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Rewrite the following sentences using a word from the box to replace the words in bold.
e.g. He asked me to post the letter without any delay.
He asked me to post the letter immediately.



















1. His father and mother have been informed of his accident.

2. He reminded me to be on time for the meeting tomorrow.
3. The prisoner was released when he was found to be not guilty.
4. We found Mary sitting by herself in the garden.
5. He has been working without stopping since morning.
6. She told us that Mei Lan would be ready in a very short time.
7. I knocked the glass off the table by accident.
8. He is unable to read and write because he has never been to school.

9. The people watching the game cheered loudly whenever a goal was scored.
10. The captain of the team was taken ill suddenly and the match had to be put off till a
later date.
11. The doctor assured her parents that her condition was getting better and better.
12. Although we called out loudly to her, she did not hear us.
13. We watched as the train rounded the bend and went out of sight.
14. I have warned her over and over again never to go there alone.
15. He told them to lie down without making any noise until the soldiers had passed.
16. The girl became alarmed when she found that the way out was blocked.
17. We wondered how he had continued to be alive in the jungle for a month.
18. We had to go on our hands and knees as the tunnel leading out of the cave was very

Rewrite each sentence, substituting the words in bold with a word in the brackets.
e.g. We very nearly gave up waiting for him. (almost, suddenly, eventually)
We almost gave up waiting for him.

1. His family takes a holiday together now and then, (often, occasionally, seldom)
2. The headmaster will make known the names of the winners tomorrow. (publish,
present, announce)

3. The twins are very unlike both in appearance and in behaviour, (disagree, differ,
4. He asked me when the accident took Place. (occurred, expected, cleared)
5. Kim Seng asked if I could give the use of my bicycle to him for the race tomorrow.
(borrow, lend, let)
6. John leads a happy and carefree life because he is a person who always looks on the
bright side of things- (pessimist, optimist, perfectionist)
7. The new manager will not put up with any laziness from the workers (understand,
tolerate, allow)
8. I am sure most of the boys will vote for Eng Hock as captain as he is liked by
everyone in school, (likeablle, popular, friendly)
9. He told us that the mushrooms we picked this morning were fit to be eaten, (edible,
eligible, inedible)
10. The man ran into the burning house amd saved the life of the child trapped in it.
(lifted, carried, rescued)
11. 1 became quite dizzy watching the wheels going round and round, (swinging,
turning, revolving)
12. The teacher made us write again the essays we passed up yesterday, (redo, rewrite,
13. 1 felt rather angry when he refused to show us the way to Mei Ling's house,
(annoyed, amazed, astonished)
14. He refused to buy the shirt when the salesman said that he could not bring down the
price, (lower, cancel, increase)
15. 1 can carry this box without any help as it is not heavy, (small, light, large)
16. The actress was overcome by the cheering and clapping of the audience. (praise,
appreciation, applause)

17. The Minister has made known publicly that tomorrow will a holiday. (declared,
stated, published)
18. His mother often warns him not to be mixed up in any trouble. (caught, involved,

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