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Real Estate Development & Investment Co., Ltd.
Contract No.: 176-C07
Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project
Jubail- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1. Accident Investigation,


Report IMMEDIATELY to the
Representative (proponent) all:



Loss-time injuries.
Any damage equipment or property, or
near misses.
• Fires.
• Crane
Do not disturb the accident scene until Loss
Prevention, Site Security, Government Affairs
and the contractor’s safety supervisor have
completed their investigation. Exception: you may
provide medical attention to injured personnel
and take action to eliminate imminent hazards.
Written Reports for the above shall be given
to the Company Representative:
• A preliminary report is due to in 24 hours
with a copy to Loss Prevention.
• A detailed report is due in 3 days.
• Copies of all committee investigation
reports shall be sent to Loss Prevention.
2. Responsibilities for Work Site Safety:• Ensure compliance with the contractor
senior management.
• Ensure compliance with Saudi Arab
Government Workmen’s Regulation.
• Correct unsafe conditions as reported.
• Prepare HIP (Hazard Identification Plan)
and get loss prevention review and
proponent approval.
• Assure that the work permit procedure is
followed by all subordinates.
• Coordinate activities that impact job
safety at all site.
Foreman/Job Supervisors shall:

Inspect work site daily.
Include safety procedures in the work.
Correct unsafe acts and conditions.
Report to senior management unsafe
conditions they are un-able to resolve.


Conduct weekly safety meetings.
Provide safety instructions to employees.
Report accidents/incidents to senior

Emergency Procedures:
In case of emergency, or if a “stop-workalarm: sounds:

Stop work
Shut-down equipment.
Evacuate personnel to assembly points.
Account for every man.
Re-enter work area only with permission
from the company representative.
Site Planning & House Keeping:Sanitary Welfare Facilities:

Keep eating areas clean.
Provide toilet for at-least 15 workers.
Provide drinking water and separate cup
for each worker.
Provide designated smoking area.
HOUSEKEEPING shall be priority:

Collect trash debris, and refuse daily.
Use covered containers for trash.
Keep walking aisles and roadways clear.
Storage yards should be orderly.

Bend down or remove nails in boards.
Proponent approved lay-down yards shall
be at least 15 meters (50 feet) away from
Fire protection shall be provided.

First Aid:
Every contractor shall provide first aid facilities for
his contractor.

helicopters. doctors. abrasive blasting. torch cutting. or chemicals. The cabinet shall be stocked at all times. Post emergency phone numbers of hospitals. caustic. compressors. Eye protection shall be provided for work such as: grinding. A dedicated emergency vehicle (ambulance) must be provided to transport injured persons to contractor’s medical facility.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • A first aid cabinet shall be on each job site. or when measured above 90 dBA.Real Estate Development & Investment Co.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Safety hats (hard hats) shall be worn by all personnel on job site. When more than 50 employees work inside a 15 kilometer radius. jack hammering. asbestos. drilling. Ear plug and ear muffs shall be worn to protect hearing from loud noise. around loud machinery. Ltd. AND CHEMICAL handling.Personal Protective Equipment: • • Fall Protection:• Full body harnesses shall be worn to prevent falls greater than 1. jack hammering. acids. or flying particles. and the vehicle placarded to alert workers of the first aid kit. acid caustic. • PPE. CHEMICAL CLEANING.. sharp edges. Gloves shall be worn to protect from heat. Remote sites shall have one vehicle with a first aid kit for each crew. • • 2 • Replace damaged and defective equipment. . and the first aid person at each site. • • • • • At least one man at every remote site shall be trained in first aid. ACID OR CAUSTIC USE.8 meters (6feet). Contract No. • GENERAL: Full face shields shall be used to protect the face and neck from welding sparks. there shall be a nurse and first aid facility. concrete chipping. Hilti-gun use. Suitable stretcher shall be on site.

8 meters (6 feet). they are only acceptable for dust storm pollen. • • • Avoid using paper or foam dust mask on the work site. but can be used only as a work place restraint or for a ladder climbing device.  Power sanding of painted wall surfaces. Snap hooks with locks should be attached to the end of each lanyard to prevent roll out. and structural attachments shall be rated at 2.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. Sand-blast dust cartridge for blasted sand that blows over incidental workers in work area. Examples are:  Sandblaster’s air hood (abrasive blasting). lifelines. Contract No. Lanyards shall have maximum length of 1.  Welding. airborne. Choose the specific filter cartridge for the identified hazard. • • The air source shall be tested and certified to the “grade D” breathing air standard. not less than 19-23% volume. Radio-nuclides. Trained users.  Spray painting.450 kg (5400 lb) by the manufacturer. Air quality test reports shall be submitted to Industrial hygiene for approval. • Breathing Apparatus: AIR PURIFYING half face and full face mask respirators require: Asbestos fibers. Tie-off lanyards to structural members at or above waist height. Users medically fit. The air source shall deliver 6 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • • • • Sanitary and clean condition at all times. but not for sand-blasters. Ltd. NO substitutes are allowed. Users fit-tested for proper seal of face to rubber to keep out contaminants. Metal fumes and metal dusts. Common filter cartridge types are: • • • • • • • Safety belts (waist belts) shall NOT be used for fall arrest. Lanyards. SUPPLIED AIR respirators shall be used for specified hazardous operations. Oxygen.) continuous flows to each man. Chemical fumes and mists. FIRE PREVENTION: 3 ..: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail.

