi 161 . Avoid mentioning it to the team member but continue to watch her activities b. Notify your boss about the problem c. Add the work if there is time available in the project schedule. Cost is behind budget d. What should you do? a. The project is 13 months long and requires 220 people to complete. The BEST thing for the project manager to do would be to: a. Tell the stakeholders the scope cannot be added d. Farooq 875. Cancel the meeting and rewrite the report yourself 879. the CPI is 1. The project manager had access to the correspondence about the project before the charter was signed and remembers that the project sponsor specifically denied funding for the scope of work mentioned by these stakeholders.2.000. Let the sponsor know of the stakeholders' request b. You notice some serious errors in it. What should you do? a. Has too many people assigned to it b. Is behind schedule c. Put the payment in an escrow account c. Go to the meeting and tell the other attendees there are errors in the report c. Evaluate the impact of adding the scope of work c. The BEST approach would be to: a. 876. Force the employee to do the presentation and remain silent as the other attendees find the errors d. ignore the payment During a meeting with some of the project stakeholders.26. the SPI is currently 0. the monthly project status report should say that the project: a. Five minutes before the meeting where the topic of report is to be discussed. she hands you the report.000 payment that was not approved in accordance with your company policies. there are 23 tasks on the critical path and the project PERT duration is 26. All of the project problems have been fixed to the project manager's satisfaction. A. Address the concern with the team member's boss 878. Bury the cost in the largest cost center available b. The project manager is having a very difficult time keeping a project schedule on track. Contact your manager d. When checking a calendar of a team member to schedule a meeting. Luckily. the project manager is asked to add work to the project scope of work. Address the concern with the team member d.

A. From the beginning. What should you do? a.www. There are 300 locations in the S with another 20 in England. Ask to be removed from the project 881. Farooq A. Only negotiate major items d. Try to reconstruct the structure to meet the project deadline b. Postpone the negotiations 883. A large. The upgrade would provide 884. Cut the negotiations short c. Sit down with the manager at the beginning of the project and attempt to describe why you object to the project and discover a way to solve the problem d. Do not pay the fee because it is a bribe 880. you have disagreed with the manager as to how the project should proceed and what the deliverables should be. After an extensive evaluation. Pay the fee d. To ensure the equipment is transported successfully. What should you do? a. What is the BEST course of action? a. Turn the project back to the previous project manager d. you discover that the project is running far behind the schedule. Do not pay the fee if it is not a part of the project estimate 882. A manager has been given the responsibility for a project that has the support of a senior manager. Eliminate the task c. Move forward with the schedule as planned by the previous project manager and report at the first missed milestone You are halfway through a major network rollout. and that the project will probably take double the time originally estimated by the previous project manager. A software seller has just released a major software upgrade with some of the equipment being installed. You've been assigned to take over managing a project that should be halfcomplete according to the schedule. Quraishi 162 . Provide the manager with what she needs b. complex construction project in a foreign country requires coordination to move the required equipment through crowded city streets. Report your assessment to the upper management c. Inform your manager of your concerns to get their support c. Do not spend too much time preparing for the negotiations b.solusinformatics. What should you do? a. Your department has been asked with providing some key tasks for the project. A major negotiation with a potential subcontractor is scheduled for tomorrow when you discover there is a good chance the project will be cancelled. upper management has been told that the project is on schedule. your contract in that country informs you that you will have to pay the local police a fee for coordinating the traffic. You and she have disagreed over many issues in the past. However.

you remember many deliverables from another project that arrived late. Use funds from the management reserve to cover the cost c. Which of the following is the BEST course of action in this situation? a Re-plan to achieve a 35% improvement b. Inform the customer of the upgrade and the impacts to the project's timeline and functionality c. She walks into a meeting where the report is to be discussed and hands you a copy five minutes before the topic is to be discussed. Delete another lower priority task to make time and funds available b. Coach and mentor the employee c. You are a project manager for one of many projects in a large and important program At a high-level status the customer with functionality they requested that was not available at the time the project began. How could this have been prevented? a. Provide an accurate estimate of the actual cost and be able to support it d. You are working on your research and development project when your customer asks you to include a particular component in the project. can find 10% saving 888. The scope of your new project is unclear and there are over 30 stakeholders. Your employee is three days late with a report.solusinformatics. What should you do? a. Develop a risk control plan c. Quraishi 163 . Follow the contract change process d.www. you note that another project manager has reported her project schedule. Reduce the estimates and note the changes in the risk response plan c. You have always been asked by your management to cut your project estimate by 10% after you have given it to them. Ask for more funds from the project sponsor 886. You notice some serious errors in the report. Meet with the team to identify where you. A. your customer has not requested to change b. What is the BEST course of action under these circumstances? a. Implement the change too the remaining sites and continue with the schedule 885. Management expects a 25% reduction in downtime as a result of the project. and you do not have excess funds available. implement the change and adjust the schedule as necessary because this supports the customer's original request d. You know this represents new work. Meet with the other project manager 887. Make sure the employee was competent to do the work d. Discuss the issues with your boss d. Cancel the meeting earlier because you have not had a chance to review the Farooq A. Require periodic updates from the employees b. Meet with the program manager b. What you should do? a. Looking back on your project over the last few weeks. Continue as planed.

A university contacts you to help it in its research. Such assistance would require you to provide the university with some of the client data from your files. Many other projects in your company are using the company's services. If the deliverable is late. You just found out that a major subcontractor for your project consistently provides deliverables late. Contact your clients and seek permission to disclose the information d. your team informs you that the deliverable meets the requirements in the contract but will not provide the functionality the customer needs. Attempt to keep the required people on your project b. Smoothing d. Compromise c. Provide accurate and truthful representation in cost estimates In order to complete work on your projects. Provide high-level information only c. Management has promised you part of the incentive fee from the customer if you complete the project early. Te!' the other project managers in your company about the labor problem c. You are in the middle of a project when someone discovers that a software seller for your project is having major difficulty keeping employees due to a labor dispute. All of the following are the responsibility of a project manager EXCEPT? a. Determine the legality of company's procedures c. What should you do? a. Contact the company and advise it that you will cancel its work on the project unless it settles its labor dispute d.www. report 889. What action should take? a. while finalizing a major deliverable. you have been provided confidential information from all your clients. Release the information. but remove all references to the client's names b. Provide the deliverable as it is b. Inform the customer of the situation and work out a mutually agreeable solution Farooq A. the project will not be completed early. Later. This offer is an example of: a. The subcontractor approaches you and asks you to continue accepting late deliverables in exchange for a decrease in project costs. Ensure that a legal conflict of interest does not compromise the legitimate interests of the customer d. Maintain the confidentiality of customer confidential information b. What should you do? a. A. Forcing 893. Confrontation b. Cease doing business with the company 890.solusinformatics. Disclose the information 892. Quraishi 164 .

