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Arthasastha Pasaribu

NAME : __________________

1. Red Ball on the Floor
The ball is on the floor. It is a red ball. It is a rubber ball. The baby looks
at the ball. The cat looks at the ball. The cat is black. The cat walks over to
the ball. The cat hits the ball with its paw. The ball rolls on the floor. The baby
2. She Swims Every Day
She is a good swimmer. Her school has a swim team. She is on the
swim team. She practices every day. She swims in the pool every day. She
swims two hours every day. She is a strong swimmer. She wins races. She
wants to swim in the Olympics. She wants to swim for her country.
3. She Does Many Things After School
She is busy after school. She comes home after school. She does her
homework. She takes the dog for a walk. She feeds the dog. She eats dinner.
She clears the table. She brushes her teeth. She watches TV. She watches for
two hours only. Her parents allow her only two hours. She goes to bed.
4. Water and an Apple
Elisabeth likes to eat apples. She likes to eat big red apples. She likes
to wear a blue hat. She wears a big blue hat on her head. She wears a hat
and eats an apple. She drinks some water from a white cup. Elisabeth drinks
water and eats apples. She doesn't cut the apple with a knife. A knife is
sharp. She just eats the apple. She holds the apple in her hand. She bites
into the apple with her teeth. She licks her lips. She drinks more water. She
wipes her mouth with her hand.
5. New Shoes
She is young. Her shoes are old. She wears them to work. She goes to
work five days a week. She loves her work. She is a waitress. She works at a
restaurant. The restaurant is near her home. She walks to the restaurant.
She stands up all day long. She is young and strong. But her shoes are not.
They are old. She saw an ad in the paper. All shoes were on sale at the shoe
store. She walked into the store. She looked around. She saw some black
shoes. They looked good. She tried them on. They were very comfortable.
They felt good. They were only $25. She paid cash. She wore them home.
She felt good. She was ready for work the next day.
6. Fry an Egg
She poured a little vegetable oil into the frying pan. Then she turned
on the stove. She took an egg out of the refrigerator. She cracked the egg
into a small bowl. She put the eggshells into the kitchen trash bag. She

9. I want to have a friend. He told Adam to be honest. You like everyone. Why don’t people like me? All I want is one friend. “Because you never ask anyone to be with you. But I have no friends.” Dad said. After about two minutes. “I want to go to heaven. I am nice. we will grow old together. No Friend For Me I am lonely. I am friendly. “Does everyone go to heaven?” Adam asked. What is wrong with me? I am polite. She poured the raw egg into the pan. too. She turned off the stove and took the fried egg out of the pan. She tasted the egg. "Daddy. I told my mother that I am lonely. “It is a happy place. She walked over to the dining room table with her fork and plate. okay?" Nancy said to her father. honey. you will go to heaven. She wants to live 95 more years. I go to the park by myself. I meet people every day. I am always by myself. “Everyone is happy. I go to restaurants by myself. 2 . I never ask people to be with me. They have fun with each other. I will be polite and honest. I am kind." he said to Marlina.” My mom is right. Then she will be 100. I am nice to them. A Long Life Siti Marlina wants to live a long time. “If you are polite and honest. He wants to live a long time. She put the egg on a small plate. “Dad.” Dad said. I always see people with their friends. She gave her daddy a big hug. “Why?” I asked. I am afraid they will say no. She said. He wants to live for one hundred years. She wants to live for one hundred years. It was delicious. She sprinkled pepper and salt on the egg. “You will go to heaven. what happens when we die?” Adam asked. "Yes. Then Marlina smiled. “No. Everyone likes you. Heaven Adam was doing his homework. Everyone is your friend. She took a fork out of the kitchen drawer. He wants to live for 70 more years. What about me? I am by myself.waited for the oil to get hot. He stopped doing his homework. 8. I go to movies by myself. she flipped the egg over and cooked it for another two minutes.” Dad said.” Dad said. we will grow old together. They laugh with each other.” He told Adam to be polite. She said it is my fault. I say hello. I watch TV by myself. He didn’t like homework. Her father is 30 years old. only good people go to heaven. She is five years old now. He was bored. “What is heaven like?” Adam asked. Adam said. They do things with each other. Everyone has one friend. 7.” Dad said there was one more thing. I smile at them.

Don't make a mess. Don't talk while you eat. Don't be late.” Dad said. “What’s that?” Adam asked. Don't scream. *Be gentle to all and stern with yourself* Don't wipe your nose on your sleeve. I go to school. I like to read about history. We have fun. Don't talk with food in your mouth. We go to restaurants. Don't pick your nose. Don't drop out of school. My teachers like me.Adam had to do one more thing to go to heaven. We ride our bikes together. We swim together. Don't chew with your mouth open. I have many friends. Four sisters are younger than me. Then kids in school will read about us. Don't interrupt me. Don't forget to feed the dog. 10. History is a story about our past. Don't shout. Don't make your brother cry. Don't talk so loud. We tell jokes. We go to movies. Don't make fun of other people. Life is great. Don't play in the street. We all go to the mall on weekends. you have to do your homework. Don't slam the door. My best friend is Bobby. Don't forget to take the dog for a walk. We laugh. Don't go swimming right after eating. I have friends in every class. Don't yell. Life Is Good I am happy. I like my teachers. Don't litter. Don't be rude. We play basketball together. I am in the sixth grade. “If you want to go to heaven. My favorite class is history. Don't bother me now. I am in the middle. I have a large family. Bobby and I do many things together. I have four brothers and four sisters. I have many other friends. I hope they like our stories. Don't fight with 3 . Don't hit your sister. Soon we will all be history. Four brothers are older than me.

Don't eat that. Don't play with fire. Don't play with matches. Don't worry. I Have A Questions How high is up? Why is the sky blue? Do fish sleep? Where do babies come from? How do ships float? How do planes stay in the air? Why are you laughing? Why are you crying? Are we there yet? What do I care? Who's there? Who's calling? Who's at the door? Where are you from? Where do you live? Where is my pencil? Who won? Who lost? Who's playing? Do I know you? Have we met? What was your name again? Do you have the time? What time is it? What day is it? What is the date? How are you? How do you do? What do you do? How old are you? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Are you married? Do you have any children? Do you love me? Can you hear me? Can you see me? What's that smell? What are you cooking? 4 . Don't give up.your brother. Don't talk to strangers.

Can I borrow your pencil? Can I borrow $5? What are you watching? What's on TV? 5 .