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Aurasma Lesson.

TOPIC: Density
Names: Viktor Baeza
Grade Level: Freshman in High School
Content standard: Physical Science Standard 1.2b
Now that you have explored and familiarized yourself with Aurasma, and determined what
criteria are most important, you will use that knowledge to develop an Aurasma lesson for your
students using trigger images.
Review: What criteria do you feel are most important when developing your lesson?

What will be the most helpful way to help students?

Is the activity efficient?
Does the activity further learning?
Is the material relevant

Process: You will approach the development of your lesson as an instructional designer. You must
think of your objectives, correlating standards, TPACK, and more.
Respond to each prompt. You will submit this document in your website site. Use the assigned
Aurasma account to submit your lesson. Username: ET449Savignano Password: ET449
1. On what content area and topic will you focus?
a. This will be a concept in both chemistry and earth science dealing with a chemical
reaction and density.
2. On which standards will you focus?
a. Science Standard 1.2b
3. Write an appropriate objective.
a. Students will be able to predict the outcome of Lake Nyos after viewing a CO 2 demo
4. Create an outline, story board, or summary of your Aurasma idea(s). What will you use to
create your lesson? What are the themes or concepts? What do you hope the final product
will look like? How will you assess, or how will students show mastery?
a. I will start with students solving a chemical equation between vinegar and baking
soda. They will be given the reactants and need to find the products. An Aurasma
will give students the products if they need help. Students will then use an Aurasma
with a candle trigger to compare flames to people in that they both need oxygen to
survive. Another Aurasma will show students a demonstration where CO 2 will put
out a candle. The final trigger will be a picture of Lake Nyos where students will get
to read about what happened there. As an assessment, I will have students try to
predict what happened there before they get the picture of the lake.
Basic elements:
A minimum of 4 triggers or prompts (or equivalent).

Objective(s) and goals, standards

Now go and create your hunt! Use the rubric on BB to guide you through the process.

Chemical equation

Purpose of trigger

This is a difficult
equation that students
are not expected to
know yet

Candle picture

I will give a description

of combustion
reactions so that
students can compare
a flame to a person in
that each need oxygen


Students will get to see

a video of a short
demonstration of the
reaction they just
completed as well as
what CO2 will do to a
Students will get to
explore further what
happened when CO2
was released in a real
situation and the
devastation it caused

Picture of Lake Nyos


Evidence of