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Air-Cooled Scroll
Modular Chiller
Non-Inverter D series & Inverter E Series

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Cooling Only

The chilled water is next circulated to the Fan Coil Unit (FCU) for cooling at desired places... Cooling only non-inverter and inverter unit available Water Flow Protection Centralized control Network supports up to 16 chillers in a group 1 Multiple Temperature Zone Control Serviceability & Error Code Troubleshooting Energy Saving Programmable Timer Operation can be managed according to zones for different comfort need Easy access for servicing all components. Everthing you need under one roof Daikin Chilled Water System works by using air to cool down the refrigerant circuit.Daikin Modular Chiller Chilled Water System.. The cooled refrigerant is then circulated to the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) where heat exchange takes place to cool down the water. Error code displayed on Control Panel for troubleshooting purpose Customizable operation schedule of chiller and FCU based on requirement to promote energy saving Master/Slave Option Control based on network grouping or application Dry Contact BMS Compatibility BMS & MODBUS Compatibility Ability to be integrated with BMS Able to be integrated with BMS and MODBUS .

Expansion Tank * Daikin Modular Chiller Water Pump * Wall Mounted. FWE-E Ceiling Concealed. factory and highrise building. shopping mall. FWC-C Ducted Blower. hotel. FWW-L Ceiling Cassette Compact. office. FWK-E Ceiling Convertible. FUD-B * Field Installed Air-Cooled Modular Chiller Applications School/university. hospital. warehouse. Shopping Mall Factory Hall Office 2 . FWF-C Ceiling Cassette.

complete with all necessary components and undergo a series of stringent testing and quality check in the factory. Daikin Chilled Water System has no limitation in piping lengths by correct pump sizing. Modular Design for Expandable Capacity Daikin modular chiller allows for combination of up to 16 base modules unit where each modular can be connected to form a much larger system or capacity. All refrigerant circuit is within the system making it no risk of leakage in building and no oil return issue. Long Piping Application Time and Cost Saving Daikin modular chiller is designed to best facilitate user installation. It is fully assembled.Long Piping Application Unlike normal Direct Expansion system with constraints in piping design and installation. Customers do not need to refill refrigerant or invest more money due to refrigerant is pre-charged to achieve time and cost saving. R410A referigerant system causes no harm to the ozonosphere due to it is zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). Zero ODP R410A Zero ODP R410A Refrigerant Refrigerant With the absence of chlorine molecules. Slave Unit Master Unit 3 UAL210D UAL230D UAL230E UAL420D UAL640D UAL640E UAL630D UAL690D UAL690E UAL840D UAL920D UAL920E UAL1050D UAL1150D UAL1150E UAL1260D UAL1380D UAL1380E UAL1470D Air-Cooled UAL1680D Modular Chiller UAL1890D D-Series & E-Series UAL2100D UAL1610D UAL1610E UAL1840D UAL1840E UAL2070D UAL2070E UAL2300D UAL2300E UAL2310D UAL2530D UAL2530E UAL2520D UAL2760D UAL2760E UAL2730D UAL2990D UAL2990E UAL2940D UAL3220D UAL3220E UAL3150D UAL3450D UAL3450E UAL3360D UAL3680D UAL3680E Base Module .

Condenser 1 Normal Operation Normal Operation Power off in repairing Condenser 2 Power off in repairing Evaporator 2 Evaporator 1 4 . Similarly. the unit has part load capabilities. its dimensions and weight are significantly reduced and hence provides highest mobility. if one of the units breaks down. the others can still operate normally due to independent refrigerant system design with two compressors. Redundant Operation For modular chiller. the others can still operate normally without affecting the whole building operation. It can be lifted without large lifting tools and located on the roof. Modular chiller can be installed into non-uniform compund Roof top Obstacle Space for Ventilation & Maintenance Installation Space for Non-modular chiller Roof top Partial Loading Daikin Chilled Water System is designed with two or more separate refrigerant circuits with multiple compressors. so does the investment. Space utilization can also be maximized by installing the modular chiller separately in non-uniform compound due to building layout. This will improve the reliability and energy efficiency especially during low loading operations. balcony or any possible outdoor space. By doing so. modular chiller can be installed separately in phases to reduce high initial investment and installation cost.Investment Flexibility As the capacity of modular chiller is expandable. e has P ond Sec t Firs se Pha Easy Installation Unit designed to best facilitate user installation. Due to its compact size. Especially for the capacity expansion project in phases. if one of the systems breaks down.