Vehicle engines and electric motors. except buses where a seat belt is mandated only for the driver. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: provide and maintain adequate and easily accessible fire extinguishers on the job site. The driver shall not allow passengers to ride in the vehicle un-less they have a seat belt and use it. Contract No. IGNITION sources shall be kept away from flammable and combustible materials. These include: • • • • • • Smoking (permitted only in designated areas. DRIVER RESPONSIBILITIES include: • • • • • 4 Inspect vehicle to verify its conditions.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • • Class A fire extinguishers (water ABC dry chemical) for wood. and fiber material. torch cutting. solvents. Report any accident or damage immediately. Ltd. Hot-plates. Obey traffic rules and posted speed limits. Class C fire extinguishers (C02 ABC dry chemical) for electrical fires. and other vehicles as required.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Class B fire extinguishers (C02 ABC dry chemical) for oil. Welding. lay down yards and for the specific fire hazard. Open truck beds shall not be used to transport passengers. Electrical cords that are damaged. Seat belts shall be worn by the driver and ALL passengers in cars. . trucks. Asphalt kettles. paints.Real Estate Development & Investment Co.. and brazing. paper. GENERAL: Storage of flammable and explosive materials should be kept to minimum quantities. Inspect fire extinguishers monthly and sign-off the inspection tag. See fire extinguisher types below: Traffic & Vehicle Safety: all drivers of any motor vehicle must possess a valid Saudi Arabian Government License. plastics and synthetic materials.

Windows should be clean and un-broken.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL electrical circuits. Work permits may be issued for up to 30 days when work conditions do not change on the construction site. before filling out the WP. The receiver shall not leave the job site unless his receiver-alternate is on the job site. asbestos. chemical cleaning. • • • GENERAL AND CIVIL: Work Permit System: • • • • • Use the HIP to complete the WP. Hot work. Gas testing shall be done by a certified gas tester. hazard. The receiver shall remain at the work site unless the appointed alternate is present. they must work. respirators. cranes. Post the WP where it is visible and do not remove it until work is complete and the WP is closed. exhaust leaks and steering. Confine Space Entry. SCBAs.e. . excavations. and precautions. working on energized 5 • Specify precautions for high risk: i. and not the receiver. Do not revise the WP. sand blasting. by the issuer and receiver together. waste disposal. brake lights. Inspect vehicles for tire wear or damage. Release and/or Cold Work Permits. Contract No. tire pressure. All work related MVAs shall be reported to the nearest Security Control Center. etc. or if new hazards arise. blind.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. and his name is on the approved WP. vessel entry.. Issue a new and corrected WP.. and shall be completed prior to work permit approval signatures. Identify high risk: i. Ltd.e.. OPERATING under a work permit: • • • • Stop work and cancel the WP if conditions change. Lifting Plan for critical crane lifts. Conduct a joint site inspection. headlights. signal lights. All responsible Superintendents must sign the WP. The trailer hitch must have safety chains. brakes. locks and tags. Trailers shall have brake lights. If trailer brakes are provided. Close-out the WP with the issuer. etc… VEHICLE INSPECTION requirements: • • • • • • • Verify seat belts installed work properly. rear view mirrors. horn. Countersignatures shall be obtained by issuers only. Use the correct work permits for the job. The issuer shall fill-in the job description.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail.

. Contract No.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. falls. weather. Construct barricades in occupied or traffic areas to protect the general public where risks exist and post warning signs. Gas test to verify oxygen is 20-21% combustible gas is 0. safety harness and life line. heavy equipment. A standby man shall be present while the excavation is occupied.0 LEL.2 meter (4feet) deep or deeper trench requires: • • • • • • A confined space entry work permit.. Use an air mover. storage. Glass.. Rescue equipment shall be readily available i. water and gas.feet) above ground and secured. ALL WALKWAY ramps over excavation shall have standard guardrails and toe boards. SHORING requirements include: • • Excavation plans shall be submitted to Loss Prevention before work on all excavations.e. gases. Debris from demolition shall be rendered safe (bend down nails in boards. etc. and where a hazardous atmosphere may exist. Ltd.5 meters (25 feet). and H2S is less than 10PPM (tested by a certified gas tester). set at a 75 degree angle (1 to 4 slope). EXCAVATIONS. Ventilation when hazardous atmospheres may exist. • • • An exit ladder every 7. DEMOLITION: • Ground loading from structures.. Potential PCB (Askarel) or asbestos hazards required review and concurrence of the HIP by loss prevention.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • An 8 hour extension is granted by the issuer and receiver both accepts and signs the WP. Airline respirators for certain job such as spray painting or chemical cleaning. Structural inspection shall be conducted to prevent wall or floor collapse. toxic. Securely chain or lash structural building members before cutting to prevent collapse. BARDICADES AND WARNING LIGHTS shall be provided on all exposed sides of the open trench. electricity. and vibrations shall be considered in shoring design. place glass in trash barrels. and SHORING: Common excavation risk includes cave-ins. overlay. vehicles. Vertical excavations that are 1. i.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. • • CONFINE SPACE ENTRY into 1.). when hazardous atmosphere are possible.2 meters (4 feet) deep or deeper shall be shored. and striking buried service lines. or in box properly labeled.e. and extending at least 1 meter (3. TRENCHING. 6 • • Isolation of specific utility services.

