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Updated July 2019

Tom Parr
Curriculum Vitae

Department of Government ++44 (0)7816 628 863

University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park
Colchester CO4 3SQ

2015-19 Lecturer in Political Theory,
Department of Government, University of Essex.
2019- Assistant Professor in Political Theory,
Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick.

2018 Campus Visitor,
School of Philosophy, Australian National University.
2018-19 Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellow,
University Center for Human Values, Princeton University.
2020 Guest Professor,
Department of Philosophy, University of Graz

2008-11 B.A. (with First Class Honours) in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics,
University of Warwick.
2011-12 M.Sc. (with Distinction) in Political Theory Research,
Brasenose College, University of Oxford.
2014 Visiting Student in the Department of Law,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
2012-16 Ph.D. in Politics and International Studies,
University of Warwick.

Books & Monographs
1. Introducing Political Philosophy: A Policy-First Approach (co-authored with
Will Abel, Elizabeth Kahn, and Andrew Walton), under contract with
Oxford University Press (expected 2020).

Journal Articles
1. ‘Harmless Discrimination’ (co-authored with Adam Slavny), Legal Theory,
21 (2015), 100-114.
------ Reply by Richard Arneson, ‘Discrimination and Harm’ in Kasper Lippert-
Rasmussen (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of the Ethics of Discrimination (London:
Routledge, 2017).

Updated July 2019

2. ‘On the Moral Taintedness of Benefiting from Injustice’, Ethical Theory and
Moral Practice, 19 (2016), 985-997.
3. ‘How to Identify Disadvantage: Taking the Envy Test Seriously’, Political
Studies, 66 (2018), 306-322.
4. ‘Distributions and Relations: A Hybrid Account’ (co-authored with Andres
Moles), Political Studies, 67 (2019), 132-148.
5. ‘Revisiting Harmless Discrimination’, Philosophia (Online First).
6. ‘What’s Wrong with Risk?’ (co-authored with Adam Slavny), Thought, 8
(2019), 76-85.
7. ‘Rescuing Basic Equality’ (co-authored with Adam Slavny), Pacific
Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming).

Book Chapters
1. ‘From Philanthropism to Philanthropists’, in Behrooz Morvaridi (ed.),
Philanthropy and Social Justice: Debating the Conceptual and Policy Discourse
(Bristol: Policy Press, 2015), 65-78.

Edited Journal Special Issues

1. ‘Symposium on Julie Rose’s Free Time: An Introduction’, Law, Ethics &
Philosophy, 5 (2017), 30-31. Special issue includes contributions from
Robert E. Goodin, Desiree Lim, Jeppe von Platz, Lucas Stanczyk, and
Rosa Terlazzo, as well as a precis and a reply by Julie Rose.

Encyclopedia Entries
1. ‘Publicity’ (co-authored with Axel Gosseries), Stanford Encyclopedia of
Philosophy (Fall 2017 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.),
2. ‘Dworkin, Ronald’, International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Hugh LaFollette
(ed.), (forthcoming).

Book Reviews and Media Pieces

1. ‘Race, Rioting, and Civil Disobedience’ (co-authored with Kimberley
Brownlee), The Critique, March 17th 2015.
2. Daniel Engster’s Justice, Care, and the Welfare State, Romanian Journal of
Society and Politics, 11 (2016), 77-79.

 The Future of Work: Labour Markets, Technology, and Social Justice, under contract
with Oxford University Press.
 ‘Automation, Unemployment, and Taxation’.
 ‘Work Hours and Free Time’.

Axel Gosseries authored the original entry, which was first published in 2005. I was responsible for
substantial revisions to the entry, which included re-writing section 3 on ‘Rawls on Public Reason and
Public Rules’.

