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Thursday NOVEMBER 10, 2016

Saluting our soldiers
A Special Supplement to Cadillac News
The Origin
of Veterans Day

signed a bill proclaiming November 11 as

Veterans Day.
On Memorial Day 1958, two more unidentiIn 1921, an unknown World War I American fied American war dead were brought from
overseas and interred in the plaza beside
the unknown soldier of World War I. One
was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
was killed in World War II, the other in the
This site, on a hillside overlooking the
Korean War. In 1973, a law passed providing
Potomac River and the city of Washington,
interment of an unknown American from the
became the focal point of reverence for
Vietnam War, but none was found for sevAmericas veterans.
eral years. In 1984, an unknown serviceman
Similar ceremonies occurred earlier in
England and France, where an unknown sol- from that conflict was placed alongside the
dier was buried in each nations highest place others. To honor these men, symbolic of all
of honor (in England, Westminster Abbey; in Americans who gave their lives in all wars,
an Army honor guard, The 3rd U.S. Infantry
France, the Arc de Triumph). These memo(The Old Guard), keeps day and night vigil.
rial gestures all took place on November 11,
A law passed in 1968 changed the national
giving universal recognition to the celebrated
commemoration of Veterans Day to the fourth
ending of World War I fighting at 11 a.m.,
November 11, 1918 (the 11th hour of the 11th Monday in October. It soon became apparent,
however, that November 11 was a date of hisday of the 11th month). The day became
toric significance to many Americans.
known as Armistice Day.
Therefore, in 1978 Congress returned the
Armistice Day officially received its name
to its traditional date.
in America in 1926 through a Congressional
resolution. It became a national holiday 12
National Ceremonies
years later by similar Congressional action.
Held at Arlington
If the idealistic hope had been realized that
The focal point for official, national cerWorld War I was the War to end all Wars,
emonies for Veterans Day continues to be
November 11 might still be called Armistice
the memorial amphitheater built around
Day. But only a few years after the holiday
the Tomb of the Unknowns. At 11 a.m. on
was proclaimed, war broke out in Europe.
November 11, a combined color guard repreSixteen and one-half million Americans took
senting all military services executes "Present
part. Four hundred seven thousand of them
Arms" at the tomb. The nations tribute to its
died in service, more than 292,000 in battle.
war dead is symbolized by the laying of a
presidential wreath. The bugler plays Taps.
Armistice Day Changed
The rest of the ceremony takes place in the
To Honor All Veterans
Realizing that peace was equally preserved amphitheater.
Every year the President of the United
by veterans of WW II and Korea, Congress
States urges all Americans to honor the comwas requested to make this day an occasion
mitment of our veterans through appropriate
to honor those who have served America
public ceremonies.
in all wars. In 1954, President Eisenhower

Trusted. Local. Connected.

Veterans Day

noVember 11, 2016

today we pause
to honor the
brave men and women
who have made great sacrifices
to protect our families,
our country and our freedom.

americas Heroes
Trusted. Local. Connected.

Ken Koch

U.S. Army, 1/32 Armor

M1 Tank Mechanic
Ft. Hood, TX
Desert Storm Vet
Served from 1987-1991

John Leveque
September 1969
-January, 1970
(Medical Discharge)
Fort Knox, Kentucky

to all of our nations Veterans,

thank you & Happy Veterans Day!

775-NEWS (6397)

cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected | THURSDAY, November 10, 2016

Cadillac pilot, veteran of three wars,

ushered in jet revolution
By Mardi Suhs
Cadillac News

Miller grew up in Cadillac
during the Great Depression and fell in love with
flying after a barnstormer
took him up for an airplane ride as a kid. He later
ushered in the jet revolution as an Air Force pilot,
patrolling our borders on
a supersonic, armed jet
After World War II, Miller was quoted saying, hed
rather fly than walk.

Courtesy photo

Cadillac native Thomas Miller is a veteran of three wars. He

dropped out of Cadillac High School to enlist and serve his country, returning to high school after the war ended.

In his senior year at Cadillac High School, Miller
and three buddies Tom
Dillon, Durrell Herb Holland and Kenny Burridge
drove to Detroit to enlist
in the military. Miller quit
school and was sworn into
the Marine Corps in February, 1943 to defend his
He was sent to the Pacific
for the invasion of Guam
and worked in radio intelligence, intercepting Japanese transmissions and
decoding them.
Later, his unit was sent
to North China to repatriate Japanese soldiers for
Chiang Kai-shek. While
there, the war ended after the atom bombs were
dropped in Japan.
Arriving home from
the war on the west coast,
Miller hitched a ride home
and arrived in February
of 1946, missing his father
Thomas Millers passing
by two months.
He returned to high
school as a seasoned battle
survivor. The 1946 Cadillac
High School yearbook is a
tribute to the returning heroes who came back from
the war and finished their

Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News

Diane Miller with her brother, Cadillacs Harry Wilson, discusses the exceptional military career of
Cadillac native Thomas G. Miller.
high school educations.
In 1947, Tom married Diane. Although a quiet man
who kept to himself, Miller
was driven. He finished
building Millers Boat Marina on south Lake Cadillac, a project started by his
father. He also helped manage the family restaurant,
If he caught onto
something he went full
bore, said brother-in-law
Harry Wilson. He built a
one-man racing boat ... He
could weld anything. He
could do anything he set

his mind to.

