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Drive testing is a method of measuring and assessing the coverage, capacity and Quality of

Service (QoS) of a mobile radio network.
Drive testing :The name is intuitive: take a drive test. The Drive Test is a test performed in cellular
networks regardless of technology (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, etc. ...). Means collecting data
on vehicle movement. Its variation has also intutive: Walk Test, ie, collect data by walking
areas of interest.
data collection and data analysis
Data Collection
1,Stationary test

2, mobility Test

Although through the analysis of KPI's we can identify problems such as dropped calls,
among others, the drive tests allow a deeper analysis in field. Identifying areas of each
sector of coverage, interference, evaluation of network changes and various other

Tools used in Drive testing
1, Laptop with installed software ( Genex probe, Nemo Outdoor( Soft licensed) , Dongle
2,Moble phones ( mate7, S5, 2800, 8860, 8800 and other… ) to know signal level and best
serving and neighbors cells
3,Gps (used to locate geographical coordinate such as longitude and Latitude)
4, Data card ( E372 , E392,….)
6, Hub
7, Power inverter
8, Appropriate test Sim card
Notes:- some of the tools need Driver before connecting them with the testing soft wares
- Currently, there are already cell phones that do everything so may not need all of
above mentioned tools for the drive test but are still quite expensive.

Drive Test Schedule
Again depending on the purpose, the test can be performed at different times - day or night

for example showing the coverage along a highway. as always The calls test (CALL) can be of two types: long or short duration.)..Types of Drive Test The main types of Drive Test are :  Performance Analysis:.). Short call:. etc.Serve to check whether the calls are being established and successfully completed Long call:. If the result is better.usually requested by the marketing area of the company. UMTS. video. it shows the points where the network should be improved Types of Calls calls can be voice. check all connections (tight and will not drop with vehicle movements..aims to compare the competing is recommended to perform two tests: one with the site without handover permission not being able to handover to another site . . data. always!. can be used as an argument for new sales. you can use for example insulating tape make sure that all equipment is properly energized Check the Balance of test simcard. Make sure that the test software license not expired Check local disk C memory available space .usually made into clusters as to answer a customer complaint  Integration of New Sites and change parameters of Existing Sites :.Long calls serve to verify if the handovers of the network are working What A drive test engineer do before starting cluster test ? During the test we have being faced a lot of problems but all of them are preventable always end up happening. If worse. etc. CDMA. Everything depends on the technology (GSM. or at a specific region/location  Benchmarking :. and the purpose of the test.. So before you start.thus obtaining a total visualization of the coverage area  Marketing :.

the server and the link on the test plane or script Check and charge the laptop and phone since sometime the phone charge degreed rapidly . Rx( RSCP). or giving unique server path or sometime delet the already upload logfiles if the server is bussy. put the mobile phone in front of the car or near the car window for better signal and quality. the local date size to be transfer.       Check Datacard and mobile phones are working properly before the test day night and morning .  Ping and Hotspot test ….Better use 8840 dialing and S5 receiving but 3G the reverse is true since CSSR for S5_GSM high compare it from phone_8860. Sometimes the actual test route may not exist due to road construction or drawing problem so at that time please tell the customer to take picture and get signature for not covered route or choose other alternative equivalent road . it is better to keep both mobile phone handle by our hand to control which phone is shut down and giving a good ventilation the phone since it hot. The serving site cell id. Better have one more mobile phone and datacard incase of the tools not working properly Check the test plane ( script) not corrupted and are according to the KPI requirement For data throughput make sure that the dial up connection. 10mb_b . For MTM test . Don’t forget taking and checking the power inverter and the car power output are working Sometimes check the test route with Google earth in order to calculate the time take to reach the town to be test if there is no bed room . For 2G:. Control speed of the car ( 4o Km/h or 60km/r for highway) but sometimes it is better to drive slowly it we are around the site and the coverage is good and on the other hand may be we tell to the driver to move quickly on bad coverage area without let ET customer knowing it. What a drive test engineer do during cluster test ?          Select a template ( this time the test count will count quickly.C/I(Ec/N) should be changed frequently For upload and download check their throughput statistic with bar or line graph and check the category of Datacard and Simcard .to be continue . from my experience it is better to modify the test script to send different local file like 10mb_a. Most of the time HSUPA_CAT6 edge_ul test are vary difficult to meet the KPI since the script skip without sending the local data . UMTS OR GSM_UMTS view template ) and see the corresponding parameter like serving and neighbor cell The GPS should be at the center of the map and auto center For SHC and CC .

 Video call…… to be continue  SSV test …. to be continue  Coverage test …. to be continue ..