What should you do? c. Resource usage has remained steady. Quraishi 165 . Remove any discussion about due dates in the project status report d.solusinformatics. What is the BEST thing to do to ensure that cultural differences do not interfere with the project? a.www. What is your BEST course of action? a. Develop alternate solutions to meet the milestone date b. A. List in your reports the concrete simply "meets our quality needs" c. Most of the team members have worked on similar projects before. but the project has strong support from senior management. Postpone negotiations until you can convince your manager to change their mind c. Carefully encode all the project manager's communications 897. Your manager has told you to negotiate the cost with the seller. Educate the team about the need milestone dates 895. Start to compile a list of delays caused by the buyer to prepare for negotiations d. Make a good fair effort to find a way to decrease the cost b. The seller has told you that the equipment price is fixed. The BEST thing you can do is: a. You feel certain the concrete will function as it is. You are the project manager for a new international project and your project team includes people from four countries. You have just discovered an error in the implementation plan that will prevent you from meeting date. Report the lesser quality level and try to find a solution 896. As the project manager. Hold the negotiations but only negotiate other aspects of the project d. Change the quality standards to meet the level achieved b. Ensure the remaining concrete meets the standard d. Change the milestone date c. Cancel the negotiations 898. You are working on a large construction project that is progressing within the baseline. Spend a little more time creating the work breakdown structure and making sure it is complete b. Cut out other tasks in a way that will be unnoticed to provide more time to fix the deliverable 894. and your boss has just awarded Farooq A. you discover that over 35% of the concrete does not meet your company's quality standards. While testing the strength of concrete poured on your project. A project has a tight budget when you begin negotiating with a seller for a piece of equipment. make sure you choose your words carefully whenever you communicate c. and you don't think the concrete needs to meet the quality level specified. Ask one person at each team meeting to describe something unique about their culture d.

Meeting management expectations of time c. Change the schedule baseline you a prize for your performance. Quraishi 166 . Issue the deliverable and get formal acceptance from the customer. Meet with the customer to uncover the data 899. Stop work d. The cost of the subcontractor work d. Making sure the company has the qualifications to complete the project b. The contract terms and conditions 901. What should the project manager do in this summer? a. The customer on a project tells the project manager he has run out of money to pay for the project. Complete a team building exercise and invite the customer's representatives c. Note the problem in the lessons learned so future projects do not encounter the same problem c. Reduce the scope of the work and enter administrative closure c. Inform the customer that the deliverable will be late 900. You are the project manager for a large project under contract with the government. multi-million dollar project was signed six months ago. You were not involved in the contract negotiations or setting up procedures for managing changes. Shift more work to later in the schedule to allow for customer to get the funds b. The contract for this two year.www. Under these circumstances. b. but now you are swamped with changes from the customer and from people inside the organization.solusinformatics. Senior management Farooq A. The deliverable technically meets the contract requirements. Tell the manager b. Release part of the project team 902. Who is normally responsible for formally reviewing major changes to the project/contract? a. The project manager knows the customer does not have the technical understanding to notice the defect. Management tells a project manager to subcontract part of the project to a company that management has worked with many times. What is the FIRST thing you should do? a. A. the project manager should be MOST concerned about: a. What should the project manager do FIRST? a. A project manager discovers a defect in a deliverable that is due to the customer under the contract today. but it does not meet the project manager's fitness of use standard. The change control board b. The contracting/legal department c. One of your team members returns from the meeting and tells you the customer said they are not happy with the project progress. The project manager d. Discuss the issue with the customer d.

What should you do FIRST? a. Create a workaround 904. A. wants the project team to decrease the tax liability. Look for any' unexpected effects of the problem c. Put a plan together that meets all the objectives b. Management. Your oldest daughter recently returned from demonstrating at a meeting of the World Trade Organization and announced that she is dedicating her life to disrupting major development projects sponsored by the World Bank. Continue to plan the project until the scope of work is defined 905.solusinformatics. a major problem occurred that was not included in the risk response plan.www. The limited time frame in which projects must be compiled 907. A factor that needs to be taken into consideration as part of the bid-no-bid Farooq A. You just learned that the government has issued a new regulation for handling toxic waste. Quraishi 167 . Your company s bidding on a World Bank project with a requirement to perform an environmental impact study before beginning construction. who is also your boss. During project execution. Have these people get together and agree on one objective c. Using legal requirements as the basis for all project selection decisions d. The engineering department wants the project objective to be a 10% improvement in throughput. Include only management's requirements 906. Adhering the legal requirements and ethical standards b. Include the engineering and information technology objectives but hold further meetings regarding management's objectives d. this recommendation demonstrates the importance of: a. Continually searching for new and more effective methods of doing your work c. A project constraint c. Re-evaluate the risk identification process d. The impact that demonstrations can have on international affairs b. The requirement to perform such a study represents: a. Tell management b. The information technology department wants no more than 5% of its resources to be used on the project. Do what they can to get the scope of work defined before proceeding d. You recommend to management that your company undertake a project to develop guidelines in response to this regulation. For project management professionals. The BEST thing you can do is: 903. Remove the scope of work from the project and include it in the upgrade of the project c. the project manager discovers that part of the scope of the work is undefined. What should the project manager do? a. Issue a change to the project when the scope is defined b. During planning.

