TOEFL PREPARATION EXERCISE WEEK 4 Choose the best answer! 1.

The brakes need … A adjusted B to adjustment C D to adjust adjusting

14. I think that you had better … earlier so that you can get to class on time. A to start to get up C start getting up B started getting up D to get up 15. Today’s weather isn’t as cold as it was yesterday, …? A wasn’t it C isn’t it B was it D is it 16. Tito is the only foreigner … I saw at the convention. A whom C who B which D what 17. They forgot about … them to join us for lunch. A us to ask C B us asking D our asking we asking

2. I wish that we … with my brother when he flies to England next week. A could go C will go B had gone D are going 3. Are you sure that Miss Smith … use the new equipment? A knows to C knows how to B knows the D knows how 4. Mary and John … to the parties at the Student Union every Friday. A used to go C are used to go B use to go D were used to go 5. You … me, because I didn’t say that. A must misunderstand B must be understanding 6. … you rather sit by the window? A Don’t B Will C D C D must have misunderstood had to misunderstood Wouldn’t Won’t

18. Our host family always invites my roommate and … to their house on Sundays. A me C I B my D mine 19. Because they usually receive the same score on standardized examinations, there is often disagreement as to … is the better student, Bob or Helen. A who C whom B which D whose 20. I really appreciate … to help me, but I am sure that I will be able to manage by myself. A you to offer C that you offer B your offering D that you are offering 21. Do you know the woman … was hurt in the accident? A which C who B whom D whose 22. I would like to leave a message for … if I may. A they C B them D their theirs

7. His government insisted that he … until he finished his degree. A should stay C stayed B shall stay D stay 8. After he had researched and … his paper, he found some additional material that he should have included. A wrote C writing B written D have written 9. The man who was driving truck would not admit that he had been at fault and … A neither the other driver C neither had the other driver B neither would the other driver D the other driver neither 10. If it … rain, we’ll have the party outside. A wouldn’t B doesn’t C D didn’t won’t

23. A few of … are planning to drive to Florida during the spring break. A we girls C girls we B us girls D girls 24. This is the woman … the artist said posed as a model for the painting. A who C which B whom D whose 25. Of those who took exam with Jane and …, I am the only one who studied for it. A he C him B his D himself 26. Let you and … agree to settle our difference without involving any of the other students. A I C me B myself D my 27. If you had told us earlier … he was, we could have introduced him at the meeting. A who C whom B which D whoever

11. Excuse me, but it is time to have your temperature … A taking C take B to take D taken 12. Almost everyone fails … the driver’s test on the first try. A passing C to pass B to have passed D in passing 13. Mike had hoped … his letter. A her to answer B that she answer C D that she would answer her answering

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28. I always ask my sister and … for advice. A her B she

VOCABULARY TEST WEEK 4 C D hers herself Choose the synonym of the underlined words. 1. It’s sensible of your chum to take the sudden offer into account for it may have black intentions. A speculation B consideration C imagination D corroboration 2. The psychiatrist recommends that the well-to-do oil-tycoon not think of his business temporarily and have some vacation. A notorious B prudent C affluent D superstar 3. Provided that the mayor had paid the ransom a little later, his only son kidnapped the other day might have been killed. A abducted B robbed C murdered D assassinated 4. Never take alcohol of you want to drive since it can act on you concentration. A effect B weaken C affect 5. We shouldn’t have speculated. Consequently, we’ve got to suffer hardship now. A restrain B enrich C catch D D aggravate sustain

29. Two of the notebooks … Tom had lost on the bus were returned to the main desk at his dormitory. A what C which B who D whose 30. He didn’t seem to mind … TV while he was trying to study. A their watching C them watching B that they watch D them to watch 31. Writers like William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe are not only prolific but too interesting. 32. James’ counselor recommended that he should take a foreign language in his freshman year instead of waiting until the following year. 33. Although Mark has been cooking for many years, he still doesn’t know to prepare French food in the traditional manner. 34. It is most important that he speaks to the dean before leaving for his vacation. 35. Visitors were not permitted entering the park after dark because of the lack of security ad lighting. 36. I need both fine brown and sugar as well as powered sugar to bake Hawaiian cake. 37. In spite Nellie’s fear of heights, she decided to fly with a group of her classmates to the Bahamas during the spring recess. 38. Let Nancy and her to make all the plans for the party, and you and I will provide the refreshments and entertainment. 39. Louie got his sister read his class assignment, and then asked her to write the report for him because he did not have enough time. 40. News of Charles Lindbergh’s famous transatlantic flight in 1927 spread rapidly despite of his lack of an international communication system.