He also began taking
flight lessons at the airport
and earned a commercial
pilots license using the GI

When the Korean War
began in 1950, Miller knew
the Marine Corps would
call him back. Instead, he
enlisted in the Air Force
and was accepted into
the USAF aviation pilot
training program. He was
trained in a World War II

prop combat plane. Then

he found himself in the
middle of the jet revolution. His first assignment
was Dover Air Force Base,
flying the F-94 all-weather
fighter interceptor.
It was really something
that he was picked to fly
the jets, Diane said. He
was the best of the best.
I never worried about
his flights. He went to
all weather school and
qualified so it didnt matter
what the weather was, he
had to go.
See Lived to fly on page 3

Courtesy photo

U.S. Air
Miller is
here in the
cockpit of
his F-102
in Yokota,

Full Service Convenience store

movie rentals
We Salute All The
Servicemen & Women!

108 S. Roland, McBain 231-825-2357

We honor our
service men &
women, past and

We recognize the many sacrifices made

by our men and women in uniform
both today and throughout our nations
history. We honor their courage and
dedication, and we thank them for their
contribution to our country.


Coffey Insurance
207 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac 775-3421

711 S. Michigan, Manton


Veterans Day
Nov. 11, 2016

Our Veterans,
Our Heroes

211 N. Pine St., P.O. Box 38 McBain, MI 49657


Keith D. Burkholder, licensed mortician and resident of the area since 1974

Cadillac Elks Lodge 680


As long as there are Veterans,
the Benevolent and Protective Order
of Elks will never forget them.

Make The
Right Move

Park Place Centre
108 S. Mitchell
Cadillac, MI 49601

Its time to honor the brave soldiers

who safeguard our peace and freedoms.
Thanks, veterans.
We salute you for your extraordinary
courage and dedication to your country.

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of Cadillac

Medicine For Your Entire Family

827 E. Division Cadillac 231-775-9741



Remembering those
who gave their lives
for our freedom

They wouldnt be possible without our men

and women fighting for our freedom.

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November 11, 2016

1110 N. Mitchell Cadillac, MI 775-2413

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THURSDAY, November 10, 2016 |

cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected

Cadillac pilot recalls tense moments during Cold War

Growing up in a large
brick house on Stimson
Street, Miltner always
wanted to be a flier and
CADILLAC A retired
is a proud member of the
Air Force pilot and CadilUnited States Air Force
lac native played a crucial
Academys first graduating
role during the Cold War
and the Cuban Missile Cri- class of 1959.
Everyone wanted to be a
sis as a pilot for the Stratefighter pilot in those days,
gic Air Command.
Miltner explained. But I
During the Cold War,
hurt my arm in training
when Russia achieved the
and had to drop back. I
ability to deliver a longwas stuck with choosing
range missile armed with
nuclear weapons, the Unit- between cargo planes or
ed States prepared to deter a brand new bomber, a
big, eight-engine huge
an attack and retaliate if
airplane, the biggest in the
they struck first.
world, the B-52.
If Russia did strike,
Miltner became a pilot
Miltner was one of the B-52
pilots circling the globe, on with the USAF Strategic
alert and prepared to retal- Air Command and served
iate by dropping a nuclear on airborne alerts.
bomb on a designated site
in Russia.
John Miltner, whose
family practiced law in
Cadillac for more than 100
In 1957, after the Soviet
years, was born in 1936 to
Union tested an intercontiattorney Charles Miltner
nental ballistic missile, the
and his wife, Mary.
Strategic Air Command
By Mardi Suhs
Cadillac News

prepared to prevent a surprise attack by creating

an airborne alert force in
1958. Their goal was to deter Soviet offensive action
and meet a Soviet attack
from Cuba with a massive
retaliatory strike against
During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, the airborne alert force became
fully operational. Miltner
was one of the B-52 pilots.
When I was in SAC, we
flew around North America, up the east coast near
the Arctic, across Alaska
and back around on 24- to
30-hour missions, Miltner
recalled. We had four
nuclear bombs on board.
The aircraft was refueled
in flight by cargo planes.
The flight crew practiced
targeting runs in case
we had a war, preparing
for potential strikes in Europe and Russia.
Miltners strike folder
contained flight routes,

Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News

Childhood friends David Reiser, left, and John Miltner frequently meet for coffee at After 26.
refueling tracks, bomb run
airspeeds ... and where
they would turn back un-

would drop a fully armed

less they received a radio
order to strike. If given the nuclear weapon.
order, Miltner and his crew
See Soviet Union on page 4

From Korea to Vietnam, He just lived to fly

Continued from page 2
His next assignment
was in Korea, then back to
Delaware and next, Stewart Air Force Base in New
York, where a commanded
a flight of pilots training in
the F-86D Sabre jet, a transonic, all-weather interceptor. He then flew the F-106
Delta Dart from Duluth,
In 1962 he returned to
Korea to fly the F-94, a
jet-powered day/night all-

weather interceptor. He
flew combat and protection
missions along the 38th
parallel. Then he flew the
F-102 Delta Dagger from
Next, he trained pilots to
fly the F-4 Phantom for action in Vietnam.

missions and training pilots as the Commander of

the 4533rd test squadron.
On the first tour, the USAF
was losing an F-4 plane and
crew every day.