Their involvement is critical because to approve the issuance of licenses and permits required to import needed equipment. even if this means-that you must make "payments" to local officials b. Accept the gift. and ask for a forma! extension 909. Determine whether the manufacturer gave the certificate to everyone else attending the meeting and. It has been made clear to you that the city experts some form of "unofficial" compensation for such work. a long time PMI® member. Your best approach is to: a. In this situation. The final report is due in 1 month. and your project sponsor has asked you to complete the project with incomplete data. Your government has provided Rs. even though you do not have access to the raw data d. In this situation. Refrain from knowingly engaging in professional misconduct d. accept it c. and requirements of your own country and follow them explicitly in this situation c. Yesterday. The deadline is rapidly approaching. Not accept this gift it could be interpreted as being for personal gains b. A. Farooq A. Prepare a rough estimate based on your knowledge of the subject. Accept the gift to avoid embarrassing the provider 910. Abide by the laws. allegedly violated PMI®'s intellectual property policy guidelines when he reproduced and distributed portions of the PMBOK® Guide without first requesting permission from PMI®. decision An example of complying with international law 908. regulations. one of the manufacturers presented you with some marketing literature. you should probably: a. and complete the project b. 400. Use the results of the research prepared by another organizations as the basis for your effort. Inform management that you need additional time. supplies. You are managing an international joint venture construction project. which included a certificate for a free gift. The final report must be submitted to the government to receive the monies due. Quraishi 168 .solusinformatics. and then inform your project sponsor when you return to your job d. Explain in writing and in your oral presentation that you cannot complete the project because of the incomplete data c.000 to your company to determine the number of whales killed in the past 2 years. Follow local customers explicitly. and materials. Recognize the need for the government involvement in the project and do whatever is required for success Your manager. an Ethics Review Committee member asked you to answer a series of questions related to the manager's alleged misdeeds. In this situation. you should: a. A PMI® Ethics Review Committee now is reviewing the specifics of this case. You are managing a project team that is preparing a comprehensive set of food processing d.www. if so. you have- 911. At a recent industry meeting.

After all Arktic learned of your Polar work Farooq a. Request that the government change it's requirement for PMP® status 913. No involvement because you are not a party to the ethics proceedings A responsibility to cooperate with PMI® concerning ethics violations and the collection of related information No responsibility as you were not a PMI® member at the time this alleged misuse took place No obligation to provide PMS® with any information because you have no first hand knowledge of the extant case 912. One of the requirements. In preparing your proposal.solusinformatics. however you may or may not award the contract to the lowest-bidding seller.www. you should be prepared toa. Your business has exploded ever since you introduced a new product. The contract requires you to keep the client information confidential for one year. and you have made this clear in the IFB. You are a PMI® member and work for a defense systems contractor. Another PMP®. Document your award decision as completely as possible to all sellers c. Prohibit sellers from attending the bid opening because you will need time to decide to whom to award the contract b. Your firm recently completed a contract for one of the Arktic's key competitors. c. You want to avoid any confusion regarding the work to be performed because you probability will not conduct negotiations with the sellers. however Katrina does not have the PMP®. for similar services. however he is committed totally to another project. a noted in the evaluation criteria. but will be taking the exam soon. works for the company. d. you must provide information about previous experience to show that your company has the expertise and track record to do the work. is that the project manager must be a PMP®. Give Arktic the Polar reference. Submit Katrina's resume and state she is a PMP® because you know h& will pass the exam and obtain the certification c. Inform the seller who won the bid and indicate to the others that no further discussion will take place on this issue d. replace him with Katrina provided the client agrees to the substitution b. In this situation. A. Submit Rikard's resume as the project manager after the contract award. You have the right person for the job. you shoulda.. Limit the sellers who will receive the IFB to reduce conflict 914. Rikard. Quraishi 169 . b. Arktic has discovered that you worked with Polar and is asking for a reference at Polar with whom it can discuss your work. Polar Investigations Ltd. Disclose Katrina's status concerning PMP® certification in your proposal and submit her resume as the project manager d. and you are the proposal manager. You need to build another facility and have prepared and invitation for bid (IFB) package. Your company is considering submitting a proposal for the government contract. As part of your proposal for an upcoming contract to provide project management services to Arktic Research Laboratories. In this case you shoulda.

www. you have been asked for ways to reduce costs. assuming that the confidentiality agreement is unnecessarily restrictive of trade Contact Polar and let it know that if you can use it as a reference. the lowest cut proposal submitted is usually selected. Your company is looking to enter new markets and is considering bidding on an RFP issued by the province's transportation department. The basis of a risk lessons learned program is toa. you will let it know the type of work you will be doing at Arktic so that no one is at a competitive disadvantage Contact Polar and ask for permission to list it as a reference in your proposal 915. Use a parametric model. You were part of a team that worked with Harry. As a PMI® member with strong project management expertise. Put resumes from the existing staff in the proposal. Which one of the following recommendations should you make to the management? a.solusinformatics. Several months after he left. and. you are released from the terms of the contract's confidentiality clause Include Polar as a reference. he asked you to send him a copy of the charter he used on-the MCCAW project to compare to his current assignment. Quraishi 170 . he does not have a legitimate need to know the contents of the document 916. You are concerned that your company's labor rates may be too high based on industry standards. pay each person on the project extra money out of another project's account to compensate for the lower salary b. Document the results of risk response audits Farooq A. d. invite him to the office where he can review it in your cubicle b. To support the future use and improvement of your organization's risk management process. Working in a high technology research and development organization. you realize that project risk management is essential to project success. one of the company's most successful project managers. Harry left your company and went to work for one of your major competitors. Not send him the update. A. but plan to hire new people at a lower rate and use them if you are successful in winning the project d. Not send him the update. c. if selected. Use your existing labor rates combined with a value engineering approach as a way to lower overall cost c. you establish a lessons learned program. therefore. Send him the update because he developed the original charter and basically knows what it includes b. Reducing existing labor costs so that they are similar to those of the competition. Your company realizes with government work. Send him the update along with a confidentiality agreement to sign d. and submit a different type of cost proposal using lump-sum pricing 917. Many of your decisions are based on incomplete information and have been disastrous for your business. In this situation you shoulda. from an outside source.

