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Key Terms

Cluster 2- Chapter 5
E.Q: How did the fur trade, European settlement and the rise of
the Metis Nation transform life for the peoples of the Northwest?
Michif - a Metis language combining French,Ininew (Cree),
English and Anishinaabe (Objibwe/Saulteaux)
Red River carts – two-wheeled carts drawn by oxen or horses;
developed in the Red River district in the early years of the
nineteenth century; constructed entirely of wood and adapted to
travel over the prairie lands of the region; became synonymous
with the Metis, who used them to transport the products of the
buffalo hunt
Pemmican Proclamation – (1814) and order by Governor Miles
MacDonell that banned the export of pemmican from Red River
Battle of Seven Oaks – (1816) a battle involving Metis people
from Red River in the struggle for control of the fur trade between
the Hudson’s Bay Co. and North West Co.
Palliser expedition – (1857-1859) A British scientific exploration
of Rupert’s Land to determine the region’s suitability for
settlement led by John Palliser
Hind expedition – (1857-1858) a Canadian exploration of what
is today southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan that concluded the
area was suitable for farming
Fraser Canyon War – (1858-1859) a series of conflicts between
gold miners and members of the NIaka’pamux (Thompson) Nation
whose territory the gold seekers were mining
Reserves – public lands set aside in treaties for specific First
Nations. The federal government retains ownership of reserve