For his service in Vietnam, U.S. Air Force Major

While serving in the 33rd Thomas G. Miller was
decorated with the DisTactical Fighter Wing, he
was sent to Vietnam, where tinguished Flying Cross
at Eglin AFB, Florida for
he served two tours flying


bravery in military operations.

Miller, an F-4C Phantom
II aircraft commander,
received the medal for
supporting soldiers in a
platoon that were being
overrun by Vietnamese attackers.
Toms plane dropped ordinance within five feet of
their flares ... with pinpoint
accuracy, while under constant automatic weapons
fire, preventing the allies
from being overrun by

We recognize the many sacrifices
made by our men and women in
uniform both today and throughout
our nations history. We honor their
courage and dedication, and we thank
them for their contribution to our

Thank You, Veterans.

Swick Custom Butchering

19197 19 Mile Road Tustin 231-829-3488

Thank you for your service.

Safe Keeping Storage

& Trailer Rental

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army - wwii

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611 Sunnyside Drive
Cadillac, MI

We salute the
men & women
who have
bravely fought
for our freedom
- Thank you
8049 Crestview Cadillac, Michigan
H. 231-775-0788 Cell: 231-920-7409

With Honor
& Respect
to our

603 W. 7th St., Cadillac


Richard J.

A special thank you to

all veterans for your
courage, sacrifice and

They are our family, friends,

and neighbors; everyday
citizens, yet so much more.
They are the brave men and
women who have put their
lives at risk to protect and
serve our country in war.
Time and again, our countrys
veterans have been on the
front lines in defense of our
freedom. On Veterans Day,
we take this opportunity to
say thank you to the brave
souls who have served in
battle for our Armed Forces.


In Memory

Our Veterans.

5884 E. M-115, Cadillac

Office: (231) 779-2515

Valparaiso, Indiana, where

he lived and also served on
the city commission for 16
Im so proud of how he
always accomplished whatever he had to do, Diane
said. Hes a very honest
man. He was a solitary man
too. If you ever saw our garage, he had everything he
wanted or needs out there.
When he went to do
something you knew it
Miller retired in 1970
with more than 4,400 flight would be done right, Wilson said. He just lived to
hours. He began building
television cable systems for fly. I guess thats it. He says
companies throughout the he misses it now more than
country and in the city of

We salute those who have served.

A Salute To
Our Heroes.


the hostile forces, stated

Later, Miller was assigned to Eglin as a member of the Tactical Air
Command, supporting U.S.
Ground forces with air
strikes, aerial delivery of
troops and equipment and
other combat air power.

Honoring Our


Sidney Samuels
Air Force

William McVety

Thank you for your service

As our Armed Forces fight to protect our freedom
abroad, were reminded of the sacrifice made by so
many brave soldiers before them. On Veterans Day,
we pause to recognize and thank all of the veterans
who have served our country. We are eternally
grateful for their dedication and service.

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cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected | THURSDAY, November 10, 2016

Nuclear game of chicken with Soviet Union

of State Dean Rush said,
eyeball to eyeball in a
He flew along the Soviet nuclear game of chicken.
In 2012, during the 50th
border, added Miltners
anniversary of the crisis,
childhood friend, David
the contribution of the
Reiser. President (John
Strategic Air command in
F.) Kennedy was trying to
preventing the Cuban Misconvince the Russians to
get out of Cuba or face the sile Crisis from escalating
was highlighted.
consequences. So the SAC
By the end of October,
B-52s were flying along the
border of the Soviet Union the Soviets agreed to rewith variable targets along move the missiles from Cuba. SAC stood down from
the zone.
On October 24, 1962,
on November 21, 1962.
SACs alert posture beLater, Miltner flew regucame DEFCON 2, with
lar Air Force Missions,
armed forces ready to deincluding medical evacuploy in six hours. During
the next 13 days, the United ations out of Vietnam to
hospitals in Japan or ThaiStates and the Soviet
Union stood, as Secretary
Continued from page 3


After leaving the military, Miltner earned a law
degree from the University
of San Francisco and flew
as a commercial airline
Ive been very proud of
John and his service, said
Reiser. We go way back.
But there arent many
people aware of how serious the Cuban Missile was
and how close to war we
After retiring, Miltner
moved back to the family
home in Cadillac. He has
enjoyed traveling throughout the world.

Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News

There were only 207 of these class rings made available to the first graduating class of the United
States Air Force Academy in 1959. John Miltner of Cadillac, a retired Air Force and commercial airlines pilot has one.

Thank You To All Who Have Served

In Memory of
Vincent E. Goslyn, Jr.

415 Goode Ave.

Cadillac, MI 49601


Locally Owned & Operated

Thank you to all those who

have served past & present.


Lake City Fraternal Order Of Eagles

4154 W. Houghton lake Rd., Lake City 231-839-7224

9052 East 13th St.

Cadillac 775-4840

A Proud Tribute To
Our Veterans

our veterans
On Remembrance Day, we
honor the members of our
armed forces who served and
made the ultimate sacrifice.
Their courage and dedication
will always be remembered.

Wilbert Will B. Rohlman

Navy- Korean War (Epping Forest)

Home of
the Free,
Thanks to the Brave!

Lest we forget.
Remembrance Day 2016,
November 11

Carl T.



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Only they know the true cost of freedom.

We sincerely thank all our
veterans & soldiers.

American Legion Post 94

422 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac

we honor them,
and thank them for
their service and
their sacrifice.

