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Pašeta 1

Annika Pašeta
AP English 12, Per.2
30 September 2016
Annotated Bibliography

1. Arcodia, Charles. "Festival Attendance and the Development of Social
Capital."Academia. N.p., 21 Mar. 2014. Web. 28 Sept. 2016.
2. This article explains the overall importance of social inclusion needed to plan a music
festival and the distinct communities that would be inclined to attend for either consumptional,
productional, political, or just social interaction.3.By creating a cheerful ambiance, people feel
like they are contributing to both the community and spreading a message that supports giving
opportunities for local participation. 4.This article targets individuals who organize music
festivals and events in order to provide useful information. This audience targeted to event
organizers social integration and community involvement, organizers are able to reach out
further into the community and create a more effective event. 5. The information provided is
relevant because it embeds different sources that provide statistical references and also reliable
resources. 6. For example, the use of distinct festivals and previous expertise, bring forth
different viewpoints about integrating a diverse community. People are attracted to socially
accepted events that encourage the participation of either minority groups or active community
organizations. 7. This source is a supporter of community integration, so they are biased towards
creating a diverse audience.

1. Clark, Julie, Ade Kearns, and Claire Cleland. "“Spatial Scale, Time and Process in Megaevents: The Complexity of Host Community Perspectives on Neighbourhood Change.” Science
Direct, 1 Jan. 2016. Web. 28 Sept. 2016.
2. The purpose of this article is to describe the relative dimensions of mega-events, visitor
appeal, media outreach, costs and impact. 3.By observing some of the largest global events, the
article describes in depth, the overall structure and capacity of organizing such a large event and
the planning that is beneath it all. In organizing a music festival, it is important to be a to
categorize it into three different types into major events, mega-events and giga-events. 4.This
information is useful for event organizers and management who organizing an event and need to
do narrow down the scale.5. The classification allows the organizer to plan a structure and also
stay true to the overall size. For example, some festivals are not accurately promoted, the scale
of the event hinders a falsified image and the number of attendees are exaggerated. An event
would be considered mega, if it had one million attendees and micro if it has a maximum of ten
thousand. 6. Size and cost of an event are two factors that go hand in hand, it is essentially to
make sure the size is accurate in order to have a balanced budget, more than 40% of most
festivals don't have a reasonable budget and normally exceed the original estimated cost.
Without the right information, millions or billions of dollars could be at risk. Overall, these
events have a significant impact on the community, economy, and environmentally.7. The article
is not biased, but rather develops a multi-dimensional point of view by including the event’s size
and distinction among festivals that attract smaller crowds.

1. Johnson, May. "9 Event Marketing Lessons From Coachella’s Social Media
Strategy." Marketing Blog. Sales Force. 3 May 2012. Web. 29 Sept. 2016.
2. Throughout this article, a series of observations from Coachella, a music festival in California
that has a prominent role on social media and effectively sells their event through their artsy
pictures and well known artists that attracts people from all around the world to attend, describes
its social media niches. 3. They have created every single form of social media possible, through
a series of high quality photos, they have gained a significant amount of followers and constantly
remind users to use hashtags and post pictures of the event. 4. This article is specifically targeted
to social media marketers who are looking for way to build a brand. 5. They also do a good job
about keeping their audience informed with ticket dates and updates, which makes them active
followers. 6. Their mobile app has allowed people to know when certain artists are playing,
locations through a napping guide, and provide useful information. 7. Though this article is
geared towards Coachella, there isn't a biased option, but rather observations that can aid their
reader to create their personal social media platform.
1. White, Mary Gormandy. ".Samples of Non Profit Fundraising Letters." Love to
Know. N.p., 2014. Web. 28 Sept. 2016.
2. Writing a well written persuasive letter to the potential sponsor or supporter is essential to
collecting money for a festival.3.This article provides tips and examples of how to write a kind
letter to a corporation asking them for their support or donation of a particular cause. It's
important that the goals, mission, and need is in order to be specific and persuade the reader to be
impacted by the organization and want to support the cause. 4. The audience would be people
who are interested in obtaining corporate sponsorship. 5. There are some really helpful features

in this articles such as the inclusion of sample letters that vary depending on cause and scenario.
For example, the introduction letter, follow up, and thank you letter. 6. Special features include
formatting and letter structure. 7. This article has technical information, therefore, reducing
1. Perna, Mark C. "Be bold ... be enrollment rich: marketing specialist Mark Perna
returns this month with more advice on marketing your school and its programs in your
community." Techniques 79.8 (2004): 24+. Student Resources in Context. Web. 30 Sep.
2. The purpose of this article is to exhibit a brand for a company or event. 3. For example, a
certain color schemes, themes, presence, or feature that differentiates that brand from others and
makes it easily distinctive. 4. It is crucial to effectively state the main point or message, so that
the audience can be informed and also spread the right message to others. 5. The audience would
be targeted to social media agents and leaders. 6. An insightful detail was there an ad or message
has three seconds to impress the viewer, so it's important to make first impressions count. 7.
Also, to avoid assumption of what an event or product is, the organizer must clearly state all of
the details to avoid confusion.