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Organisation name: ITC limited.

Formed on 24 august 1910 under the name of Imperial Tobacco company of India
Limited. And went public in 1954. Later on was renamed as Indian tobacco
limited in 1970.
ITC is inspired by the opportunity to serve larger national priorities. With already
existing programs such as e-choupal eco-system, afforestation, animal
husbandry, skill development etc. already being performed by ITC, we plan to
take on various new projects such as , Kaalakashi, Apka adhikaar.

What they currently have under our waste management CSR program dont help
people to earn little extra so our first innitative would be to help and make
people able to earn a little extra for their living. So under the program
Kaalakashi we are planning to help them create useful items from the waste,
craft them into a master piece and then sell them and earn some revenue. Under
this program they will be taught on measures regarding how they should price
their products and what kind of market they should target for their items etc.
For our second program for ITC what we want to offer is the people of India
especially the ones in the rural areas which have limited access to television and
newspapers is a session in which we tell them about their rights as citizen of
India. This program will have a multi fold advantages it will not only make people
aware about their rights it will also help to spread awareness faster as people
communicate more and more. Hence for this scheme word of mouth promotion
will not be a problem. If someone gets benefits form what the company tells
them they will automatically share the same with others.
In order to ensure weather these schemes are being implemented or not we will
use the fllowing KPIs:

Increase in the marginal income of people involved in Kalakashi.

Employee satisfaction and percentage happily volunteering employees.
Intellectual waste management
Percentage of people who have actually attained benefit from Apka
Adhikaar out of total number of people who attended the session.
e. apka adhikaar sessions will happen four times an year and will make
ensure that more than 1000 persons are attending those sessions.
f. In order to get in such huge audience we definitely need to partner with
local NGOs.

POINTS TO REMEMBER:1. Registered teams have to submit the Synopsis (600 words) of the CSR
Policies they are planning to frame for the company chosen. Also they
have to submit the reason why they have chosen the particular company.
2. All submissions to be sent to as per the dead lines
given, with the subject line as TeamName_CollegeName.
3. Teams applying should note that in the document they need to clearly
mention the team members name, team name, college name, name, email IDs and contact numbers of the members. The file should be in PDF
format and should be named as TeamName_CollegeName.

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