Over the time. A. it turned out that this new material reduced the actual construction time by 20%. As you close out these contracts. Prepare a complete set of indexed records and contractual files for future reference c. Ensure that scope management plan is followed ^ 921. Issue a new methodology and mandate that ii be followed 919. Conduct a procurement audit 920. d. a standard WBS has been prepared and a scope change control system has been established.solusinformatics. At the end of the project. You are the project manager for a construction company that specializes 'n warehouses. Although this constituted a scope change. Ensure that all regulations governing the use of biological agents will be followed b. Another has some outstanding invoices because it has not followed all the appropriate contractual terms and conditions. to design and develop a new avionics system. You have been managing a project. c. On your last project. Calculate the savings based on schedule reduction and pass on the savings on to the dog owner d. During the past four years. which included a description of the project's quality management b. Improve quality in every aspect of project performance d. you realized that its continuous use would lead to significant improvement in your construction practices. Conduct a variance analysis d. you called a team meeting and explained the project objectives to the team. You are managing the development of a highly controversial. Adjust the schedule baseline to note the reduction in time c. Your next step should be toa. You explained that the objective of any quality management plan is toa. you shoulda. You are responsible for quality audits in your organization. Some contractors performed well but one had numerous difficulties and you had to terminate the contract for poor performance. Another contractor must complete some documentation before receiving final payment. which is almost complete using a variety of contractors. Document the lessons learned and share them within the company b. you have awarded ten different contracts of various types. one client wanted you to use a different material than you normally use for laying the foundation. genetically altered enzyme that must satisfy government health standards. Ensure that the process adjustments are made in a timely fashion c. Provide each contractor with formal written notice that the project is complete b. You have a practice of Farooq A. Capture meeting minutes from project risk reviews Provide updates to risk identification checklists Establish a risk database 918. Yesterday.www. Quraishi 171 .

Implement a structured approach to risk management d. your project had a 25% cost over-run. Which one of the following types of audits is not an example of a quality audit? a. Do nothing because the project is complete and the customer accepted the work based on its own independent inspection . Schedule updates 923. but multiple quality audits on a project to ensure adherence to the quality management plan. he has hired a consultant to find out what is going wrong. You realize that when starting this new project. Modified activity schedules c. Because these resources were not used productively. You have discovered a possible flaw in the disposal system that was delivered for the earlier project. you and your team performed a lessons learned review. and the company had been paid. Prospective 922. Internal b. and request that someone else confirm your findings c. you shoulda. In this situation. Alert your management to the situation. Your organization has a miserable project completion rate. Now you are moving on to the next company project. Quraishi 172 . You recently completed a major environment remediation project involving the disposal of hazardous waste from a local power plant. The drawings for the project are incomplete. Your client accepted the work. In reviewing the lessons learned database to determine the root cause of the problem.www. the consultant should be looking at all the information excepta. Therefore. System c. After completing a systems upgrade.solusinformatics. Baseline d. b. Use automated software cost estimating techniques c. New or revised activity duration estimates conducting not one. Your PMO director has lost out all confidence that any one in his organization can figure out why the project completion rate is so slow. you shoulda. Analysis of alternative schedules d. both orally and in writing. Have an outside audit team periodically review your project to provide ideas and insight for midcourse correction. b. One team member pointed out the uneven use of resources that affected team morale. Contact the customer directly and inform it of the potential problem so that it can modify your contract to correct the problem d. A. Enhance your quality assurance and project review system immediately for future projects 924. Now you are working on a new project that happens to be located at the same power plant. Read the qualifications of the people joining your team Farooq A.

Get a tourist's guide to Australia to read on the plane to your new assignment c." Your PMO hired a chief learning officer. the company will now conduct regular "learning events. your company should do which of the following first? a. Her first suggestion aimed at achieving this goal is to ensure the company supportsa. but you must consider certain things. Quraishi 173 . there is one question above all others. Your recent project required extensive overtime to meet a demanding schedule. The job sounds exciting. Use project management software that includes resource histogram and resource leveling c. which you must answer honestly before saying "yes" or "no". Arrange a meeting at the Australian embassy in Tokyo so that you can meet Australian nationals and they can explain what it is like for a Japanese person to live there 928. Therefore.www. 926. What common ground exists between the people with whom I will be Farooq A. To make the transition as easy as possible. and travel to the Great Barrier Reef. As you list the pros and cons of accepting the assignment. Hire a consultant who knows the country to brief you on what to expect in Australia b. Benchmarking forums 927. You are managing the company's next project and want to avoid a similar situation. Although the initial tasks involving computer design were a good fit for you. The cultural differences are many and varied. tour Sydney Harbor. A. Ensure that all work efforts are traced back to the scope statement for scope verification b. Ensure that the WBS is detailed enough and that ail the activities are defined in sufficient detail d. you are excited about the opportunity to visit the Outback. ft seems that no one shares information and that people are managing the projects the same way they were managed three generations ago. That question isa.solusinformatics. Accordingly. You recently were assigned to a project in Australia. Send you to Australia a couple of weeks before the assignment so that you get to know the place and to meet your new team mates d. Use critical chain scheduling to account for possible unplanned events with its emphasis on buffers A project management maturity review reviewed that your organization is not a learning organization. Project team meetings b. You had to work many weekends and nights to get everything done. Coming from Japan. you were also required to produce numerous technical documents and to perform several arcane programming tasks. you 925. In-progress customer review suggestions c Kickoff meetings d. You have always dreamed of living abroad and now find that you have been selected to manage an international project headquartered overseas.

other factors. You are meeting with several project stakeholders. Seating arrangement in the negotiating room b. you must not be at a disadvantage in your negotiations with them.www. You are ready to enter a negotiating session with people from another country who have earned a reputation as tough negotiators. such as education and experience. Always looking at those with whom you are negotiating as members of a particular cultural group b. However. Which one of the following traits best identifies the disclosure of your knowledge of his language? a. c. and your relation begins favorably. With respect to negotiation. A debate is under way. also are at work. Quraishi 174 . 930. this illustrates the importance ofa. Your Farooq A. Setting and following strict time limits at each step of the negotiating process 932. Active listening d. you mention that you know how to spell several words in Hangul. Moving beyond cultural stereotyping and seeing people as individuals with unique personality traits and experiences c. And over time.solusinformatics. He is pleasantly surprised that you are familiar with the? language. including the customer. cramped office. Therefore. During your first conversation with the company president. Authentic flexibility c. Positive aggrandizement A person's negotiating behavior is influenced by his or her culture. Ingratiating yourself to the most powerful negotiator on the other side of the negotiating table to earn his or her trust c. d. and individual who is living in a culture that is different from his or her own may take on characteristics of new culture. To earn your yearly bonus. A. Aggressive insight d. working and me? How do I translate my cultural awareness and knowledge into functional skills that I can use on the project? How can I continue to refine my skills and develop my level of cultural competence and adaptability How adaptable am I? You are working on establishing a joint venture with a Korean firm for a large etraining program. in a b. This person may behave from a new frame of reference. Recognizing that cultural stereotyping should be used as a starting point for all international negotiations d Becoming overly dependent on cultural knowledge as the corner stone for all negotiations 931. hot and in violent disagreement regarding the best way to proceed with the project. 929. you must concentrate ona. Everyone is irritated. Confident humility b.