Transport asbestos waste in an approved vehicle to an approved dump site. or piping system containing asbestos.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. or inside sealed drums. Use hand tools to cut and remove asbestos. • Wet asbestos with water before removing to reduce airborne contamination. Contract No.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL ASBESTOS and OTHER FIBERS: • Before the job begins. Urdu and English warning of Asbestos hazards.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. machine. and waste containers with standard warning labels. 7 Protective clothing shall be provided for each worker: disposable coveralls. Place waste asbestos and disposable clothes in sealed double plastic bags. prepare an HIP for review and concurrence: • • • Attach reports for asbestos worker’s chest X rays and medical evaluation of the HIP. Avoid electric drills or saw that scatter dust. the acetylene may . foot protection. such as removing asbestos paneling and roofing with minimum breakage or cutting.. and gloves. Only clean-shaven men will obtain a safety seal. Acetylene is dissolved in acetone in an acetylene cylinder. Respirator filter cartridges shall be rated for asbestos. CUTTING AND BRAZING: Gas Welding/Cutting: • Store gas cylinder in the upright position especially acetylene. for the job duration. Showering and washing facilities shall be provided for all asbestos workers at the job site. Paper dust mask are FORBIDDEN in any asbestos work area. Use tape to seal all openings. and adequate cartridge replacements shall be kept on hand. CERAMIC FIBER substitutes used in lieu of asbestos should be treated with the same precaution as asbestos that are listed above. Label every wall. waste asbestos bags. Train and fit-test all respirators users. Ltd. Air line respirators shall be required for dusty jobs such as stripping. When an acetylene cylinder is stored on its side. or demolition. Erect barriers and signs in Arabic. heat covering. and when specified by the HIP. ceiling. WELDING. ASBESTOS REMOVAL work procedures: • • • • • • • • • • • Cartridge style respirators shall be worn for less dusty operations. and used daily by each time. de-lagging. Notify Industrial hygiene to take random air samples before work begins.

Required personnel protection for workers includes eye and face protection. Separate full cylinders from empty cylinders. or any hydrocarbons shall not be used on O2 cylinder fitting or systems.6 meters (5 feet) high. Ventilation shall be adequate to remove harmful fumes and gases. Fire extinguishers and a fire watch must be maintained during work. Provide sun-shade for outdoor storage.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. legging. Valve caps shall be in place when the cylinder is not in use.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • separate from the acetone become unstable. bronze. Isolate oxygen cylinders from acetylene cylinders from acetylene in storage areas by 6. Airline respirators are required when the fume hazard cannot be removed by ventilation. and aprons. Oxygen manifolds shall have a relief valve. Goggles with proper shaded lenses shall be worn for torch cutting and gas welding: Torch brazing – shade 3 to 6 Gas welding – shade 4 to 8 Shielding or welding curtains shall be placed around established work stations to protect other workers from flash and 8 sparks. and bear a UL or FM label. or stainless steel. Contract No.. . Flashback flame arrestor should be used for hoses and torches.6 meters (20 feet) or with a fire proof wall at-least 1. ELECTRIC ARC requirements: • • • WELDING WORK Remove combustible and flammable material from the work area. Acetylene regulator pressure shall not exceed 15psi (can explode above 15psi). Ltd. heavy wire. or cover with fireproof material. Do not stand in the water while welding. Mark all empty cylinders as “MT” (empty). Worn clips are not acceptable. Keep cylinders away from heat sources such as radiators. Color code fuel and oxygen hoses. Crimp all rubber hose connections. or smoking areas. grease. Torches shall be constructed of brass. Store cylinders in ventilated areas. Do not use copper or silver in any system containing acetylene. Secure cylinder with heavy rope. Oil. Wrap chains around nested cylinders in bulk storage. Welding hoods shall be worn by the welder and helpers. • • • • • • • Manifolds shall not be used to mix gases. and cause an internal explosion. gloves.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. water is an excellent conductor of electricity and a shock could occur. or that of other accepted test laboratories. and when they are used they shall prevent ignition of gas sources up-stream from the torch. The lens shade shall be 10 to 14 depending on exposure. or chain to prevent falling over. furnaces.

