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Pilot Line : +603 7964 8200 Customer Service Careline: +603 7964 8388 Fax: +603 7956 9907/9 Penang Branch Pahang Branch Kelantan Branch Perak Branch Tel : +604 537 7176 / 7 Fax: +604 537 7178 No.B. Tel : +607 355 1599 / 353 9331 Fax: +607 355 1597 No. Malaysia. Inaman. Sarawak. Jalan Raja Dr. Tel : +609 773 3688 Fax: +609 773 7688 Lot 2641. Lorong 19/1A. Pahang. Melaka Branch Johor Branch Sabah Branch Sarawak Branch Tel : +606 292 6196 / 7 Fax: +606 292 6195 No. Section 19. 46300 Petaling Jaya. Jalan Haji Ahmad. Jalan Mendu. Lorong Perda Utama. Perkampungan Sekilau.112. Lorong Burung Keleto. Perak.121. Taman Semabok Perdana.5 Off Jalan Tuaran. Tel : +605 312 9828 Fax: +605 313 9828 No. Selangor Darul Ehsan. 112-01 & 112-02. Lot 9737. Tel : +6082 344 128 Fax: +6082 346 128 No. Nazrin Shah.16100 Kota Bharu. 31350 Ipoh.Our Service Team & Network COMPANY NETWORK Acson Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd (129688-D) Lot 4. Baung..40F. Tel : +6088 420 205 Fax: +6088 420 206 Lot 11. 81100 Johor Bahru. Sabah. Section 64. Jalan Sp1. 1 . 29. Tel : +609 517 8696 / 7 Fax: +609 517 7698 B-104. 88450 Kota Kinabalu. Taman Johor Jaya. Kelantan. Jalan Pengkalan Chepa. T. Medan Soon Choon 1. ML 5. 93200 Kuching. Taman Nik Kg. Pusat Perindustrian Ngee Lim.70. 75050 Melaka. 25200 Kuantan. Jalan Rosmerah 2/17. 121-1 & 121-2. Johor. bandar Perda 14000 Bukit Mertajam.

such as cooling solutions for public. It is a subsidiary of OYL Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (formerly known as OYL Industries Bhd) and is fully owned by Daikin Group. control system and freezers. Acson Malaysia offers a variety of services and products Celebrating 30 years of cooling experience with Acson. 2 . Ensuring our pleasant services reaches out to our customers’ demands will always remain our mission. private and government sectors and also businesses in air conditioning system solutions such as drainage pumps.Our Story COMPANY OVERVIEW Acson Malaysia is a home-grown air conditioning company that has been established since 1984. ventilation fan. we focus on delivering healthier lifestyles and happiest moments to our customers without causing any harm to the environment. During the 30 years of our services. our customers’ needs and comforts have been our priority to emphasis our product design and quality. At present. Acson has continuously providing the ultimate cooling experience and home appliances to Malaysian for over 30 years in air conditioning industry. At Acson.

and “Best Practice. Service above self and this is what ACSON has been all about for past 30 years. This is what we value the most. boldness. Our diverse talents are pooled together as a creative resource centre where new ideas are transformed into successful creations and where every new decision is made mutually benefit to the Group. Our Way” 3 . Our concern for our work and research development shows in each household and place that we service. / Think and act globally / Be flexible and dynamic group / Be a company that leads in applying enviromentally friendly practices / With our relationship with society in mind. take action and earn society’s trust / The pride and enthusiasm of each employee are the driving forces of our group / Be recognized worldwide by optimally managing the organization and its human resources.Our Values COMPANY OVERVIEW / ABSOLUTE CREDIBILITY / ENTERPRISING MANAGEMENT / HARMONIOUS PERSONAL RELATIONS / Create new value by anticipating the future needs of customers / Contribute to society with world leading technologies / Realize future dreams by maximizing corporate values ACSON family is a diverse bunch of individuals who are passionate about group enlargement. under our fast and flat management system / An atmosphere of freedom. our employees and our customers with whom we live to serve.

Buloh. 1 Malaysia Aircond Brand accredited by 3rd party survey 2010 / Awarded Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2011 / 1st in industry to launch Air-Conditioner with Changeable-Skin 2012 / Launched 1st Online Air-Conditioner Store in Malaysia / Awarded as Role Model Company by Jabatan Tenaga Manusia ( JTM) / 1st Air-Conditioner Company to launch 7 days service 2013 / Signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ILP Kepala Batas for collaboration training 1990 1990 / Become a member of the Hong Leong Group 1995 / Launched 1st Built-in Starter in Air-Conditioner 1998 / R & D Centre in Sg.Company Milestones COMPANY OVERVIEW 2000 2003 / Launched HydroAire Heat Reclaim System a ‘2-in-One’ Air-conditioner & centralised Hot Water System 2006 / Awarded Malaysia Good Design Mark 2005 by the Malaysia Design Council / Become a member of the Daikin Group. Japan / New Manufacturing plant in Sungai Buloh start operating 2008 / 1st Air-Conditioner Company to launch full range R410a environmentally friendly product 2009 / No. Biggest in Southeast Asia 1999 / 1st Air-Conditioner Company been Awarded Industry Excellent Award by Ministry of International Trade & Industry 1984 4 1984 / 1st Malaysia brand Air-Conditioner Company was established 1987 / First R & D and test lab for quality improvement .