the first action you should take is to: a. You decide to conduct a meeting to see whether they reach consensus on the matter by identifying common points of agreement and striving for a fair resolution. None of the people on your 15-person project team have worked together before. The client is focused on timely performance and has provided contract incentives if the job is completed early. the project managers goal remains the same: to achieve a win-win solution for everyone involved. disagreements among the stake holders should be resolved in favor of thea. Senior management c. Hold period group meetings b use a group facilitator to the next meeting c. Smoothing c. You need to get this situation under control quickly. Compromise 935. Two of your team members have been arguing for the several weeks about which project management software will work best for the project. On this project. an environmental group is concerned about adverse impact on water drainage and is considering suing. Problem solving d. This team cannot seem to get past the storming stage. You are managing the construction of luxury condominiums in one of the last available plots of the city land. and it really shows. Perform careful project planning d.solusinformatics. Therefore. Customer 933. In general. Although each conflict situation is unique. Everyone seems to speak a different "language". A. Which style of conflict resolution will you employ? a. Conflict causes problems that can slow project goal as a project manager is to balance the stakeholders' interests. Enforce strict rules about meeting behavior 936. Compromise Farooq A. Find appropriate resolutions to resolve differences between or among stakeholders b. This method most often used by project managers to resolve conflict is: a.www. Carefully manage all communication and make status information available only on a need-to-know basis d. Quraishi 175 . Put the owner's requirements at the top of the list as you resolve stakeholder differences c. each meeting is characterized by disagreements and debates. Sponsor b. Build the condominiums according to the specifications and not worry about any other stakeholder 934. Performing organization d. However. Withdrawal b. you need toa.

The single best way to become an effective communicator as expatriate is to: a. 937. Ways to exercise tolerance and compromise d. After working on various projects around the world. Therefore. Some people believe that to have an effective conversation. and some groups say 9-10 inches is ideal. Personal space dynamics c. Ethnocentric c. You know that many people categorize those from your country as "bash" and "boorish". d. Quraishi 176 . Proxemics b. Confrontation Smoothing Negotiation Communication is vitally important for conducting business and managing projects. you have come to expect people.solusinformatics. the normal conversational distance is in the range of 14-15 inches. Racist b. Learn and use local language y b. and the hidden dimension of communication all refer to: a. A person who behaves in the inherent superiority and naturalness of his or her own culture is defined as being: a. written communication d. to put other people into categories. it becomes even more critical when working abroad with people whose language is different from yours. Posturing d. Non-verbal communication 939. It is known as: a. you think your current project team has categorized you as a brash person. Communication skills b. c. In certain cultural groups.however. Use gestures and other form of non-verbal communication to make your point 938. a distance of about 20 inches between the two parties involved is required. Linguistics 940. Treat the other team members accordingly to their country stereotypes b. second-order messages. Imperialistic d. Focus primarily on formal. Meta-communication. you should: a. Jingoistic 941. Take a passive view and ignore the situation Farooq A. at times. Rely on interpreters c. Focus on the personalities involved c. A. This area of nonverbal communication is important for cross-culture communication. paralinguistic.www. b. Communication requirements c. In fact.

Expressiveness 944. This involves building and sustaining credibility. A new manager once mentioned at a staff meeting that it would be nice to have a few right-handed people in the company to get a different point of view on things. Can simultaneously cause problems and lead to benefits. Which of the following is not a behavior that can help in this regard? a. Given their business approach. This team exhibits which of the following characteristics: a. Being respectful c. Quraishi 177 . Have no impact b. Exhibiting expertise by the answers you give d. Such diversity would have which of the following impacts on this company? a. Integrate others' worlds into your own b. Low context c. A. Look globally for new ideas c. Being reliable and committed 943.www. Although you are ready. Everyone is encouraged to state their opinion. High context b. Be open to change d. Friendliness d. your hosts' culture is noted for which one of the following characteristics? a. at least 45 minutes of talk about families and weekend adventures goes by before anyone mentions business. You work for a company that hires only left-handed people. which is considered by the group. it replicated its left-handed culture around the world. You have been sent abroad to conduct negotiations for a large telecommunication project. Either cause problems or lead to benefits d. It is a diverse team represented by different d Behave in a manner that contradicts their expectations] 942. ready to engage negotiations. When the company decided to go global.solusinformatics. Farooq A. Cause only problems c. Being flexible and open to differences b. and positions in the company hierarchy. The entire company culture is based on left-handedness. You are meeting with your project team. Understand and value others 945. Maximizing one's influence facilities communication. level of experience.00 am. You arrive at the office promptly at 8.

Explain the project and ask them for their input. you planned and budgeted for full-time staff of five people. 2. they have not been provided any specific details concerning the project except that the project will be at least one year in duration. both your management and the customer have stated that there will be absolutely no trade-offs on time. broken down as follows: R&D: six months. selfactualization. the customer may not be too happy about this. He will be available only half time on your project until he finished a crash job on another project. and expectations Farooq A. They have all received your memo concerning the time and place of the kickoff meeting. will be reporting to a functional manager shall also be available to you for full duration of the project 3.e. Obviously. this is regarded as a long-term project.www. Management has informed you that there is nobody else to fill the fifth position. George has been in the company for over 6 years. c. Motivate the employees by showing how they will benefit: esteem. the project team) will be as follows: 1 Tom an experienced engineer and is recognized as both technical leader and expert. 4. Bob. For your LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS . d. cost. She is full time on the project. b. pride. A good strategy for the meeting would be: The team must already be self-motivated or else they would not have been assigned. relatively new to the profession. Simply welcome them and assign homework. He shall be available for full time in a month or two.solusinformatics. your staff (i. prototype testing: one month. shall be available for full time for the duration of the project.A CASE STUDY: Your company has won a contract for an outside customer. You will have a spread in the increased workload over the other members. A. Identify the technical details of the project: the requirements. in addition to function support personnel. Unfortunately. In addition to the risks involved in the R&D stage. Quraishi 178 . In each situation that follows. Minimize discussions on specifics. Carol is working in the company for over twenty years but has never worked in the project. The project office team members have been told to report to you this morning. or performance. Try to get them to identify alternatives and encourage group decision-making. 946. manufacturing: five months. When you prepared the proposal six months ago. The contract is for one year. performance standards. However. due to limited resources. but has never worked on any of your projects. choose the best answer. a..