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To all the brave men and women currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, wed like to say
thank you for your dedication to our country and for defending the freedoms that we hold sacred.

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As a small token of our appreciation, The Cadillac News would like to provide you with the opportunity
to keep up on whats happening back home.
Thanks again for your service and we look forward to welcoming you back home.
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THURSDAY, November 10, 2016 |

cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected

Sports, academic scholarships

given up for a chance to serve
By Gabrielle Haiderer
Cadillac News

Courtesy photo

This photo was taken in the summer of 2010 while Russ Nehmer gave a Mission
Preparation Brief to his Soldiers

REED CITY Standing on the

Berlin Wall when it came down,
working for NFL Europe, enlisting in the Army a second time
and serving in the special forces
its hard to believe one veteran
from a small town in northern
Michigan has accomplished all
of this and more in his lifetime,
but thats exactly what Russell
Russ Nehmer has done.
Russ knew he was going to join
the Army more than a year before he graduated from Reed City
High School. He enlisted in the
delayed entry program in April
1987 and graduated from high
school in 1988.
He was someone who knew
right away in high school thats
something he wanted to do,
said Aaron Pruitt, a high school
friend of Russ.
Russ interest in the military
came from knowing his grandfather was a World War II veteran
and talking with his friends who
were going into the military.
After taking his Armed Services
Vocational Aptitude Battery
test, he met with a recruiter to
discuss his options. Thats when
he saw a video of the airborne
I was like Wow. I want to do
that, And he was like, You dont
want to go be a police officer in
the military? Or you dont want
to go in and be and officer? Russ
said, explaining that he had a
high score ASVAB test. I was
like No. I want to do that.
For some, including Russ
parents, his joining the military
came as a surprise and concern.
It was concerning because
of everything that was going on
at the time, said Jack Nehmer,
Russ dad.
I was an honor student, I
was good in sports. I was the

Russ Nehmers football picture his senior year of high school in 1987.
all-around kid that was in the
church choir, an Eagle Scout. I
was that kid, Russ said. I had
several sports scholarships
baseball and football. I had a music and arts scholarship as well.
But, Russ gave those opportunities up to become a paratrooper in the Army.
At the end of 1988, amidst tensions in Europe, Russ was stationed in Germany.
We were always told to be

Honoring all who served...

Courtesy photo

worried about the spies because

there were groups that were going around and they were looking to capture Americans and
gather information, Russ said.
He explained that on the occasions when he would go off base,
he was told to be on the lookout
to see if he was followed and
to check the vehicle after coming out of a club or restaurant
to make sure nothing had been

those who
defend our

We deliver memories...
910 S. Mitchell St.
Cadillac Michigan

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A Salute
To Those Who
Have Served!

We honor and give thanks to all

veterans who served and sacrificed
to ensure our freedom.


Midtown proudly honors

WWII 10th Mountain
Division Veteran,
Lawrence Johnson,
and all service men
and women who have
sacrificed for our
Countrys FREEDOM!

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Honoring Our
Brave Veterans
As our Armed Forces fight to protect our freedom abroad, were
reminded of the sacrifice made by so many brave soldiers before them.
On Veterans Day, we pause to recognize and thank all of the
veterans who have served our country. We are eternally grateful for
their dedication and service.

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veterans and military personnel.
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cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected | THURSDAY, November 10, 2016

From Germany to Desert Storm to NFL Europe

In November 1989 things
changed in Berlin and Russ
was on one of the towers of
the Berlin Wall as it was being torn down. Across from
him on another tower was
an East German soldier.

We were told if East

German soldiers started
shooting on the crowd, we
were supposed to take them
out, Russ said. As soon
as the gate came up, I was
watching this guy and I

looked down at the crowd

for a second and I looked
back up and I didnt see
him. I looked for him and
couldnt see him and then
saw he was climbing down
the tower. He had taken his
Courtesy photo

In this 2009
photo, Russ
looks out
the back of
a plane for
a landing
zone prior
to jumping.

jacket off and had left his

weapon up there. He started
kissing the women and
dancing with them. You
could tell he didnt want to
be part of it.
After the wall came down,
Russ stayed in Germany
until he was sent to Iraq
for Desert Storm. When
his four-year term with the
Army was up in July 1992,
Russ stayed in Germany
and served in the reserves
until 1998. During that time,
he played semi-pro football
with the Luxembourg Lions and won a championship with them in 1993.
In 1995, Russ began attending the University of
Stirling in Germany. He
played football on their
team and was selected for
the British Collegiate AllStar Team and the British
University All-Star Team.
He graduated with a

bachelors degree in business and sports operations

in 1998 and was offered a
job as assistant commissioner and tournament coordinator for the European
Federation of American
Football, which led to a job
as operation manager for
NFL Europe in 2000.
Then in January 2004,
while organizing his fourth
World Bowl, Russ got
news that would change
the course of his life. His
cousin, who had been serving in the Army, was killed
in Iraq.
By early spring, the then
34-year-old Russ had reenlisted in the Army.
Knowing that he was in
the Army, knowing that he
had also been in the 82nd
Airborne, which I had
also been in when I first
got out of basic training,
I felt like we had a bond,

Russ said. It made me feel

like I didnt just have some
responsibility to go in and
serve my country, but because I had lost someone
personal in our family. It
wasnt just me raising my
hand and saying, Ill go
in again. I felt it was personal.
However, Russ had a wife
and daughter who were in
Germany. So, in an effort to
get stationed in Germany,
he decided he wouldnt
go back in as just a paratrooper.
I knew there were intel
units, special forces, infantry units in Germany,
Russ said. I thought, If I
go back as infantry, thats
what I still am. I thought,
What if I learn intelligence
on top of being an infantry
guy and go into special forces? And thats what I did.
See Second rocket on page 7

Shown is an East German soldier on the Berlin Wall a few days before it came down.

