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Week one

Day one
Today I started teaching practice in AL Ansar School, they put me in KG2-O, and
there is no carpet on the school they put a small one, and it's not enough for the
students, and some of them sit on the floor. There is one boy his name is Abd al Dez,
and he always moving around the class and take students stuff, so I decided to deal
with them, and I hold them then the MST told to leave him he is the son of the
principle, and I was shocked what but he must learn. I didn't like the system of the
school so inshallah I will use it.

Day two
Today I enter the class with some optimistic and MCT came to our school to talk with
us and give us some advice on how to be professional. I decided to teach on
Wednesday, and I want to speak to MST, and she said it is not soon? I said it batter
and the topic is very easy to teach review number 11 and teach number what is after
and before. I now I feel I accept the school but the way they teach is new, but I can do
it. I observe Arabic, and I like her strategies to manage the classroom so inshallah I
will do it when I teach them.

Day three
I teach today a math and the students like the activates for the but the MST said for
we want to answer the book and don't give the rest activates and she did the book with
them, and when I give her an observation she said to teach the full lesson, and I will
observe you. I was sad because she didn't let me do but at the same time I tried to
manage to class, and I handle it, and that was my goal.

Day four
In this day I figure how to deal with principle son that I am his friend, not a teacher
and also let him help me, and also it's my second observe for the secnice lesson, and I
like her way and her activity, and also I diced to teach on Sunday. It's was a regular

Week two
Day one
In this day MCT come to observe me in a math lesson, I did good, and I learn a lot from her
advice to me, and inshallah I will improve my teaching skills more, and I was very nervous in
the begging but then I back to me self, and I teach, and its was a successful lesson.

Day Two
I like the way how MST are teaching, but the students are nosey, and Its was a normal day,
so I decided to teach English class, and I speak to MST, and she let as to do whatever we
what, and I chose to teach about the theme which is animals I will teach on Wednesday.

Day three
Today I present the art class for the second time I like her teaching style, and also I help the
Arabic teacher and I control the class while she busy with other students. In the end of the
day she thanks me for helping her.

Day four
Today I teach an English lesson and the students were moving and making noise. I felt that I
don’t have a management for a while then I said no I must manage to class and I put a
reward system and let them set and wear animals mask while the principle son I let them
help me.

Week four
I observe the class and I learning a lot but we hear that we will not go to the trip and I was
very sad but and we talk to Ms that we want to teach in Tuesday.

We observe kg2-b I like they strategies and the way the teach and the come on the last class
we said to Ms. Shareen that we want to set with them and her sad ok and I was happy to see
.my children's

Today I teach English, and they like me because I let them play in the class and I give candy,
and that help me to manage the classroom, I observe the all the class except the last class
.because already I have broken so I want to do my work

Today is the last day of the school, and I'm sad also I'm goanna miss my students and MST,
and they help, and I'm learning from them. I bring a gift for the students so in the end I give,
and there were happy, and I say hi to MST, and they hug me, and I'm so proud and glad to
meet them and learn from them.