BOARD OF DIRECTORS.Our Organization ” WE TAKE SPECIAL CARE TO EXCEED THE EXPECTATIONS OF OUR DIVERSE CUSTOMER BASE BY CONTINUALLY MAKING OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICE BETTER ”. Why? Because we are a dynamic group who believes in being the best that we can be and to always push ourselves to do the best. our staff will always be one step ahead of the competition in innovation. We are also bold because we are daring-doers who always know how to push the borders of design and developments to launch new products that are remarkable works of creativity and style. This is what makes us different. That is the Acson Spirit . We work hard to benefit our Company. Every Individual performer in Acson will always make sure that every product and service meets the highest standards. our business partners and our nation as a whole. 5 .an enriching and positive environment that will continuously contribute to the success of the team who will always perform to the best of their abilities. Whether it is the latest Wall Mounted Series or a Chilled Water System air-conditioner. bold and determine. At the core of the business is our idealistic and innovative staffs who are always aware about what are the best products that suits your lifestyle. living or work environment. LEADERSHIP TEAM Acson Malaysia is proud to always stay true to its faith of being dynamic. young.


7 . This way. our products are the collection of years of dedicated research and development and have been tested thoroughly via our professional engineers to make sure that we have met every desires of every customers. we know what works best for all.Our Products PRODUCT FAMILIES Extended Product Easi-Flo Drainage Pump Series II 22 33 55 100 AVG AVS B AVS C 200 Easi-Fresh Ventilation Fan Series AVW AVC Freezer AVS A Easi-Gard Air Curtain Series Controllers Controllers EZ-Series Control System Easi-Switch Accurately designed to serve and benefit our customers and nation. This principle is what makes us a leading Malaysian brand. We provide what is best for you as we too are testers of our own products and designs.

we will continue to enhance and expand our commitments as an international pioneer to maintain our company’s success. By emphasizing on our research and development as our core resource pool. This has brought us to the top-spot in the industry and has allowed us to maintain our competitive edge. In short. 8 .Our Unlimited Commitment COMPANY MISSION ” OUR STRONG COMMITMENT TO R&D IS FUNDAMENTAL TO OUR LEADERSHIP ROLE IN ESTABLISHING GLOBAL STANDARDS AND TO OUR ABILITY TO SHAPE THE INDUSTRY IN THE YEARS TO COME ” Research and Development is equal to the successful growth of our Company. Many have failed where we have succeeded. we have achieved much deserved success that has allowed us to create new modes of lifestyles and new markets in which we can tap into.

Selangor Project Name Condominium & Apartment Capers. Kuala Lumpur Location Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Selangor Seremban Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Selangor Kelantan Throughout Malaysia Throughout Malaysia Selangor Project Name Location University Malaysia National Defence University of Malaysia University Malaya Medical Centre Unimap Taman Muhibbah Fasa 2 Mahsa College Sunway International School Block Kuliyyah ICT. Kuala Lumpur PJ 8 Serviced Apartment. UIA Sunway Hostel Residence Monash College University Malaysia Pahang Government & Government Link Museum Telekom Pos Dayabumi Kelantan Kuala Lumpur Selangor Perlis Selangor Selangor Selangor Johor Bahru Johor Bahru Kuantan Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 9 . YTLMuseum Telekom Glomac Damansara DBKL Resort 1120 Park Avenue Midfields Condo PJ 18 Serviced Apartment Anjong Condo University & College UiTM UiTM Fakulti Bio-Tech. UPM IXORA Hotel.Project Reference The Capers Condominium. Selangor Midfields Condominium. YTL The Grove. Penang The Grove. Kuala Lumpur ACCOMPLISHMENTS Glomac Damansara Serviced Apartment. Kuala Lumpur 1120 Park Avenue Condominium.