Join us this Veterans Day as we honor the men and women of

the U.S. Military. Their courage, hard work and sacrifice are the
backbone of our nation, protecting freedom, liberty, justice and all
we hold dear. Thank you, veterans.

We honor the members of our

armed forces who served and
made the ultimate sacrifice.

We Remember and Honor Your Service

Their courage and dedication

will always be remembered.

November is Free Admission

Month for All Veterans

Creating Beautiful Memorials For Over A Century
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to all who have served
our great nation.
Thank you for your
courage, sacrifice
and dedication.
Thank you
for our Freedom.
God bless you all,
the Falmouth Co-op.





Courtesy photo

The Wall A Salute to Our Veterans by local artistShannon Nelson

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Our Nations

is part of our permanent Military Display.

Thank you To all

who have served

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Thank You
For Your

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Thank You To all who

have served!

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On Veterans Day, we
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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget

that the highest appreciation is not to utter words,
but to live them - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Then join hand in hand,

brave Americans all!
By uniting we stand
by dividing we fall.
~ John Dickinson

We salute veterans & soldiers!

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A park where
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come and be with
other Veterans
and make new

Honoring All Who Served

Thank you Veterans!

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THURSDAY, November 10, 2016 |

Sometimes I didnt think

I would live through this
By Mardi Suhs
Cadillac News


graduated from Traverse City
Central High School in 1950.
That summer, the United
States entered the Korean War
after North Korea, controlled
by the Russians, invaded

South Korea, controlled by the

United States.
Rennie joined the Marine
Corps in February 1951 and after boot camp was selected for
advanced infantry training.
He arrived in Korea on Sept.
13, 1950 during the Battle of
Heartbreak Ridge.
Heartbreak Ridge was an

775-NEWS (6397)

cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected

Army fight, he said. The

ridge was connected to the
Punchbowl, it was the same area. We had our fight at Punchbowl. They wanted us replacements in a hurry. They didnt
waste time. We were thrown
right into it and we were taking casualties in a hurry.
See Combat on page 88

Don Rennie
as he
in his 1950
Corps training photo,
middle row
far right.

I dont remember the

second rocket coming in
bat while in Afghanistans
Wardak Province.
We were getting atThere were those who
said, Russ, youve already tacked by about 40 to 50 inserved your country. One surgents. They were about
a half mile outside the base
of those people was the
and they were starting to
man who recruited Russ
mount an attack and then
the first time he enlisted.
He was at the Military En- the first thing I remember
is the first rocket coming
trance Processing Station
when Russ was completing in, Russ explained. The
first rocket hit the fuel
his enlistment process.
point behind me and it
Russ said, He looked
blew up and then I climbed
at the name and was like,
up on a M-RAP vehicle.
Russell Nehmer and he
Its a protective vehicle ...
looks at me and he looks
I was up on top where the
at the paperwork and he
gun was and I was trying to
was like, I know you and
I said, I know you, too. He see over the barrier where
was like, I already put you these guys were and where
they were shooting from so
in the Army.
After Russ explained why I could call. I dont remember the second (rocket)
he was going back in, the
two took a picture together coming in.
The second rocket landed
and the man who sent Russ
on his way with two simple about 30 feet to Russs
right, sending him flying
words: Bless you.
Russ did two tours to the backwards.
I was top heavy and I
Middle East in the special
forces, but in October 2010 couldnt flip back over,
he was injured during com- he said. I landed on my
Continued from page 6

Saluting Our Veterans

Throughout history, at home and
overseas, theyve put their love for their
country above all else. On Veterans Day,
we proudly honor these brave men and
women for their courage, commitment
and pariotism.
To all the men and women of
the U.S. Armed Forces who have
sacrificed so much, we thank you
from the bottom of our hearts.
3080 W. 13th St., Cadillac

head and I crumpled. I remember on the impact on

my helmet straps and they
came across my face.
Now, six years later, Russ
has been through numerous surgeries to repair the
damage, but still feels the
physical and emotional
pain of his injury as he
suffers from chronic back
pain, a slight limp and Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Hes received a Bronze
Star for his service, and
mentary Schools Veterans pain, Russ said he doesnt
on Veterans Day, he will
regret re-enlisting in the
receive a Purple Heart, NA- Day Ceremony.
Despite the injury, the
TO medal and retirement
Theres nothing I would
medal at G.T. Norman Ele- surgeries and chronic
change in my life. Ive lived
a good life ... I regret someWhitetail Realty would like to give a
times that theres maybe
special thanks to their office assistant

Rebekah Oates

Thank You For Your Service!


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We Salute
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Time may hide the sadness,

Smiles may hide the tears,
But memories last forever,
Despite the passing years.
In memory of William Warren Sr. 1918-2000
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Remember the Brave

Give Thanks to Americas Heroes!


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The True Up North

We thank our active and retired military
personnel for their courageous service
to the armed forces.
As a token of our appreciation to all the heroes out there, we
are offering a 20% discount off our regular room rates
throughout the year!

