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Observation Task 2: Reading a Story in the local

UAE School
Identify the type of pre-whilst and post reading activities employed by your
Table 7: ‘Reading a Story in the local UAE Preschool
What the MST
What the
Children Do

Name the book / story.
Describe how your
MST gets children
interested in the story
and wanting to hear /
read it.

How your MST keeps
children interested and
actively involved.

How your MST
consolidates the
storyline and explores
opportunities for
developing language,
topic related and
personal, social and

The teacher tell her
students a story that
named (Harry
garden), she gets
her students
attention to get
excited for the story
by wearing the boy
puppet in hear hand
and by changing her
voice as a small boy.

In my
perspective, this
method of telling
a story by
wearing a puppet
was effective
because students
were giving her
attention to the

While the teacher
was telling the story,
she was moving in
the circle area and
do some expression
in her face, to
students don’t feel
bored and sit quietly.

Students were
sitting quietly
and listening to
the teacher and
some of them
were asking the
questions about
the story. For
example, how
Harry garden
look like and
what inside it?
When students
see the teacher
moving, they
were imitating
her voice and act
with her hands
like the teacher

The teacher will
combine between
the story and the
language, the social
and emotional
series, by talking
with her students in
English and by
answering student’s

Students were
interacting with
the teacher by
saying some
words in English,
like, garden,
beautiful and big.
students were

This method of telling
students a story was
effective because
students were
the teacher by their
interacting and
expression, so from that
they will develop their

I believe that,
when students
were imitating the
teacher, they
were very excited
to listen the story
and to know what
will happen next.

emotional issues.

questions in English
to let them join the
Further, the teacher
showed students the
expression in order
to evolve their
emotional domain.

imitating the
expression while
she was telling
them the story.

language, social and
emotional domains.

Reflections on Observation Task 2: Reading a Story in the
Local UAE Preschool
1. What preparation (i.e. pre-listening activity) did the
teacher give the learners before they listened to the
The teacher played with students a game about low and high
voice, for example, she said 'good morning students' in a soft
voice to students reply her with this level of voice; then she
raised her voice by saying 'how are you today?' and they reply
her with a high voice.
2. How did the pre-listening activity help students understand?
When the teacher talked with students using two levels of the
voice, they understand that the teacher is playing a particular
role in performing the story.
3. What were the aims of the while-listening activity/activities?
The goal of the while-listening activity was successful in
engaging students to be prepared for the story, and it was easily
for the teacher to grab their attention.
4. What were the aims of the post-listening activity/activities?
In post-listening activity, the teacher asked students questions
about the story in order to confirm the level of students
understanding of the story.
5. How many times did the learners listen to the text /

recording? Once
a. Would it have increased their understanding if they
had been allowed to listen to the recording again?
Yes, because students at age 5 didn’t get the idea quickly
and their understanding level is lower than an adult; thus
students in that specified age group learns from the
repetition process.
b. Did the learners hear the whole text at once, or in parts?
Students heard the story at once with repeating some words.
c. If so, which was the most helpful?
The parts method is the more helpful for students to understand
or receive the story concept because their assimilated is slow.
Think about the advantages and disadvantages of using the model of
pre-, while- and post-listening activities to teach a listening lesson.
Write first from the perspective of the teacher and then from the
perspective of the learners.
Teacher perspective
- Get students attention
- Recognize students levels
- If the story was long, the teacher will feel tired because she will talk
without taking a break
Learner’s perspective
- Be enthusiastic to listen the story
- Understand the concept of the story
- Students will not have an opportunity to talk while the teacher is telling
the story
- The class will be teacher cantered