Updated July 2019

 ‘Enforcing Social Norms: The Morality of Public Shaming’ (co-authored with

Paul Billingham).
 ‘Online Public Shaming: Virtues and Vices’ (co-authored with Paul Billingham).
 ‘Justice for Millionaires?’ (co-authored with David Axelsen and James


2012-15 ESRC Doctoral Studentship, University of Warwick.
2014 Best Graduate Student Submission, Runner-Up, 2nd Annual Oxford
Studies Workshop in Political Philosophy.
2015 Mind Association Minor Conference Grant for a conference on John
Oberdiek’s Imposing Risk (£500).
2016 Society for Applied Philosophy Event Funding for a conference on Simon
Caney’s On Cosmopolitanism (£1,000).
2016 ESRC IAA Impact Engagement Fund (with Ismene Gizelis) for a film
screening of A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Peacekeepers (£1,975).
2017 Celebrating Excellence Award,
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Essex.
2017 European Commission Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Grant for a research visit
to PUCP, Lima, Peru (£1,700).
2017-18 British Academy Small Research Grant (with David Axelsen and James
Christensen) for a project on Justice for Millionaires? (£9,415).
2018-19 Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellowship, University Center for
Human Values, Princeton University.
2019 CEU Summer School Funding (with Andres Moles) for a one-week course
on ‘The Morality of Discrimination’ (€8,000).
2019-20 Center for Ethics & Education Research Grant for a project on ‘Parenting,
Education, and The Future of Work’ ($21,240).

Keynote Addresses
1. ‘The Future of Unemployment’, Bank of England’s Chief Economists’
Workshop, London, May 2018. Lecture slides available here.

Invited Talks
1. ‘Nudging and Political Manipulation’, Social Ethics Research Seminar,
University of Newport, March 2014.
2. ‘Taking the Envy Test Seriously: On How to Identify Disadvantage’,
Newcastle Ethics, Law, and Political Philosophy, Newcastle University,
April 2015.
3. ‘Betting Against the Job Market’, Workshop on ‘Justice and Work’,
University of Manchester, June 2015.
4. ‘Distributive and Social Equality’, Workshop on ‘Equality and its Critics’,
LSE, December 2015.

Updated July 2019

5. ‘Justice, Publicity, and Community’, Aarhus-Louvain Workshop, Aarhus

University, Denmark, January 2016.
6. ‘Rescuing Basic Equality’ (co-presented with Adam Slavny), Legal and
Political Theory Seminar, UCL, February 2016.
7. ‘Betting Against Jobs’, Workshop on ‘Economics Liberties, Human
Fulfillment, and Human Rights’, University of Arizona, USA, March
8. ‘The Wrongness of Discrimination: A Defence of Pluralism’, Academy of
Science, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2016.
9. ‘Rescuing Basic Equality’ (co-presented with Adam Slavny), Centre for
Ethics, Law and Public Affairs, University of Warwick, May 2016.
10. ‘The Wrongness of Pure Risk’ (co-presented with Adam Slavny),
Workshop on ‘Justice and Risk’, Nuffield College, University of Oxford,
July 2016.
11. ‘The Future of Unemployment’, Political Philosophy Seminar, LSE,
September 2017.
12. ‘Social Justice, Democracy, and Publicity’, Interview with Ciro Alegria,
PUCP, Lima, Peru, November 2017.
13. ‘Designing Parental Leave Schemes’, Workshop on ‘Justice and Markets’,
Aarhus University, Denmark, January 2018.
14. ‘Vegetarianism: Moving Beyond the Standard Case’, Moral Philosophy
Seminar, University of Oxford, February 2018.
15. ‘Parenting and the Labour Market’, Family Justice Seminar, Universitat
Pompeu Fabra, Spain, April 2018.
16. ‘The Future of Unemployment’, Political and Legal Theory Seminar,
University of Bristol, April 2018.
17. ‘Justice for Millionaires’ (co-presented with David Axelsen and James
Christensen), POLEMO Seminar, Central European University, Budapest,
Hungary, May 2018.
18. ‘Parenting and the Labour Market’, Bucharest Centre for Political Theory,
University of Bucharest, Romania, May 2018.
19. ‘Automation, Unemployment, and Taxation’, Department of Political
Studies Seminar, University of Auckland, New Zealand, July 2018.
20. ‘Automation, Unemployment, and Taxation’, Moral, Social, and Political
Theory Workshop, Australian National University, Australia, August
21. ‘Automation, Unemployment, and Taxation’, Centre for Global Ethics &
Politics, City University of New York, USA, September 2018.
22. ‘Workplace Accommodation Policies and the Gendered Distribution of
Labour’, Guest Lecture for ‘Contemporary Political Thought’,
Northeastern University, Boston, USA, October 2018.
23. ‘The Rat Race, Overemployment, and Work Hours’, Ottawa Research
Network in Political Thought, University of Ottawa, Canada, November