Our thanks to
all those who have
served in our
nations armed forces.
~ Ron Neal, Veteran | (231) 775-9947

It is our pleasure
and our privilege to
serve and salute our
local veterans. To the
men and women in
our community and
around the country
who have sacrificed to
protect our freedom,
we thank you greatly
for your service.

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more things that I would

have done if I would have
just done them. Just live
your life while youve got
the chance because thats
what Im doing now is just
living my life.

Whitetail Realty

Happy Veterans Day!

All Of Us At Godfrey
Thank Our Vets
For Their Service.

2015, Russ
recovers in a
after getting some
taken out
in 2015.
He had
an infection and
in the
for three

Army National Guard

Intel Analyst Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Served 2009-2015

Brooks Trading Post

Honoring Our Veterans . . .

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you for serving our

counTry and proTecTing our

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Thank you to all

service men &
women for your
great sacrifice for
our country

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Honoring our
veterans Past and
present thank you
for your service

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cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected | THURSDAY, November 10, 2016

Marine Corps vet recalls

Korean War infantry
combat assignment
Rennie spent about a year of
front-line combat in Korea.
I was there for the second
During the month-long battle,
winter, he explained. The first
an estimated 25,000 North Koreans and Chinese died. According winter was terrible, the coldest winter ever on record and
to sources, allied casualties tothe troops didnt have the right
taled 6,074 with 4,707 wounded.
Rennie was in the First Marine equipment, we lost a lot of guys
to frostbite.
Division, 7th Regiment, 3rd BatRennie views his year of sertalion, on the front lines assigned
vice in Korea with gratitude,
to a heavy machine gun squad
noting that the first year also
with eight men.
included the Battle of Chosin
I was the low man, he said.
Our job was to provide cover for Reservoir in November and December 1950.
the troops down in front of us. I
That first winter, they went
sat up on a hill. When I first got
north to the Chosin Reservoir, it
there it was the wildest time. In
was freezing, and they got cut off
that situation, most of the time
up there when the Chinese decidyou would push, we were going
ed to enter the war. The Marine
through a big push, trying to
push the North Korean army off Corps had to fight their way out.
the edge of the map. There was a It was tough and they didnt have
big push to take certain sections cold weather gear. A lot of guys
lost limbs. It was a tough time,
of the hills. For the first two to
three weeks we took a lot of hills probably the worst time, and I
missed that.
... then you would dig in and try
After the Punchbowl victory,
to hold it. Sometimes I didnt
there were times of cease-fires
sleep at all. I can remember goand peace talks.
ing two and three days without
They knew we had enough
food or sleep. There were times I
didnt think I would live through power and force to beat them,
this ... we were sitting on the sec- he said. So they wanted to talk.
We would have taken the whole
ond hill completely surrounded
country and they wanted to
and cut off and Im guessing
there were about 40 of us. We had avoid that. There were times in
to hold that hill. They sent some between when it was almost like
attacks up that werent effective, trench warfare.
Rennie, 85, is an avid reader
we were dug in.
and has gone through stacks of
That was just the first month.
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Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News

Don Rennie is surrounded by books on the history of warfare in his home in Cadillac. Rennie is a Marine Corps veteran of
the Korean War.
books on the history of warfare.
Volumes have been written,
stating that this was the first war
where we were not allowed to
win, he said. We had enough
power and force to beat them.
During his time in combat,
Rennie took some shrapnel hits,
fell off a hill in the dark, and had
one close call that he cant forget.
It happened one winter night
when he was standing watch on
a machine gun. They were under
mortar attack, but the mortars
werent landing very close so he
wasnt paying much attention.
Then he heard the poof-poof

sound of a mortar being fired.

Something said to me, it was
almost like a voice, I heard a
voice telling me to get down in
the bunker, he recalled. Seconds later the mortar landed
close to where I was standing and
went off. I wasnt there. The guys
came running up, they figured
they would find me splattered.
After that, I gave some serious
thought to divine intervention. I
never forgot.
On the ship home, Rennie
searched for the buddies that
shipped over to Korea with him.
I figured Id see everybody,

For all that you are and all that youve given
to our country, we salute you, veterans.
Your service and your sacrifice
will always be remembered.

117 W. Main St., Manton

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A Special
Thank You To All Service
Men & Women

Printing for our Community

Since 1921

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With our
thank you for
your service
& Sacrifice

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Thank you Veterans!

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To all those that have served or

are serving now...Thank You
On Veterans Day, we remember the brave men & women
who fought to protect our countrys freedoms
at home & overseas.




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he said. Then reality hit as I

asked around. I also lost a few
from my platoon, I found out the
friend that enlisted with me, he
was wounded badly, it was six
months later. I didnt even know
about it.
After the service, Rennie married his high school sweetheart,
Marie, and graduated from
Michigan State University. In
1963, Rennie moved to Cadillac
to manage the new wastewater
treatment plant and later, managed the utilities department
until he retired. He is an avid
runner and cyclist.

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Lake City Family Dentistry

salutes the men and women
who have served or are serving
in the U.S. Armed Forces.
Thank you for the time you have
given protecting our freedom
and making this country great.

We salute and remember those

who have served & presently serve for
their courage, dedication and sacrifices.
Thank you for protecting & ensuring our freedoms.