the unit exerts less shock to the power grid and saves more energy. Low Sound Level The specially designed spiral blades ensure smooth air flow. 100% Capacity Load 50% 50 Operating Noise dB(A) 100 0 80 Vortex Core Quite Mode 60 High Fan Speed 12:00 5 Blade Tip Vortex Maximum outdoor ambient temperature 16:00 20:00 Quiet Mode Low Fan Speed 0:00 4:00 8:00 Bell Mouth . Unit features 2-grade modulation which can be transformed to multi-grade modulations in modular combinations. With operation grades controlled electronically.800 Current (A) Power Start Up In Stages Unit adapts modular design and start one by one. 600 400 200 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 MHS150 Time (s) UAL*6 Operation Time Minimum Compressor Running Time Optimal Operation Optimal Operation The compressor with shortest running time will always be started first to prolong compressor's life span and enhance system’s reliability. reducing the impact upon the grid when starting and hence reduce initial starting power surge. significantly reducing the turbulence and lowering air flow sound level. On top of that. quiet mode (low fan mode) is also available to reduce the operating noise especially in night time for a much pleasant resting environment.

Integrated Hydronic Components Unit features leading-edge scroll technology and name-brand accessories which are strictly tested for high compatibility and reliability. Both refrigerant circuits are neighboring to water circuit within the compact and efficient plate heat exchanger. Equipped with efficient scroll compressors and precise electronic expansion valves. 6 . these units feature high EER and COP. especially at partial load. Compare to other expansion valves. Scroll Compressor High reliability and outstanding performance scroll compressor. 9 Fin Tube Heat Exchanger High efficiency inner groove air side heat exchanger to enhance heat transfer. 1 Fan & motor 2 Outlet air deflector 3 Fin tube heat exchanger 4 Protective screen at the front 5 Accumulator 6 Scroll compressor 7 Liquid receiver 8 Electrical components 9 Water outlet pipe 10 Water intlet pipe 1 2 3 4 5 6 10 7 8 Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) Electronic Expansion Valve (EXV) The BPHE is a stainless steel counter flow plate heat exchanger. Whereby. electrical components and so on. EXV is able to control the flow more precisely electronically. Easy Serviceability Servicing becomes easy when all the important components are placed at easy-access locations. Only the service panels need to be removed in order to access the parts like compressors. counter flow brazed plate heat exchanger ensures high heat transfer efficiency.

Intelligent Control System An user friendly intelligent control system is built into the Daikin modular chiller. there are also High Leaving & Entering Water Temperature Protection. Whereby.Protection Features Daikin modular chiller is equipped with multiple protections to ensure a safe and reliable operation. ••• MODBUS PROTOCOL ••• Each group ≤ 16 units ••• BMS 7 Master ≤ 32 Groups Slave . It will convert the internal communication protocol into MODBUS communication protocol to ensure that the unit is connected to the Building Management System (BMS). BPHE Anti-Freeze Protection. Maximum 31 gateway and one gateway can support one master unit and maximum 15 slave units. Refrigerant Leakage Alarm. the building energy can be optimised by efficient monitoring from the master control room. By having this option. High/Low Ambient Temperature Protection and many more. • BMS (option): Unit provides port for BMS. • Basic operating mode • Parameter setting • Parameter display • Fault alarm and protection • Memory function • 7 days programmable timer • Self diagnosis Intelligent Control & Interface MODBUS Gateway (Optional) Option is provided to enter to the Building Management System (BMS) via MODBUS Gateway protocal conversion. the micro chip and large-scaled LCD display remote controller is employed to make the control easy. Power Protection. • Group control: One single controller can control a group up to maximum 15 slave units. High Pressure Protection Low Pressure Protection Ambient Temperature Protection Suction Temperature Overheat Protection Discharge Temperature Overheat Protection Self Diagnosis Water Flow Protection Access Valve Motor Overload Protection Other than that.

