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Dear Mr.

Sample Question Character & Characteristics
Question: Choose one character that you admire from the Form 5 novel
Dear Mr. Kilmer. With reference and examples from the text, give reasons
to support your answer.

Based on the novel Dear Mr. Kilmer by Anne Schraff, the character that I admire
the most is Richard Knight. There are many reasons why I admire him very much. He
possesses a lot of exceptional qualities that resembles a great person.
First of all, I admire Richard because he is compassionate. For example, he helps
his sister with the house chores. He also personally gives Hannah the card to express his
sympathies after her tavern is vandalized.
Apart from that, I admire Richard because he is a hardworking person. He likes to
help his father out on the farm and diligently completes his duties. He also regularly
writes poetry until he gets better at it and eventually his poems get published.
Last but not least, I admire Richard out of his bravery shown throughout the
novel. For instance, he is not scared to sign the card that is to be given to Hannah even
though his classmates warn him not to. He often has his own ideas about things and is not
afraid to stand for what he believes in.
In a nutshell, I admire Richard because he is compassionate, hardworking and
brave. He is one of the characters that give colours to this story. He deserves to be a role
model for teenagers like me to learn from his great personality.

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