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Kevin Leon

Artifact: Sample Essay: "The Causes of an Unhealthy Diet"
Context: Reading Writing 523

Description: The artifact is a 3 page essay entitled "The Causes of an Unhealthy Diet". It is five
paragraphs long and follows the common "Introduction-Body Paragraphs-Conclusion" structure.
The first paragraph talks about the importance of good health and introduces reasons why people
have trouble keeping healthy. The second paragraph states that not buying wholesome food is a
reason for unhealthiness. It mentions how people in a hurry often do not have time to examine all
of their food options. The third paragraph talks about the danger of only relying on labels when
selecting food. The fourth paragraph says that lack of awareness or interest in understanding the
truth about food is the third reason for unhealthy eating. The final paragraph is the conclusion
and restates the three reasons given in the body paragraphs. The essay cites information from
four different articles. In the class I observed, the students each had a copy of the essay. In
groups of three, the students discussed and labeled important parts of the essay. This included the
main ideas, transitions, and cause and effect vocabulary words. The students made annotations
on their papers. For the next class, the students were going to identify the different type of
information presented in the essay: research based information, common knowledge, and
personal experience. All of this is to help the students practice as they start to write their own
New Ideas: The essay is a simple but common example of the standard essay template. It is the
format learn when they first begin to write an essay. As a result, it is a fundamental part of

learning the writing process. The length of three pages is also very common in early essay
writing. The language used in the essay is detailed but simple and easy to understand. It seems to
be written by a student, which means it is at a level that the ESL students can understand. The
essay content means it can used in Content Based Instruction. In these classes "teachers want the
students to master both language and content. The content can be themes of general interest to
students, such as current events or their hobbies" ( Freeman and Anderson 2011). For this essay
the topic is the common problem of unhealthy food. It is a problem that is common in the United
States, and the mention of the grocery chain "Ralphs" suggest that the essay is written about this
country. Due to this, the ESL students also learn a bit about food culture and habits in the United
Impact Learning and Teaching: This artifact can be used in writing and reading classes. I can
have the students read the article and, like in my observation, locate important parts of the essay.
By identifying the important features of an essay the students can then be aware of what they
should include in their own essays. The students can use the sample as a model and refer to it
when writing to make sure they have all of the necessary information. the essay structure also
allows the students to use it as a template for their own writing's structure. The essay can also be
used for grammar practice and editing. for example, in the class I observed the teacher also had
the students label different type of compare and contrast sentences using a word combination
reference card. The essay has a variety of sentence types, and the students can use it to see the
different structures in one coherent reading rather than as individual sentences with no context. If
the essay had grammar errors, I could have the students p[practice their editing skills by locating
and correcting mistakes.

Freeman, D.L. , & Anderson, M. (2011). Communicative Language Teaching.
Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching. (pp 115-130). Great
Clarendon St., Oxford: Oxford University Press.