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From Museo Pambata, we headed Northward to our second destination: the Philippine
Spring Water Resources, Inc. Plant in Guiguinto, Bulacan where the Natures Spring
Drinking Water is purified, bottled, sealed and packed.
We learned and we were able to witness how the plastic bottles in different sizes were
made, formed, thoroughly cleansed and labeled. We also toured the whole vicinity
including the area where the purified water is bottled, sealed and packed in boxes.
There were not much pictures taken because cameras are not allowed inside. Im not sure
if this particular tour sparked the interest of the pre-schoolers but definitely, they enjoyed
the bottled water drinks they were handed and the Pineapple flavored water we all tasted
for free after the plant tour.
and managed company. It is a manufacturer and distributor of NATURE'S SPRING
bottled drinking water products for both local and international markets.
The production and distribution of purified, safe and affordable drinking water was
conceived by its President and Chief Executive Officer in 1991 when the need was so
magnified after super typhoon Ruping (the Philippine name for internationally christened
typhoon Mike) hit Cebu, Philippines sometime in November, 1990. The destruction it had
caused brought unimaginable havoc and paralyzed the whole island. There was no
electrical power which also caused the disruption of the water distribution. The populace
were only relying on unsafe deep well water sources. This resulted on an outbreak of
water bound diseases like El Tor, Cholera, Diarrhea and Hepatitis A.
The need for a safe drinking water was an immediate concern. The demand for safe
bottled drinking water products was emphasized. Unfortunately, these where not readily
available in the market. There was only a handful local brands and few expensive foreign
bottled water. Stocks were very few and in some cases no supply at all.
DRINKING WATER, comes in two types of packaging, the NATURE'S SPRING NonReturnable Bottles (NRB) which comes in several sizes, and the NATURE'S SPRING
PURIFIED and DISTILLED Five Gallon Bottles (NS5G) bottles, which are available
with different types of water dispenser units. NATURE'S SPRING FLAVORED WATER
available in four flavors, Apple, Grape, Lemon and Honeydew is also available in the
market. Raw water is processed and purified using state-of-the-art processing equipments
and technology. Internal PSWRI laboratory tests, and external regular monitoring and
inspection by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) & the Philippine Bottled Water
Standard proves the company's strict and meticulous eye for quality control & utmost
norms PSWRI passed the very strict standards. PHILIPPINE SPRINGWATER

RESOURCES, INC. (PSWRI) also holds the distinction of being the only HALAL
certified bottled drinking water product in Mindanao. Having received the certificate of
accreditation from Office of the Muslim Affairs (OMA).
PURIFIED WATER- Nature's Spring Drinking Water is purified and processed
through the latest state-of-the-art technique, that includes carbon filtration, water
softening, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and ozonation to guarantee its quality and
It comes in 7 different Non Returnable Bottles:
350 ml 1 L
4 L 10 L
500 ml 1.5 L 6 L
DISTILLED DRINKING WATER - Nature's Spring Distilled Drinking Water is a
purified water processed through the use of the latest state-of-the-art technique in
water purification that includes carbon filtration, purification, water softening,
reverse osmosis, distillation, hyperfiltration, and ozonation to ensure its purity.
It comes in 7 different Non Returnable Bottles:
350 ml 1 L
4 L 10 L
500 ml 1.5 L 6 L
ALKALINE DRINKING WATER - Nature's Spring PH 9 Drinking water is a bottled
water process through state-of-the art water treatment technology such as the modern
filtration, purification , ozonation to guarantee its quality and water ionizer machine
to produce water higher in ph via the scientific process of electrolysis.
It comes in 7 different Non Returnable Bottles:
350 ml 1 L
4 L 10 L
500 ml 1.5 L 6 L
BUBBLE BOTTLE - is a purified water and processed through the latest state-ofthe-art technique, that includes carbon filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis,
microfiltration, and ozonation to guarantee its quality and potability. It is packed in
the new 300 PET disposable bottle.
CRYSTAL TUBE ICE - is a hallow and crystal ice made of purified drinking water.
It is sold by 3 kilos per pack.
NS5G - is a purified water and processed through the latest state-of-the-art
technique, that includes carbon filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis,
microfiltration, and ozonation to guarantee its quality and potability. It is packed in a
5 gal PET refillable bottle.
Customized Packing - special packaging using Nature's Spring Bottle and label with
customer's logo/brand name.
Toll Packing - special packaging using generic bottle with customer's own name or
Bai Products- is a premium distilled drinking water bottled for high end consumers

and is packed in a 500 ml PET bottle.

Port Services



Coastal Subic Bay Terminal

Pol Pier, Boton Area, Subic
Bay Freeport Zone
Telephone number:

Asia Pacific Chartering Phils.

