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Learning Priority: Growing control of body and physical co-ordination.

Jawaher, since you started to come to An-Nur you have been trying to engage yourself with
any learning activities you notice the other children are doing. You are a good observer and
like to copy other children especially your older sister Souad. No matter how hard it is you
just wouldn’t give up. Here is an example:
The other day when we were all playing outside in the deck, Soaud (your sister) was using a
scooter and you were riding a bike. Then you decided to ride a scooter too. You left the bike
and picked up another scooter and tried to copy Souad. Riding a scooter is not so easy, but
you were determined. You kept on watching Souad, then tried and tried to be persistent and
copied your sister. It was wonderful to see it has paid off, as for the first time, you did very
well mashaAllah. I was proud of you and I could see how proud you were of yourself too!
The joy and pride in your face was priceless. You showed great focus and engagement and
persevering for a long period of time to reach your goal. Jawaher, it was wonderful to see
your determination and perseverance to achieve a goal.

Jawaher, this learning experience linked to
your individual goal for this term. I can see that
you are developing physical co-ordination and
growing control of your body.

“Children develop strategise for actively
exploring and making sense of the world
by using their bodies,” Te Whariki,
Exploration , goal -2.

What next?
Jawaher the skills and determination you
displayed today will continue to be supported
at An-Nur . We will make sure you get
opportunities to choose your learning
activities, and help you, if you need to achieve
your goal insha Allah.
Written by – Teacher Rosy
November, 2016