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Lecturer :

Prof. Dr. Joko Nurkamto, M.Pd

By :

Furqon Edi Wibowo



c. Menunjukkan respons yang tepat sesuai dengan tuntutan dalam teks. descriptive. Memanfaatkan peranti kohesi (cohesive devices) untuk menjelaskan hubungan antar elemen dalam teks. KOMPETENSI DASAR Mendengarkan 2. f.RENCANA PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN ( RPP) Mata Pelajaran Satuan Pendidikan Kelas/Semester Materi Pokok Siklus Alokasi Waktu : Bahasa Inggris : SMA N 3 SURAKARTA :X/2 : Teks Deskriptif (Descriptive Text) : Mendengarkan (Listening) : 2 x 45 menit I. e. b. Menyebutkan informasi rinci dalam teks. Indikator a. lancar dan berterima dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teks berbentuk: descriptive III. II. Menunjukkan gagasan utama (main idea) suatu teks. STANDAR KOMPETENSI Mendengarkan  Memahami makna dalam teks fungsional pendek dan monolog yang berbentuk narrative. Menentukan tujuan teks. .2. baik yang tersirat maupun tersurat. d. Menjelaskan makna kata atau ungkapan tertentu dalam teks. Merespon makna dalam teks monolog yang menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan secara akurat. dan news item sederhana dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari.

2. Mengecek kehadiran siswa d. Whilst Listening. Menjelaskan manfaat pelajaran h. Mendengarkan audio singkat mengenai contoh teks deskriptif. putar oleh guru. Post Listening VI. Siswa tentang teks diskriptif memperhatikan dan dan fitur – fitur yang mencatat ada di dalamnya. Kegiatan Awal a. yang di . Mengetengahkan topik pelajaran f. penting hal-hal mengenai teks didkriptif. Berdoa c. Guru menjelaskan KEGIATAN SISWA 1. MATERI PEMBELAJARAN Lampiran 1 V. KEGIATAN PEMBELAJARAN 1. 2. Mereview pelajaran sebelumnya e. Memberi salam b. Guru memberikan 2. Kegiatan Inti NO TAHAP 1 Pre-Listening KEGIATAN GURU 1.IV. Menjelaskan tujuan pelajaran g. METODE PEMBELAJARAN Guided Question : Pre Listening. Siswa contoh diskriptif teks mendengarkan tape dengan menggunakan recorder tape recorder.

2 Whilst-Listening 3. Siswa mencatat hal- di putar. pertanyaan bersamasama. Guru menyuruh siswa untuk 2. disampingnya. Guru meminta siswa untuk mencatat hal-hal hal penting mengenai isi mengenai isi dari dari teks diskriptif yang teks diskriptif yang di putar. Siswa untuk mendiskusikan mendiskusikannya jawaban dengan teman yang ada teman disampingnya. 1. 3. Guru menyuruh siswa untuk penting 1. Siswa menjawab mencoba match mengerjakan match Short items Short dalam lembaran soal dalam yang telah disediakan oleh dan question lembaran soal yang telah disediakan oleh items dan question guru.3. Siswa menentukan menentukan main idea dari teks main idea dari teks diskriptif yg telah di diskriptif yg telah di dengar. dengar. 4. . Guru menyuruh siswa 3. guru. 2. Guru bersama siswa dengan yang ada 4. Siswa bersama guru menjawab pertanyaan menjawab bersama-sama.

Siswa untuk menjawab beberapa soal pada lembaran kertas yang sudah di sediakan sebelumnya 3. Siswa yang berhubungan guru membantu untuk dengan teks diskriptif membagikannya yang akan di putar. Kegiatan Akhir a. mengenai sebuah teks diskriptif dan mencatat hal-hal penting. ALAT PENILAIAN Lampiran 2 menjawab soal pada lembaran kertas yg telah di sediakan. Melakukan refleksi c. Guru membagikan soal 1. Memberi salam penutup VII. . Guru memutarkan 2. Siswa audio mengenai sebuah mendengarkan audio teks diskriptif. Menyiapkan pelajaran yang akan datang d. Guru menyuruh siswa 3. Meringkas pelajaran b.3 Post-Listening 1. kepada teman- temannya 2. 3.