Telephone number:
Facsimile number:
Contact Person: Rodante M.

CS & T Subic Inc.

Lot 1065 Seaside Area,
NSD Compound.Subic Bay
Freeport Zone
Telephone number:
Contact Person: Aira
Through nominated and SBMA
accredited Ship Agency / Agent
Through nominated and SBMA
accredited Ship Agency / Agent
Through nominated and SBMA
accredited Ship Agency / Agent
Through nominated and SBMA
accredited Ship Agency / Agent

Benline Agencies Phil. Inc.

Telephone number:
Contact Person: Fortunato
Globe Distribution Services
Telephone number:
Contact Person: Gil Lobos
NYK Fil-Japan Shipping Corp.
Telephone number:
Contact Person: Mike Borja
Silver Seas Marine Enterprise
Telephone number:
E-mail address:
Contact Person: Lyn David
Soriamont Steamship Agencies Inc.
Telephone number:
Contact Person: Mario Dela

These services apply to all vessels
calling Port of Subic Bay with 500
GRT and more or as agreed upon
during the conduct of Ships PreArrival Meeting (SPAM). It is
mandatory to require pilot services

T. Madsen Shipping Philippines

Telephone number:

for entering and leaving the ports to

regulate navigational traffic within
the pilotage district of the zone, at
the Pilot Station, Buoy No. 10, in
position Lat. 14 48.67'N, Long. 120
conditions. Harbor Pilots are
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
Telephone number:
Contact Person: Capt.
Censorio Miranda
(Container Cargo Handling
Subic Bay International Terminal
Corporation (SBITC)
The New Container Terminal 1 and
2 (NCT-1 and 2) is capable of
handling 600,000 TEUs per annum
and equipped with the following
1 Four Quay Gantry cranes
with a rated load of 40.6 tons
each gantry crane
2 14 hectares terminal area,
each berth
3 5.57 hectares storage area,
each berth
4 280 meters berth and 13
meters draught
5 State of the art loading and
unloading equipments
6 Secured and safe containers
yards and equipments
Telephone number:
Facsimile number:
Contact Person: Reimond B.

Telephone number:
Contact Person: Max
Wan Hai
Telephone number:
Contact Person: Jhun
Malayan Towage and Salvage
Four (4) tugboat with 2,500-3,500
hp, however, additional tug boats
could be made available upon
request at least 48 hours prior to
arrival of vessel. two (2) are
equipped with fire fighting
Telephone number:
Facsimile number:
Contact Person: Capt.
Edgardo M. Gualberto,
President & General Manager
Through nominated and SBMA
accredited Ship Agency / Agent
Through nominated and SBMA
accredited Ship Agency / Agent

Subic Drydocks
Bldg. 17, SRF Compound,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Telephone number:
Keppel Shipyard
Municipality of Subic,
Telephone number:
(+6347)232-2910 local 326
Contact Person: Froilan
Dela Cruz, VP for Marketing

Subic Water Inc.

Subic Water Bldg., SubCom
Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Telephone number:
Contact Person: Edna G.

PacTec, Inc. is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of packaging for the
waste and transportation industry across the globe. Products include spill containment
berms, dewatering filters and tubes, IP-1/IP-2 lift bags, specialty nuclear products, tarps,
liners and more. Our corporate offices are based in Clinton, LA with sales and
distribution locations worldwide. We also own and operate manufacturing facilities in
Subic Bay, Philippines and Clinton, LA. With over 15 current US and British patents, we
have a reputation of developing innovative solutions for todays problems.
MPANY OF THE YEAR (fewer than 100 employees)
Founded in 1989.
Produces custom-engineered packaging products for the nuclear waste, hazardous
waste and transportation industries.
Maintains locations in the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and across the country.
Holds 10 U.S. patents and one U.K. patent.
Has been featured on the History Channels Modern Marvels.
Youve probably seen photos of military helicopters dropping massive bags of sand to
plug the levee breaches that followed Hurricane Katrina. But you probably dont know
where those bags came from.
Our lead engineer got a phone call in the middle of the night, recalls Rodney Terral,
executive vice president and CFO of PacTec. The company had maybe a couple
hundred such bags on their shelves; the engineer was asked how quickly they could
make 1,000 more.
He says, I cant make anything; I dont have any power,' Terral says. A few phone
calls were made, and we had power by about 8 the next morning. We worked 24 hours a
day for three or four weeks trying to make enough bags so that they could continue to
shore up that levee breach.
National exposure from the Katrina disaster led to more business for the growing
company that started in a 2,400-square-foot facility in Clinton. Company president Mike
Schilling, his mother and one other employee created the first product, a patented
disposable plastic liner used in transporting hazardous waste.
As sales grew, their raw material supplier offered to partner with them, and PacTec was
founded in 1989.
Today, PacTec is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of hazardous waste
packaging, with about 175 core employees (some 80 of them local), a presence in the
United Kingdom and satellite offices and warehouse space across the country. Much of
their product is made at a 50,000-square-foot plant in the Philippines, although the most
highly customized work still happens in Clinton, where the headquarters remain.
Weve considered [moving], Schilling says, noting that rural East Feliciana Parish
doesnt have the deepest talent pool. But PacTec has made significant investments
there, in both equipment and people, and some of their employees have been with them
for 15 years or longer.