Ceramic Memories
13997 US-10 Hersey 231-832-5141

We can never repay the

debt of gratitude owed
to our nations veterans.
Thanks for your service
and a job well done!


108 N. Mitchell St. Downtown Cadillac (231) 775-8200

Honoring the Best

& the Bravest
For their courage, hard work and dedication
to their country, we salute the men and
women of our Armed Forces past and
present. It is because of their sacrifice that
America remains the land of the free, and
we thank them for protecting our citizens
and our country.
Wishing all of our veterans and
soldiers a very happy Veterans Day.

Lake City

Susan Vignola, D.D.S.

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THURSDAY, November 10, 2016 |

cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected

A match made
in the military
Army, Marine officers fall in love,
continue to serve country for 5 years
By Gabrielle Haiderer
Cadillac News

Danielle and Ryan Engle

are one of those couples
you see and can instantly
tell that they are in love;
you see it in their eyes,
hear it in the way they
tease each other and can
almost feel it in the air
when the two talk about
how they first met.
Danielle was a military
intelligence officer in the
Army, and Ryan was an
infantry officer in the Marine Corps.
After being connected
through a mutual friend,
the couple chatted on Facebook for two weeks while
Ryan, who was stationed
in Quantico, Virginia, was
home in Reed City visiting
family during the Crossroads Festival. Danielle
was on leave at home in
Fredericksburg, Virginia.
When Ryan got back to
Virginia, they met up and
went on their first date in
August 2008.
My dashing good looks
and charm are what she
couldnt resist. That or she
felt sorry for me, Ryan
said with a laugh.
They met at Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner
then went to see the movie
Tropic Thunder.
I put on my cool gold

watch that I never wore

I dont even think it
worked, Ryan remembered.
Laughing at her husband, Danielle added, It
was laundry day for me so
I was in like shorts and a
It didnt matter that
Ryans watch may not
have worked, or that Danielle was in shorts and a
T-shirt. The two started
unofficially dating. The
unofficial part didnt last
long, though. Ryan invited
Danielle to Reed City to
spend Christmas with his
family. While up here, the
two went to a casino with
Ryans brothers.
That was when he asked
if we could make it official, if I would be his girlfriend, Danielle said with
a heart-melting smile.
As one can probably
imagine, dating while they
were both in the military
and in different branches came with challenges.
Shortly after their first
date, Danielle was stationed in Richmond, Virginia and Ryan was moved
to Camp Lejeune in North
Carolina; not long after,
Danielle moved to Fort
Rucker, Alabama.
Wed meet in Atlanta
or Savannah or Augusta
(Georgia) when there was a

Because the
memory will
live forever.

Danielle and Ryan Engle stand in their home in Chase with their two sons, Silas, 1, and Eli, 3.
long weekend, Ryan said.
Then, in early 2010, Ryan
deployed to Afghanistan.
We were in an area
where there wasnt really a
U.S. infrastructure yet; so
we had like one phone for
150 people. So, wed write
each other. Youll get that
on your bigger jobs, Ryan

The unit Danielle was
with was an aviation unit
and they asked her if shed
like to go to flight school
so she could stay with the
unit and continue to progress in rank, so she became
a black hawk pilot.
See Challenges on page 10

Belle Oakes
Living Center

Gabrielle Haiderer | Cadillac News

Cadillac Plant


2353 S. LaChance Road Lake City, MI 49651 231-779-4671

Esther Nederhood, R.N., Owner

is proud to wish salutations to

our wonderful veterans:
Lloyd Robinson -Army
Keith Davenport- Navy
Roger Loeks- Army
Ted Agema -Army
Gerald Kelly -Navy
Vernon Baldwin- Army
Lyle Rose- Navy
Clare Bartholomew- Air Force
Howard Alexander- Army Corps of Engineers
Carl Patterson-Army

Thank you from the bottom

of our hearts for your service.

Over the past

year, we have
had the
privilege of
serving the
families of
veterans of
foreign wars.

Skilled Nursing Care & Rehabilitation

In recognition
of the service these veterans
rendered to their country,
we would like to show our
appreciation this Veterans Day.
In memory of their lives and
their service.


205 E. Cass St., Cadillac, Michigan 49601
Ross C. Meyering, Manager
Megan Meyering-Brinks, Director

would like to honor our veterans

past, present, and future:
Harold Bird - Navy
Joel Briggs - Air Force
Clarence Clements - Air Force
Lewis Crawford - Army
Ralph Cross - Navy
Stanley Gregory - Air Force
Peter Skraba - Army
Vasco Souto _ Air Force
David Walker - Air Force
Robert, Bartholomew - Air Force
Merle Pluger - Army
Frank Barthel - Army
Lawrence Wierda - Air Force
Jerry Yonkman - Navy

Thank you for your service

to our nation. We salute you!
220 Hughston St., McBain

They are our family, friends and

neighbors; everyday citizens, yet
so much more. They are the brave
men and women who have put
their lives at risk to protect and
serve our country in war. Time and
again, our countrys veterans have
been on the front lines in defense
of our freedom.
On Veterans Day, we take this
opportunity to say thank you to the
brave souls who have served in
battle for our Armed Forces.

A worlds first: Clinically

proven better than normal
less effort.*

South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac

Remembering Those Who Served

This Veterans Day, we honor and give
thanks to all veterans who served and
sacrificed to ensure our freedom.
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all day long and in every situation.