Provide hearing protection for workers and operators. An airline respirator may also be required for welding. its references. Gloves. and supplements: A label describing the contents shall be attached to every cylinder. safety boots.1. Contract No. Each cylinder shall bear permanent stamped markings on the shoulder.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • • • • • • • Safety goggles fitted with opaque side pieces (side shields) shall be worn under the hood to protect from flying debris.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Control of Compressed Gas Cylinders. Do not use a crane. a regulator. and leggings especially approved for welders should be worn for added body protection. Fire extinguishers and a fire watch must be at job site during the work. CRANES Shall NOT be used as pile drivers. PILING OPERATIONS: Pile driving operation requires a work permit: • A valid inspection sticker shall be displayed on all heavy equipment used for pile driving. Inspect hammers and extractors for damage and defects at the start of each shift. Airline respirators are required when the fume hazard cannot be removed by ventilation.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. Confined space work requires forced ventilation (air mover). use only steam. Erect welding curtains around work as a flash barrier and spark barrier. and Shall NOT be used to drop any load. ROADWORKS: Before you trench or close roads: 9 . COMPRESSED GAS CYLINDER: All compressed gas cylinders shall comply with MI 15. or electric extractors. and a shut off valve. Ltd. air. A crane can only lift and position pile driving equipment. To extract hammer driven piles.. Arc welding flash can injure un-protected eyes. aprons. Ventilation shall be adequate to remove harmful fumes and gases. • • • • Fit air compressors and steam boilers with tested relief devices.

: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. signals. PDD.8 meters (6 feet).6 meters (2 feet) and approximately 0. Exits shall lead to a safe area or designated assembly point in case of fire or emergency. Guardrails shall have barrier walls. and trip and slip hazards. Plant operations. Light shall be waterproof. cut pavement and other traffic hazards. Contract No. Communications Department. Fall protection (full body harness) is required for unguarded floors and flatforms at or above 1. Nighttime warning lights shall be strung along barricades. spaced every 0. but only after Loss Prevention’s review. or use of safety harness and lifeline. Required notices shall be published in the Highlights and Notices before the road is closed. etc… Roadwork and road closure plans shall be submitted to Loss Prevention with Traffic Control Plan. platforms. Restore traffic signs. lane stripping. or 1 cm (1/2-inch) wire mesh between the mid-rail and the floor to prevent material from falling and striking workers below. top and mid rail. Standard road construction signs..2 meters (4 feet) of edge. Ltd. Provide standard guardrails on ramps. shall have secure treads and handrails.8 meters (6 feet) or more. Roof work requires special provisions to prevent workers from falling off: 1) Either temporary guard-nail (or wire rope cable barriers). or materials could fall 1. plants. Standard barricades shall be erected around active work to protect workers and funnel traffic safely away. Provide adequate lighting for exits. permanent or temporary. and road surfaces at the end of the work. WORKING PLACES. tools. GENERAL: WALKING-WORKING SURFACES: • • • • • • Barricade all unattended holes. or pavement cuts.9 meters (3 feet) above ground level. flagmen shall wear reflecting vest and be provided reflecting flags. EXITS: • • • Exits shall be free of obstruction. Stairs. TRAFFIC HAZARDS: • • • • • Flagmen shall be in positioned to warn approaching traffic of active roadwork. and industrial areas. plants. for work within 1. trench. and open floor holes where men. trenches. 2) Roof pitch (slope) greater than 1:4 (vertical : horizontal) requires safety harness and lifeline. 3) Discontinue roof work during storms and high winds. LADDERS and STEPLADDERS: 10 . and industrial areas place barricades on all sides of the hole. This applies inside communities. Barricade open floor holes.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. shall be posted to warn approaching traffic. stored material. At night. UNATTENDED ROAD HAZARDS: • • • • Inside communities.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • The issuer shall get all work permit countersignatures from Utilities.

Put a man at the ladder base to hold it steady.5 meters (5-feet) up to 14. Attach the erection plan to the HIP. Do not use a stepladder to gain access to roofs or other elevated surfaces. Fully open the stepladder on four legs and never lean it against walls for support. Tube and coupler scaffolds over 38 meters (125 feet) shall be designed by a Professional Engineer. and repaired or destroyed. Do not lash or tie ladder section together. 11 SCAFFOLD COMPONENTS: ERECTED SCAFFOLDS DESIGN: • • • • Erection plans shall be submitted to Loss Prevention for all scaffolds above 12.2 meters (4feet) up to 11 meters (36-feet) in length. Overlap ladders by 1.6 meters (48 feet). Erection and assembly shall be done by trained and authorized persons.2 meters (40 feet).. Contract No.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. . Do not carry tools or material. Ladders shall not be used on top of the work platform of any scaffold. STEPLADDERS: • • • • One man only a ladder at a time. Ltd. Ladders must not be painted. Overlap ladder sections by 1. Set at a 4:1 slope (vertical : horizontal). Keep both hands free for climbing the ladder.9 meter (3 feet) above the landing.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL GENERAL: • • • • Metal ladders shall not be used near electrical equipment with exposed live conductors. they shall bear an electrical warning notice. Never stand on the top step. Tie-off to a secure structure. Damaged ladders shall be removed from the job site. EXTENSION LADDERS: • • • • • • • Extend 0. Lower or raise tools or material by a rope and/or bucket.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail.

