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Don Orr

(562) 294-3693

Strategy, Operations, Business Process, M&A, and Organizational Change Management Consultant
with over 20 years of progressive experience in numerous industries and functional areas, working
with senior executives to resolve their critical strategic issues and deliver high-value solutions.
Professional Experience
Holliday Rock Operations Analyst / Process Improvement Manager
2009 2016
Holliday is the largest private producer of aggregate and concrete, and asphalt in the US, providing
materials for major freeway work, road repair, and commercial and residential construction.
Analyzed all facets of the operation to develop strategy and implement process improvements that
drove cost reduction and profitability across 24 concrete plants, 8 asphalt plants, and 9 quarries.
Helped perform due diligence, acquire, and integrate 10 new plants into the existing business.
Developed daily P&Ls to capture results and take immediate action to improve performance. This
empowered plant managers to take ownership and gave them tools to drive profitability.
Prepared aggregate plant productivity analyses to ensure production costs were acceptable.
Conducted ROI and payback analysis to support the automation of plants with conveyors.
Managed various internal projects including a 2,500 foot overland conveyor to feed the primary
aggregate plant. The project cost $2.5M and paid for itself in 2 years.
Prepared monthly financial statements and cash flow forecasts. Worked with CEO and CFO to
determine cash strategy. Conducted other financial studies as needed to analyze financial results.
Managed AP department processing 3,000 invoices and $20M in disbursements monthly for 3
companies. Monitored cash balances and aging of payments to project cash flow needs.
Parson Consulting Engagement Manager
2004 2009
Parson helps clients make strategic, operational, and technical decisions in Operational Improvement,
Financial Management, Business Performance, Corporate Transactions, and Change Management.
Installed shop floor controls at a large manufacturer, achieving a 22% increase in productivity and
a 15% gain in production throughput. Developed tools for better tracking of daily work.
Oversaw the inventory control portion of a $16M supply chain program at a global appliance
company. This project identified $60M in savings and implemented improvements across sales
and marketing, forecasting, manufacturing, inventory management, and IT.
Led the materials management phase on an oil pipeline project to speed pump station renovation.
Gained a 20% increase in material availability and got 11 stations back on schedule. Reduced
freight costs by 35% and eliminated duplicate orders with better materials planning and tracking.
Led a process improvement effort for the optical lab of a $25B healthcare provider, assessing
opportunities to decrease production time and reduce costs. Identified annual savings of $400K.
Helped a global entertainment company slash transaction costs from $10.70 to $3.30 per invoice
and save $525K per year by automating the processing of 71,000 paper invoices annually.
Created a shared service center consolidating procure-to-pay activities at a global electronics
manufacturer. Redesigned processes to reduce invoice processing time from 3 weeks to 3 days,
enabling client to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in missed discounts.
Helped a major retailer integrate a new acquisition and identify opportunities to streamline the
workload. Eliminated redundant accounting functions, saving $780K annually.
Optimized the divestiture of a major beverage and confectionery company. Allocated $50M in
talent and assets, forecasted costs/budgets 3 years forward, and enabled a successful split.

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Sterling Commerce Senior Business Advisor

2001 2004
Sterling optimizes B2B networks by enabling seamless integration of business processes and
systems. I helped clients maximize their savings and organizational change management benefits
of step change process improvements to ensure a successful business transformation.
Developed and launched a corporate consulting services group, generating $15M in first year
revenue by helping clients implement strategies to achieve substantial cost savings.
Led a study of invoice handling and payment processing at a global aerospace and electronics
manufacturer. Developed recommendations to reduce paper invoices and implement electronic
payments with an annual savings of $1.5M and a payback period of 7 months.
Analyzed the order-to-cash cycle at a global semiconductor manufacturer/distributor to determine
the cost benefit of increased automation. Identified savings of $460K annually.
Conducted a business process analysis at a global electronics manufacturer to calculate their
purchasing and accounts payable costs. Projected annual savings of $370K via automation.
Computer Sciences Corporation Principal
1995 2001
CSC provides consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing services around the globe.
Led an organizational change program at a global aerospace company. An effort to lean out
their factories, following the Toyota Agile manufacturing model, impacted thousands of jobs,
requiring training, new job definitions, and communications plans.
Directed an organizational change program at a large frozen foods manufacturer/distributor.
Assessed the impact of new software and processes and identified new roles/responsibilities.
Led a business process redesign and organizational change management lab at a national grocery
supplier. Modified sales processes from a geographical model to a team approach focusing on key
accounts, including workload estimates and job responsibilities for the new roles.
Coordinated a contingency planning effort for a 50-hospital healthcare provider. Facilitated
workshops and exercises to help develop a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery.
Ernst & Young Senior Consultant
1989 1994
EY assists clients with tax, assurance, and business and IT consulting services.
Performed a strategic planning review and OCM impact study for a merger of 4 national health
care providers. Assessed all locations, including services offered, customers impacted, and
profitability. Recommended locations for consolidation to obtain improved economies of scale.
Designed a policy processing system for a national insurance company. Led group sessions and
managed teams to build an application that was enthusiastically received by the client.
Designed and built an inventory control system for a major airline that is still in use today.
Core Competencies

Extensive experience understanding business issues, identifying root causes, and determining
appropriate solutions. Heavy reliance on cost/benefit analyses to justify recommendations.
Led successful projects from manufacturing and operations to consumer products, on the shop
floor and the back office. Responsible for planning, budgeting, and directing all work threads.
Demonstrated ability to motivate team members to meet goals and achieve high standards.
Significant experience facilitating workshops and coaching others with a high degree of tact,
diplomacy, sensitivity, and professionalism.
MBA, George Washington University
BS Finance, Arizona State University