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-traducere romana= perfect compus
Affirmative: S+vb-forma a II-a/-ed
Interrogative: did+S+vb -la infinitive
Negativ: S+did not/didn’t+vb -infinitive
-exprima actiuni repetate, obisnuite, obiceiuri in trecut (habits in the past):
eg.: I drank a lot of milk when I was baby.
-exprima adevaruri generale in trecut (general truths in the past):
eg.: Dinossaurs dissappeard millions of years ago.
-actiuni incepute si incheiate intr-un moment bine definit din trecut (finished actions in the
eg. I met John two minutes ago
- cand vrem sa vorbim despre faptele unei persoane care a murit (talking about dead
eg. Princess Diana helped a lot of people.
- Actiuni trecute care sau petrecut succesiv (past actions that happened one after the
eg. First they cleaned their room and then they played on the computer.
III.Adverbs: yesterday, last week, month etc, year ago, in 1998.
-traducere romana=imperfect
Affirmative: S+was/were+vb-ing
Interrogative: Was/were+S+vb-ing
Negative: S+was/were+not+vb-ing
1.Actiuni aflate in desfasurare intr-un moment din trecut (actions in progress at special
time in the past):
eg. At four o’clock yesterday I was washing the car
Peter was reading a book yesterday evening.
2. doua/ mai multe actiuni simultane (two actions were happening at the same time -the
actions do not influence each other)
eg.Anne was writing a letter while Steve was reading the New York Times.
3.pentru a descrie o actiune aflata in desfasurare intrerupta de o alta actiune trecuta :
-actiunea aflata in desfasurare(actiune lunga)-past continuous
-actiunea scurta(care intrerupe actiunea lunga)-past simple
eg. While we were sitting at the breakfast table, the telephone rang.Note:

The house had already burnt. 4. Type the correct answer in the box. My brother 2. since. I was driving home when the accident (start) when he arrived. Example: Casa arsese deja. . John got to the cinema late and the film 4. USES Past Perfect Simple(m.PAST SIMPLE / PAST CONTINUOUS / PAST PERFECT SIMPLE  Past Progressive → were sitting at the table  Simple Past → the telephone rang.when.Andrew was always coming late. pentru a descrie atmosfera unei povesti(to describe atmosphere in a story): eg. The action in Simple Past interrupted the action in Past Progressive.c. (Here I don't give a comment. for. as. constantly. (have) dinner when Sally called. forever) eg. (happen). 1. at 4 o’clock yesterday etc PAST PERFECT SIMPLE I. III. FORM Afirmativ: S+had+vb-forma a III-a Interogativ: Had+S+vb-forma a III-a.actiuni repetate suparatoare(repeated actions irritating the speaker (with always. just. Use contractions where possible.m.p din limba romana) : -exprima o actiune incheiata in trecut. III. cand au ajuns pompierii. We (get) married last year.Adverbs: while. Adverbs : already.) 5. It was a beautiful day. before Complete the sentences. 3. (I don't like that.) Simple Past → Andrew always came late. when the firemen arrived. The sun was shining and the birds were singing in the trees. Negative: S+had+not+vb-forma a III-a II. yet. inaintea altei actiuni terminate.

(you / watch) TV when I phoned? 6.PAST SIMPLE / PAST CONTINUOUS / PAST PERFECT SIMPLE 5.I'd studied really hard but I (not pass) the exam .