modifications. Nobody shall ride a moving scaffold. or other loose material.. side force. Guardrails and toe-boards shall surround the work platform.8 cm (1 ½ inches) thick. Coupler 6. Access shall be provided by manufactured ladders or internal stairs. or cut. A kicker plate (ground stake) or other positive means shall be used to prevent the outrigger base from slipping. Never use substitute part for assembly unless reviewed by Loss Prevention and approved by the Company Representative. or by securely attached external straight ladders. Spring loaded access gate 4. Guardrails should a 200 lb. Timber sills shall be at least 23 cm (9 inches) wide by 3. Planks shall extend a minimum 16cm (6inches) to a maximum 30. Planks shall not be painted. • • Outrigger bracing (rakers) against the ground shall be used on erected scaffolds more than 2 sections high.9 meters (26 feet) vertically. and span at least two post. .: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Access ladder 7. Ltd. End frame Mobile Scaffold operating rules: 1. Cross bracing 9. Scaffold base plates shall be fully supported by timber and other stationary means to provide stability. 12 • • Mobile Scaffold erection details: 1. Floors shall be fully planked without gaps or openings with scaffold grade planks.5 cm (12inches) beyond the end frame. Contract No. Horizontal diagonal brace 8. provide a mid-rail and a 10 cm (4 inches) high toe-board. Work platform 2.1 meters (30 feet) horizontally. or after adjustments. Guard rail system 3. Toe-board 5. CONSTRUCTION of all erected scaffold types and specific details: • • • • • • • • • • • • Planks shall be cleated. scaffold planks. and every 9. 2. or above a landing. but at least once in each once in each direction for smaller scaffolds. or Loss Prevention Concurrence. Inspection of all scaffolds shall e made regularly by a competent supervisor. Set top-rail at 106 cm (42 inches).Real Estate Development & Investment Co. Do not support scaffolds on concrete blocks. Caster and wheel brakes shall be locked. 3. barrels. or otherwise secured to prevent slippage or shifting. Locking pins 10. or severe weather. Ladders shall extend 1 meter (3 feet) above the top guard rail. Height shall not exceed 4 times the minimum base dimension. overlapped.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • Substitution of manufactured scaffold components shall be allowed only with the written permission of the manufacturer. cracked. Tie scaffold to solid structures every 7.

wire ground cord and 3prong ground plug. a screwdriver for a chisel. All extension cords shall bear a UL or FM label. Defective electric tools shall be repaired or replaced. POWER TOOLS. Each worker shall wear a full body harness and be attached to his lifeline by a friction brake. or other structure and rated at 5. and secured to an independent anchor (used to tie-off only one lifeline at any time. cuts. All portable electric tools shall be operated by a functioning dead man switch. SCAFFOLD WORK RULES: • • Workers shall use an attached ladder for climbing the scaffold.000 lb. Double insulated tools shall bear a UL. Use rope or bucket to lift objects. Ltd. Electrical power shall not exceed 125 volts AC. or pliers as wrench. Tape repairs are not allowed. personnel (except authorized scaffold erectors) shall be tied off with fall protection. When any of the guardrails are down. or tank. a wrench for a hammer. Any powered tool designed with guards shall be equipped with those guards . • • SUSPENDED SCAFFOLDS: Do not drop or throw material from the scaffold. e.e. 13 Defective hand tools shall be removed from job site. Chisel with mushroom heads shall either be reshaped on a proper grinding wheel or discarded before being struck by a hammer. HAND TOOLS. splices.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL 4. Show no cord damage.g. Suspended scaffolds shall be provided for each worker on the suspended scaffold.. Contract No. Safety glasses shall be worn when striking chisels. PORTABLE: All Electrically Operated hand tools: • • • • • • • • • • Shall be plugged into GFCI. Outriggers shall be deployed before use as required. Safety glasses shall be worn during use.. Shall have a 3. Hand tools shall not be misused. GENERAL: • • • • • • • • • • Suspended scaffolds (sky-climbers) shall be reviewed by loss prevention before use. shovels or other tools shall not be used.Real Estate Development & Investment Co.400 lb. for each hoist rope. These anchors must not be used for lifelines. No job-made extension cord shall be used. Trigger locking buttons shall be disabled.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Each independent lifeline anchor shall be attached to the building. Broken handles on hammers. FM. or other recognized testing laboratory label. or be electrically double insulated. or exposed internal wires and plugs. There shall be one suspended scaffold anchor rated at 4. Do not carry tools while climbing the scaffold.. i.