DBKL Lobby Bangunan Chancery. Auditorium Cabin Telekom. Selangor Majlis Shah Alam (JAIS) Jabatan Pengaliran & Saliran. Auditorium Dewan Seri Endon.Project Reference Pos Dayabumi. Kuala Lumpur Cabin Telekom. Ministry of Algriculture. Bangunan Wisma Tani Jabatan Pengaliran & Saliran. Tjok Kompleks Pusat Islam Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI) Dewan Komuniti Sentul Perdana. Ministry ofAgriculture Kuala Lumpur Pos Malaysia National mail Centre Masjid Shah Alam (JAIS) Office Building MPSJ Multipurpose Hall SK MPSJ Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) Pejabat Majlis Daerah Tumpat (JAIK) Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia Maktab Pergurusan KENT Lapang Sasar Menembak Kompleks SUKPA Hospital Kem Terendak SMK Taman Mutiara SK Taman Mutiara Selangor Selangor Selangor Selangor Ipoh Kelantan Sarawak Sabah Pahang Melacca Kedah Kedah 10 Kuala Lumpur Selangor Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya Putrajaya Selangor . Selangor Muzium Telekom JAWI. Ijok Lapang Sasar Menembak Kompleks SUKPA Lobby Bangunan Chancery. Puspanitapuri Putrajaya Pejabat IADA Barat Laut. Kuala Lumpur ACCOMPLISHMENTS Pos Malaysia Shah Alam. Puspanitapuri Putrajaya Project Name Location Project Name Location Jabatan Pengaliran & Saliran. Putrajaya Percint 15 Dewan Seri Endon. Putrajaya Percint 15 Pejabat IADA Barat Laut.

Selangor Block Kuliyyah ICT.Project Reference ACCOMPLISHMENTS UiTM. Selangor Universiti Malaya. UPM. Selangor Fakulti Bio-Tech. JKR Hospital Hospital Kuala Lumpur Hospital Pakar Al-Islam Timberland Medical Centre Hospital Seberang Jaya SK Taman Puteri Jaya SK Taman Mutiara Hospital Seberang Jaya Location Kedah Kuala Lumpur Sarawak Kelantan Johor Melacca Sabah Sabah Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Kuching Penang Project Name Location Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan Klinik pakar Hotel Ixora Hotel Lintas View Hotel Hotel Capital One Borneo Budget Hotel 56 Hotel Restaurant KFC Starbucks Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant Unique Seafood Restaurant Pahang Sarawak Penang Sabah Sabah Sabah Sarawak Throughout Malaysia Throughout Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Selangor 11 . UIA. Selangor SMK Taman Mutiara Hospital Kuala Lumpur Project Name SK Taman Puteri Jaya SMK Cheras Sekolah Menengah Sains Miri JKR Tanah Merah JKR KK3 Senggarang JKR Caw Kem Terendak JKR Hall Perpustakaan Kota Belud. Perlis UiTM Shah Alam.

Project Reference ACCOMPLISHMENTS KFC Branches Maybank Branches Public Bank Branches Hong Leong Bank Branches RHB Bank Branches NSK Supermarket Project Name Banking Maybank Public Bank Hong Leong RHB Bank Agro Bank Ambank Industrial YTY Factory Tokuyama Factory Everbest Soya Bean Product NT Rubber Seal Factory Haco Factory Process Cooling LGM 12 Agro Bank Branches Speedmart 99 Chain Store Location Throughout Malaysia Throughout Malaysia Throughout Malaysia Throughout Malaysia Throughout Malaysia Throughout Malaysia Ipoh Sarawak Penang Kedah Selangor Selangor Ambank Bank Branches NT Rubber Seal Factory Project Name Weida Factory Shopping Complex & Chain Store Speedmart 99 Chain Store NSK Supermarket Econsave CKS Supermarket Mydin Glamours Square Shopping Complex Warisan Square Everbest Soya Bean Product Location Sarawak Throughout Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Selangor Sabah Ipoh Ipoh Sabah .

Awards & Certificates SIRIM Product Certification ( Split Air Conditioner ) ISO Certification COMPANY RECOGNITION SIRIM Product Certification ( Split Air Conditioner ) ISO Certification OHSAS 18001 Industry Excellent Award Malaysia Good Design Role Model Company 2012 ETL Certificate for Test Facility For European MarketCB Certificate For European MarketEurovent 13 .

46300 Petaling Jaya. Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel : + 603-7964 8200 Sales Fax : + 603-7956 9909 Service Fax : + 603-7956 9907 Customer Service Careline : +603 7964 8388 www.Group Penang Pahang Perak Kelantan Melaka Johor Sabah Sarawak : : : : : : : : +604-5377 176 +609-5178 696 +605-3129 828 +609-7733 688 +606-2926 196 +607-3551 599 +6088-420 205 +6082-344 128 Lot 4. Seksyen 19. Lorong 19/ .L.Acson Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd (129688-D) A member of O.acson.