Updated July 2019

24. ‘Automation, Unemployment, and Taxation’, Queen’s Political

Philosophy Reading Group, Queen’s University, Canada, November 2018.
25. ‘The Rat Race, Overemployment, and Work Hours’, Philosophy
Colloquium, Queen’s University, Canada, November 2018.
26. ‘Automation, Unemployment, and Taxation’, Economic and Distributive
Justice Seminar, Harvard University, February 2019.
27. ‘Work Hours and The Right to Free Time’, Value Theory Reading Group,
Rutgers University, February 2019.
28. ‘Automation, Unemployment, and Taxation’, Laurance S. Rockefeller
Fellows’ Lunch Seminar, University Center for Human Values, Princeton
University, February 2019.
29. ‘On Private Discrimination’, Ethics@Noon Seminar, University of
Toronto, Canada, March 2019.
30. ‘On Private Discrimination’, POLETH Seminar, Mora Institute, Mexico
City, Mexico, March 2019.
31. ‘Work Hours and Free Time’, Workshop on ‘New Directions in Social
Justice Theorizing’, University of California, San Diego, USA, May 2019.
32. ‘TBC’, Department of Philosophy, Ashoka University, India, December
33. ‘TBC’, 8th Annual Oxford Studies Workshop in Political Philosophy,
Oxford, May 2020.

Replies & Commentaries

1. Dani Attas, ‘Terms of Trust’, 2nd Annual Oxford Studies Workshop in
Political Philosophy, University of Missouri, USA, September 2014.
2. Jessica Begon and Andrew Williams, Conference on ‘Disadvantage and
the Welfare State’, University of Glasgow, April 2015.
3. David Estlund, Utopophobia, University of Warwick, February 2016.
4. Zoltan Miklosi, ‘Varieties of Relational Egalitarianism’, 4th Annual Oxford
Studies Workshop in Political Philosophy, Universitat Pompeu Fabra,
Spain, June 2016.
5. Kimberley Brownlee, No Entry: The Evils of Social Deprivation, University of
Warwick, September 2016.
6. Simon Caney, On Cosmopolitanism, University of Essex, November 2016
(co-presented with David Axelsen).
7. John Oberdiek, Imposing Risk, University of Warwick, November 2016 (co-
presented with Adam Slavny).
8. Stephen White, ‘Self-Prediction in Practical Reasoning: Its Role and
Limits’, Laurance S. Rockefeller Fellows’ Lunch Seminar, University
Center for Human Values, Princeton University, November 2019.

Selected Conference Presentations

1. ‘The Unfairness of Benefiting from Injustice’, 11th Graduate Pavia
Conference in Political Philosophy, Italy, September 2013.

Updated July 2019

2. ‘Justifying the Insurance Argument’, Meetings on Ethics and Political

Philosophy, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, May 2014.
3. ‘Defending Psychological Manipulation’, Society for Applied Philosophy,
University of Oxford, June 2014.
4. ‘Taking the Envy Test Seriously’, Meetings on Ethics and Political
Philosophy, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, June 2015.
5. ‘Betting Against the Job Market’, WPSA Annual Meeting, San Diego,
USA, March 2016.
6. ‘Justice in Labour Market Design’, Panel on ‘Structural Economic Justice’
at the ECPR General Conference, Charles University, Czech Republic,
September 2016.
7. ‘Should we Shorten Prison Sentences?’, WPSA Annual Meeting,
Vancouver, Canada, April 2017.
8. ‘Justice for Millionaires?’ (co-presented with David Axelsen and James
Christensen), WPSA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA, March 2017.