they should be treated like a firearm. hose.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • during use. and foot protection. table saws. FIXED: GENERAL: • • • • • Bolt to the floor or table all fixed power tools to prevent tipping or moving. TABLE SAWS: • Table saw shall have a blade covering hood (guard). The certificate shall be obtained from an authorized vendor. Ground all electrical tools and test before use. Ltd. This includes drill presses. CARTRIDGE OPERATED TOOLS: • • • These devices normally use a 0.27 caliber cartridge as the driving force for a fastener. pulleys. Nailers. Clear the area of people before shooting.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. (Guards protect against contact with belts. explosives. Eye protection is required. spindles. pipe. Hand operated circular saw shall have a guard that can be adjusted. Install and us safety clips or retainers on impact tools to secure attachments from being expelled.000 psi) shall have devices to prevent trigger pull until the safety device is manually released. valves. A certificate of competency shall be required shall be required of all users of cartridge operated tools (Hilti Gun) to verify training for the specific tool. Hearing protection shall be worn by operators. gears. etc. shafts. High pressure airless spray guns (1.25 or 0.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. and a blade guard under the table top. etc. Jackhammer operators shall wear eye. Safety glasses and face shields shall be used by operators. 14 • • • • • • • Use only in areas free of flammables. PNEUMATIC TOOLS: General Requirements: • • • • • • • Require safety glasses and hearing protection at all times during use.. or combustible dusts. Do not exceed manufacturer’s safe operating pressure for tools. or fittings. ELECTRICAL TOOLS. shall have a muzzle device to prevent fastener ejection unless in contact with work surface. Provide an emergency shut-off switch clearly identified and accessible on each fixed tool. sprockets. Provide an emergency disconnected switch circuit breaker that can be lockedout of service for each tool. Therefore. staplers. ear. Tool shields or muzzle guards shall be attached and used. pedestal grinders. Work permits shall be used in restricted areas. Keep a log book inventory of issued and returned cartridges and tools. drums. fly wheels. Contract No. Secure pneumatic tools to the hose or whip by a positive means to prevent the tool disconnecting. and other moving parts). anti-kickback device. .. Palace barricades and warning signs. saw blades. so that it only exposes that part of the blade making the cut.

Chemical goggles should be worn for spray painting. maintenance. Alternate breathing air may be supplied by a bank of breathing air compressed gas cylinder certified as class D air quality. Sanding or chipping of lead and chromate based paints requires ventilation and cartridge respirators. Each incidental worker in hazard area shall wear a cartridge style respirator.years thereafter. and obtain Industrial Hygiene and Loss Prevention reviews/concurrence on job using silica sand: 15 • • Abrasive blasting workers shall have a chest x-ray and pulmonary function test before their first work assignment. PEDESTAL and TABLE GRINDERS: • • • • • • • An adjustable grinding wheel hood (guard) shall cover no less than 235° circumference. a blade forward travel limit. repair or modification. or solvent cleaning. A fixed window guard of impact-resistant glass shall cover the wheel and tool rest during work. in addition to above. High Temperature Alarm 3.6mm (1/8 inch). sanding. These medical results shall be forwarded to Occupational Medicine/Industrial Hygiene.001-2.2mm (1/4 inch). Periodic carbon monoxide (CO) test 4. PAINT and COATINGS: Health effects of paint and coating: \ • • • • • • • • Gloves should be worn for handling paints and solvents that can cause skin reactions.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. Contractor’s air quality test result shall be submitted for review to Industrial Hygiene and Loss Prevention before work begins. Pressure Relief Valve 2. Breathing air compressors shall meet GI1780. and every 2. • • ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING (Sand Blasting): Before the Job Begins. A tongue guard shall be installed on all guards housing. prepare an HIP..Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • Radial saws shall have. Retest the compressor for grade D air after relocation. The tongue guard to wheel space shall not exceed 5. The gap between the tool rest and wheel shall not exceed 2. and an automatic spring loaded return function to pull the saw housing to its neutral position when released. Air quality test to ensure Grade D limit in the air delivery line to respirator. Grooved and shiny wheels shall be reshaped or replaced.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. reassembly. Respirators are required for solvent based paint when ventilation is inadequate. Ltd. Each abrasive blast cleaning operator shall have a breathing air hood meeting. Push sticks shall be used on table saws to keep hand out of the cutting area. Paper dust mask shall not be allowed. . A work rest shall be at the exposed wheel. and have a: 1. Contract No. Hearing protection shall be worn by blasters.

Ltd. The protective clothing shall also be disposed per asbestos requirement. carbon tetrachloride. (Neither weight capacity nor “crane families” are a valid criteria for certification. Booms shall be kept 6 meters (20 feet) from overhead power lines up to 250. and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Do not operate any crane with an expired sticker or a REJECT sticker. Eye and body wash facilities shall be available.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. except to . 16 Respirators may be required in confined spaces. Outriggers shall be fully extended. Contract No. Crane Inspection and Roads & Heavy Equipment departments.000 volts. Report checklist deficiencies immediately to your supervisor for corrective action. coveralls. cribbing.. Verify that the mobile crane operator has a valid operator certificate.) Load charts and range diagrams shall be displayed in every crane cab. Fuel gas cylinder shall meet MI 15. or use a crane with Load Moment Indicator (LMI). Modification and repair of a crane invalidates the inspection before any use. CHEMICAL CLEANING: • • • • • • • • Tar shall not be heated on roof tops. these shall be labeled and transported to an asbestos waste site. use a load cell or a weight scale. the lift shall be designated as on-rubber.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Supplied respirators shall be used for work in confined spaces or poorly ventilated areas. Temperature of hot asphalt shall not exceed 232°C (450°F) at any time. Protected workers shall blasted sand into sealed drums or bags. and other structures. Barricades and warnings signs shall surround the work area out to the limit of the respiratory hazard. The following solvents shall not be used: benzene. Workers who sand blast or dispose of blasted sand shall wear protective clothing the same as asbestos. For outriggers not fully extended. Workers shall wear face shields. Waste sand from blasting shall be disposed in the same manner as asbestos. Floats pads shall be supported by sand mats. and 7. If the object weight is unknown.5 meters (15 feet) from fuel gas cylinders.5 meters (25 feet) above 250. The operator shall only operate the specific cranes and the specific configurations as described on his on his certificate. MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE: Cranes and Lifting Equipment: • • • • • • • Eye protection and gloves shall be worn. Do lift unknown weights. ALL crane accidents/incidents shall be reported to Loss Prevention. Verify the crane has a valid inspection sticker before use.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • • • • The sand blasting wand shall have a dead-man switch. A reliable gauge shall monitor the temperature. All sandblaster components and work surfaces shall be electricity bonded to the compressor and the compressor grounded to a permanent ground to prevent static electricity build up. and heat resistant aprons. The accident site shall not be disturbed without LPD agreement. Heating operations shall be at least 4. buildings. Hot asphalt shall not be lifted in buckets.000 volts. TARRING OPERATIONS: • • • • • • • • • • • • Complete the daily pre-lift operation checklist. leather gloves. determine weight by: calculation. Winds above 32kph (20mph) require capacity reduction according to manufacturer’s specification. It is preferred to pump the asphalt. or float pad timber on soil and sand.1. gasoline. and the load chart followed for on-rubber duty without exception. before making the first lift.