We want to expand our branch locations, he says, but from the corporate standpoint,
we intend to remain in Clinton.
Many of PacTecs customers are in the oil and gas industry. Terral says the company has
benefited from the fracking-driven expansion in onshore energy exploration in several
We do see a lot more environmental consciousness in that industry as a whole,
Schilling adds.
He says PacTec constantly is looking at potential new markets. The company is testing
various products and applications in Japan, which is only just getting started on the
multidecade recovery from the Fukushima disaster.
We know one day thats going to be a monster cleanup, Schilling says. Theres a ton
of contamination of soil and debris there.
One product Schilling calls the Geotube, typically about 200 feet long and 60 feet in
circumference and heretofore primarily used to remove sediment from industrial ponds,
also could be positioned to create barriers to fight coastal erosion. While the tubes
currently are made with woven plastics, Schilling says the company is exploring
biodegradable materials. He thinks PacTec may end up benefiting from its proximity to
the Water Campus coastal research center planned for Baton Rouge.
Schilling says the company always has funded its own growth, and remains proudly
Its been a good position to be in, he notes.
Terral says the companys annual revenue is in the mid-$20 million range and is two
years into a five-year plan to hit $50 million.
We expect to double our business in the next three years or so, he says.
1. Spill Berm

PacTec, Inc. offers several portable, spill containment solutions. We call them the
BermPac. The single-piece heat-welded BermPacs provide a safe, easy and costeffective solution for spill containment aimed at helping you prevent costly incidents.
Common sizes range from 4 to 50, but PacTec, Inc. can manufacture any custom size
needed. BermPacs are offered in a variety of materials that are UV and chemical
resistant, flexible, portable, lightweight and durable. BermPacs provide excellent spill
containment for frac tanks, tanker trucks, decontamination wash pads, drum storage and
many other applications. They are also perfect secondary containment solutions.
PacTecs customizable flow-line safety restraint (FLSR) system is the premier sling
loop system. The system reduces the potential area of damage and the catastrophic

effects of a rupture, and unexpected pipe breakage, in highly pressurized fluid piping. It is
implemented within the pressure pumping system industries and can save worker lives
while greatly reducing collateral damage in the event of a failure. Moreover, the system
performs more favorably than existing restraint systems. Secured throughout the length of
piping at key points, the FLSR System dissipates energy released during pipe breakage
throughout the sling system and on-site anchors, greatly decreasing potentially disastrous
3. Transformer Containment Bags
PacTec, Inc.s TransPac Transformer Containment Bag is the safe way to contain
leaking transformers for transport to service centers. Our proprietary design is the first in
the industry to utilize a zipper closure for ease of use in the field. The heavy-duty, multilayer bag includes a full absorbent inner layer and is also lightweight, compact and easily
stored on service trucks.
4. Collapsible spill tray
This collapsible, compact and portable spill tray is small enough to fit behind the seat of
your vehicle when rolled and strapped. It sets up in seconds, is available in multiple sizes
and is made of lightweight and durable chemical resistant materials. PacTecs Collapsible
BermPac performs the same duty of catching and holding spilled liquids as a traditional
berm, but in a compact form and taking mere seconds to set up.
PacTec, Inc.s DripPac is the optimal way to prevent equipment fluid leaks from ruining
finished floors or leaching into the soil on environmentally sensitive jobsites. The
DripPac is designed with a high absorbency pad to collect oil, hydraulic fluid and other
lubricants that may leak or drip. Engineered to fit a variety of equipment, the DripPac fits
under the machine and is secured with its attached bungee cords. They are constructed of
durable, mildew- and tear-resistant vinyl with a white absorptive pad, making
identification of fluid leaks easier.
1. Dewatering Filters
Using both screen and non-woven materials, the DePac is a cost effective method for
dewatering sludges and capturing solids for disposal or recovery. DePac is an easy-to-use
alternative to renting dewatering equipment, and is versatile enough to work with most
industrial waste containers.
2. Dewatering Tube and Bag
The GeoPac is a geotextile tube used for dewatering and volume reduction of various
types of sludge material. The GeoPac uses internal pressure to dewater instead of
relying solely on gravity. This allows you to dewater large volumes of sludge more
efficiently than typical dewatering boxes, saving you time and money.
Waste Packaging
1. Bulk Bags - Flexible Packaging/ FIBC's
The LiftPac is a certified IP-1 flexible package for all forms of materials such as soils,
gravel, demolition debris, metal and single solid items such as metal containers. The
LiftPac is a certified IP-2 flexible package for homogenous flowable solids that may
include soil, gravel and demolition debris. Manufactured of heavy-duty woven and non-