They keep asking you pertinent questions and seem to be making the right decisions. d. b. 950. Your team has taken an optimistic approach to the schedule The functional managers have reviewed the schedules and have sent your team strong memos stating that there is no way that they can support your schedules.' but with difficulty. Encourage the team to continue but give some ideas as to possible alternatives Let them solve the problem. You tell your team to review the material and be prepared to perform detailed planning at the meeting you have scheduled for the following Monday. Do nothing. Supervise the planning until completion. State your availability to provide advice and support. c. Quraishi 179 . This is common of these type of projects and the team must learn to cope. they will eventually work out the problem. A. 948. d. Meet with each team member individually to reinforce his or her behavior and performance. c. Your team expected the schedules to be returned for additional iterations and trade-offs. Your team appears to have trouble laying out realistic schedules that will satisfy the customer's milestones. Let members know how many other times this has occurred and been resolved through trade-offs and additional iterations. Call a special team meeting to discuss the morale problem and ask the team for recommendations. You should: a. but are still criticizing the " schedules. a. The functional departments have begun working. 949. b. Do nothing. During Monday's planning meeting. b. This may be a beneficial situation. Become actively involved and help the team solve the problem. but not with such harsh words from the line managers. Ask each team member to develop his or her own schedules and then compare results. However. Take charge yourself and solve the problem for the team. Take charge and look for ways to improve morale by changing the schedules. You give the team members a copy of the winning proposal and a "confidential" memo describing the assumptions and constraints you considered in developing the proposal. d.solusinformatics. You may have to provide continuous direction. Try to work out the problem. If the team is good. Ask each team member individually how he or she feels about Tom's role If they complain.www. Your team's morale appears to be very low. You should: a. Talk to Tom privately about the long-term effects of his behavior. c. you find that Tom (who has worked with you before) has established a take-charge role and has done some of the planning that should have been the responsibility of other team members. Take no action. have a talk with Tom. Your team is extremely unhappy with some of the employees assigned out of Farooq 947. you may wish to ask if the other project office members wish to review Tom's planning.

seek out the cause. ' .com one functional department. Unfortunately. b c d Do nothing. The report is marginally acceptable and not at all what you would have expected from George. You should: . Ask the team for recommendations and hope Bob gets the message. Farooq A. You are entering month seven of the twelve-month project. You should: a. Do nothing until you are absolutely sure (with evidence) that the assigned personnel cannot perform as needed. Tell George that the report is totally unacceptable and will reflect on his ability as a project office team member. 951. d. . George apologizes to you for the report and blames it on his other project. a. and ask him for a solution. Have a personal discussion with Bob. which is in its last two weeks. Ask to have different employees assigned.. The problem may be temporary and you cannot be sure that there is a measurable impact on the project. A. After your signature has been attained the report is sent to senior manager and customer.www. Approach the functional manager and express your concern. c. b. d. 952. Quraishi 180 . 953. Sympathize with your team and encourage them to live with this situation until an alternative is found. Ask the other members to assist you by talking to Bob. You are not sure whether he simply lacks the skills. Bob's performance as a project officer team member has begun to deteriorate. has just submitted for your approval his quarterly progress report for your project.. . Your team feels that these employees are not qualified to perform the required work. Ask the team to assist George in redoing the report since a bad report reflects on everyone. George who is half time on your project. Interview the other team members and see if they can explain Bob s actions lately.solusinformatics. Call a team meeting and discuss how productivity and performance are decreasing. b. You have completed the R&D stage of your project and are entering phase II: prototype testing. cannot endure the pressure or cannot assume part of the additional work that resulted from the fifth position in the project being vacant. the results of the phase I R&D indicate that you were too optimistic in your estimating for phase II and a schedule slippage of atleast two weeks is highly probable. a * ^ c. You should: a sympathize with George and ask him to rewrite the report. Ask one of the team members to rewrite the report for George. Assess the potential risks with the team and ask for their input and suggestions Try to develop contingency plans if the problem is as serious as the team indicates.

project. with just you and the customer. Assign specific responsibilities to each team member for preparation of handout material for the meeting. This is a crisis and you must exert strong leadership. b. b. You are now at the end of the seventh month and everything is proceeding as planned. management-granted time off or a dinner team meeting). This meeting will be formal. To prepare for the meeting. Ask the team to improve productivity before the customer's meting. Your rescheduling efforts have been successful.www. The customer wants a meeting at your plant within the next seven days. Obviously. Look for contingency plans. d. Hopefully the team will come up with alternatives. your strong leadership has been effective. 954. d. Make sure that the team is still focusing on the goals and objectives of the . you should: a. Talk to them and make them feel important. All previous meetings were informal and at the customers facilities. c. b Call a team meeting to discuss the morale problem resulting from the slippage. The customer unofficially informs you that his company has a problem and may have to change the design specifications before production actually begins. The end date of the project can still be met. You should: a Do nothing. The functional managers have given you adequate support and you are back on schedule. c. Make sure that the (Schedules are updated and assume a passive role since the customer has not officially informed you of his problem. These problems occur and have a way of working themselves out. Call an immediate team meeting and ask the team to prepare an agenda and identify the items to be discussed. Quraishi 181 . Motivation appears high. You should: a. This will be the customer's first visit to your plant. Call a team meeting and seek ways of improving productivity for phase II. 955. Leave well enough alone. Look for better ways to improve the functioning of the team. You should: a. c. the slippage may be The customer may not be happy. . 956. Continue this role for the phase Hi schedule. d. b Try to provide some sort of monetary or non-monetary reward for your team (eg. You should take control and assist your team in identifying alternatives. d. A. Call a team meeting and review the remaining schedules for the project.solusinformatics. c. it morale is improved. This should please the customer. This would be a catastrophe for your project. Provide positive feedback/reinforcement for the team and search for ideas for shortening phase lit. Your team has matured and is doing what they are paid to do. Farooq A. Do nothing.