41 Tahun 2007 tentang Standar Proses.VIII. Jakarta: Penerbit Erlangga. Peraturan Menteri Pendidikan Nasional Republik Indonesia No. MEDIA PEMBELAJARAN 1. screen. Kunci jawawan : terlampir ( Lampiran 3 ) 4. Nur. Teknik Penilaian : tertulis 3. Practice Your English Competence. X. 19 Januari 2012 Kepala Sekolah. PENILAIAN 1. _______________________ ____________________ NIP. Peraturan Menteri Pendidikan Nasional Republik Indonesia No. Audio yang berkaitan dengan teks yang akan dipelajari IX. Guru Mata Pelajaran. LCD projector. Jenis Penilaian : formatif ( Ulangan harian ) 2. 22 Tahun 2006 tentang Standar Isi. . Zaida. 2. SUMBER BELAJAR 1. 2006. 2. 3. dan laptop. Gambar natural disaster and the white house 3. Rubrik Penilaian : Exercise 1 : 10 Exercise 2 : 10 + 20 x 5 = 100 Score Maximal : 100 Surakarta. NIP.

000 people were killed. volcanoes. drought.lava. when one section the earth (tectonic plate) collides with another. It was a massive underwater quake and occurred in the Indian Ocean. or they can be so violent that they just explode directly from the earth with no warning. The survivors need fresh water. dust and gases burst out (erupt) from beneath the earth. Where do volcanoes happen? Volcanoes happen where the earth’s crust is thin . Why do earthquakes happen? The surface of the earth has not always looked as it does today. which is why they are so dangerous and unpredictable.50 Minutes ) Natural disaster by John Russell Natural disasters take many different forms and can happen without warning. ( Time Duration: 5. It destroyed coastlines. This caused a huge tidal-wave (a tsunami) to cross the Indian Ocean. This is one cause of earthquakes. Scientists can predict where (but not when) this might happen and the area between plates is called fault line. There are 1511 ‘active’ volcanoes in . it is moving continuously (although very slowly) and has done so for billions of years. communities and brought death and destruction to many people. Earthquakes. food and shelter as well as medical help. Whole families were swept out to sea or drowned as the sea invaded the land. They can rise into a massive cone shape like a mountain and erupt. Japan in 1923 over 200. floods. However. People from all over the world are giving lots of money so that towns and villages can be rebuilt.LAMPIRAN 1 Descriptive Text. The earthquake of 26 December 2004 resulted in one of the worst natural disasters in living memory. typhoons and hurricanes are all natural disasters. Thousands of people were killed as the wave travelled miles across the ocean to distant beaches. On one fault line in Kobe. earthquakes do not always happen on fault lines.

scientists predicted the eruption of Popocatépetl. Tornadoes or ‘twisters’ are very strong spinning winds. In 1985 the massive Colombian volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupted. We regularly do not know when they might happen. and destroyed much of Jamaica.and too little? Another kind of natural disaster is a drought. This means that they may still be dangerous. It killed 318 people. or even where they will happen. more than 30 people have drowned in floods in Britain. These are very common in West Africa and certain areas of the USA. huge waves. The lava melted a glacier and sent tones of mud down the town of Armero below. another natural disaster. Can too much rain cause problems? Floods happen in many countries after very heavy rainfall. . Twenty thousand people died. What is the difference between a Hurricane and a Tornado? Hurricanes are extremely strong storms and often happen in the Caribbean. No one was hurt. Can we predict earthquakes and volcanoes? Natural disasters like volcanoes are often unpredictable. When rain pours for weeks at a time. Plants. Since 1998. for we all need water to live. people to starve. animals and even humans die as a result of drought. Tens of thousands of people were safely moved just before the biggest eruption of the volcano for a thousand years. when it doesn’t rain for a long time and rivers dry up. In the future. In South America. scientists may be able to watch and predict events before they happen. This happens when there is no water.the world. In 1998. They cause high winds. Many countries today suffer from drought. Flooding in Bangladesh caused 1300 deaths in 1989. and heavy flooding and can be hundreds of miles across. rivers overflow and people and property can be trapped or simply washed away. animal to die and sadly. Hurricane Gilbert produced 160 mile an hour winds.. …. They can move objects as big as a car and can blow buildings down. This could save many lives. This causes crops to fail.