woven polypropylene with patented zipper closures, the LiftPac gives users a safe and
secure way to store, transport and dispose of a variety of wastes. Easily transported by
rail, flatbed, dump truck, intermodal containers and barges.
2. Self-Standing UN Rated Bulk Bag
PacTec, Inc.s LiftPac is the only self-standing zipper-top hazardous waste bag on the
market. This cubic yard bag is the perfect solution for disposal of household hazardous
waste, contaminated PPE, and a variety of other applications. The LiftPac walls are
constructed of rigid corrugated fiberboard allowing the bag to be self-standing, while the
glued in 6 mil PE liner provides ultimate leak protection. It contains the equivalent of
four 55-gallon drums at a significant savings in cost and storage space. They are
lightweight, easy-to-assemble, versatile and can easily be lifted by forklift with attached
3. Transformer
4. Form-Fit Disposable Container Liners
The TransLiner is a disposable polyethylene container liner with a customizable design
that ensures a form fit, every time. Designed to help transport solids and sludge wastes
safely nd securely, the TransLiner design positions the liner seals outside of the container
to provide exceptional leak protection. The TransLiner may also be fitted to cover the
load which aids in dust and odor control.
5. Large Container industrial waste bag
The TransPac limits worker exposure, offers quick-and-easy installation, reduces clean
out costs, and requires minimal storage space. Customized options include multiple
spouts, open top, open end, and a patented zipper closure. The standard TransPac is
constructed of a woven polymeric fabric and can be designed to handle asbestos, highheat materials, powders and odorous materials.
6. RailcarLiners
RailPac ensures the safest transportation of contaminated waste materials with a formfit design to keep our liners securely in place. Manufactured from your choice of extruded
or woven polymeric fabrics, these liners and tarps are designed for your railcars exact
specifications and custom sizes are always available. The patented zipper ensures quick
and easy installation and closure and can be fitted with a tamper indication device to deter
unauthorized access.
Waste Containment
1. Landfill Covers
LandPac can help you realize tremendous savings, and is perfect for use with autocovering systems or old-fashioned manpower. The LandPac can be designed to
withstand high wind conditions by including extras such as fasteners and weighted
pockets. Our alternate daily landfill cover can be manufactured using fire-retardant,
woven polymeric materials that also minimize water infiltration and aid in debris and
odor control.
2. Tarpaulin
The TransCover is a custom manufactured tarp utilizing quality, high strength, yet
lightweight waterproof or mesh fabrics. PacTec stocks many standard sizes to provide

quick turnaround, and we also offer a full line of bungee accessories for all of your tarp
Bulk Liquid
1. Bulk Liquid Packaging
PacTank is a multi-layered bulk liquid package that allows users to take advantage of
readily available sea-land, intermodal or B-25 containers and convert them to bulk liquid
containers. Its patent-pending, outer strapping system reduces the amount of energy
exerted on the container, reducing wave action and ensuring safe transportation.
Nuclear Waste Container
1. Flexible
2. LLMW Flexible Packaging
PacTecs MacroBag is a soft-sided package used for the secure macroencapsulation of
hazardous debris. The MacroBag provides a safe, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solution
for disposing of low-level mixed waste debris and can be custom sized to meet the needs
of your project. The MacroBag is made from high-strength HDPE and polypropylene that
is specially formulated as a barrier to contaminants and leachate. The MacroBag is
securely sealed utilizing PacTecs Mac Seal, a Ziploc type closure system. This closure
system ensures a permanent and impermeable barrier between the waste debris and the
outside environment.
3. LSA/SCO Wrap Overpack
Our engineers are skilled at developing your project design requirements into practical
products for items of any size or shape. PacTecs extensive variety of materials for
custom wraps, covering systems and overpacks are tested and project-proven, and our
turnaround time is the best in the industry. Because we know the safe transport of SCO
(surface contaminated object) and LSA (low specific activity) materials is your top
priority, we make providing cost- effective, regulatory-compliant packaging ours.
The BRP Hydrographer Presbitero, chartered for our expedition, is shown here at dock in
the Port of Manila. (BRP is the acronym for Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas, which
identifies it as a ship of the Republic of the Philippines.) The ship is used for various
types of marine research, but she is specifically charged with producing data that can be
used to create navigational charts and topographic maps. Image courtesy of 2007:
Exploring the Inner Space of the Celebes Sea.