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Mentor College Teacher Assessment Report – B.

Ed Teaching
Practice (observation 2)

Semester 1

Name of Student: Aaesha Ebrahim
Name of School: RAKAAG
MCT: Alya Alzaabi
Dates of TP: 3rd Nov 29, 2015
MCT Visits:

A Professionalism and Understanding

Good points:
Welcoming the students and remind them of the rules.
Good relationship with the students.

B Planning for Learning

Your leaning objective focuses on writing and reading numbers. However, your lesson
focuses on presenting numbers in 3 types.
Always give details in writing the lesson plan, especially the core of the lesson.

C Implementing and Managing Learning

Good that you change the voice level in reading the story.
In presenting the 3 ways to present a number. You have to show the number, explain how we
present the first type, practice the move to the next one. This way you will make sure that the
students understand and implement the Math skill.

D Monitoring and Assessment of Learning

Great group work and individual work.
You assessments covered the lesson content.

General Comments

Focus on showing the misconceptions to the students and how they can avoid it.
Keep the instruction on the board so the students can go back and check their answers.

To Be Completed By Student

Students reflection on the feedback:
After I finished the second observation with my MCT, I sat with my MCT to give me a feedback for my third
lesson. She tell me that my lesson is very creative but I have a few things to do it to improve my self in the
second time. First, I wrote in the lesson plan the objective that they put it in the book. This is what my MST say
it to me. But when I sat with my MCT, she said that I should to write the objective that relate to my lesson not
from the book. I agree with my MCT because at the end of my lesson I should to achieve my goal and all of my
activity should relate to my objective. Another feedback that she gave it to me is I should to teach them in a
lowest way. Also, I should to check that all the student understand the lesson before I gave them to work in