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Grammar-Test 8



1. George you look so tired.
I know! I … working hard all day!
a. had been b. have been c. was d. am

2. … has been able to get any information out of Amy.
a. No one b. Anyone c. Someone d. None

3. I wish it … raining so that we can have a picnic.
a. stopped

b. will stop

c. had stopped d. would stop

4. I suggested … to a Chinese restaurant but no one liked the idea.
a. going b. to go c. for going d. that go
5. I’m going to take a bottle of water with me … I get thirsty.
a. even if

b. unless c. provided d. in case

6. We have new office furniture!
Yeah. … great!
a. Don’t they look b. Isn’t it looking
they looking

c. Doesn’t it look d. Aren’t

7. I saw Mary standing outside the movie theater.
She appeared … for someone.
a. to be waiting b. to waiting

c. to wait

d. was waiting

8. The room was filled to capacity and there were no seats … , so we had
to stand for two whole hours.
a. to sit

b. that we sit

c. that we sit on d. to sit on

have gotten used b. a. not any more. We …. use . would rather d. not worth d. used d. is no use b. it … worrying about it. thank you. a. Not any b. I’m going grocery shopping later this afternoon. Would you like to join me for dinner at the Ideal? No. a. No d. try 13. Are you still having problems with Peter? No. is not use c. rather b. I’m really fed up … to get the children to help out in the house. with trying d. Not c. To each other’s ways. doesn’t worth 10.9. to try b. I … not go out tonight because I’m a bit tired. prefer c. would prefer 12. If there is nothing you can do about a problem. a. … bother! We don’t need anything. get used c. a. Don’t 11. for trying c.