and try to come to some sort of agreement. the customer calls and asks for an assessment of the risks in canceling this project right away and starting another one. 961. if any. You should: a. As a team. if necessary. d. Roll up your shirtsleeves and help the tern identify alternatives. You are already shorthanded. Carol informs you that she has the opportunity to be the project leader for an effort starting in two weeks. You should: a Let Carol go You do not want to stand in the way of her career advancement. You are now in the ninth month. 960.www. Talk to team members individually. She has been with the company for twenty years and this is her first opportunity as a project leader. b. You should: a. You are in the tenth month of the project. Accept strong leadership for this and with minimum. One of the functional mangers has asked you for you evaluation of all his functional employees currently working on your project (excluding project office personnel). Tell the team that their excellent performance may result in a follow-on contract. 958. d. Tel! that nothing is impossible for a good team. She wants to know if she can be released from your 957. Some degree of guidance is necessary. The manufacturing plans and manufacturing schedules must be developed anew. The team is already highly motivated and will take charge as before. c. You can do it yourself. Counsel her and explain her how important it is for her to remain. Reemphasize the team spirit and encourage your people to proceed. and ask for their evaluations. Do not burden your team with this request. Perhaps you can delay long enough for the project to finish. b. telling them how important their input is. c. Quraishi 182 . Tell Carol that you will abide by the team vote. d. Your team informs you that one of the functional manufacturing managers has built up a brick wall around his department and all information requests must flow Farooq A. c. b. Your project office personnel appear to be working more closely with the functional employees than you are. c Discuss the problem with the team since they must assume the extra workload. d. Wait for a forma! request. evaluate each of the functional team members. A. Ask the team to meet in private and conduct a vote. Call a team meeting to assess the risks and look for alternatives.solusinformatics. Provide strong leadership and close supervision. While your re-planning is going on (as a result of changes in the specifications). You should: a. Do nothing. Your team will have to rely on you for assistance. Ask for their input into meeting the constraints. Your team is obviously not happy with the results of the customer interface meeting because the customer has asked for a change in design specifications. Return the request to the functional manager since this is not part of your b. 959. team involvement.

bring him up to through him The brick wall has been in existence for two years. Assume a strong leadership role for the rerun test to let people know your Farooq A. Your team members tell you that the test will be rerun without any slippage of the schedule. You should: a Do nothing. c. A. b. c.solusinformatics. Call a meeting and ask each member to explain his or her role on the project to the new man. and assign him Carol s work. Quraishi 183 . Interview the employees that created this problem and stress the importance of productivity and following instructions. Discuss the request with the team and ask for the team's approval. Your team members are having trouble with status reporting. Neither you nor your team members have worked with this man before. Ask each team member to talk to this new man as soon as possible and help him come on board. Postpone your decision. Your team is getting the information they need. d. Review the request with the team member and discuss the impact on his performance. Ask your team to develop contingency plans for this situation. but always get the information after catering to the functional manager. Counsel the new man individually. Request that individual conversations be used 963. The cost to your project was significant. c Call a team meeting to discuss the alternative ways of obtaining the information. Your functional employees have used the wrong materials in making a production run test. Ask the employee to wait until the course is offered again. c. b Ask the team members to use their behavioral skills in obtaining the information. 962. You should: a. Do nothing. but absorbed in a small cushion" that you saved for emergencies such as this. b.www. d. b. One of your team members wants to take a late-afternoon course at the local college. Unfortunately. You should: a. The team may have to cover for this employee's workload. Your team seems to have the situation well under control. Your executives have given you a new man to replace Carol! for the last two months of the project. Carol Obviously filled him in on what he should be doing and what is involved in the project. d. should it happen again. d. This is obviously the way the line manager wants to run his department. 964. You should: a. this course may conflict with his workload. Assume strong leadership and exert your authority by calling the tine manager and asking for the information. Discuss this individually with each team member to make sure that the task requirements will still be adhered to. Do nothing.

The current baseline does not include: a. 965. Tell your team that they have done a wonderful job and there is only one more task to do. Chart elements of the WBS against the timeline 967. schedule activity 968. Ask your team to meet and provide an outline for the final report. Roles and responsibility matrix b. a work package. A three-level project work breakdown structure c. at least the structure. The final report could easily reflect on your ability as a manager. usually with a final concern.solusinformatics. Farooq A. Plus or minus approved project scope. A process of developing a detailed project scope statement as the basis for future project decisions d.www. Your team has things under control and knows that a final report is needed. This final report may very well become the basis of follow-on work. Persons and organization that are not concerned with your project c. c. MISCELLANEOUS 966. You must provide some degree of leadership for the final report. The project specification that includes design principles and project objectives b. Quraishi 184 . b. Uniquely identifies each element of the WBS b. Do nothing. d. A stakeholder is not defined as: a. All good projects must come to an end. Persons and organizations who exert influence over the project and its deliverables 969. Includes work packages/used to track phase completion c. schedule. The record showing that all project deliverables are completed satisfactorily 970. and technical changes c. Your project has a requirement for a final report. Work breakdown structure component. A process of subdividing the major deliverables and project work into smaller. A. cost. A code of accounts: a. Persons and organizations that are actively involved in the project d. Assumptions d. You should: a. Create WBS is: a. Scope defining for a project is fully described as: a. Persons and organizations whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by execution or completion of the project b. Is an organizational scheme to keep track of contracts d.

A procedure or process to meet deadlines b. Free Float is the amount of time that a schedule activity can be delayed without delaying the early start of any immediately following activities d. There 's no difference . It consists project phases of the entire project life cycle c. The Engineering Department has covered to a new Rs. duration. A written statement identifying the quality standards relevant to the project 971. All of the following are characteristics of a "work package" EXCEPT: a.000 addition to the scope of the project b The contractor's company has instituted a Quality Program in which it has pledged to spend one million rupees during the next year c The productivity in the Drafting Department is lower than anticipated. The Precedence Diagramming Method . A. It consists of schedule milestones required to complete the work package deliverables or project work component 972. A standard may be defined as: a. Analysis of activity sequence. It is a deliverable or project work at the lowest level of each branch of the WBS more manageable components. The life cycle cost of the project Farooq A.solusinformatics. b.www. Developing the WBS b Developing cost histograms . c. The sacrifice of unessential project objectives to meet essential quality standards b. 100. Quraishi 185 . Free Float is the amount of Total Float that does not affect the end date. It consists of schedule activities required to complete the work package deliverables or project work component d. whereas Total Float is the accumulated amount of Free Float b.000 additional hours over what was budgeted d. Presenting project summary status to upper management 975.the two terms are functionally equivalent c. An activity's Free Float is calculated by subtracting Its Total Float from the critical path's Total Float 973. Which is an acceptable cause for "baseline" of a Rs. What does "cost of quality" mean? ^^r^ a. A procedure or process to meet scope baseline d. and resource requirements d. A document established by consensus and approved by a recognized body c. A schedule diagramming network technique in which the schedule activity is are representatives by boxes d. which has resulted in 1. Determining the responses needed to perform project activities c. In what way does Free Float differ from Total Float? a.PDM is: a. 10 million project? a " The client has authorized a Rs.000 CAD system 976. 200. An organizational process asset 974.