38 during full load condition. which is 20% higher than of the non-inverter air-cooled modular chiller.2 3. the highlights for inverter air-cooled modular chiller are as the followings: Increase 20% IPLV 4. it can also meet COP of 3.36. so that the module is always maintain at optimum energy efficiency operation. 3. as well as intelligent inverter control system.1040 kW UAL230D 60 kW .6 Non Invert er Air-Cooled Modular Ch iller Inverter Air-Cooled Modular Ch iller Non Inverter Air-Cooled Modular Chiller Inverter Air-Cooled Modular Chiller COP COP increases ~ 30% 5 Note: Centralized Air Conditioning system operates between 30%-80% load most of the time 4. DC Inverter Hermetic Scroll Compressor The inverter driven features multi speed driven compressors precisely match their output capacity according to load requirement.4 3. it enables the chiller to achieve an IPLV of 4. With advanced technology.3 3. Inverter Highlights Other than the common features. High Efficiency at all speeds Magnetic DC Motor 90 AC Motor 80 otor High Mrgy Ene cy n Efficie 70 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 8 . it combines both the benefits of R410A refrigerant and inverter in one united body.5 Saving Region 4 As R410A inverter air-cooled modular chiller adopts the extreme DC inverter Hermetic Scroll Compressor and DC inverter fan motor technology.Air-Cooled Modular Chiller D Series Inverter Air-Cooled Modular Chiller E Series Inverter Model 0 Capacity (kW) 500 1000 UAL210D 65 kW .0 2. It is proper designed to provide the best coefficient of performance by option of using variable speed compressor instead of fixed-speed compressor to ensure the end product is compatible with various applications.960 kW Model 0 UAL230E Capacity (kW) 500 1000 66 kW . With all the energy saving features in this inverter system.1056 kW Daikin is committed to offer the new high efficiency inverter air-cooled modular chiller that meets the challenging need of today’s market. precise and with wider coverage. it provides the outstanding energy efficient performance. The module is equipped with a DC inverter compressor and fan motor. Moreover.6 Super IPLV Design (High Efficiency) 3. DC Inverter Fan Motor It regulates speed according to load change to achieve energy saving. it helps to minimise the operating cost for better cost and development planning. % 100 Intelligent Inverter Control System The specialized inverter control module is built-in with various inverter control system so that it is more reliable.5 0 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% R410A Leading-Edge Inverter Technology By advanced DC inverter technology. Inverter air-cooled modular chiller E-series is surely a people oriented solution for the next generation.

100%). Inverter E-Series can perform step-less capacity control (15% ~ 100%) precisely which is to control the output capacity according to dynamic load requirements by adjusting compressor frequency. In other words.Step-less Capacity Control Load Unlike non-inverter chiller with only 2-stage capacity control (0% . each unit auto adaptive to real capacity needs for a high level of comfort. Thus. Sound Level (dBA) Silent Operation Load Percentage (%) Inverter driven compressor requires lower starting torque which features soft starter to ensure a smooth ramp up profile without withdrawing high current. This aspect avoids peak fluctuation that potential to harm sensitive equipment and no need of expensive additional components for power factor correction.50% . Besides that. Low Inrush Current By utilising the innovative inverter variable speed fan motor. Temperature 10 Conventional Non-Inverter System Set Temperature (˚C) 10 9 8 7 6 5 Time Inverter System Conventional Non-Inverter System Rapid Cooling With the utmost operation performance and hence shorter cooling time is required for inverter system. typical at the night. the sound performance introduces sound level as low as 58 dBA with respect to conventional non-inverter unit. the inverter device adjust speed variation to have lower sound levels than conventional on-off compressor systems in both running and start-up periods. Shorter Cooling Time Better Compressor Reliability Set Temperature Time Reliability of inverter compressor is always better since there is lesser ON/OFF of the system especially during the low load condition. it is also equipped with good humidifying function even for low load and high humidity conditions. Fully inverter modules [Inverter master unit + N x Inverter slave unit] 9 Mix modules [Inverter master unit + N x Non-Inverter slave unit] . it can be applied at process cooling as well as high humidity industrial area. it can be adjusted to low output capacity to suit to low load condition for energy saving. 100 Full load 50 0 66 Low noise (Night) 58 12:00 16:00 20:00 0:00 4:00 8:00 Diverse System Solution Other than the beauty of expandable capacity flexibility up to combination of 16 units to cater for the additional cooling requirements. With that. At part-load conditions. 100% 75% 50% 25% 6 8 Load Curve Precise Temperature Control Room Temperature Inverter System 12 14 16 Inverter Capacity Modulating Curve 18 20 22 Time (Hour) Non-Inverter Capacity Modulating Curve Precise & Stable Temperature Control The unique inverter keeps room temperature stable by controlling the compressor at variable speed with minimum temperature fluctuation. mix modules among inverter and non-inverter system are also available.