Cone C. Lava G. Hot liquid that erupts from volcanoes 3. Sections of the earth’s surface 2. Tornado J. Impact F. One type of event in earth’s history has regularly killed millions of beings. Places on the earth where earthquakes are more common 6. When it doesn’t rain for a very long time 5. About once every million years the earth is hit by a piece of rock and ice from space large enough to cause massive destruction (including earthquakes. volcanoes and ice ages) and sometimes to kill entire species. When a comet hits the earth with great force 9. but they are nowhere near the most dangerous disaster to ever happen on earth. asteroid impacts. Asteroid B. A very fast spinning wind 4. Disasters on the earth may seem dangerous. When there is too much water in a river 8. Overflow H. Drought D.Which is the most dangerous natural disaster? All the disasters mentioned above are very dangerous and continue to kill thousands of people each year. Fault line E. Active A. When a volcano still has the possibility to erupt 10. 65 million years ago more than half the earth’s species were killed by such an impact (including all the dinosaurs). Tectonic plates I. One type of shape for a volcano 7. but the biggest threat to humans is likely to come from space Exercises 1 Match the terms in column A with the correct definitions in column B! 1. A large piece of rock and ice floating in space .

what is likely the most dangerous disaster on the earth? .Exercises 2 Answer the following questions! 1) Mention forms of natural disasters! 2) What is tsunami? 3) Based on the CD you have listened. how many active volcanoes are there in the world? 4) What is the difference between a hurricane and a twister? 5) According to the speaker.

Americans will elect a new president. And I'm Barbara Klein. For example. America has had 42 other presidents. is in the West Wing. the wife of President Abraham Lincoln. Presidential families often find things in storage that they like when they move in. honoring the nation's first president. we tell you about the presidents' home. ( Time Duration : 3. in Washington. had bought. or Washington's Birthday.Inauguration Day. In the United States. (MUSIC) George Washington supervised the building of the White House. 2009 -.C.20 Minutes ) The White House Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English. It was completed after he left office in 1797. But Americans now commonly know it as Presidents Day. Martha. The White House has more than 130 rooms. Laura. Bush and his wife.000 objects. The new first family will meet with White House employees after the election to plan for the move. It also has collections of more than 40. Jimmy Carter's children found a chair that Mary Todd Lincoln. the White House. the third Monday in February is a federal holiday. have lived there since 2001. . All of them have lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest. Doug Johnson. Since then.LAMPIRAN 2 Listening Script. The White House has an East Wing and a West Wing. Federal law calls it Washington's Birthday. never had the chance to live there. This November. Then the family will move in on January 20. the large round room where the president works. The Oval Office. First ladies have all added to the White House in some way. Yet he and his wife. And for this Presidents Day. The first family lives in the East Wing. The official home of the vice president is on the grounds of the Naval Observatory in Washington. D. George W.

What is another name of Washington's Birthday? 3. Exercises 1 Listen carefully to the descriptive teks. Based on the CD you have listened. Bush and his wife. created a colorful garden that is named in her honor. 8 The first family lives in the West Wing 9 The White House has 120 rooms 10 Jacqueline Kennedy created a colorful garden that is named in her honor Exercises 2 Answer the following questions! 1. When Americans will elect a new president? 5. Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false. for example. 6 Americans will elect a new president in November. How many rooms in that house? F . Laura. the third Sunday in February is a T federal holiday 3 Washington's Birthday means Presidents Day 4 America has had 43 other presidents 5 George W. have lived there since 2002. 7 The White House has an East Wing and a West Wing.Jacqueline Kennedy. Topic : The White House NO STATEMENT 1 The speakers are Doug Johnson and Barbara Klein 2 In the United States. Who is the president of America? 4. Who are the speakers of the monologue text? 2.

Asteroid impacts B. I J F D E 6. B 8. They can move objects as big as a car and can blow buildings down. 4. 4. G 9. 1. 5. F 10. An extremely large wave caused by movement of the Earth under the sea. volcanoes. These are very common in West Africa and certain areas of the USA. Exercise 2 Doug Johnson and Barbara Klein Presidents Day George W Bush November 130 rooms . 3. C Exercise 2 Earthquakes. 5. T 8. 2. drought. floods. 4. 2. 5. There are 1511 ‘active’ volcanoes in the world. Alat Penilaian Exercise 1 1. A 10. Tornadoes or ‘twisters’ are very strong spinning winds. F 9. 3. T 7. Hurricanes are extremely strong storms and often happen in the Caribbean. H 7. They cause high winds. often caused by an earthquake (= when the Earth shakes) . T F T F F 6. 3.LAMPIRAN 3 A. 3. typhoons and hurricanes. 2. 4. T 1. huge waves. 2. Materi Pembelajaran Exercise 1 1. 5. and heavy flooding and can be hundreds of miles across.