1. Symposium on Simon Caney’s On Cosmopolitanism, University of Essex,
November 2016 (co-organised with James Christensen). Invited
participants: Simon Caney, David Axelsen, Elizabeth Kahn, Henry Shue,
and Laura Valentini.
2. Symposium on John Oberdiek’s Imposing Risk, University of Warwick,
November 2016 (co-organised with Adam Slavny). Invited participants:
John Oberdiek, Susanne Burri, Jeff Howard, Zofia Stemplowska, and
Victor Tadros.
3. Workshop on ‘Labour Market Injustice’, Newcastle University, December
2016 (co-organised with Elizabeth Kahn and Andrew Walton). Invited
participants: Martin O’Neill and Julie Rose.
4. Workshop on ‘Justice for Millionaires?’, University of Essex, December
2017 (co-organised with David Axelsen and James Christensen). Invited
participants: Richard Arneson, Susanne Burri, Matthew Clayton, Lorna
Finlayson, Mollie Gerver, Anca Gheaus, Anne Phillips, Tena Thau, and
Areti Theofilopoulou.
5. Summer School on ‘The Morality of Discrimination’, Central European
University, Budapest, July 2019 (co-directed with Andres Moles). Invited
participants: Rima Basu, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Andrew Mason, and
Gina Schouten.
6. Workshop on ‘Parenting and the Future of Work’, University of Warwick,
May 2020 (co-organised with Malte Jauch). Invited participants: Anca
Gheaus, Linda McClain, and Lucas Stanczyk.

Referee for: Palgrave MacMillan (USA), Polity Press, and Routledge (USA).

Updated July 2019

Referee for: Analysis | American Journal of Political Science | American Political Science
Review | Ethical Theory and Moral Practice | Ethics | Journal of Value Inquiry|
Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy | Canadian
Journal of Philosophy | Ethics & Global Politics | Journal of Applied Philosophy |
Journal of Philosophical Research | Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy |
Journal of Social Philosophy | Law and Philosophy | Law, Ethics and Philosophy
| Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics | Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy
| Philosophical Papers | Philosophical Quarterly | Philosophical Studies |
Political Research Quarterly | Political Studies| Politics, Philosophy, & Economics
| Politics | Res Publica | Review of Social Economy |Social Theory and Practice
| Southern Journal of Philosophy | Synthese | Theoria | Theory & Research in
Education |Utilitas |

2017- Advisory Board, Bucharest Centre for Political Theory.

External Reviewer for submissions to the British Society for Ethical Theory’s Annual
Conference (2018) and for Postdoctoral Scholarship applications for the Research
Institute of the University of Bucharest (2017).

2017- Malte Jauch, The Normative Case for a 20-Hour Working Week (co-supervised
with Paul Bou-Habib, University of Essex).
2019- Ida Lubben, Appearance, Discrimination, and Disadvantage (co-supervised
with Andrew Mason, University of Warwick).
2019- Peter Wilson, Social Justice and Unemployment (co-supervised with Simon
Caney, University of Warwick).

2019 Nominated for the Supervisor of the Year Award.

2016- Fellow (D2) of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

University of Warwick (2012-15)

Political Theory from Hobbes (seminar tutor, Y2).

Commendee of the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence for

Postgraduate Research Students (WATE PGR).

University of Essex (2015-18)

Principles of Social Justice (module director, Y2).
Contemporary Theories of Justice (module director, Y3).
Research Seminar in Political Theory and Methods (module co-director, PGT).
Political Theory (module co-director, PGT).
UG and PGT Thesis Supervision.

Fellow (D2) of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Updated July 2019

University of Warwick (2019-)

Political Theory from Hobbes (module co-director, Y2).
Normative Analysis (module co-director, PGT)

University of Essex
2017-18 Athena Swan Committee Member.
2016-18 Director of PGT Education.
2016-17 Task and Finish Group on Anonymous Marking.
2016-17 Student Engagement Officer.

University of Warwick
2019- Organiser of seminar series for the Centre for Ethics, Law and Public

1. Richard Arneson, University of California, San Diego.
2. Simon Caney, University of Warwick.
3. Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Aarhus University.
4. Zofia Stemplowska, University of Oxford.
5. Adam Swift, University College London.
6. Victor Tadros, University of Warwick.
7. Andrew Williams, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.