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Seat No.

: ________

Enrolment No.______________



Subject Code: 3316301

Subject Name: English
Time:10:30 AM to 01:00 PM

Date:08/01 /2016
Total Marks: 70

1. Write your seat number and enrolment number in the space provided on the question Paper.
2. Use of programmable and communication aids are strictly prohibited.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. This question paper contains FIVE questions. Attempt all.
5. Student is not allowed to leave the examination hall during first and last thirty minutes.

Do as directed.
1. We ____ obey our parents.
2.______ you please give me a pen?
3. They ____ visit the temple tomorrow.
4. Its a hospital. You _____ smoke.
5._____ we go to visit the museum?
6. I _____ prefer tea to coffee.
7. Columbus discovered America.
8. Manners reveal character.
9. I expect a good result.
10. The police caught the thief.
11. She is making tea.
12. Megha was writing a poem.
13. We must save energy.
14. Radha can play the guitar.



[use model: shall / need not / must]
[ use model: could / might / need]
[use model :will / could not / had to]
[use model : should not / need not / can]
[use model : might / need / shall]
[use model : should / could / would]
[change into passive voice]
[change into passive voice]
[change into passive voice]
[change into passive voice]
[change into passive voice]
[change into passive voice]
[change into passive voice]
[change into passive voice]


Write a letter of request to the Director of Department Agriculture for granting you the
permission to visit their research institute.



Write a short report on problems of pollution in your area.



Fill in the blanks using proper preposition. [any three ]

1. We live _____ the mountain.
2. The river is flowing _______ the danger mark.
3. The picture is_______ the wall.
4. They will meet ______ the airport.


(d) Fill in the blanks using determiners given in the brackets [ any three ]
1. My sister is _______ engineer.
[the, a, an]
2. There are ______ students in the class.
[many, any, much]
3. There is _____ water in the lake. It has dried up.
[ a lot of, no, few]
4. Give me ______to eat. I am hungry now.
[something, somebody, nothing]



Identify the part of speech given in the bracket. [any three ]

Rahul is my best friend.
[proper noun]
We have been working since morning.
They live in beautiful house.
I want to go now.



Recognize the underlined part of speech.[any three]

There is a coconut tree near our house.
I wanted a puppy for my birthday, but I got a game.
Neeta is a clever girl.
He sings well.



Write an application to the Principal of your college for granting you leave to attend
National Agriculture Competition 2016 in Mumbai.


Q.3 (a)

(d) Write a summary of the following passage.


There are so many lessons one can learn about life from a dog. Observe the eating habits of
your dog. It does not eat, except when hungry. It does not drink, unless it is thirsty. It stops
eating when it has had enough. A dog also sets a perfect example of adaptability. If it is
moved to a strange place, it is able to adapt itself to that place and to its thousand
peculiarities without a murmur of complaint. It is able to learn and adapt to a new family's
ways and customs. It is quick and ready to please. Man, being accustomed to comfort and
wealth will be lost if suddenly stripped of all he is accustomed to. A dog also teaches us a
thing or two about, unselfish love. When a dog knows death is approaching, it tries, with
its last vestige of strength, to crawl away elsewhere to die, in order to burden its owners no
more. A dog does things with all vigor. However, when there is nothing to do, it lies down
and rests. It does not waste its strength and energy needlessly. Many working people are
burning the candles at both ends. Many suffer nervous breakdowns due to stress. Perhaps,
they should learn to rest like a dog does.
A dog above all is truly man's best friend.

(a) Recognize the tense. [ any three]

1. Each planet moves around the sun.
2. They will submit their assignment tomorrow.
3. The flight has not arrived yet.
4. Yesterday he attended the meeting in New Delhi.


(b) Identify the following into primary or secondary stress words [any four]
1. al,ternate
2. education
3. ,chapter
4. submit





Choose the correct form of verb given in the bracket.

1. The sun _____ [rise] from the East.
2. I ____ [look] for a job at the moment.
3. The train _____ just _____[arrive] on the platform.
4. They ____ [visit] the zoo tomorrow.
5. When we reached the stadium, the match ___ already ____ [start]
6. Yesterday we ____ [go] to the party.
7. The children______ [play] since morning.


(a) Do as directed :
1. He said, I have got a headache.
[change into indirect speech]
2. Give me a glass of water he told her.
[change into indirect speech]
3. Raj said, my father is an engineer.
[change into indirect speech]
4. I will work hard to get first class said Ravi.
[change into indirect speech]
5. She told her mother that she was going to the market.
. [change into direct speech]
6. The teacher said that the earth moves around the sun.
[change into direct speech]
7. His friends told me that they would go home the following Sunday. [change into direct


(b) Identify the following into simple, compound, or complex sentences.

1. The earth is a planet.
2. I have two sisters but I do not have any brother.
3. I like to eat pineapple.
4. The car stopped on the street when the traffic light turned red.
5. Please go the market and get some milk.
6. I want to go the zoo because I want to see my favorite animal.
7. Before I was born, my mother worked as a teacher.