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PIAND~ CONDUCTOR RENT ANOTHER DAY [5 “Rasa, Mint, TRS) 3 s 7 J aus) D r . Ble’ | Fim GPa (PRD 3 az) —s 64) s) (ROGER: 2 Wo DO You THINK You ARE? BAR-GING IN oN Dis) Chuo) Diwea choy | wo ME AND MY_GU-TAR— — LIT-TLE GIRL HEY = THE DOOR /S THAT WAY Dhoy Cw Fo) Gti 9 Aen} DPiued cd a 4 You BET-TER G0 You. ev Fi- RES OUT. AN: ¥- WAY TARE THE Pow-DER F wo) Guy ab 98 Astee® cnn $- B559- 802/96 ae 2. ANOTHER DAY Roger I, 1b iy TAKE YOUR CAN -DLE Your SWEET WMSPER I TUST CANT IAN-DLE Mab Bhon? AYep (88.94) ao ~ WELL TAKE YOUR HAR INTHE MOON LIGHT YOUR BROWN EYES. Good- Wey ote -avE — GooDd— Ge ab 26, 4 44 2s, T SHOWDTELL_ You 7 SHOULD TEL You Shout TELL. You I SHoULD-- no! > ng th ea! Asten® ene ale g ANSTHER DAY QD vover 0 AN- OTHER TIME AN-OTH-ER PLACE OUI TEMA TURE WUD. CLIMB é ab 33 ‘Ment BE ALONG EM- BeAE_ WED D0 AN-OTH-ER DANCE. 1D BE AN-OTH-ER FLAY Pe @ e ab vo ¢ a, as 36. "Lookin for RO-MANLE. COME BACK ANOTM-ER DAY Ae a ge eb 38 AN-OTH-ER = DAY Brim? cae ele 4 ANOTHER DAY mm THE HEART MAY Feeeze —__-__ oR IP can (P80) Em. Bm, Dee THE PAIN We EASE —___ Ter Can LEARN —__ THERE 18 NO Dew| D THERE IS NO PAST Batec® ce ple x ANOTHER DAY Mimi a TE Lwé THS Mo-meénT AS —____ MY LAST. us THERES = ON* oy OR LIFE IS Yours TO Asie cum me ale 6 ANOTHER DAY Mimi 6 0 No DAY Bur 0-DAY the? Spt f gh é @ ROGER: EG CUSE ME IF I'M OFF TRACK Bur IF YodRE So WISE _THENTELL ME Pio 3) C2 Guo 3) DP we) cen) pees) oie ( 6 Ga) Ib _ 7 iN WHY DO YoU-NEED. Smack — Take YouR NEE- DLE TAKE YOUR FAd-CY PRAYER Mey Food Glew AP fo — AMD DONT FORLET Take THE MOOL-LIGAT OUT _ OE Yocle HAIR = Law A- 60 You MiGHT VE e Mop Ae 103 Barve? cae ele 1 ANITHER DAY Roger 8u a 82 ir up My deer. Bur tn€ — Fr RES = DEAD AT NE-VER WG Die (83.84) 8 a €- VER GON-NA CTART qe ab AN-OTH-ER TIME AN-ord-E@ PLACE THE WORDS WOULD OW-LY RHYME eb vp @ eb a) # Ik DSING AN-OTH-ER WAY WED BE im OUTER Sena ITD BE an-oTH-ée LONG eb] eP Ae Dp ¢ ae @ p 104 Asie? cnt ale. & ANOTHER DAY a Roger 43 4 You WANT 7 PROVE ME WRONG come AN. arte aad. ve 4b ee 9 Ax- ont ER DAY Bare® coe ple 7 @. ANOTHER DAY ior, gm ia > NIGHT tn?” B/pte 108, me £6 AL = wuars_ een uw ES Ms. Bur 70-day 106 Aater® cnn ple. 10. ANOTHER. DAY ® MIMI + OTHERS) 5° Mo x Ca’e LON TROL ROGER CON~ TROL YOR TEM- PER SHE DOES- wr 13 tas ae aS rRusr MY my says THAT THERES A 107 aiec® cnn ple. W. ANOTHER DAY M+: JUST LET ME BE Gove) Git THERES =an- Ly THINK You ARE? > Aliph Gtpb 7 ay Bb BAR: 6ING- IN Bur Te Bb? a ae 108 Aaver® cu ele 1d Ano THER. DAY ps 34 1 He MeO: ie LIT-TLE GIR, THE Doo 1S THAT WAY. Aye" Ghne | Alps gb as Tv Tv ay Ws bik ae oo No DAY = Bur TO-DAY THE FrRES OUR AN-¥- loo) pb TAKE THE Pow-DER. TAKE THE CANDLE Baie cue ale “3 ANoTHER DAY 15D Isc 132 Meo: — €: F TAKE YOUR BROWN EVES Youe. ol 4 4 Is Ist ise PRETTY SMILEY § It: KOU- ETE —__ Sure DP Yep ue a pe 17 st No DAY__ — > = OTH ER TIME, A OTHER An OTHER RIE, A LIAM EM Brace —__ Dp ae dl [cs ! dome? cnt ale Jt, ANOTHER Day 19 @ 2 oe ——— ts i fr rit T0- DAY AN OTHER DANCE ANOTHER WAY AN- OT ER CHANGE, A= pb lm. Foie) Gwe) No Day Bur