basket hitch. Manufacturer’s name. booms fully lowered and retracted. • • CRITICAL LIFTS are high risk. 2.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL safeguard against immediate hazards or to provide medical attention to injured persons. On barges.. 2. Critical lifts shall follow an approved “lift plan”. Manufacturer’s name. vessels. SLINGS and RIGGING: • • 17 Multiple leg sling labels shall also show: 1. and showing SWL for a straight pull. and are: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Around energized electrical lines. Man Basket Lifts shall follow which requires an approved Man Lift Permit. Travel of cranes shall require removal of jibs. and swing lock engaged. before lifting any load. and shall follow which requires a Lift Plan. Capacity (SWL) in tones (metric tons). Rigging includes all attachment to the crane hook and all devices attached to the load. Around and over populated/traffic areas. Contract No. Capacity based upon standard angles. Serial Number by the manufacturer. Trademark. Side Boom Tractors shall not be used as cranes. and hydrocarbon loading piers. On rubber pick-and-carry lifts. multiple or trailing lifts.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Synthetic webbing slings and fiber rope slings shall bear a durable label showing: 1. 5. Trademark. and the SWL at standard angles for multiple leg slings. • • • Personnel platforms (man basket) shall bear a valid safety inspection sticker. or Logo. Near and over hydrocarbon. Cranes shall be level within 1%. Personnel platforms (man baskets). as per the bubble level. Type of material used in construction. . Capacity (SWL) in tones (metric tons). Lift plans shall be approved by a competent person before the lift. 3. Serial number by the manufacturer. Chain sling labels shall also state the steel grade.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. and pressurized. Angles not exceeding 60° from vertical. or Logo. All Riggers shall carry CERTIFICATE for the appropriate classification: Wire rope slings and chain slings shall bear a permanent manufacturer’s label showing: 1. 2. piping systems. Ltd. Date sling was manufactured. A signal man shall direct the crane operator. hook block secured. 3. except for the limited applications specified. 4. A manufacturer’s certificate of proof-load test shall accompany all slings purchases. High level or long reach lifts. Tandem. and choker hitch.

. A substitute shackle pin Eyebolt and safety hoist ring disposed if: 1.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • • • • • • • Sling without the manufacture’s label shall be removed from service and destroyed. Sprung fabric – bird-caged 4. Crushing (run-over or struck) 7. For example: only steel ferrules are allowed on all wire rope sling eyes. permanents sets 6. Job-made rigging shall not be used. inspected by ID. Bolt is bent 3. Cracked. worn end attachments Hooks shall be rejected if they are: 1. Cut fabric 18 • • • • 5. Damaged fittings 7. Eye is elongated or bent 4. and serial number. Wire rope with damage at or above: 1. Hand tuck spliced slings shall not be accepted unless they are tagged as above. Throat opening more than 15% of normal 2. and should be load test. Cracks in material Shackles shall be removed from service for: 1. Metal wear reducing diameter 10% 2. Shackles. Bent or open hooks 9. plate clamps.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. Spreader bars and load beams shall have a manufacture’s Logo. Kink.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Wear threads show 3. Shackle pin threads do not extend through 4. Bird-caging (sprung-open showing core) 8. Bends 3. pipe hooks. eyebolts. Contract No. Sling construction shall conform to SAMS described (call Materials Standardization). permanent stamp or plate bearing the SWL. 1 broken wire at a fitting 4. Pad eyes should be designed by a competent person. Burns and heat damage 2. Ltd. 4 broken wires in 1 strand of 1lay 3. Sever surface abrasion/scraping 5. Wire rope clips (Crosby Clips) shall not be used to make slings. Bent more than 10° out of plane 3. manufacturer’s logo. and come-a long shall be stamped or tagged with SWL. Threads are bent or scored 2. safety hoist rings. Wear excess 10% Mechanical Equipment – All operators of the following heavy equipment shall possess a valid certificate and a Saudi Arabian Government License: Bulldozer Traxcavator Gradall Grader Crane Side Boom Tractor Backhoe Tractor-Scraper Forklift Loader OPERATORS of the following Mechanical Equipment are required to carry the appropriate Saudi Arabian Government License: Concrete trucks & mixers Dumpers & dump trucks Trucks with articulating boom cranes OPERATORS of the following equipment shall be qualified by the contractor: Compressors Electric Tools Machinery GENERAL: Generators Woodworking Concrete pump booms . 10 broken wires total in 1-lay 2. Knots 6. Corrosion Synthetic web slings with: 1. and serial number. bent. Metal wear exceeding 10% 4. and have a certificate of proof load test that accompanies them. REJECT RIGGING for the following Defects: • • • Hook safety latches are missing or not working. A sling logbook shall document routine sling inspections.