6. All the players bore a grudge against the referee because he clearly favored the team who spoilt the spirit of fair-play. A treated B sustained C revenged D nursed 7. The minister of agriculture asserted that we had an abundant supply of rice. A plentiful B resourceful C blameful 8. The anonymous called made menacing statements about her kidnapped child. A convincing B threatening C persuasive D D disgraceful confirmative assume … to be ridiculous tender

9. It is required that we not take a gossip for granted because it is sometimes malicious. A assume … to be B assume … to be C assume … to be D nonsense negligent true 10. I was shocked to death to learn that the soft hearted woman had met her maker. A evil B broken C savage D

11. Fearing to get himself under his wife’s … he began to show unwillingness to follow all her words. A toe B finger C head D thumb 12. I’d like to suggest that you come to see him to get yourself recruited since he’s a/an … person in the firm. A influential B insignificant C wealthy D admired 13. Our supporters were absolutely shocked to see our bad play which led to a … A riot B loss C fight 14. You can rely on me to fetch your cousin at the airport. I’ve know him by … A name B accident C sight D D victory chance

15. … play sometimes colors a game and this provocative act causes supporters to lose their temper. A impartial B splendid C remarkable D unfair 16. It’s hard to note his speech as he often strays from he main subject. A integrates B segregates C regresses 17. Has the patient been given official permission to leave? A discarded B discharged
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digresses discerned



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18. Did your elder brother recover from the inflammation of lung? A neuritis B insomnia C




37. Don’t take off your shirt when you are sweating profusely. A perverting B perspiring 38. The tranquility is never realizable in the country. A perjury B treachery


perpetuating congeniality appreciate


pervading serenity convince strides injury prophesied handle by and by

19. The management would be sensible enough to take preventive measures in case of strike. A prudent B impudent C despondent D dependent 20. Providing that the children are only getting more impudent, I’m afraid they will have to be expelled. A insolvent B intransigent C interdependent D insolent 21. Due to enervating climate, we’ve got no desire to do anything outdoors. A digressing B annoying C disgusting 22. The pig-headed boss rejected the proposal tough it proved convenient. A snub-nosed B empty-headed C obstinate 23. Unless you behave yourself, you’ll bring shame on yourself. A deduct B conduct C instruct D D D D D D debilitating intelligent construct a slanderer intricate smile from ear to ear debilitated enervate hospital

39. Are you willing to grant pardon to your flirtatious husband? A forgive B persuade C

40. An industrious boy always endeavors to accomplish his ambition. A stripes B strolls C strives 41. The traffic accident victim had a serious break. A sprain B fracture 42. The trained swimmer obtained a gold medal. A procured B procrastinated 43. It is hard to deal with this complex matter. A hamper B harass 44. A Jewish is usually ready to earn his living by any means. A by fits and starts B by leaps and bounds 45. She woke up after having a bad dream. A nightmare B nightshade 46. ‘Lunch is on me’ means … A I’ll pay for lunch B lunch is at my house What do you take me for? C C C C bruise probated halve by hook or by crook nightingale I’ll cook lunch Take it with a pinch of salt

24. I urged that an investigator be hired to investigate the irregularity. A an inquirer B an internist C a malefactor 25. Unless this problem is seriously handled, it may get more complex. A comical B monotonous C ridiculous 26. I’ve given you several warnings but they seem to … A go in one ear and out B be effective and the other fruitful C poke their nose into



nightgown I’ll have lunch Take it for granted trudge off a difficult situation

27. Viewing his poor condition, the doctor advised that … for a week. A hospitalized B investigated C assassinated 28. I’m tired of your asking me silly questions. Anyway, what right have you to … me A cross-check B cross-examine C discharge 29. After a successful operation on my mother, she was taken to … A morgue B reformatory C recovery


47. … means ‘I don’t believe you. A I’ll give you the benefit B of the doubt

48. The verb describes the way someone walks when their feet hurt. A hobble B amble C tiptoe 49. Jong and I fell head … in love A over heels B 50. ‘A storm in a teacup’ is … A a misunderstanding B it off an argument that will soon be forgotten C C at first sight something you can’t understand


30. There must have been something wrong because they … went out after receiving a call. A prudently B instantly C impudently D devilishly 31. The weird sound from the graveyard made me shake with fear. A shimmer B shock C shift D D D D shiver profans liable in opposition to

32. If there is no obstacle, the new law will be widespread next month. A prevail B protrude C prevaricate 33. Such nefarious deeds should have been anticipated the army chief of staff. A wicked B invasive C pleasant 34. He seems to be hand in glove with the newly-elected manager. A in addition to B in comparison with C 35. The cross-eyed man’s chin jutted out a little. A protracted B prorated in close association with provoked



protruded reliance
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36. The leader should be able to exercise self-restraint in discrediting his rival publicly. A conveyance B forbearance C insignificance
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