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Copyright 2016 Sivantos, Inc. All rights reserved. Sivantos, Inc. is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG. 2/16 D-7377

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231-775-9398 or toll-free 877-775-9398

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cadillac news | Trusted. Local. Connected | THURSDAY, November 10, 2016

Delta Force
veteran brings
to local

challenges for
married couple

By Mardi Suhs
Cadillac News

CADILLAC Some people

enlist in the military to land
a job. Some enlist for college
But Wayne Scheurer wanted
Mardi Suhs | Cadillac News
adventure. He found it when
Sgt. Major Wayne A. Scheurer, US Army (Ret) is the Strategic Programs Manager at Avon Protection.
he became an Army Ranger
defense programs to meet those tory protection inside and out.
and later, as a member of the
He also served in Operations
You could say hes our resident
Armys 1st Special Forces OpDesert Shield/Storm and Iraqi
After the North Dakota native expert on the subject matter.
erational Detachment, know
According to Hamner, what
His eight-page resume details retired from the military, his
as Delta Force, a special
a distinguished military career, expertise attracted multiple job Scheurer did for the military, he
missions unit focused on the
now does for Avon, referring to
offers. But the career that was
including 20 years as a Chemicounter-terrorism mission.
research and development for
the perfect fit was with Avon
cal, Biological, Radiological,
He spent 21 years on active
Protection, where he is the Stra- gas masks, filters, and respiraand Nuclear Specialist.
duty and retired in 2004 with
tory protection product lines.
tegic Programs Manager.
Ive been directly involved
the rank of Sgt. Major.
His qualifications are really
Avon Protection Systems has
with Special Operations and
I was on jump status all 21
the global counter-proliferation a contract from the U.S. Depart- unique, Hamner added. For
years, he explained. All but
us to be able to add him to the
mission, both domestically and ment of Defense to produce
one jump was training for real
team when we did was really
their M-50 mask systems, a
abroad, his resume states.
world tactical operations.
beneficial for Cadillac and the
With his years of training and CBRN mask developed to proHe loved parachute jumping,
vide respiratory tract, head and company.
expertise in CBRN, Scheurer
including military free-fall or
This job is the perfect fit,
neck protection for the operator
has not only trained others,
HALO, (military high altitude
he said. I needed to stay active
from multiple threats, chemihe has also been involved in
low opening).
cal warfare agents, radioactive and work in my area of experthe research, development and
Imagine jumping out of a
tise. I continue to work with my
dusts, biological threats and
testing of chemical defense
plane at 29,000-plus feet with
brethren in the military, travel
equipment programs, including a range of toxic industrial
combat equipment and oxyfrequently and get to live in the
chemicals. The company also
gen, he said with the hint of a chemical suits, decontaminanorth.
manufactures the M-53 mask,
smile.You free fall a long time. tion systems, hydration sysScheurer keeps his adrenaspecifically designed for special
tems, voice amplifiers, protecYou can fly and move. During
line addiction alive with hoboperations forces.
tive masks, and other devices
daylight, you can move and
bies and his passion for the outI dont know a lot about his
used by Special Operations
do formations. At night you
doors, as demonstrated by his
experience in Desert Storm,
just fall, watch your altimeter,
frequent trips to Alaska to hunt
said Mike Hamner, vice presiI worked with defense conwatch out for other jumpers,
and fish with family friends.
dent of Avon Protection. Hes
tractors in product developwaiting for the pull.
This years trip produced a
Scheurer made a Combat stat- ment, he said. We had unique quiet on that. But the breadth
59-inch bull moose and a mounoperational requirements so we of knowledge he brings ... he
ic line jump at 500 feet during
tain caribou.
knows gas masks and respiraleveraged other development
the 1989
of Panama.


When Ryan came back, he was

stationed in Massachusetts, and
Danielle was moved to Nebraska
for training before she deployed
to Iraq in 2011.
The couple came through
those challenges, though, understanding that came with
being in the military. Ryan and
Danielle had both known from
a young age that they wanted to
serve their country in the armed
I guess I always wanted to be
in the military, from a young age,
and always wanted to be in the
Marines, wanted to wear armor
and fight dragons, Ryan said.
So, after a year at a military
prep school after high school,
Ryan went to the U.S. Naval
Academy and became commissioned as an infantry officer for
the Marines.
Danielles mother was an
Army nurse, which prompted
Danielle to be interested in the
military from a young age as
well. During her junior year
of high school Danielle began
looking at service academies
but instead elected to do Reserve
Officers Training Corps at the
University of Virginia.
Danielle and Ryan both served
in the military for about a year
before they met, and served for
another five after meeting. In
August 2012, they were married
and in 2013, Danielle became
pregnant with their first son; the
two decided it was time to get
out of the military.
It was time to move on to the
family life, Ryan said.
Ryan now works for the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency
and Danielle is the athletic
director secretary for Reed City
High School. The couple lives
in Chase with their two sons,
3-year-old Eli and 1-year-old


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Coast Guard

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Air Force

we stand united in remembering
the men and women Army
our Armed
Forces who gave their lives in the line of duty. Their dedication to this country
and the preservation of our freedom has earned them a place
in history
in our hearts. We are forever grateful to these soldiers for their courage, their
strength and their sacrifice. We will never forget.Marines

salute these fallen veterans and all the brave
Americans of our military who have served and
continue to serve in defense of our freedom.



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