000 18.7 Notes: Nominal cooling conditions: EWT/LWT: 12/7°C Ambient DB temperature is 35°C All specifications are subjected to change by manufacturer without prior notice Specification for Inverter Air-Cooled Scroll Modular Chiller .3 38 66 kW A 8.8 11.8 10.7 Notes: Nominal cooling conditions: EWT/LWT: 12/7°C Ambient DB temperature is 35°C All specifications are subjected to change by manufacturer without prior notice 10 .39 380-415 / 3 / 50 EXV R410A 1840 X 840 X 1990 2010 X 890 X 2010 520 570 Scroll 2 E POE Copper 7 Aluminium 3 14442 (8500) 2 IP44 F 1.8 66 19.7 6.9 11.36 11. Water Operating Pressure Connection kg m3/h kPa dBA mm mm kg kg mm kPa mm Inverter Inverter UAL-E Series UAL230E 225.8 + 5.8 + 6.0 60 18.000 17.4 16.6 16.0 10.19 kg m3/h kPa dBA mm mm kg kg 5.90 3.4 46 58 .7 Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel 4500 28.3 mm m3/hr (CFM) kW A kPa mm UAL230D 222.2 36.8 11.0 1.8 + 9.56 3.Cooling Only (R410A) Model Unit UAL BTU/h Ton kW kW A BTU/h/W W/W V/Ph/Hz Nominal Cooling Capacity Nominal Total Input Power Norminal Running Current EER Power Source Flow Control (Expansion Device) Refrigerant Water Flow Rate Water Pressure Drop Sound Pressure Level Unit Dimension Packing Dimension Weight Compressor Condenser Fan & Motor Evaporator Height X Width X Depth Height X Width X Depth Net (unit weight only) Gross (with packaging) Type Quantity Insulation Grade Oil Type Rated Input Power Rated Running Current Tube Fin Type Charge Material Diameter Material Row Air Flow Quantity Index of Protection (IP) Insulation Grade Rated Input Power Rated Running Current Type Plate Material Max.Cooling Only (R410A) Model Unit UAL BTU/h Ton kW kW A Nominal Cooling Capacity Nominal Total Input Power Norminal Running Current IPLV BTU/h/W W/W V/Ph/Hz EER Power Source Flow Control (Expansion Device) Refrigerant Water Flow Rate Water Pressure Drop Sound Pressure Level Unit Dimension Packing Dimension Weight Compressor Condenser Fan & Motor Evaporator Height X Width X Depth Height X Width X Depth Net (unit weight only) Gross (with packaging) Type Quantity Insulation Grade Oil Type Tube Fin Type Charge Material Diameter Material Row Quantity Index of Protection (IP) Insulation Grade Type Plate Material Max.66 1840 X 840 X 1990 2010 X 890 X 2010 565 605 Scroll 3 E POE Copper 7 Aluminium 3 2 IP43 E Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel 4500 28.Daikin Air-Cooled Scroll Modular Chiller (Cooling Only) Non-Inverter UAL-D Series Specification for Air-Cooled Scroll Modular Chiller .255 18.38 380-415 / 3 / 50 EXV R410A 9.5 65 19.2 44 66 8.55 3. Water Operating Pressure Connection UAL210D 205.8 36.5 38 4.

daikin. Nakazaki-Nishi.PCXZAM15 Air-Cooled Scroll Modular Chiller Non-Inverter D series & Inverter E Series Dealer Head Office: Umeda Center © All rights reserved Specifications. designs and other content appearing in this brochure are current as of December 2014 but subject to change without . notice Printed in Malaysia R410A Cooling Only . 530-8323 Japan http://www. 2-4-12. Kita-ku.. Osaka.