Is similar to cost account code d. Right to apply project resources b.Workaround is: a. Categorizes the schedule activity that allows filtering and ordering of activity within reports b. whereas the chart of accounts is concerned with cost base line 979. A response to a negative risk that has occurred b. Fixed-File Procurement 978. whereas the chart of accounts is management by finance department Project chart of accounts provides a graphical representation of project cost in relation to the project schedule. Give approvals 981. Defined activity attribute c.Calendar unit is: a. Activity code: a. The smallest unit of time is scheduling*the project 982. Activity calendar d.Authority does not provides project manager: a. Firm-Fixed-Price c. Free-Flow Performance b. whereas the chart of accounts is how to control cost b Project chart of accounts are usually based upon the corporate chart of accounts of the primary performing organization. Clarifies role d. whereas the chart of accounts is identified with each component of WBS c d Project chart of accounts are used to develop as part of project charter. Determining the costs incurred to ensure quality The cost of meeting project objectives 977. Implementation of the contingency plan for a positive risk event Farooq A. Is a label for each schedule activity used in conjunction with an activity identifier c. A contingency plan c. d. How the numbering system in the chart of accounts differs from code of Accounts: a Project chart of accounts used to monitor project costs by WBS elements. Free-Form Project d. Expend funds c. Quraishi 186 . Resource calendar b Resource assignment calendar c. FFP is a acronym for: a.solusinformatics. A.

and without customer approval b. RAM relates Resource Breakdown Structure . costs.RBS with OBS c. Place where people are encouraged to fight 984. d. Is used by military personnel during war b.BOM is: a. Applying sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective c. or assertion of rights by a seller against a d. Claim is a request.RAM: a. for. Quraishi 187 . Encouraging others to apply physical or mental effort to overcome objectives d.www. Invoices for the material to be billed to the customer b List of bills received for the material purchased c A documented formal hierarchical tabulation of the physical assemblies. RAM relates OBS with WBS b. Bills received by the customer for the supplies made by the vendor 989. Adding features and functionality to increase performing organization business needs d.War room: a. It is a method for sanctioning project work c. Is built with superior quality of concrete in battle field d.Work typically involves: a. It is a processes to authorize project manager to give orders d. RAM relates functional manager with project manager d. Is used for project conferences and planning c. Farooq A. A. It is method to formally verify project scope b. It is a method to control change requests 986. and resources. or Vice versa. and components needed to fabricate a product. Bill of materials . Adding features and functionality in to exceed customer's expectations c. Using global sourcing to continue project development 983.Scope creep: a.Work authorization: a. Applying sustained physical or mental effort to increase obstacles and achieve an objective b. subassemblies.solusinformatics. Is similar to scope control 987. RAM is another name of the matrix organization 988. demand. Adding features and functionality without addressing the effects on time. Applying efforts to increase obstacles to achieve objectives 985.

Quality b. or sense of being restricted to a given course of action or inaction. quality. Activity c. Cost-Pius-Incentive-Fee contract d. Fixed-Price or lump-sum contract b. d. Deliverable 994. Consideration. A type of cost reimbursement contract where buyer reimburses the seller for the sellers costs plus fixed amount of profit is: a. compensation or payment for a disputed change as agreed in the meeting minutes b. The a.www. Consideration. or sense of being unrestricted to a given course of action or inaction. Firm-Price-Incentive-Fee contract d. Cost-Plus-Fee contract c. quality. compensation. Quraishi 188 . A type of fixed price contract where buyer pays the seller a set amount (as defined by the contract). Consideration. The state. . Consideration. contract. Parallel activities Farooq A. Cost-Plus-Percentage of cost contract 992. Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee contract b. without formal approval. Grade d. 991. A category or rank used to distinguish items that have the same functional use. or sense of being empowered. c The state. or sense of assumptions for a given course of action or inaction. and displayed/reported as a single activity is known as: a. compensation or payment for a disputed change against the JOD executed. b. regardless of seller's cost is a: a. quality. . Hammock activity b. Series of activities d. The state. Specifications c. but do not share the same requirements for quality are: a. Constraint is: a.solusinformatics. or payment under the terms of a legally binding. A. such as for a disputed change c. quality. Firm-Contract 993. Firm-Fixed-Price contract c. A group of related schedule activities aggregated at some summary level. compensation or payment for a disputed change as described in the request for proposal . d. 990.

It is a WBS component with known work content but with detailed-schedule activities c. Risk 1000. Risks that remains after risk responses have been implemented are: a. Standards b. Guidelines c. and tentative plan for the work to be accomplished later c. Planning in phases. Procedure d. A. Residual risks c. An agreement 996. Request for proposal (RFP) b. It is a WBS component with unknown work content but without detailed schedule activities d. The process of obtaining information. Disagreements c. It is a WBS component with unknown work content but with detailed schedule activities 995. Re-planning b. Dispute b. Re-baseline d. Farooq A. Triggers d. offers. Secondary risks b. Request for seller's response d. Quraishi 189 . Progressive elaboration planning in detail for the work to be accomplished in the near term.www. Process 998.solusinformatics. An issue is not: a. or proposals. Request for quotation (RFQ) c. A series of steps followed in a regular definitive order to accomplish some thing is defined as: a. as appropriate is generally known as: a. Planning package is different to work package because: a. Select sellers 999. Rolling wave planning is a form of: a. bids. quotations. It is a WBS component with known work content but without detailed schedule activities b. Under discussion d.

Quraishi 190 .com Farooq A.solusinformatics. A.www.