. Only qualified electricians shall make electrical connections. and the Company Representative before preparing the test. When vehicles are left unattended (even overnight). Cabs fitted to equipment must give 360° visibility. operation. Electrical power sources shall not exceed 125 volts AC. Written.. The contractor shall train and qualify operators. pulleys.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. • • ELECTRICAL AND RADIATION: Electricity: General: • • • • • • • • GFCIs are required for all portable power tools. and maintained per manufacturer’s specification to prevent overpressurization. maintenance. inspected.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • • • • • • • All equipment shall be inspected and maintained in good repair by the contractor. or other recognized testing lab approved extension cords bearing the trademarks shall be used. isolated. Work permit 2. where a hazard exist. Minimum 2-qualified electricians 3. Insulated gloves 4. and assigned look-outs. PRESSURE TESTING: • • • • • • • Notify Inspection Department. and spacing between power-lines. Hold tag on circuit breaker lock 4. Shop-made extension cords are illegal. e. FM. A pressure test diagram or hydrostatic test diagram shall be attached to the procedure. Specific hot work permit 2. Ltd. Loss Prevention. Insulated rubber floor mats 19 5. stop the engine. Insulated/non-conducting tools 6. or rerouted. Only UL.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. Test personnel shall remain at a safe place from which to view and control the test or at a safe distance during pressure test. chock the wheels. and revolving shafts. Overhead and underground power lines shall be de-energized. Guards shall be in place over exposed gears. Hint: you may need binoculars. fans. Compressors shall be fitted with relief valves that are calibrated. Access shall be controlled during a pressure test by barricades. Lock-out of specific breakers 3.. Safety glasses. This must be requested through the Company Representative. face shields.g. or rerouted. approved procedures shall be provided 2 days before any pressure test with high hazard potential. V belts. All equipment should be fitted with backup alarms. Contract No. those using duplex boxes for female connectors. CPR qualified personnel in area 7. Do not use damaged cords or electrical tools. HOT ELECTRICAL WORK requires: 1. Equipment travelling or working on the highway shall have lights and reflectors. and kept at job site. signs. and ear plugs shall be installed to protect the system. set the parking brakes. and remove the keys. Obtain a work permit. Test equipment for voltage before working Onshore pipelines require special precautions during installation. Barricades and warning signs COLD ELECTRICAL WORK ON CIRCUITS requires: 1.

The contractor shall assure that chemical storage is reviewed by Loss Prevention. Ltd.. Do not store together incompatible chemicals. A bleed valve shall be provided on the test system • CHEMICAL: In addition to chemical materials requirements discussed above: • • • • • • • International hazard identification labels (United Nations) shall be affixed to containers.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CONSTRUCTION SAFETY MANUAL • • Pressure gauges (calibrated and tested) with block and bleed valves shall be installed.Real Estate Development & Investment Co. Every chemical shall be accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). and chemical hazards. boxes. and every other chemical container showing fire. carboys. Contract No. Disposal of chemicals. health. bottles. drums. protective clothing. Chemical handling requires appropriate personal protective equipment: gloves. 20 • • Chemical showers and eyewash facilities shall be available were chemicals are use. and a copy shall be given to the Company Representative. Vent air from system prior to test. All chemical containers shall be labeled showing the specific contents and percentage strength. safe footwear. and respirators or SCBAs. Fire extinguishers of the appropriate type shall be on hand for flammable chemicals.: 176-C07 Contract Name: New Air Defense Building Project Jubail. ACRONYMS: AC : Alternating Current ANSI : American National Standards Institute ASME : American Society of Mechanical Engineers CFM : Cubic Feet per Minute CIU : Crane Inspection Unit CO : Carbon Monoxide CO2 : Carbon Dioxide CSD : Consulting Services Department CSM : Construction Safety Manual dBA : Decibels on the A-scale GFCI : Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter HIP : Hazard Identification Plan ID : Inspection Department LPD : Loss Prevention Department psi : Pounds per Square Inch MSDS : Material Safety Data Sheet SWL : Safe Working Load WP : Work Permit -END- . eye and face protection. Limit stored hazardous chemical supplies in work areas to 1-day supplies.