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School: Little Flower Children’s Home Foundation
Date of Preparation Meeting:
Grade Level: Grade 5
Date of Submission: November
14, 2016
Date of Guidance Visit: November 23,

Acquaintanceship to Friendship
Activity No. 3
I. Objectives:
A. To promote friendship among the pupils.
B. To help them realize that friendship does not happen in an instant but rather is a
process that starts in a simple sharing of ideas, thoughts and feelings, and doing
tasks together.
II. Introduction:
A. Opening Prayer:
King of all kings
Lord of all lords
We thank You for this day that You have given us
Thank You for the give of life to share with other people
Make us a blessing for others as You have blessed us
May Your plan be done in our lives
In Jesus’ Name we pray
B. House Rules:
The facilitator will remind the house rules she had in the first and second
visit and in addition of the house rule the facilitator will bring and use a whistle to
get the pupils’ attention when they are rowdy. The house rule is be JANICE!
J olly
A ctive
N ice to others
I maginatve
C reative
E asy to approach
C. Ice breaker:

The facilitator will randomly divide the class into three groups.

When the music stops. III. the next person in a group will do the same until all balloons are popped. Upon the signal of the facilitator. Afterwards they are to be given pieces of papers where they will write their own names and below their names are the names of the person whom they do not really know. After the balloon is aired. the pupils will blow the balloons until they are aired properly. But he will do it together with the person he wrote on the piece of paper she or he passed. the pupil holding the box will pick one strip of paper then read what is written. they will pass around the box that contains the strips of papers. After the balloon is popped. The pupils will be asked to pass their papers to make sure not to change whoever they wrote in it. While the facilitator plays the music. Each group will be given eight balloons. each group will form a line and a chair will be put in front of the facilitator. After doing what is asked of them. The pupils who picked the strip of paper will do what is asked of him or her. they will repeat the same procedures until all the strip of papers are done.       Two groups will contain five members and one group will be having six members. This will be done one person at a time. . Activity Proper:        The pupils will be given five seconds to think of one person in their class who they do not really know. Materials Needed: Ice breaker:  Balloons  Chairs Activity Proper:  Polvorons  Chocolates  Music from the cellphone  Speaker IV. The strip of papers contain the following tasks:  To sing in front of the class one stanza of his or her favorite song. The pupils will pick one balloon and will run towards the chair to pop it. The first group who will pop all their balloons will be declared as winner.

Each friend represents a world in us. Closing Prayer: Lord. What have you learned from the activity? VI. Through the activity. how do you feel towards your partner? 4.  Both of them will share and eat one chocolate together. It takes time and effort to establish friendship.  One will teach a dance step to another. nothing can truly add more meaning to life than having a true and intimate friendship. A genuine friendship is built slowly and not in an instant. Did you enjoy the activity? 2. What did you feel when you were asked to do things with the person you do not really know? 3. V. VII.  They will exchange their biggest secrets by writing it on a piece of paper.  Both will ask anything from each other. they can help each other and if they exceed in two minutes they will eat more polvoron. After sharing such tasks. a world possibly not born until they arrive. once again we thank You for this day Thank You for guiding and protecting us May You fill our hearts with goodness And guide us towards our goals . Both of them will eat polvoron in two minutes. we need to take the risk of unveiling some personal information about us for it to flourish. sharing. Processing: 1. or helping one another. From your experiences together. do you think you were given more chance to get to know your partner better? 5.  Impersonate one love team in showbiz. However.  Both of them will ask what their favorite pet is. As friendship grows from a simple acquaintance. do you think that such acquaintance with your partner can somehow become a good starting ground for friendship? 6. Integration: The facilitator will distribute a piece of paper to the class and will ask the pupils to think of something about themselves that they want to disclose and write it on the paper provided to them and would ask some volunteers to share to the class. Insight: Friendship may start through listening. and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Time Frame Opening prayer House Rules Ice breaker Activity proper Processing Insights Integration Closing Prayer 2 minutes 5 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 5 minutes 3 minutes Total 95 minutes = 1 hour and 35 minutes .Help us that we may be able to apply Whatever we have learned here today in our daily lives Amen VIII.